The face of deceit
L. Ron Hubbard

The Church of Scientology was invented by a science fiction writer

By Don Koenig

L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer and recluse invented the doctrines of the Church of Scientology. Scientology is a religion fitting for budding space cadets. It originally began as a book on quasi-psychotherapeutic and religious ideas and has evolved into centers of instruction that are now called churches. The church promises relief to the troubled for substantial fees.

(most of the following bullet statements were extracted from the Kingdom of the Cults, by Dr. Walter Martin)

Some of what Scientology teaches

Scientology has had a history of criminal behavior and intimidation against its enemies. It also wins no friends by claiming to be a religion but showing no form of normal religious social concerns for the community, nation or world. The religion's main focus is to offer an expensive highly dubious and some think psychologically dangerous method of psychotherapy. The goal of this psychotherapy is self-improvement, self-mastery and personal happiness. This self-therapy is open to anyone but only if you have the money.

This invented religion by a science fiction writer has no compatibility with Christianity and opposes the essentials of the Christian faith. Those that dabble in it may lose more than just their money.

For more information please read the following book or one of Dr. Martin's other writings. "The Kingdom of the Cults" by Dr. Walter Martin.

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