Internet censorship from government directives or search engine policies

by Don Koenig about 2008?

After a highly ranked article I wrote on sexual perversion and another one I wrote on polices in China just completely vanished out of the Google database my first thought was censorship. I do not believe that actually occurred but it certainly made me think about the subject. I now believe there will soon come a day when absolute truths expressed in the Bible will no longer be allowed to be posted on the Internet. I also believe that day will not be very far in the future. In fact, in China and some other countries it is already occurring. In Europe a law has been passed to make what they determine is hate speech to be illegal.

Internet censorship may come via corporations

Some corporations have already taken it upon themselves to regulate speech within their corporations and are censoring what will be allowed. If a search engine company or Internet service provider declares that the substance in an article is against its policies they can filter it out and there is not a thing you can do about it other than take legal action against them. That action would be costly and also not likely to succeed. As far as I know the major search engine companies have not taken censorship steps in the United States but that does not mean that they will not do so in the future. It also does not mean that some crusader within their organization could not take it upon themselves to make articles disappear from the search engine database.

Internet censorship may come by government directive

Government can direct Internet companies to comply with their laws. In the United States we have freedoms of speech guaranteed in our Constitution but there are forces at work to take away this freedom in the name of political correctness, tolerance and hate speech laws.

There are at least four events that can bring about censorship of speech very quickly.

1. A war with Iran or a war between the pseudo Christian West and Islam - In the case of a war with Iran the censorship might take place to try to stop inflammatory speech from starting a world war with Islam. If a war with a large segment of Islam actually does occur, censorship will certainly take place on all fundamental religious views. Even after the war religious fundamentalism will be viewed as a threat to the future peace of the world.

2. Two or more major terrorist attacks in the United States or one nuclear act of terrorism - This would bring more laws to take away more freedoms for security; all unpolitically correct speech would be outlawed.

3. The election of a liberal government that will pass hate speech laws - Many of these same liberals already view the fundamental teachings of the Bible as hate speech. We already see some of these laws being passed in some states in the United States and in some nations of the world.

4. Civil insurrection - Might come when factions of humanistic social liberals or Christian conservatives choose not to abide by government laws and decrees.

Censorship of material on and through the Internet could be accomplished easily

Some think that censorship of the Internet would be very difficult but China is proving that assumption wrong. Once government directs the big search engine companies to take out what the government does not want in the databases it would be very simple for the companies to use filters to search for keywords in the articles and then remove the articles. Any company that would not comply could be shut down. Those who try to circumvent the directives could be prosecuted. The government also could require filters on all web hosts, email providers and Internet service providers to filter out all objectionable material. Encryption software developers would be required to give de-encryption tools to those charged with enforcement.

The time that is left to publish truths found in the Bible is very short

I believe we have at most a decade or so to get any fundamental Christian truths out to the world through the Internet. Soon all speech that does not line up with the politically correct worldview of the socialistic humanistic elite will be banned. The window to use this platform to reach the world is almost wide open today but it can be slammed shut at any moment by search engine policy or by government directive.

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