Alt-right and racists are not synonymous but Leftists keep pushing for civil war

Americans and even Christians in America are using the jargon invented by radical leftists. The Southern Baptist Convention overwhelmingly just condemned the alt-right. Do the people in the SBC who voted against the alt-right even know that alt-right is a term made up by the left to ostracize those that do not agree with the Republican establishment.

Alt-right to leftists are those that support the Tea Party, constitutional government, nationalism and biblical values. The left and mainstream media believe people like Cruz, Paul, Palin, Bannon, etc. are leaders of the alt-right. They say news sites like Breitbart, WND, American Thinker, FrontPage, Info Wars, etc., are alt-right. Also, anyone against social justice programs (communism) are labeled alt-right. They then lump together white supremacists with the alt-right so that they can make claims that everyone that they labeled alt-right are synonymous with racists. Southern Baptists apparently believed them.

The alternative right actually are constitutionalists that do not go along with everything the establishment Republican Party stands for. That is because the establishment republicans have not stood for much of anything constitutional, traditional or conservative in the last couple of decades.

The alt-right and white supremacist racists are not synonymous but the leftist mainstream media lumps them together as if they are. I guess we should expect this from the leftists that are trying to further divide this country and seem to want a civil war. However, Christians should not be drinking the leftist Kool-Aid. Many are unknowingly condemning a large portion of people in America’s heartland. Those labeled alt-right even attend their churches.

One problem is that those selected to go to these Southern Baptist national conventions are often not the sharpest knives in the drawer. The pastors and other leaders of Southern Baptist churches quite often think they have better things to do than attend the national convention. The churches then just send volunteers who have too much time on their hands. The end result is neutered Bibles and stupid resolutions like that one.

The Baptists could have just voted against racism or white supremacy if they actually were interested in condemning evils already condemned. No, instead they appease leftist members and allow a resolution that broad-brushes and suggests that racists and alt-right are synonymous. The Southern Baptists attending fell for the leftist plan to marginalize and ostracize constitutional patriots that oppose the “progressive” (Marxist) establishment. None dared raise any objection because of the way the resolution was framed. Those voting did not have a clue that their resolution will now be used against constitutional patriots.

There are some racists among the alt-right as in all political groups but the alt-right has far less racists than does the Democratic Party. There the leftist radical racists totally control the party so why not condemn the Democrats? I have frequented many sites that the left would brand alt-right but I have not heard any racism or hate. The only hate I hear there is the hate against globalists that want to enslave mankind and the hate against haters that want to oppress patriots and bible believing Christians.

The Marxist worldview and politically correct agenda now infects the minds of most in Western Christendom. We should expect lying disinformation coming from the pope and protestants liberals. However, it is a sad day when the once conservative Southern Baptist convention come out against alt-right Trump supporters, or when Baptist giants like James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries becomes a useful idiot for Islam. It’s not just me or this fellow that sees the problem, Brannon Howse also sees the problem.

The shooting of congressional Republicans last week, is just the start of the violence if the left continues to foster division and hate in this nation.  Let’s face it, Marxists have started most of the civil wars in the world in the last hundred years. They have been pushing for civil war in America since the 1960’s. The Marxist worldview will become an overflowing scourge to all people who embrace it. Just ask the people in Venezuela. They are just the latest nation to regret voting in Marxism.

The left is going all out to remove President Trump. Trump has done nothing wrong. The enemies of America are just making stuff up but since the media is controlled by globalist leftists, they control the narrative. Mainstream media thinks that Americans are too stupid to think for themselves. The reality is that the reporters working for these Marxist globalist outfits are not allowed to think for themselves.

I am not sure what these Marxists hope to even achieve by taking out Trump? Would Pence be any better for them or are they really hoping taking out Trump will start a civil war? It does seem like inciting division and violence was the goal of the Marxist Obama administration. I am sure if Hillary was elected there would have been some right-wing violence against her leftist tyranny at some point. Then she would have used that as reason to establish martial law, take away free speech and gun rights, and outlaw any resistance. Even so, taking out Trump now would not appear to help the leftists. They must have something even more sinister in mind. Something more is going on than just the usual left right politics.

I think the deep state has been involved in a lot of illegal activities. They are afraid that those illegal activities will be discovered and prosecuted by Attorney General Sessions. These people are quite aware that Sessions is not corruptible. They cannot get rid of Sessions or someone just as incorruptible as him without first getting rid of Trump. They know that the best way to get a more corruptible Attorney General is to remove Trump.

Those controlling the deep state also know that Trump is honest and pro America. Trump is not going to play ball with the Marxist globalist agenda. They probably think that Pence would. After all, Pence has caved to leftist pressure before. That is why Pence was not a viable presidential candidate in 2016. They need to be careful there. Pence appears to be a real Christian and on paper is more conservative than Trump. If they just take Trump out, they could be stuck with Mike Pence for the next 11 years.

The deep state is also pushing these witch hunts against Trump to tie down the Justice department and to hinder the Trump agenda. They are stalling for time hoping that Democrats will soon get back in power.

Most of the top positions in government, academia, media and multi-national corporations are filled with people who have globalist Marxist worldviews. Eight years of Clinton advanced the Marxist take over of America and eight years of Obama almost finished the job. Thank God Hillary did not get in.

With the Republicans in control, why would the leftists still want civil insurrection where the administration controlled military could force civil order? Maybe they think massive riots would make the Republican Party cave. Establishment Republicans very well could agree to suspend the Constitution and call for a new election to appease the radicals burning the cities. The establishment Republicans then could run Mitt Romney again.

Perhaps some also believe that leftist governors would use their national guard to oppose the President’s orders. With certain Governors of the largest states already disobeying federal law and the U.S. Constitution, that now becomes a distinct possibility. Such things are the makings of a civil war.

In Europe, the EU elite are using Muslim migrants to destabilize member nation states. They know the end result of that. This is all planned. The violence, riots and civil warfare will allow them to create an authoritarian superstate. France is already authoritarian and other nations are only a couple of mass killings away from becoming authoritarian. The people of other western nations already have had their free speech and their means of self-defense taken away. Once they have a police state in place with high-tech weapons and surveillance systems there can be little resistance. If you have not noticed, almost all the governments in the world are becoming more and more authoritarian. The leftist elites are not worried about Islam because they plan to soon have control over everyone on earth.

The globalist agenda for America is to take America down. They are scared to death that a free nationalist America would continue to set the world agenda. The American model of prosperity and liberty for all opposes the authoritarian sustainable development (limited growth) model that these fascist Marxists are putting in place. So Trump must go.

Top levels of government, large corporations, academia, media and religion are led by traitors to our nation. They sold their soul to the fascist globalists that control money and power. This network of predators will do anything to distract from their own crimes. If they cannot take Trump out, paid leftist radicals will use useful idiots to try to bring about civil warfare. If that does not work, they will use false flags and grid down situations to crash the economy and bring about civil warfare. They do not plan to lose. They will always come up with a new plan as long as they are in positions of power.

The way to win this war against freedom is for Trump to fire all in government that oppose his program. Those taking unlawful actions at the state and local level need to be prosecuted for sedition. Overreaching judges that legislate from the bench need their decrees nullified by presidential executive order. If judges try to enforce decrees nullified by the executive branch of government, they should be arrested.

Enforcement of law is the duty of the executive branch of government. Obama did not enforce some federal laws and few said anything. The only constitutional action allowed is to impeach and remove a President that orders things that the Congress believes is unlawful. Can leftists get half the votes in the House and 2/3rd of the votes in the Senate to remove Trump for just nullifying decrees of overreaching leftist federal judges? I doubt it. Knowing that removing Trump might get them Mike Pence for the next 10 or 11 years is not exactly going to encourage some “progressive” Senators to vote to remove Trump.

Without a Constitution that sets up checks and balances and limitations on government we are going to have tyranny. Many of us have sworn to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Obviously enemies of the Constitution now exist in spades. We need to take that oath we took seriously and actively defend it. This nation has departed from the Constitution in many ways. We need to get back to constitutional government.

We should be aware that alt-right and racists are not synonymous. Many identified as alt-right are actually constitutional patriots. On the other hand, leftist radicals in the Democratic Party want to bring America down and they would even do that by trying to start a civil war in this nation. If you drink the poisoned Kool-Aid of the politically controlled rhetoric, you may not even live to regret it.

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Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Alt-right and racists are not synonymous but Leftists keep pushing for civil war — 23 Comments

  1. A lot of good points. I didn’t even know what alt-right was until it was in the news.

    All they are is an alternative right not exactly going along with everything out there and supporting the constitution nothing wrong with that. And most likely are mostly bible believing Christians, a good basket of them anyway.

  2. 1) The alt right would be better defined as the RINOs in congress. They are the true perversion of the party. Have you heard a single peep out of the GOP to defend Trump or attack Democrats?
    2) We need to reinstate HUAC asap. If I were President this would be near the very top of my agenda. The vermin on the left wont stop until they are imprisoned or executed.
    3) 90% of churches are oblivious to whats going on or just dont want to offend anyone. Either way they are useless. I havent heard a sermon about politics, sin, hell, or anything else controversial at my Church in a long time. Then again I barely go to church anymore for the above reasons. I got saved as a young teen because I was scared of hell.
    4) I made up something I call the pyramid of leftists. There are only 3 levels, or types of leftists in existence. On the top you have the rich, powerful, evil power brokers. Under them you have the true believers, aka the SJWs and the college professors. on the bottom you have the every day people who vote democrat because they are just ignorant or want free stuff. Everyone I ever met fell into one of these three catagories.

  3. Hi Jim,

    Good input.

    Don’t know if reinstating the HUAC would do much good because those in congress appointed to the un-American committee might be the traitors. The President has little influence over House committees anyway. When they had that committee, the committee was often in disagreement with the President.

    I think it is more like 99+ percent of the churches.

    I agree with your pyramid of leftists.

  4. Hey Don,

    Great article. Our country does seem to be completely split. I do think some type of insurrection is coming. A blowback from the right possibly, or maybe the left goes full revolution. Either way it will be nasty. If I lived in a big city, especially one run by liberal democrats, is be looking for the exit door asap.

    Jim. I agree with your assessment on the churches. Pretty much useless on moral issues in our country today. They don’t want to lose their congregation and possible investment. Also, most seem too interested in mission trips to 3rd world countries etc when we need it right here in the USA.

  5. Don,

    I believe you have told us in the past that the division in our nation will be among our undoings.

    Jesus said in The Gospels that a nation divided against itself will not stand, so it is also coming from the most Supreme Authority.

    Our nation is extremely divided and the chasm of division seems to be growing daily and with furious vengeance by those promoting it.

    The Left and their anti-Trump rhetoric is further dividing the mindshare of our nation, the Left is behaving like Linda Blair in need of an Exorcism.

    One cannot publicly be a Trump supporter in mainstream society without fearing severe backlash in even the most common public marketplaces…many combative news stories on this.

    I think President Trump is in a no win scenario, the opposition against him by the left is severe, I question whether President Trump has enough support to actually thwart off the left and do what needs to be done to even attempt to temporarily right this ship as our nation and the world seem to be spiraling into financial and moral chaos…we will soon see.

  6. Wow! James White has fallen away, hard. I first came across him years ago when studying the “King James ONLY” controversy. Back then I read everything he had on the subject. I then went on to read most of his material on apologetics concerning the Mormon,and Catholic, Cults. But recently, I went looking for some of his recent work, and discovered that most of his stuff is largely video’s now. I prefer to read more, because I retain the information better that way. Since going “Hollywood” it now looks like he has become a false teacher, in more ways than can be recovered from. I’m more saddened than shocked, but not too surprised in these days.

    If any of you have not read the link to Brannon Howse’s article, link: above, I highly recommend this fairly long read. It’s an eye opener, for sure. The apostates are working overtime, but Jesus knows those who ultimately belong to him. This is by no means, a call for true Christians to surrender the moral high ground, but, just that it will become increasingly more difficult to promote God’s truths.

  7. What makes you think that Trump is not involved with the Elite, when he had close dealings in many ways with the Clintons, his son-in-law having dealings with George Soros, and more instances as well. He is just as much a useful idiot as the rest of the jerky politicians. I am not a democrat or a republican either. I believe both parties have been so corrupted by the Elites that they are actually two sides of the same coin.

  8. Hi lem216Lisa,

    Trump obviously is elite and deals with the elite because that is good for business. Trump is not sold on globalism and wants to advance America. That is not true of the globalist elite.

    I think what Trump is trying to get done in this country speaks for itself. Both parties are corrupted to various degrees but only one party is on the side of everything evil. The alt right in the republican party are not of the same coin.

  9. I stopped listening to Russel Moore when he said Kim Davis should obey the government or resign rather than refuse to issue gay marriage licenses. I knew the SBC was going to start slipping.
    I’ve also thought the left was up to something very sinister in their attempts to overthrow Trump.I think they want a new election. Don’t think they would run Hillary again but there must be someone waiting in the wings to step up. Probably being groomed now.
    There’s nothing wrong with being an elite. God has never put a ceiling on how much money one can earn. That’s socialism. It’s the way the elite use their money and power for evil that’s wrong.
    President Trump loves America and the Marxist left hate that. He stands in the way of their utopian global village.
    There’s a war on white people now too. White privilege? If we don’t apologize for being white it’s because we’re white supremacists, the Alt right; I know, right?

  10. Hi Caitlin & all,

    The SBC has been slipping for many years now. There are multitudes of controversy every year. And now, just recently, Greg Laurie and Harvest have or will be joining the SBC. But, don’t forget that Rick Warren has been SBC for a very long time. He’s just as bad on Islam as White has turned out to be. Jack VanImpe has been warning about “Chrislam” for nearly a decade. No, the SBC is just one more apostate denomination among the majority these days.

  11. Don, I too was wondering what the Left expects to get if Trump is removed or resigns? Like you said Pence seems to be a Christian conservative, so I guess they would have to go after the whole lot and somehow void the election. Seems their Russian hacking and connection accusations failed, but who knows.

  12. Hi David L.

    I have not heard that Greg Laurie is joining the Southern Baptists. That is rather interesting since Laurie and the church he led was Calvary Chapel. Seems Laurie entered the big tent at least a decade ago and seems he wants to stay there.

  13. Hi Steve,

    Some think if there is civil upheaval and the elected government fell, that the Continuity of Government (COG) plans would go into effect. That would mean the deep state “progressives” would run the country until order was restored.

  14. Hi David L,

    Thanks for the link
    Its getting confusing out there. Is Assembly of God next on the list for Laurie? After all, their theology is closer to Calvary Chapel than are the Southern Baptists. Then not to be outdone, I can see Rick Warren joining with a local mosque and most of the big tent mega’s joining with the New Apostolic Reformation and WOF and then calling the Pope their poppa.

  15. That about sums it up,…right? One, big, happy family! They all certainly don’t have any problems with who they share a platform with.

  16. I find the Trump support very odd among my fellow Christians. He has spoken in favor of globalism many times. (Look up his quotes). He has also been for open borders in the past, and contributed $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and was very chummy with them for many years. I don’t think he is conservative at all, more of an opportunist who would say whatever it took to get elected. He also said in the past that he could not think of even one thing he ever needed to ask forgiveness for. He is an oligarch, with a long record of crooked business dealings. It’s depressing that so many Christians have thrown biblical principles aside to support this man in a cult-like fashion.

  17. Adelaide

    After Trump won the Republican nomination the alternative for Christians in America was far worse.

    Now that Trump is President what will opposing Trump’s mostly conservative agenda accomplish for Christians other than getting a far left radical in office in 2021?

  18. Its the age old debate of picking the lesser of two evils vs only voting for the perfect christian conservative.
    I think the last few elections proved that we need to keep the godless marxists out of power at all costs. I understand sitting out an election, but the Democrats have become so evil that it is not an option imo. Of course most republicans are useless morons…

  19. It’s helpful to listen to the full interviews and watch the full videos to determine what Trump really said and in what context he said it. There’s also a clue in who published the “alleged quote.” The leftist news outlets and the Never Trumpers on the right have the same goal; to turn the voters against Trump.
    His job is to uphold the constitution not to become the personal president of evangelicals. Religious Liberty forbids congress from making Christianity the state religion. He supports Christianity. Unless Trump turns on us I will support him.

  20. Hi Caitlin,

    Most never Trumpers have taken a pragmatic view since the inauguration. Very few are persisting in criticizing the President on every issue, and most, give credit where credit is due. And most, relented after the primaries and supported the Republican Nominee. What else could they do? The other choice was abominable! And try to remember, many are staunch conservatives who believe as you do.

  21. Hi David L,
    I actually meant to address my post to Adelaide. Her comment sounded like it was right out of the Erick Erickson playbook. I wanted to be polite about it though.
    I was a Trump supporter early on because of his policies and what he wanted for America. He’s been trying to keep his promises.
    You know, even if Trump represented only Christian conservatives they would be fighting over which particular brand of theology he should support. lol.
    I think your assessment is pretty accurate. Mark Levin sure did an about face as did some other high profile voices.

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