Many people identify with Christianity but few are true believers

By Don Koenig

According to a recent survey in the United States, eighty-five percent of the people questioned said they were Christian. However, when questioned further under criteria of a evangelical Christianity that salvation only comes through faith in Jesus alone and that the truth and concepts in the Bible are totally inspired and should be their guide for living, only eight percent said that they could then be called Evangelical Christians.

Another survey said that less than 10 percent of Christians believe in absolute truth.

Yet another another survey of Evangelical Christians said that one third believed that Jesus sinned.

About half believed that you can find God through other religious.

Many think there is no hell.

These survey were taken in America but much of the world would say things that are equally revealing. These surveys help confirm a theory that I have that only a tithe (10 Percent) of those that identify with Christianity are actually born of the Holy Spirit and thus will be found worthy to leave in the Rapture. The Christians in name only will enter the tribulation.

There are about 2 Billion people living on earth that identify themselves as Christians if you exclude the demonic "Christian" cults like Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses. Ten percent of these 2 billion that identify with some form of orthodox Christianity is 200 hundred million. This is the same number as the demonic army of horsemen released in Rev 9:16. Does Satan get permission from God to release 200,000,000 bound demons from the abyss because Jesus came as a thief before His appointed time and stole 200,000,000 Christians living in Satan's domain??

That is a conjecture and a stretch of logic for sure, but the answers to these surveys suggest that most that identify themselves as Christians are fooling themselves.

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