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Doctrines of The Latter Day Saints of deception (Mormons/LDS)

By Don Koenig

The Mormon Church goes to great effort to portray itself as an orthodox Christian denomination. The truth is that the doctrines of the Latter Day Saints are in direct opposition to the Christian faith. Many Christians have believed this masquerade and think that Mormons are saved. In much of what they teach, they use Christian terminology but let us examine what their founders really taught:

(Many of the following bullet statements are excerpts from the Kingdom of the Cults, by Dr. Walter Martin)

The Mormons have a different Jesus

The Church of the Latter Day Saints has a different Jesus than the Jesus of scripture. They use Christian terms like born again, saved, trinity, Father God, etc., however, the meanings they put on these Christian terms are entirely different. The Mormon message supposedly was given to them by the angel Moroni. The apostle Paul warned about angels with false doctrine in Galatians 1:8, 9, "If an angel from heaven proclaims any other gospel than the one you received let him be cursed by God".

The real Jesus wants for Mormons to find out the truth.

If you are considering joining the Latter Day Saints, realize that their Jesus does not exist and never saved anyone. Why join with a counterfeit Jesus when the real Jesus is waiting for you to believe in Him? He said, all those that come to me I will in no way cast out. If you think you can progress to become a God as Mormons believe, then you have much in common with paganism, and eastern religions but this is not Christianity.

If the Latter Day Saints wish to know the real Jesus of Scripture He can be known by accepting Him and His finished work on the cross by faith in Him alone.
No ordinances of the Church or good works have any part in salvation.

Many say Mormons are saved because they confess Jesus, but
the Jesus they confess they also deny with their doctrine. So unless they have a genuine regeneration in the spirit and accept the sacrifice that Jesus did to pay for all their sins they are not really later day saints.

For more information please read the following book or one of Dr. Martin's other writings. "The Kingdom of the Cults" by Dr. Walter Martin. Also read the following articles.

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