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The Unity School of Christianity

Unity school of Christianity really teaches metaphysical pagan thought

by Don Koenig

Unity violates virtually every cardinal doctrine of the Christian faith necessary for salvation. It adopts biblical language to portray its essentially anti-Christian theological positions. Unity teaches that there is no problem that cannot be solved and appeals to those who want metaphysical solutions for all their problems.

(most of the following bullet statements are excepts of extracted from "The Kingdom of the Cults", by Dr. Walter Martin)

Unity school of Christianity teachings:

The dark school of Christianity

The Unity School of Christianity is not Christianity at all, it is a false gospel with a false Jesus. If a Christian were to join with Unity He would have to renounce every basic doctrine of the Christian faith.

If you are in a Unity Church and think that you are a Christian you have been deceived. What you are being taught is not the teachings of Jesus or of Scripture. You are being taught a metaphysical eastern pagan philosophy that we can all become like God or be part of God. It is the lie of Satan from the beginning.

For more information please read the following book or one of Dr. Martin's other writings. "The Kingdom of the Cults" by Dr. Walter Martin.

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