The Gospel of Judas and the Gnostics

by Don Koenig

The gospel of Judas story is all over the news. The liberals in the church who reject the clear teaching in the Bible now claim special knowledge from ancient Gnostic documents that were declared heresy by the early church. It should not be surprising that in these last days neo-Gnostics would reappear claiming special knowledge outside of the truths in scripture and even present some of the same documents that were condemned as their proof.

We who know we are in the last days should not be surprised. The Bible specifically tells us damnable heresies will appear in the last days in the church.

The gospel of Judas was written by early Gnostics and it is moronic. Those scholars who believe that this account is true need serious help; a brain transplant might be in order. Stephen King novels contain more truth on Jesus than what is found in this document.

There is obviously an all out attack on the character of Jesus underway to make him appear as a flawed man but why should that surprise any true Christian? This is probably mild compared to what the neo-Gnostics will dredge up next.

These moronic skeptics think that just because it is an ancient document, it also contains truth. Were all people who wrote documents in the third century somehow more Christian? In those days there was just as much error--especially because of the influence of pagan Greek thought.

Two thousand years from now some might say Encyclopedia Britannica contained truth about the 21st century but a skeptic might find a 21st century scandal sheet and say the Britannica was wrong because of what was written in the scandal sheet. This is comparable to what is happening with those who compare the Bible to obscure ancient manuscripts. They are comparing truth with trash and claiming that the trash is the truth.

Notice how the media jumps on anything that puts doubt in the mind of people about the godliness of Jesus. Yet, this same media will not report the truth about Islam and Mohammed even though their teachings will bring the world to destruction and death.

This is all happening because the unregenerate worldly man is incurably blinded and wicked.

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