America’s final decade as world superpower ends 2025?

Is this America’s final decade as a world superpower? A decade ago I started writing an Imminent dangers to America series. I wrote the first five articles in that series in 2006. I added another article in 2008, and the last article was written in 2012. All of the seven articles give a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 about the likelihood of the danger to America playing out before 2025.

The likelihood of at least one of those dangers playing out by 2025 was extremely high in my estimation. Since I started that series, one decade has now passed. Do I therefore now believe that this is America’s final decade as a superpower, or do I think the dangers to America that I wrote about have since decreased?

Are these imminent dangers to America still valid and are the ratings I gave on each of them playing out before 2025 still what I believe? I will briefly revisit the seven imminent dangers that I warned about in the series and give my latest views. (The dangers in the series are not listed in the order of the degree of danger to America. They are listed in the order that I wrote them.)

Imminent Danger # 1 – Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse attack (EMP) – I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Back in 2006 astute people were thinking that Russian nuclear weapons might be available for the right price. The theory was that North Korea, Iran or terrorist could obtain these nuclear weapons and launch one or more of these nukes from a cargo ship offshore using a low-cost accessible Scud missile and cause an EMP over the United States. The EMP could take down America’s electrical grid, destroy electronics, and make critical infrastructures collapse. In hindsight, the Russian nuclear weapons might not have been available.

Scuds would not be needed today for North Korea or Iran to attempt an EMP attack on the United States today, although terrorists still might use Scuds. Both Iran and North Korea have developed long-range ballistic missiles and are developing ICBM’s. Both of these rogue nations are developing nuclear weapons programs that will have the missile capability to put nuclear weapons over the United States.

Russia and China have advanced EMP weapons capability but they are rational nations. They are not cultish nations led by deranged tyrants claiming to possess divine authority. If Russia or China launched an EMP attack on America, it would occur in the first phase of all out war. I list a WMD attack by Russia or China in my Imminent Danger # 5 article. Therefore, I will limit my assessment here of an EMP attack to Iran, North Korea, and terrorists. (If Islamic radicals gain control of the nuclear weapons in Pakistan, nuclear terrorism becomes very possible.)

I still think an EMP attack will be attempted on America before 2025. However, the degree of success any EMP attack would have to cripple America sufficiently enough to remover her as a world superpower would be the worst case scenario of such an attack. What damage would actually occur is based on many factors that are unknowable before the fact..

Over the past decade almost nothing was done to harden America’s electrical grid or other critical infrastructures. Over the past decade North Korea and Iran have developed independent means to carry out an EMP attack. And over the past decade Pakistan is becoming more radical. On the other hand, we probably have slightly better missile defense and intelligence then we had a decade ago.

After considering all these things, I think the likelihood of an EMP attack being attempted on America before 2025 is about 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, but the likelihood of it being successful and crippling America and making this America’s final decade as a superpower is about 50/50. That is assuming that no one preemptively takes out the nuclear capabilities of North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. If that should happen, the threat of a nuclear EMP attack on America occurring before 2025 would hardly exist at all.

Imminent Danger #2 – Massive oil disruptions – I gave it a 6.

What a difference a decade can make on world oil supplies. Fracking has changed the equation for America since 2006. Even so, the danger of massive oil disruptions due to a major war in the Middle East has become much worse. Oil disruptions would no longer bring catastrophic shortages of oil to the United States. However, a major disruption would increase the price of oil in the world dramatically and bring about a world economic collapse.

With war expanding between Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East, I still think there is better than a fifty-fifty chance of there being massive oil disruptions before 2025. Whether that would mean America’s final decade as a superpower arrives, or not, depends upon internal events in America after the resulting world economic collapse. Those dangers are written about in Imminent Danger #3 and #6.

Imminent Danger #3 – Total economic collapse – I gave it a 9.

It is amazing how long central bankers prove that they can kick the debt can down the road using smoke and mirrors. However, the economic collapse caused by excessive debt is still almost certainly coming before 2025. It now won’t just be the United States that collapses, it will be the whole world economic system.

Again, the effect of such an economic collapse in America is explained in the Imminent Danger #6 article. I still think economic collapse still rates a 9. It almost certainly will occur by 2025. Economic collapse and related civil upheavals very well could be the top reason that this will be America’s final decade as a world superpower.

Imminent Danger #4 – Coordinated nuclear terrorist attack – I gave is a 7.

We know that terrorists have tried to get nuclear materials on the black market. They might get the whole nuclear package from Pakistan or Iran in the near future. They might have even acquired one or more small nuclear devices already. If so, getting these nuclear devices into our cities with ongoing globalist open borders policies would not be difficult. The nuclear devices already might exist in American cities awaiting some order.

I still believe that terrorists will attempt some kind of nuclear attack on America by 2025. The rating of 7 might even be a bit low if America keeps pussyfooting around with terrorists and appeasing terrorist sponsoring nations. As I explain in this article, the great danger to America as a nation is not the physical damage that small nuclear expositions or dirty bombs could cause. The danger to America is the psychological reaction and overreaction to such an attack. The tyranny and the wars that would come as a result of any nuclear terrorist attack within America is what would destroy America.

Imminent Danger #5 – WMD attack on U.S. by Russia or China – I gave it a 3.

Both nations are major nuclear super powers that are now rapidly expanding and modernizing their nuclear capability. Russia and China have been getting more assertive and are getting more belligerent toward neighbors that are American allies. It is getting more likely that we will be drawn into a war with one or both nations by 2025. I now think the likelihood of an attack on America by either Russia or China before 2025 is about 50/50. It becomes more like 100 percent by 2035 unless America for some reason totally withdraws from the world.

Imminent Danger #6 – Break up of The United States of America and civil upheavals – I gave it an 8.

Think of the possibility of a Hillary Clinton Presidency with a socialist Supreme Court. How would Christians and Conservatives react to cultural Marxism and the pagan worldview that would be forced on them? Even the Bill of Rights would be redefined. They would attempt to limit free speech to PC speech. They would muzzle Christianity. And they would attempt to take away guns. On the other hand, think of the possibility of a Ted Cruz and a conservative Supreme Court. How do you think urban government dependents and immoral people would react to any return to Christian values and the end of the socialist state that enables their immoral covetous lifestyles? As I said in my article:

The real point is not exactly how this breakup might happen. The point is that America is becoming increasing polarized between liberals and conservatives, religious and irreligious, law abiders and criminals, police and citizens, educators and parents, tax payers and deadbeats, control freaks and freedom lovers, perverts and non perverts etc. If this polarization of America continues to increase, we will either have a union break up or we will soon be living under martial law.

I still give an 8 to the break up of the United States by 2025. A nation so divided as ours cannot stand. The breaking up of the United States into smaller weaker Unions would mark the end of America’s final decade as a world superpower.

Imminent Danger #7 – Cyber attack – In 2012 I said it approaches 10 if the government does little or nothing.

There have been cyber attacks since I wrote that article and there will be worse ones in the future. The real issue is will cyber attackers be able to take down any of our vital infrastructures systems like our electrical grid for an extended period? If it could, that would bring about danger #6.

I suggested in that 2012 article:

Another way to help achieve cyber security is to offer substantial monetary rewards to hackers that find weakness in our infrastructure systems. Of course, these hackers will first have to be willing to be licensed to probe our vital infrastructure systems. The U.S. has some of the most capable computer hackers in the world. Enticing these people to do something productive with their skills seems quite appropriate. They need to continually probe our infrastructure systems like we are the enemy, and identify and report cyber security vulnerabilities.

I just read that Defense Secretary Ash Carter came to the same conclusion and intends to license hackers to probe America’s security systems. I think if this goes beyond being a pilot project and expands to all of our vital infrastructure it will greatly enhance cyber security in America.

The question then is will the security come soon enough to stop massive cyber attacks that would bring down our infrastructure before 2025? I think that depends on who is doing the attacking and how fast we secure our computerized systems against the worst threats. I give it 50/50 at best.

As you see, I believe America’s final decade as a superpower has arrived. I believe by 2025 the USA either will no longer exist as a nation, or it will be a much weaker nation. So what do you think?

America dying

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America’s final decade as world superpower ends 2025? — 33 Comments

  1. Don, I have become something of a fatalist regarding the continuation of the Empire. Maybe the only hope for any freedom returning to this country is for your #6 to occur? If #6 actually happens, all those other threats will greatly diminish, don’t you think?

  2. Civil unrest probably will be one of the first things to happen since it’s already started in various corners of the country. I think either a EMT or a ballistic nuke (small or fairly big) is likely to occur within ten years probably sooner?

    Look at Kim Jong-un just yesterday launched two ballistic missiles, successfully! His satellite I believe made it into space.. I could be wrong but I know he tried.

    Yea were definitely close I know that the true believers that are being obedient, not the Laodicean bunch, will be raptured on up outa here probably as the missiles are coming down we’ll be going up. Something to that effect.

    Fantastic article Sir Don. Do u think it’s a good idea to have some rations laying around in the meantime?

    What do u think of these guys?

    I’ve been looking at some sources for food storage I came across these guys don’t kno nothing else about them. I am getting a natural gas Genie Generator for my house. Just incase.

  3. Hi Doug and Bill,

    Yeah Doug, if the US breaks up into smaller unions nobody will bother with us much.

    Bill, its always good to have some extra food around. There are different ways to do that. Just buy extra of the supermarket stuff that you like and that keeps would be the cheapest way. Just be sure to rotate it. I have no inside information on food vendors.

    By the way, I would not count on going in the Rapture before the demise of America. The two probably are not connected.

  4. Greetings Don~It feels like we will implode as a nation, quite possibly from within, with little outside help. A combination of any of these would have the power to bring our nation to nearly nothing. #’s, 4, 3, & 6 could all set off one another, depending on which came first. (#4 being the catalyst for #’s 3 & 6). #’s 3 & 6 could simultaneously happen without #4. Regardless, we would be in dire straights at the very least. We know it rains on the just & the unjust. If I were inclined to stick my head in the sand, I would not read such articles. However, I am not, so I will continue to be informed & read, as long as you’ll write & I’ll stick my head in The Word of God for comfort! God bless you.

  5. I think you are right, Don. Obama has a burning desire for a two-state solution in Israel. He would like nothing better than to get that done and divide Jerusalem as perhaps the last thing he does before he leaves office. And. . . he wants to be Secretary-General of the UN. I think if that happens that perhaps it won’t even take another eight years for America to be toast!! I can’t help but think that God has already removed His protective hand from America and that Hillary will indeed be the next president, meaning that the Lord has turned this country over to its collective reprobate mind. Praise the Lord that the Church has the Blessed Hope of Christ Jesus to look forward to. Praying that we all have the strength to run the race until the very end!

  6. I’ve been running the past 5+ years or so under the presumption that the removal would be closer to 2020 than 2025.

    Knowing only the season, we are only able to go through this nightmare (i.e., watch and pray, with the patience of the saints) using ball park figures.

    What about moving to the Caribbean? At least it’s warm (can’t lose our sense of humor).

  7. Don,

    After witnessing the disgusting display in Chicago at Trump’s cancelled rally, I’m thinking civil unrest may come about sooner than later. The thugs running around creating havoc are the children of the timeout generation. These are the kids who should have been spanked. They are the future Obamas of America. A direct result of the feminization of this country. Whatever anyone may think about Trump, he is the only one who actually has the guts to say what the silent majority and middle class America have been thinking and saying for years. We’re fed up. Our country is being dismantled before our very eyes and we feel completely powerless to stop it. At least he’s caused us to wake up. Who knows what the outcome will be, but at least we feel that maybe, just maybe our voices will be heard. Thanks for coming back. You are a lone voice out in the wilderness and it is a real pleasure to read your commentary because you always make sense.

  8. Welcome Adriana,

    Thugs are running the Big cities, police are disrespected, and law and order hardly exists. The summer conventions could get really nasty. It might be 1968 all over again or much worse.

  9. Hey everyone.

    The rapture will be awesome. We should not be concerned of making it out alive. How terrible could your own death be with the assurance of everlasting life? We are assured in the historical fact of our Lord’s resurrection, and we take part in his resurrection. Thus the worse kind of suffering are nothing in comparison to our Expectation.


  10. Hey Don! Loved this analysis you did 10 yrs ago. Other than an EMP strike, #5 – WMD attack from Russia/China is one I have long thought is on the way. Both have many new weapons systems (ICBMs, Subs, bombers) ready now or by 2020, while the US B21 bomber, 6th generation fighters, and land based ICBMs wont be ready until 2030. I could see a strike on US military facilities – not really on US cities. The cities and infrastructure would likely implode anyway from unrest and the coming economic collapse. I know many Christians that feel we escape all these things in the Rapture (and we could) but like you, think we will live to experience the US decline. Once they peak, Empires seem to decline very rapidly once they begin unwinding. Thanks Don.

  11. I would tend to agree that the biggest threat to the US is within. I’m 35 years old, and I never cared or followed politics but this last year has been extremely eye opening. I’ve never seen such division within the US, economically, and socially. We are definitely at a breaking point. The two political parties are extreme opposites and I definitely believe there will inevitably be a collapse of the US. If the US breaks down, then the other scenarios you listed above would be likely to occur. I do not believe there will be a savior for the US. The reprobate mind has taken over and is in control. Romans 1 is here.

    I truly believe the rapture is very very soon. Much sooner than most people expect, while the Second Coming of Christ will probably occur within the next 10 – 20 years.

    Thanks for the commentary. I can’t wait to meet you on the way up!!

  12. I agree John, the rapture is closer then people think. I have my reasons for believing that. Just last year in the fall I had a vivid dream about the rapture. He’s coming for us.

    See ya on the way up!!

  13. When people think??? The scriptures says Jesus is coming at a time that you think not. In other words, it won’t happen when most people think. The vast majority of Christians do not believe in the Rapture, and the ones that do, have little agreement on when it will take place.

    I knew the rapture was before the year 2000 back in the late 1970’s. My pastor even claimed that he had a vision. He saw that some of us occupying the pews in that church would be left behind while he and others would be leaving right in the middle of a Sunday service. That congregation no longer exists. No. They did not get raptured.

  14. John c,

    I tend to agree that the rapture could be many years away from the 2nd coming like Don has mentioned in the past. My biggest problem is Babylon being a world class city in such a short time. I do not see that happening anytime soon unless the rapture is many decades before the 2nd coming or babylon is supernaturally built by demonic forces. Anyway, I’m more concerned with the USA being destroyed soon and collapsing.

  15. “That is assuming that no one preemptively takes out the nuclear capabilities of North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. If that should happen, the threat of a nuclear EMP attack on America occurring before 2025 would hardly exist at all.”


    In the above that you wrote, is there any realistic possibilities that North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan could be preemptively struck and their nuke program be damaged significantly or decimated completely ?

    I assume the odds of that happening to even one of those three to be very low, but I can’t imagine the extremely low odds of all three of them being taken out…and who would possibly carry out such an attack?

    Am I correct on assuming such low odds ?

    The only thing I know for sure is that Israel will not be destroyed as Iran so vehemently suggests because Almighty God won’t let that happen.

  16. Hi ~David,

    That might depend on who is President and what causes such a reaction. I also can see the possibility of Israel taking out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, of course we could as well. As for Pakistan, I think we already have contingency plans to take out their weapons if they are in danger of falling in the wrong hands. We know where they are located and they are being watch closely. In addition, nobody should underestimated India.

    So I would not say the odds of that happening are extremely small.

    I also would not assume that Israel will not be nuked and in ruins. The Jews that listen to the two witnesses of God and the 144,000 flee to the mountains of Jordan for a reason. Remember that 2/3 of the Jews in the land will be killed during the time of Jacob’s trouble. Only one third will be refined through the fire.

  17. Jim,

    World class cities have been built in China and the Middle East in a decade. And ya, I think supernatural forces and the wealth of the whole world will certainly be in play in Babylon. Today Egypt plans to build a new Capital city within about a decade. Babylon does not have to be a huge city. It just has to become the seat of the world government controlled by the Beast/Antichrist. In some ways Brussels now controls much of the world through the EU but Brussels is not in a large country and is not a city as impressive as some others in Europe.

  18. Hi Don,

    I know that just blows me away that most Christians don’t believe in the rapture… AND!…don’t have any concept or heard of it.

    The dream I had gave me encouragement to keep looking up as real as it was. That was for me. The fact that individuals are getting dreams & visions in this last generation be it in 70’s to present covers that span. When someone gets one of these they naturally think it’s for tomorra & expresses it to everyone as so.

    That dream your pastor had was foretelling for this generation not that decade & that it happened during church perhaps was only meant to get it to his congregation the seriousness of the event. Not that it will be on a Sunday this one or the next.

    But it’s a shame most Christians won’t even discuss the rapture or they fulfill prophecy by scoffing it.

  19. Bill,

    I have dreams all the time but they have nothing to do with the future. Some post millennial Pentecostals have dreams and visions of some Christian utopia on earth before the second coming. Should we believe them because they had a dream?

    We cannot determine by dreams when the Rapture will take place. The Church was always supposed to be ready for the return of the Lord because it is always imminent.

    You talk like you believe the generation from the birth of Israel will receive dreams and visions about the Rapture. I disagree. I also disagree that the 1970’s was the final generation. A generation is from one generation to another. It is about 20 to 25 years.

    That pastor was claiming something that was not true. He certainly was not foretelling anything that came from God. And if the dream did not come from God who did it come from? It came from his own brain or worse.

    You obvious bought into the fig tree interpretation of a life span from the reestablishment of Israel. I don’t buy that theory at all, and I wrote about it.

  20. Don is right. We all have dreams concerning the rapture, etc.. But we don’t know the source. I also have what I refer to as a light phenomena where lights go on when I walk into a room or drive down a street and a street light goes off. I choose to ignore it. Many (including myself) have the 1:11 daily – You see the time in only 1’s or other sources. No one can explain these
    After reading the links Don included I guess I was wrong about the meaning of a generation. I always thought that it meant stock or race of people.
    Don – in your opinion which of these imminent dangers will happen first? Do you think because of these dangers it is possible the elections this year will be cancelled giving Obama more power?

  21. Several other websites are speculating the same thing. It would be interesting if a “black swan” event occurred and Marshal Law is declared. Not to sound like a conspiracy nut, but the CFR and NWO could do something like this.

  22. donni and also John,

    donni, I can’t say which imminent danger would occur first. Because any of the attacks on America or an economic collapse could produce the others and especially #6. Then Again, #6 could occur all by itself just because of the great divisions in America. We will probably see some unrest evident during this election cycle. I think any of the the other dangers would certainly accelerate the social breakdown of #6.

    John, The CFR is an elitist think tank, it is not going to be carrying out covert actions. But many of the groups that George Soros and other open border globalists are funding would like to create what you suggest. I do not think that Obama has much interest in an extended stay as President.

    I believe Obama has been running for Secretary General of the UN since he was elected. The UN seat comes open in 2017. His agenda is not Islam it is global socialism. He is lining up as many nations as he can to vote for him. Get the Muslim nations, the socialist nations and some third world nations and he will have the votes.

    However, if next fall it looks like the Democrats are going to lose power to someone like Cruz or Trump than anything is possible. However, they will more likely start the riots and troubles right after the Republicans take office. However, if Kasich or Rubio or someone else from the establishment gets the nomination these would go with the global agenda and they would not be a threat to the NWO elite and its 2030 agenda.

  23. Don you know your stuff that I do know!

    Whenever the rapture happens or what ever a generation is or who ever is the fig I’ll be ready.

    That said I got a craving for some fig newton’s.

  24. i honestly believe donald trump will usher in the very last days of prophecy because he is a crazy person, u never know what can happen with him as president. i think the world will go out of control with him as president and the end times will be here before we know it. Theres something about him that truly disturbs me but i;m still going to vote for him.

  25. Trump is definately not crazy. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he scares the heck out of the Globalist and the GOP Establishment because he’s a loose cannon that they can’t control.

  26. The world is going out of man’s control with or without Trump.

    I keep telling you guys that Trump’s VP choice is more important than Trump. Trump may somehow finish one term but certainly not two. I think Trump will come up a few delegates short so he will probably pick Cruz as his running mate since Cruz will finish a strong second. Of course Trump could pick Kasich but Kasich might not accept and if Kasich was VP the establishment would have Trump removed from office within the first two years.

  27. In light of recent events, I believe civil unrest and or skirmish/war could bring our nation down before anything. The cause being a crumbling economy, corruption in government, etc and the fuel for a raging fire simmers. I have to question whether we make it to the elections, and if not, then what does Obama do? It will be an interesting remainder of the year.

  28. I think civil war now looks like the most likely at this point, followed by a massive cyber attack and an EMP.
    If the GOPe screws over Cruz/Trump and nominates paul ryan, specifically to lose to Clinton, there will be riots.
    Iran is continuing it’s ballistic missile program due to Obama so that can’t be ruled out either.
    I tend to think any one of the dangers could lead to all of them happening in a cascade effect.

  29. I find it funny. If there is a brokered convention and Trump isn’t selected, there will be riots. If Trump gets the nomination, there will be riots. I guess there will be riots. I think scenario number 6 the most probable. Then because of this more freedoms will be taken away in the name of security. Just remember God is in control and no matter how much everyone dislikes Obama, read Romans 9 again.


  30. Don – I have an apple laptop. For some reason your page does not come up properly.
    I have to go to google- thepropheticyears home page -and the link that has /wordpress
    at the end brings me to your homepage. I thought I would mention it in case others are
    having problems. For me – brings me to your revelation page and
    then will not let me access the home page?

  31. Hi donni,

    Thanks for letting me know. Good Job! It really has nothing to do with your laptop. I screwed up with a recent correction and upload that I did today on the Revelation index page. When I uploaded it I overwrote the website index home page instead of the Revelation index page that is in a separate directory. It should be okay now.

  32. Don I thank you for all your info n ppl try n tell me that the rapture is not real wen I noe in my heart and soul that it is n I need to change my ways n get this n get this monkey off my bk my addiction in referring to but thnk don for sharing everything yu have God bless you

  33. Sheena,

    You can defeat your addition if you allow Jesus to become your Lord and Savior. If you have, trust Him to direct your path to those that will help free you from physical enslavement to drugs.

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