2016 Presidential Candidates: Trump and Carson

I find from experience that long articles are not fully read. Therefore, On this new Discerning and Documenting end of the Age Depravity blog it is my intention to limit articles to fewer than 2000 words. Therefore, I will have to write more than one article on the 2016 Presidential candidates.

I only will give my perspectives on those candidates that I feel still have any chance at all. And I will not be doing perspectives on any Democratic Party candidates. That is because at the national level the Democratic Party has been taken over by Marxists, Fascists, and Communitarianians (all statist socialist kissing cousins).

The Democratic Party wants humanistic world government to control everyone and everything on earth. The leaders in this party are domestic enemies of our American Constitution. They hate our system that is based on Christian morality and God-given liberties and they seek to change it to conform to the world system that is now under the control of an oligarchy of elitists.

The Democratic party really should change their name to reflect what they now represent. A more appropriate name for this far left godless party would be “Politically Correct Police State Socialists” (PCP-SS). That acronym would also represent one of the drugs of choice that altered the brains of the red diaper babies controlling this party and the SS wing of the Nazi party that they now emulate.

Any of the Republican Party candidates would be better than putting one of these Democrats in office. The next President will decide the make up of the Supreme Court for the next two decades. If statist, humanistic, socialist justices are appointed, we will lose our constitutional freedoms and the nation that our founders created. We would soon be living under the tyranny of the UN and the tyranny of crony fascist transnational corporations.

I will start with the first two Republican candidates ranking highest in the polls as of this writing. Those candidates are real estate tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump, and the renowned retired brain surgeon, Doctor Benjamin Carson.

Donald Trump: Trump rose to the top of the polls because he addressed the major issues that Americans are most concerned about. His views about what should be done are not political correct but they ring true with Americans that still have some common sense.

Trump is not a conservative on all issues. He is an American nationalist. Trump does not buy into all the politically correct brainwashing coming from the corporation owned medias (COMs). Trump can still critically think and he is able to offer common sense solutions that ring true with those not yet brainwashed by the Public Fool System.

Trump does want to make America great again and for that reason he is an enemy of the globalists that do not want any nation leading the world. They will do all they can to bring Trump down.

Trump intends to restore American greatness through the same system that made America the greatest economic and military power in the history of the world. Under Obama’s “leadership” America is looking more and more like a nation that is in decline. If nothing is done to turn that around, America will join other once great nations on the ash heap of history. Making America great again is a message that can take Trump to victory.

Trump does have personally flaws and for that reason he has high negative ratings. Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder and his resorting to personal attacks on anyone that disagrees with him ultimately hurts his chance to be elected. By the way, narcissism is a common trait historically among strong world leaders. Unfortunately many of them also become tyrants.

If Trump does not overcome his tendency to personally attack his opponents he will be defeated. Narcissism is common among politicians at that level so that alone will not do him in. It might even take a capitalist narcissist to undue all the damage of the Marxist communitarianian narcissist that now occupies the office. Nevertheless, Trump’s personal attacks are quite another matter.

Some say that Trump does not address the issues, but that is not true. His illegal immigration deportation plan can be carried out and it would not be very expensive. It has even been done before in the history of this nation.

Trump supports traditional Christianity in America and religions freedom. His income tax plan is quite good and it would grow our economy. I would change at least one thing though. All working Americans should pay some federal tax. A one percent sales tax would work to accomplish that and it would not make low income people have to file a return.

I think most Americans would agree. If all working people have to pay for federal government, they are more likely to support less federal control.

Trump wants to rebuild our military. He does not support the globalist trade and global warming agendas that will take away our jobs and our national sovereignty.

Trump is a strong defender of the Second Amendment. He is a strong supporter of Israel and is not blinded by Iran or Islam.

These are many of the key issues for conservatives and Christian Americans. Trump might not be as conservative as a couple of the other candidates on the ticket but he might be the only candidate on the right side of most major issues that has any chance of being elected.

Trump actually could run on a third-party ticket and get a quarter or more of the national vote. The Republican establishment better keep that in mind before they do any more hit jobs on him.

I am concerned that Trump called Paula White and asked her to set up a meeting with Christian leaders. Paula White is a Word of Faith, speak it into existence, TV prosperity teacher and self-proclaimed prophet. She is a heretic that says she receives direct messages from God. Needless to say Paula White invited similar believers such as Kenneth Copeland and Jan Crouch to meet with and pray over Donald Trump. Not to mention that some of the people invited are now kissing up to the Harlot of Rome.

Many of the Word of Faith leaders teach that Christians are going to take over the earth and govern through a Christian theonomy or theocracy before Jesus can even return. They have much in common with the New Apostolic Reformation heresy. Some of these Word of Faith teachers identify with both heretical movements.

The last time something like this happened was in the 2012 election when Word of Faith leaders got together and prayed and said words of prophecy over Rick Perry as if he was some great Christian hope for our nation. It did not help Perry get nominated. And before that in the 2008 election, Sarah Palin was the darling of the Word of Faith crowd.

Obviously Trump does not know the difference between true teachers of Christianity and false teachers. I guess we can forgive Trump for that lack of discernment because from what I can tell Trump is not a true convert to Christ. He just identifies with Christian tradition.

Trump has had meetings with Paula White on other occasions so it could be that Trump is buying into her false teachings. If Trump become President will Paula White become Trump’s spiritual adviser?

That would be a problem because these heretics would also want to bring their own form of tyranny to our nation. Many of these teachers want to either force people to convert to Christianity or make everyone live under Old Testament law. That is not much different from the tyranny coming from Islam or the PC tyranny of the far left.

It is prophetic that a religious Harlot will come to power at the end of the age. Putin of Russia with the backing of Orthodox Christianity is now claiming to be the defender of the Christian faith and is using that to expand his influence. Now in the Western world one might also rise with the backing of the Word of Faith and other hyper-charismatics with their own version of Dominion Theology

It could be something to watch. The Orthodox Church, the hyper-charismatic dominionists and the Roman Catholic Dominionists might merge into one great pseudo Christian Harlot in their opposition to the Islamic threat. Perhaps, we will soon see military crusades that will advance the Harlot of Revelation 17.

I admit that I have mixed feelings about Donald Trump. However, he probably is the only electable candidate on the Republican ticket that is also on the right side of many of the major issues. Carson might be the exception, but he does not get all the issues correct either. Trump also will get a lot of votes from Independents and Democrats. In fact, when I was young someone with Trump’s views would have run on the Democratic Party ticket.

Dr. Benjamin Carson: Dr. Carson’s great strengths are that he is smart and that he has a very likable personality. Unlikable people have become president before but with all the media attention of the 21 century that is becoming less likely.

Carson is conservative on many of the Issues. Where he gets squishy is on immigration, abortion, same-sex marriage and abortion. These are important issues to most Christian conservatives.

Dr. Carson’s ten percent federal tax system based on the tithe given to Israel is loony. I suppose he thinks even the poor should give ten percent of their total income to the federal government?

And if Carson still proposes to cut the budget by cutting all agencies by ten percent without exception, that is not governing, that is just plain stupid.

Whole agencies need to be cut or eliminated. Other agencies need full funding or even an increase. Should we really cut the Veterans Administration by 10 percent when many veterans are not getting the treatment that they need now? Should we cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicate by ten percent? Should we cut our already decimated military by yet another ten percent?

Carson really has a lot to learn about governing, but he is a quick study so maybe he will learn and correct some of his positions. One problem I noticed is that Carson will say something and the COMs will jump on what he said and then Carson will modify what he originally suggested. He does not flip-flop but he does try to appease his critics by expounding upon and also modifying his original statement. In other words, he tries a bit to hard to walk the fence to appease his critics.

Dr. Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist. It is a very legalistic denomination. I have problems with the Seventh Day Adventist doctrine in general. Some would say they are not even true Christians because of their own unique requirements about how one is saved and other views. I do not hold to the view that they are not Christians. I know that you cannot broad-bush all the churches and the people within denominations. There is a wide spectrum of beliefs within the Adventists. Some churches within the denomination are actually cults and some are pretty orthodox. But where is Dr. Carson?

I do believe that Dr. Carson is a Christian and a good role model for those blacks that are gifted with high IQ’s. However, I do not think his message of taking personal responsibility will be widely accepted in the inner city black ghettos. His message that blacks need to get off of government dependence and need to work toward advancing themselves is not going to make that happen. The real problem is that many blacks have no visible father to be their role model. Many are brought up by single women and street thugs. Many black men end up in prison and when they get out the only jobs offered do not exactly encourage upward mobility.

Nevertheless, unlike Obama who fanned the flames of black hatred. Carson would try to heal race tensions and that of course would be positive for the nation.

Dr. Carson could keep rising in the polls and Trump could easily say something that would make him fall. I think Carson has a very good chance to emerge as the Republican Candidate even though most of COMs will attack him on his Christian and Conservative views. If Trump stays on top, I think a Trump and Carson ticket could be a very formidable ticket to beat.

Next: Fiorina, Rubio and Cruz

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2016 Presidential Candidates: Trump and Carson — 10 Comments

  1. Don,
    Welcome back! I can’t tell you how good it is to see you blogging again 🙂
    (I will now go back and read this article.)

  2. Interesting perspective. As I said before I’m back and forth on what I think about Trump. I’ve spent some time trying to put my finger on it. What draws me to him is; he inspires confidence.
    I would be more comfortable with Dr. Carson as vice president than president. Could he stand firm in the face of all the adversity? Idk.
    I just read this week (either on Drudge, Breitbart or Leven?) that Obama said he would not sign a bill for military spending unless GITMO was closed. And of course he’s planning executive action on getting our guns. Trump is adamant on these important issues.
    I remember reading an interview several months ago with Carson and he said people in the cities don’t need semi-automatic weapons. That’s a can of worms; not a 2nd amendment clause.

  3. (PCP-SS) You may have started something here Don… even as an outsider I can see the accuracy of it. The state of the US does concern me for I can only describe my country as a mini US and we will be affected by any major downturn in your nation. I would like to see a strong conservative party take control there but I fear it isn’t going to be. I pray on a daily basis for the true leaders in the US, those Christian men who continue to teach the truth to their congregations and others like yourself who stand firm against the malignant evil that has raised it’s ugly head in the last decade. May God be with all such men and women.

  4. I do not think Trump is a serious candidate and will drop our as soon as his numbers drop and he needs to spend his own money. He states he reads the Bible but has never asked for forgiveness (not likely) and could not recite a favorite scripture. He is one comment from being ostracized. I never herd Doc Carson say God told him to run but that he went to God and told him he wants to retire and not run (Moses) but that God would have to open windows showing him the way which has been occurring in his mind. I am not a pessimist but after the 2012 election I said we must still be under judgement and I believe this nation will get what we deserve Hillary/Biden/warren. I pray for Godly leaders everyday at every level of our society and will never lose hope but until this darkness covering the earth lifts I keep reminding myself that the birth pains were spoken by my Lord and Saviour to increase not subside. By the way great to have you back as I have been checking back every week and SHAZZAAM you returned.

  5. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the input and your support.

    Yeah, I think Trump will drop out if he falls down the leadership board. However, at this point his support is deep enough that I do not believe that will happen before the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.

    I can’t remember where I heard Dr. Carson say that God told him to run. I believe that what I heard or read was accurate but maybe the source was putting words in Carson’s mouth. When I just googled it, it seems more like Carson is saying that it seemed to him like the fingers of God was pushing him to run. That is quite different. I can agree that God might do that. I wish I could find the source. If anyone has any information confirming that Carson said that “God told him to run”, I would like your input. Meanwhile, I better take that out of the article. When people read these comment but can no longer find that in the article it is because I revised it. I do not want to says things about these candidates that are not true.

    On another note. In my research I find that Pat Robertson said that God told him that Dr. Carson will be the next President. If that is not the kiss of death I do not know what is. When has Pat Robertson ever been right about any of his God told me statements?

  6. Something I’ve been considering is the question of a presidents faith. I think it’s very important. Franklin Graham has posted that we need a Christian president and many others agree, including me. However, remembering the peanut farmer/Sunday school teacher who claimed to be a Christian; we don’t need another one like him. I can’t vote for someone based on a statement of faith alone. Where they stand on the issues is more important to me.
    For example: I think we could survive a non-Christian patriot better than a misguided Christian or an anti-Semitic Christian.
    I know this isn’t about Rubio but he said the more he learned about the bible the more he understood God was leading him back to Catholicism. How could we trust his presidential judgements, or someone like Pat Robertson?
    Do ya’ll understand what I’m getting at? Qualifications with faith would be the ideal.

  7. Don great to have you back. I am at a point where I feel that almost everything is fixed when it comes to pro sports and politics. With regard to politics, in this case the republican candidates, I really do like Trump. I cannot help but wonder though if he is real or is a plant of some type to split the GOP. Of course I have no way to know so all I can do is cast my vote. If he is truly attempting to turn our nation around and stand up to the world powers who want to cripple our nation, then I’m not sure he will survive. Politically or physically whichever it takes. as for Carson, I do like him but he just doesn’t seem to have that leadership quality to me. However, maybe he represents Teddy Roosevelt’s ” Speak softly and carry a big stick” euphemism.

  8. Hi Don! So delighted to see (just now) that you are posting and sharing your tremendous faith and insight again.

  9. Hi Don, I just found your other site and was disappointed that it seemed you were no longer blogging, so I was glad that I found the link to this site! I have to agree with you on Trump. He cannot stop making remarks that are slowly chipping away at this credibility. I also agree with you on Paula White and Jan Crouch. TBN does not represent the majority of Christians in this country and I personally find them just a little scary. I am struggling with the Republican candidates right now. I like Dr. Ben Carson, but like an earlier poster, I still have Carter nightmares. Does being a Christian make you an effective leader? Recent history suggests no. I do think he is a moral man, but a meek one. Can that bring us back, I just don’t know. But surely, having Christian values can make a difference, must make a difference in this country. If you think I am rambling, you are correct. Hence, the struggle goes on. Now if I may, one of the reasons I was glad to see you on here again, is that I have a question that has nothing to do with this post. Having read your earlier posts in regard to following the subject at hand, it probably isn’t appropriate, so you can delete me, but I have to ask. I have been thinking about converting to Catholicism. It has been a serious issue for me for a couple of years. The main reason is I believe that God continued to interact with man and that interaction is found in church history that is not available to most Protestants. We do not know about the Saints and their journeys of faith. Our church knowledge starts with Martin Luther, period. Some Protestant churches even teach that the age of God’s miracles, including the gifts of the spirit ended with the age of the Apostles. I also believe God intended to create “a” church, not 30,000 denominations. Historically the Catholic church is the remnant of the first church. I do have issues with their apparent devotion to Mary, but I don’t believe all Catholics subscribe to that doctrine. I do think Protestants could learn much about the history of their faith if they researched the Catholic church and the historical doctrines and documents they hold. I would just like your input on this subject, please. Again if I am deleted I do understand.

  10. Hi Theresa,

    The reformation happened because the Roman Catholic departed from salvation theology and added all kinds of Babylonian and man-made practices and doctrine but they would not change.

    While there is no true denominations on earth that has all truth some are much more biblical than other. I was a Catholic and I don’t even think they teach people what is necessary to be saved. In fact, they hinder them with what they add. I suggest that you look into the arguments against Catholic doctrine before you plan on joining with this Harlot.

    You might start on Mike Gendren’s site. He was a Catholic teacher that came out of Catholicism when he learned the true gospel.

    I did write an article that just touches on the major issues.

    My Advice is if you do not like what any denomination teaches go to a non denominational church. The Calvary Chapels teach through the Bible and they believe all the gifts are for today. And they do it without the excesses found in hyper-Pentecostalism.

    This is way off topic, so that is all I am going to say about it here. If you have questions email me.

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