Link in email to webpage claiming that Jesus is new Israel, Jesus was not a Jew, and Replacement Theology conjectures

Hi Don:

I may have emailed you this topic, but I was rather amazed to find this
below link on Israel (spiritual, not literal). This is another remarkable
attempt to refute literal Israel. I wondered if you had any info related to

Thanks for your email to website

I scanned the article. There is so much nonsense in it that it would take a book to refute all the points. I don't have the time to do that but there are some who specialize on answering replacement theology.

On the following website you will find all kinds of articles and debates that touch on the different points this author makes.

I find the author's interpretation of certain passages in Revelation particular hysterical as well as the author's view that Jesus was not a Jew.

Amillennialists and preterists have been putting their own spin on Bible prophecy for a long time. They made all the earthly detail in prophecy nothing more than meaningless fluff that God really had no reason to inspire since it becomes meaningless without a literal earthly fulfillment to a literal natural people on the earth.

God keeps His covenants literally to natural people because God made them to natural people and spoke many times about natural earthly consequences and fulfillment's. If God did not literally keep His covenants as He made them, God would be capricious like Bill and Hillary just spinning what He said anyway that He wants. Who could trust Him? Why believe in a promise of salvation by grace through faith for the Church that still sins like drunken sailors if God is capricious and changed His mind about natural fulfillment's because natural Israel also sinned like drunker sailors?

And where does all this Replacement Theology lead? It leads to
Dominion Theology where the Church rules the earth before Jesus returns. That puts it in direct conflict with about 1/4 of the Bible. Dominion Theology is a fleshly theology leading people down the path that has become so popular in the Laodicean Churchianity of today. It can be identified with the harlot riding the Beast in Revelation.

What these preterists do not understand is that those in Christian identity without a spiritual rebirth will take the same road that those took that identified with Judaism but did not really hear His voice. There were unbelieving Jews in Israel that played the harlot and these false Jews did not know the Savior or the time of His first Coming. Likewise, there are also false Christians who are playing the harlot with the world and they are not aware that the time of His second coming is at hand. Instead, like the Jewish leaders they mock those who give the truth. They like their harlot mother Israel will go through judgment because God is not a respecter of persons. If He did not spare unbelieving Israel, God will not spare those who have no use for Him even though they identify with Christianity. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.