The decline of products and service in the United States reflects her morality

by Don Koenig - 2006

I am sure most have noticed that products are just not made with the care they used to be in the United States, if they are even made here at all. Customer Service in major corporations in America is now an oxymoron. Few seem to be there to serve but are only there to cause us more grief or to try to sell us something else. The decline in products and services in the United States that we see today is because most children have never been taught correct moral values by their parents or by their schools in the preceding four decades.

The prevailing mentality of those born after the 1960’s is that there are no moral absolutes and that everyone is free to do what is right in their own eyes. They have bought into the philosophy of pragmatism where truth is measured by consequences to themselves.

With the postmodern philosophical views that now prevail in our society all truth is measured in the tiny space between the two ears of each individual.

The prevailing truth most experience and embrace in corporate American is that this is a dog-eat-dog world. They need to be more aggressive than the other dogs to reach their full potential. They believe if their business practices bring the desired objectives (usually making money) it is good. The fact that their business practices are seen by some as unprincipled carries little weight and has little influence on their behavior. They believe anything that can be rationalized as good for themselves is good. They believe that their actions are wrong only if the actions result in negative consequences to themselves. Thus, good and evil or right and wrong is relative to the effect that the outcome has on themselves. Absolute truth does not exist and rule of law only matters if they are caught.

Nations of the world judge other nations on moral issues and most nations have now rejected the United States because they believe we are decadent. We have lost respect in the eyes of much of the world and this can only lead to the downfall of our nation if we do not soon reestablish morality. We should see that immorality in the United States is now even threatening our national security. Our perceived decadence is increasingly ostracizing the United States from the rest of the world. Do not think that immoral behavior in personal lives and in business is not noticed by the world and by God. If our downward spiral continues, the United States will be totally finished as a beacon of democracy and morality to the world. Indeed, we have descended so far from morality that judgment on our nation is imminent. We can see the results of the sins of our nation being played out today in the hatred that much of the world has for the United States.
Rightly or wrongly most of the world now sees the United States as an immoral nation full of Christian hypocrites.

Nevertheless, most in the United States still have the attitude that the world hates us without cause because we are a Christian nation that has higher values. This view is simply myopic. Many claim that the United States is a Christian nation but when we allow God to be publicly removed from our society and we display immoral behavior for all to see it truly demonstrates to the world we are a nation of hypocrites. The truth is that this nation will reap what it sows. One obvious reason much of the world hates us is because our major corporations have been robbing the third world nations for decades by making deals with the elite in their nations who have oppressed the people and virtually made them slaves.

The rise of communism and socialism was a reaction to predatory capitalist practices around the world. We sowed to the world predatory capitalism that robbed from the poor to give to the rich and we reaped the world's answer to this injustice called socialism that robs from the rich to give to the poor. We sowed Christianity to the world that claims freedom from moral law because Christians are supposed to live by a higher law of love but the widespread wickedness of our society does not demonstrate love; it demonstrates that Western Christianity is full of hypocrites. Consequently, the perceived decadent West is now reaping the rise of Islam that will try to impose moral law on everyone.

The Christianity the Western nations claim they have, has not been demonstrated in a moral lifestyle. For most in the West, being a Christian is nothing more than identifying with the Christian name. The morals of the nation who brought the name of Christianity to many parts of the world are now worse than the morals of the pagans they presented it to. We have shown the world a type of Christianity that for the most part is a counterfeit and is not true Christianity at all. Therefore, is it any wonder that the world is now rejecting this counterfeit in favor of a religion that will enforce moral law?

Since fake Christianity has been sold to the world as genuine Christianity, many in Africa and Asia and even in our prisons have rejected all of Christianity in favor of Islam. Many in the world are looking for a world where moral law reigns and since they can not see any semblance of morality in Western “Christian nations” they are increasingly turning toward Islam.

The counterfeit form of Christianity that now prevails in the Western world and in our nation actually parallels the harlotry of ancient Israel. The Israelites were called the people of God but they departed from the true God by their immoral actions and yet they thought no judgment would come to them because they had a name that said they were God's people. Now the immoral actions of pseudo Christians demonstrate that they have no relationship to Christ but they think that no judgment will come to them because they identify with the name of God's people.

The judgment on Israel came because the majority of the nation rejected God's true nature as displayed in His Son. Many who call themselves Christians today might think about the consequences of the rise of Islam and what judgment this demonic world movement will bring to those who identify with the name Christianity but do not display Christ's nature by their actions. Clearly, no demonic world movement can rise without permission from God. What then is Islam being raised for if not for judgment? As many Jews of ancient Israel were not true Jews in God's eyes and were judged because of their immorality, so will those who identify with Christianity but are not true Christians. Scripture is clear that judgment starts at the house of God. Those who claim to be in the house of Christianity will be judged before demonic religion and the nations of the world.

1 Pet 4:17  For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

In very visible measurable ways, we should see that we are well down the path of no return. The United States by far has the highest incarceration rate of any nation on earth: five times that of Canada, four times that of Mexico and almost ten times that of Europe. Should that not communicate to us that there is a morality problem in the United States? We also have the most attorneys of any nation on earth. Many of these attorneys are not looking to see that justice is done under the law but they are actually looking for their own path to riches. Our government is even run by lawyers who have made a mockery of the constitution put in place by our honorable forefathers. Most of our representatives in the House and Senate are attorneys that have been bought and paid for by major corporations and special interest groups.

Some in the highest places in our government claim to be Christian but they embrace and kowtow to religions that deny that Jesus is Lord.
They give God lip service but they do not know the difference between a religion that says God gave His Son to pay for the sins of the world and one that says God has no son and you get to paradise by your own merits or your self sacrifice or even by murdering the infidels! We will soon be finished as a society unless moral people in the United States wake up and start holding our immoral government, corporations and people accountable to moral law.

The best example of moral law is the Ten Commandments but we have allowed a minority to remove it from our land so that this minority can remain in their sinful darkness without guilt or ever knowing they need a Savior. They will die in their sins if they do not look in the mirror of moral law and realize that they need God's Savior for forgiveness! Therefore, what kind of love do we display for mankind when we allow a minority to remove the only path to salvation and eternal life? Jesus basically said, all moral law can be summed up in one statement. We are to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Those who obey this commandment of Jesus would not be allowing a minority to mislead people to hell and to allow the immoral to prey on others.

Certainly not everyone is part of the problem, perhaps not even the majority but if the moral majority is really the majority then why is the majority allowing this immoral minority to bring our nation to decadence? We have many young people in our military that are of the highest integrity but these that join to serve for noble reasons are the cream of the crop among our youth and probably not the norm. The military also teaches and demands a pretty good set of moral values. Young people in the military are taught this in basic training and if they want to succeed in the military they will have to display that they have good moral character. Thus, the military has proven that good moral character can be taught and can be demanded.

Even in pagan societies children are taught the values that are expected in their society. However, in the West many children are taught to only watch out only for themselves and they are given the freedom to do what is right in their own mind with a brain that is not even yet fully developed to make correct choices. The disastrous results can be seen in the decadence we allow them to choose. This ranges from drugs, to sex, to violence and to the material goods and entertainment garbage that they consume when it is offered to them by peer pressure and from predators in major media that exploit them for money.

Many business persons are also honest hard working people. Nevertheless, many of the honest people find they can not make a living when competing with the charlatans and the predators. They then must use similar business practices or go out of business. If this trend is not stopped, those without principles and integrity will overrun even the small business of our nation. This trend is now already taking place.

I will give "some examples" I experienced recently with products, services and personal accountability to make the point that this post modern philosophy is running our way of life in America and to show that unprincipled practices in this country now prevail in most major corporations and even many small business. (Some corporate names have been removed to protect the innocent – me!) If you are not interested in the long "sample" of my own experiences go to the part III of this article for my solutions to the problems.

Part II - My recent experiences with corporate America

Part III - Solutions for the moral problems of Corporations in the United States

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