Murder in the name of Allah

By Don Koenig

Thousands in the United States were killed on 9/11/2001 by terrorists who unknowingly worship Satan. The original Allah demon god was one of 300 demon gods that were worshiped by their ancestors prior to Mohammed's teaching that this "moon god" was the most high God. Even if the Moslems now say the word Allah comes from the root "al" which means "a God" it makes no difference because the God of creation does not have the attributes that the Quran and their other scriptures claim. Therefore, their god is a counterfeit and he is not the God of creation.

Today many Christian theologians claim that Moslems worship the same God as Christians.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Islam claims that Allah has no son. The Bible is clear that those who do not accept the Son of God do not have Father God either. Jesus is the only image of the Father (Heb 1:3). The God that all non Christians worship is none other than some aspect of the counterfeit god known as Satan or Lucifer. This compromise of the faith by Christian leaders appeals to the world and is done in the name of appeasement, peace and world brotherhood. However, the truth remains that this deception will set the stage for the rise of the Antichrist who will lead the world to its own destruction.

I am not saying that the Antichrist will be a Muslim. I am saying that the Antichrist will be the fulfillment of all worldly religions that reject the real Creator.

If you have an argument about Allah being like Lucifer/Satan), it is not an argument you have with me, it is an argument about what God said in the Bible. Do not take this wrong, I am not bashing Muslim people. God loves the Muslim people and He gave His Son for their salvation just as he did for the rest of mankind. However, they like everyone else must accept the free gift of His Son to be saved. If they believe as their religion teaches that God has no Son, they knowing or unknowing call the God of the Bible a liar because He made it clear in the scriptures that He has given a Son and
belief in this Son is required for anyone's salvation. Unless they come to believe this truth they will die in their sins. No name under heaven other than God's Son, Jesus, can save mankind from their sins. (Act 4:12)

If you disregard the baloney from the "politically correct" who say that Islam is a peaceful religion and a way to God and examine Islam's own claims from their own scriptures you must come to realize that the attributes of Allah as given in Islam's own holy books are the exact same attributes that the Bible gives to Lucifer/Satan. Having said that, Christianity should not be too smug; many in Christianity are also worshiping a God that has the attributes of Satan. It just so happens that all world Religion rides on the back of the same Dragon (the woman rides the Beast - Revelation chapter 17).

I expect that the US war against terrorists will result in a war with some Islamic states in the Middle-East. This action will eventually lead to a
world war against Islam itself and/or set the stage for a world leader who will unite all who say they worship the God of creation but actually worship Satan.

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