America’s goose is about cooked

Fifty reasons why America’s goose is about cooked:

  1. The Bible directs parents to train up their children in the way they should go. Parents in America did not, they allowed secular humanist Marxists in schools and media to train up their children in the way they shouldn’t go.
  2. Most Christian parents in America have refused to take their kids out of worldly brainwashing public indoctrination cesspools called public schools, even though they have been warned about the dangers to their children many times over.
  3. By purchasing various high-tech media devices for their children, Christians in America have enabled their kids to be fed trash and to be exploited.
  4. Many Christian parents in America were not good Christian examples to their families. They loved participating in every new fleshly excess that came along. Their own divorce rates are about as high as non believers.
  5. Christians churches in America hired Bible school graduates to become their elders rather than taking a proven individual from among their congregations and equipping them for leadership. Thus, many churches reap the consequences of hireling pastors who lord over their flock.
  6. Many Christian leaders in America proved that they could not even raise their own children in the way they should go. How then can they help raise up those in the Church? Paul implies that they cannot.
  7. The vast majority of so called Christians in this nation have never read through the Bible even once in their entire lives. God says His people perish due to lack of knowledge.
  8. American Christians have allowed most of their church leaders to water down the gospel as if people in this nation can be saved without the gospel.
  9. American Christians in general did not rebuke elders when they went off track. That is why there is so much error in our churches.
  10. Most in America did not hold their elected officials accountable to keep our Constitution or our Christian culture.
  11. Christian leaders in America often taught a form of pacifism and blind obedience to government. This nation was never founded on any such concept, nor does the Bible teach it.
  12. Christians in America eagerly followed greedy messengers that itched their ears about gaining wealth, health and prosperity.
  13. Many so called Christians in America have rejected sound doctrine and replaced it with a smorgasbord of postmodern all paths relativism and mysticism.
  14. Americans have turned a blind eye to all sorts of evil men for their own personal gain.
  15. Many Christians in America often accommodate Christian sin rather than confront the sinner.
  16. Americans now not only allow perversion, they celebrate people that flaunt their perversion.
  17. Americans aborted their young in the name of convenience by pretending that they were not yet alive. Yet, the aborted generation was the generation that would have supported many of them in their old age.
  18. Money and material possessions has become the God of most Americans.
  19. Many greedy people in America are actively robbing the poor through various kinds of frauds.
  20. America now worships and supports media idols who are anti God and anti Christ.
  21. Most Americans have now bought into the philosophies of the world such as: evolution, psychologies, Marxism, rote prayer, spiritualism and mystical experiences.
  22. Most of those that ran our nation recently were delusional. They thought peace would come by appeasement of enemies. They disrespect long-term allies and kowtowed to the world’s worst tyrants.
  23. Many in America live in denial about the goals of Islam. Americans will reap the consequences of living with our head in the sand.
  24. America has failed to protect her borders and America will reap the consequences in more terrorist attacks and in social welfare costs.
  25. America’s education quality is falling farther and farther behind other advanced nations. That makes it increasingly unlikely that we will lead the world in the future.
  26. Americans are getting fat and lazy. Life spans in America are now actually falling.
  27. America has the highest prison incarceration rate in the world. The prisons have become animal houses. They are a place for hardening criminals and for creating homegrown Islamic extremists.
  28. Americans are increasingly relying on impersonal militarized police forces to police their communities. This is leading to abuses of power and tyranny.
  29. Half of the people in this nation contribute almost nothing to pay for our system of government. Nevertheless, this half demands a lot of support from the system and the taxpayers.
  30. America is becoming so dumbed down that people graduated out of high school cannot even make change for a dollar and need help just filling out job application forms.
  31. Most young people in America are having sexual intercourse outside of marriage and half of them are also using illegal drugs.
  32. Americans do not live within their means. Public and national debt cannot be repaid, it is just passed to the next generation that also will not be able to pay it.
  33. The government Social Security program in America will be taking in many billions less than it is paying out. The money for Social Security was supposed to be secure in a trust fund, but the government robbed the trust fund for other things. So, now taxpayers have to make up the yearly shortfalls that should have been there.
  34. Medicare in America is not sustainable.
  35. It is not politically possible to cut entitlements in America. The majority in America will not allow politicians to cut entitlements. Therefore, debt just keeps growing.
  36. Just paying the interest on our national debt will take over 25 percent of America’s budget within ten years. If interest rates rise to just the historical norm, our goose is cooked. That, by the way, is inevitable.
  37. God and Jesus have been stripped from media, public schools, and the public arena in America.
  38. Forcing Israel into a peace deal with those that want no peace will become a curse on America.
  39. Americans that even claim to be Christians are becoming increasingly hostile toward any true Christian message. Most claiming to be Christians do not even have a Christian worldview.
  40. America’s media now regularly blasphemies Jesus on TV and in Movies. Those that actually believe in Jesus are portrayed as nut cases by the media and most Americans just laugh.
  41. America has become so blinded to truth that it twice elected a known Marxist and race baiter to become President.
  42. America has exported many of its best jobs to other countries.
  43. Americans have allowed radical environmentalists to stop us from developing our own energy resources.
  44. Government is regulating everything and that is destroying the free enterprise system that made America great.
  45. Individual rights are continually eroded and taken away in the name of national security but the government will not deal with the real problem – Islam, Marxism and illegal immigration.
  46. Mind altering drug use and intoxication has become a national pastime in America. Turf wars over drug money is getting tens of thousands of people killed.
  47. Special interests and perverts will now destroy our “all volunteer” professional armed forces.
  48. Most young men cannot qualify for our military because they cannot even get the minimum score on the service entrance exam or they are felons or they cannot pass the physical.
  49. America is now totally dependent on electronics and electricity. This nation would cease to exist without having this electrical force for even a few weeks. Nonetheless, it is only a matter of time before this electrical force fails us for one reason or another.
  50. God really has no reason to bless America anymore since most in America deny Him in word or deed.

Editor note: This is a modification of my article of February 17, 2011 posted on my old blog.

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America’s goose is about cooked — 10 Comments

  1. AMEN,AMEN,AMEN. I was witnessing to a childhood friend a year ago (by phone) and asked her where her relationship with Christ is (as we hadn’t seen each other in years). She and her husband traveled the world with their work and are financially comfortable. She chuckled and said she had a “cocktail party relationship with God”. I answered that it was very vulnerable place to be in this man eat man world. I sent her literature with many prayers for her precarious position and an intervention by THE HOLY SPIRIT! SHALOM!

  2. The beast system is emerging. Part of the problem is that a select few companies control everything. I was thinking about this with the recent CNN scandal. Why didn’t their sponsors pull out? Why hasn’t Time Warner’s stock plummeted? The reality however, is that these companies are too big to fail. CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting Company (TBC), which is then owned by Time Warner.

    Time Warner then owns tons of other investments in a wide range of entertainment industries. Everyone hates CNN, but they are unwilling to stop watching Avengers Movies which are owned by Time Warner. If we want to really fight back in a political / financial campaign, our society would have to give up too much of what we enjoy to kill what is killing us. This is very intentional, since this guarantees that we continue to be poisoned while financing CNN and other corrupt news, regardless of what trash they spew out.

    So the beast system is emerging. You will be forced to participate in the evil, to finance it, if you wish to enjoy all the benefits of the beast society. Just like tax dollars, taken at gunpoint, are then turned around to finance planned parenthood, and every satanic abomination in this country.

  3. The whole debate on Islam, immigration, and free speech are the biggest three reasons why I believe we are too insane to survive much longer.
    When you have millions of people arguing in favor of tearing down our borders and letting in millions of 3rd world invaders you know we’re finished.
    When you have millions of people debating whether or not conservatives should have free speech in college campuses you know we’re finished.
    We can survive almost anything but pure deluded stupidity.

  4. Tough, truthful list, Don! I’m glad to know there are others out there who are “too negative” and who “talk too much about God” (accusations I’ve heard for saying the same things as your list above).

    It is into this horror show that God sent His Son to redeem us from all lawlessness. Believers can be accurately negative AND positive because of this. The world today corrupts the positive/negative in the same manner Jesus described of his generation: “We played the flute and you wouldn’t dance; we sang a dirge and you wouldn’t mourn”.

    It may seem bizarre that one can experience joy from reading a list like this, but Truth can be rejoiced in!

    (I have enjoyed reading the many different comments from everyone on this site. Bless you.)

  5. Thank for this article Don. It’s scary. I don’t think the situation can be fixed. It’s too far gone and too many things are set in place for the evil system to continue to grow. Our only hope is God’s justice, righteousness and mercy. There is no other hope for this perverted, corrupt and evil world.

  6. A depressing, but accurate, list, Don.
    In regards to Point 30., a friend of mine knows a man who owns a clothing store that also stocks school uniforms. The owner was recently telling my friend he refers to the young people of today as the “H Generation” (H standing for Hopeless) as he sees so many teenagers in his shop, who come in with their parents, who cannot tie their own shoelaces. Their parents tie them for them. I kid you not.

  7. Hi Donovan,

    Trump’s main problem is putting people around him that are feeding the creatures in the swamp.

    I do not think you can blame Trump for the Republican Senate not getting any of his agenda passed.

    The progressives have been building the deep state for decades. They really run our country not the President. The question is can national patriots replace the progressive globalist deep state through fair elections? Probably not before the civil rebellion against the entrenched deep state.

  8. I’ll comment on #27 because I had a brief experience with the prison system as a c/o (Corrections Officer) at the local prison before it shut down. A corporation bought the old army barracks and turned it into a minimum security prison. The theory was inmates who were a year from parole wouldn’t cause trouble so the state could send those guys here. Therefore the c/o’s didn’t carry weapons although we were issued little canisters of tear gas later on.
    We weren’t allowed to know what their crime had been. The inmates lived in the dorms, not cells so we walked among them. Believe me, they ran the prison. They are masters of manipulation. They formed gangs; Mexican Mafia, Bloods, and the Muslims who received special treatment during Ramadan.
    There were only 2 c/o’s assigned per dorm. One on the first floor and one to monitor the 2nd and 3rd floors. I usually got that assignment. There were 8 or 9 dorms. It was nearly impossible to keep order. Every dorm had one room we were told to ignore. I won’t tell you what it was used for I’ll just say this was an all male prison. Okay, so these guys weren’t supposed to cause trouble. lol. There had been several riots in the past and a few attempted escapes and some of the inmates had been there for years because their paroles had been turned down. Some got sent back to Huntsville maximum security prison. That’s where Texas executes.
    I wasn’t scared but I was frustrated beyond words at the lack of control we had. Many of the c/o’s weren’t doing their jobs either which made it more difficult for the few who were. I can’t imagine a prison where the guards actually get killed. They must be houses of horror.

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