Part III - Solutions for the ethical problems of corporations and government in the U.S.

By Don Koenig 2006

Parents needs to start teaching children good values and they need to elect school boards that will make sure that their teachers are teaching children ethics based on absolute moral truths. The Bible says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from the path. People have little morality today because their parents did not teach them the difference between right and wrong and/or they did not demonstrate it to their kids by their own life style.

People need to hold corporations and other people accountable for their actions because with the lack of ethics many display today in their business practices, they certainly will not do what is right on their own.

More complaints need to be filed with the Better Business Bureau and with your state Attorney General consumer affairs offices.

There is also no prohibition against taking these corporations and people to small claims court. If they are willfully deceiving the consumer, you can also be awarded punitive damages.

Some Christians think they should never sue. That is not what the Bible teaches. It says to go to your Christian brother first and then to the Church for corrective action on a member of your own local church who did something against you. Today few churches have the guts to enforce these instructions and with the lukewarm Christianity of today, it is almost impossible to know who is a Christian and who is not. Further, the Bible does not tell us not to take action against those causing harm to others. For Christians not to take action against predators is to allow your brothers to be abused. What kind of love is that? In democratic societies, law is the way we hold people accountable. Christians rightly sue all the time to keep their biblical and constitutional rights to worship. Holding government, corporations, and people accountable to the values expected by those with morality in our society is the only thing that keeps democratic societies from degenerating into total anarchy.

If possible, do not shop at stores that rip people off with sales gimmicks, that sell junk, or are using unethical business practices.
Let the managers of the stores know why you will not shop there again unless they change their ways. When buying services demand that they provide the service you paid for or take action against them. If a repair or inspection business suggests you need some repair or service that is not obvious, you might subtlety get a second opinion. Do not always take the low bid, you also must check the reputation of the firm and make sound judgments.

All tax proposals and major law changes need to be held in an election year when sufficient people vote. No new measure in a local district should pass unless at least forty percent of the registered voters have voted on the issue. Information on a proposal should not come out of funds from the local government proposing it. Major media should be required to present both sides of a proposal fairly. If a proposal fails, it should not be reintroduced unless at least ten percent of the eligible voters in the district sign a petition that it be put on the ballot again. There also should be a judicial review to make sure that old proposals are not simply disguised as new proposals. This will put a stop to all these off-year election abuses and if something passes, it will be because it was the will of the majority of the people not because the pushers of the proposal stacked the deck in a low turn out election.

The moral majority in the United States (if there really is one anymore) needs to throw out elected officials and activist judges that are not upholding moral law. There must be a grass roots effort by the moral majority directed toward all levels of government to stop the decline of America into depravity.
The moral majority must not buy into the lie that personal rights means that one can do anything one pleases. Immoral behavior results in the rights of others being infringed and ultimately will bring judgment from God. The Bill of Rights was put in the constitution of the United States to protect us from government abuse; it was not put there so the immoral and the predators could use it to destroy our society.

Judgment starts at the house of God but not if correction comes first. We must clean up our own churches that have bought into a form of Christianity that displays the values of the corrupted world. All church doctrine and practices that are clearly contrary to God's word need to be removed by true Christians in every local church assembly in the United States and after that removing them from their denomination will follow. Many examples of man made doctrines and practices in the church are given in my article on
apostasy in the church.

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