Current Information about Don Koenig's The Prophetic Years website

This website is now averaging about 2000 unique visitors and 7500 page views a day. That is about triple of a few years ago.

I have maintained a Blog in this website until September 2014 when I stopped posting on it and closed the comments. It is called "World and Church Trends and Bible prophecy" The blog averages over 1000 views a day. The Blog contains over eleven hundred articles and over fifteen thousand comments. Look on the side bar of the Blog for the top 100 most viewed posts.

If you are looking for something I wrote on some subject, there is a search box on the homepage, it also will search the articles and comments on the blog

in late 2011 I completed the first revision on my Revelation Commentary ebook that I first wrote in 2004. Not a whole lot has changed but I have made some things clearer and fixed some obvious grammar errors and omissions.

I have given much thought to each outbound link on my links pages. They have been selected to give readers a broad education from the best teaching and informational sites and authors in Christianity. That actually does mean I endorse most of what is taught on those websites but certainly not everything. The other links page found from my website homepage directly links to outstanding articles by other authors on various topics. I have not been adding anything new to this page anymore so it is getting dated.

One of the absolute truths in the world is that intelligent humans who think for themselves will not agree with every point of view of any other person. A person cannot write on all the issues that I do without one or more of my articles being in opposition to a readers belief. I am human and am wrong sometimes. So, if you don't agree on a few issue but agree with my writings in general don't be offended, we are doing better than most. You can contact me on your disagreements if you want and we can see if we can iron out the differences. However, if you read all my articles and still disagree with most of what I said, you need more help then I can give you. So in that case there is little reason to contact me. (-:

The philosophy of the thepropheticyears website
is that world and church trends indicate we are very near the events spoken about by the ancient Jewish prophets. Some commentary in this website reflects my view that many that now identify with Christianity are departing from sound doctrine and the true faith. I think Christendom will continue to become more apostate just like did her mother Israel. Those who live by the power of the flesh in any dispensation cannot please God.

The biblical discernment articles are written to warn Christendom of the deception that will increase until the true Church is taken out, leaving the left behind Harlot in Christendom to ride the Beast world government into power. Pseudo Christianity using worldly ways and doctrines of demons will bring many who identify with Christianity in these end times to follow the woman who rides the Beast (Revelation chapter 17).

If you have a website or social page please consider providing a link to -- you do not need permission to do so. I even sometimes get links from those who mock Christianity. All the better, because their readers need to know the truth. If there is only one article you wish to link to from your website or forum feel free to do so. Several websites have done this and they have brought many hundreds of new visitors to this website. Many of these also went on to read additional articles on this website. If you know someone interested in end time prophecy or biblical discernment issues you might tell them about this website.

Please do not just copy entire articles on my website without at least providing a link to where you got it. It really is best to clip a portion of the article and provide a link to the rest of my article.

I collect no money for anything on this website. There is no advertisement and I don't accept contributions. Bringing this information to you actually costs me a modest sum of money and much time.

The references on this website and in my ebook are from the King James Bible or the American Standard. I used these versions when I wrote the articles because they are good word for word translations and are free Bible software.