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The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through the Ages

A futurist premillennial common sense Revelation commentary, by Donald A. Koenig

2004 revised 2011

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through the Ages, by Don Koenig is a unique and totally free verse by verse on or off-line Revelation commentary (The Apocalypse). The Revelation Commentary contains a literal common sense futurist premillennial interpretation. This commentary on Revelation is an in-depth Bible study that contains an extended study on the identity of Mystery Babylon and Babylon the Great.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through the Ages - Table of Contents

Title and credits


Foreword Why this Revelation commentary was written and how I went about writing this bible study.

Introduction Different views on Revelation - why I used the futurist view for this commentary on Revelation.

Chapter 1 John receives the Revelation of Jesus Christ for the seven churches or church types on earth.

Chapter 2 Jesus gives His message addressed to the churches at Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, and Thyatira.

Chapter 3 Jesus gives His message addressed to the churches at Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

Chapter 4 John goes up to Heaven and writes his commentary about what he sees there.

Chapter 5 The Lamb is found worthy to take the seven-sealed scroll from the right hand of the Father.

Chapter 6 Jesus opens the scroll, the first six seals are opened, the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride.

Chapter 7 Angels seal 144,000 Israelites from twelve tribes to protect them from the coming trumpet judgments.

Chapter 8 The seventh seal is opened - four trumpets are blown - fire, blood, poison water, and darkness on 1/3 of the earth.

Chapter 9 The fifth trumpet brings stinging locusts, the sixth brings a 200,000,000 army that kills 1/3 of men.

Chapter 10 Seven thunders are heard by John but the revelations revealed are sealed until the end - John must give us additional revelation.

Chapter 11 Two prophets of God give their testimony from Jerusalem and judge their enemies for 1260 days.

Chapter 12 John sees a woman with a Man Child and a red dragon who seeks to devour the Child as soon as He is born.

Chapter 13 A Beast comes out of the sea with ten horns and a second Beast comes from the land with two horns.

Chapter 14 The 144,000 brethren are seen in heaven - the grapes of wrath are trodden in the winepress on earth.

Chapter 15 Preparation takes place in heaven for the final seven plagues containing God's wrath.

Chapter 16 Seven vials (bowls) containing the seven last plagues or judgments are poured out.

Chapter 17 The revelations of Mystery Babylon are explained.

Chapter 18 The revelations of Babylon the Great are explained.

Chapter 19 Jesus begins His reign on earth and destroys the armies of the Beast that come against Him at Israel.

Chapter 20 The dead in Jesus come to life - Satan is bound for a thousand years - Satan later deceives again and is judged.

Chapter 21 A new Heaven and a new earth are created - the Holy City of the Lamb's wife is seen in Heaven.

Chapter 22 Eternal affairs in the Holy City - final warnings and free invitations from Jesus and the bride.

Final comments Commentary by me directed at Bible prophecy critics and those who attack premillennial theology.

Bibliography Some books and teachers that helped me understand some of the things I wrote about in this Revelation commentary.

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