The founder of a Religion of deceit
Mary Baker Eddy

Christian Science fiction is delusion taught by Mary Baker Eddy

By Don Koenig

Christian Science is neither Christian nor scientific. It is an anti-Christian cult. It a collection of plagiarisms from the manuscripts of P.P. Quimby and delusions of a greedy demented woman named Mary Baker Eddy. In short Christian Science is a religion of deceit.

(most of the following bullet statements are summerizations found in "The Kingdom of the Cults", by Dr. Walter Martin)

Christian Science fiction delusion teaches:

Man is an idea in the mind of God?

Since nothing evil exists and life is an illusion it is easy to be a happy delusional Christian Scientist. They do not want to look at the possibility of physical reality. Someday soon they will find out that the real idea in God's mind was to send His Son to save them from such self-delusion but that they would have none of it.

For more information please read the following book or one of Dr. Martin's other writings. "The Kingdom of the Cults" by Dr. Walter Martin.
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