Are Americans scared to death of terrorists?

During the December 2016 Republican presidential debates Chris Christie said, “people across the country are scared to death of terrorists” and Mike Huckabee said “Americas are just plain scared”.  Both of them implying that Americans are quaking in their boots because of San Bernardino terrorist attack. WRONG!

We sing in our national anthem that America is the home of the free and the land of the BRAVE.  I guess Christie and Huckabee think differently. They say we Americans are “plain scared” and “scared to death”??

America has 22 million military veterans? Are these warriors scared to death of terrorists?? There are many millions more Americans that know how to hunt and shoot guns. Are all these Americans going to cower in fear and let terrorists terrorism them?

Americans would stop any terrorist attack in short order if politicians would just allow Americans to have their Second Amendment right to carry arms. Americans have over 350 million firearms. About half of the homes in America have one or more firearms. Almost all homes in the heartland have guns. Terrorist and mass shooter attacks occur in gun free zones because no one but them has guns. Would they even try an attack where people could stop their attack cold? I doubt it.

I understand that Christie and Huckabee were trying to get a bump in the polls by implying that Americans want more government security but that is not what most Americans want. Americans fear government that is not acting in the best interest of Americans far more than they fear some mass shooting.

More Americans fear that Obama and Hillary will try to take away their means of self-defense than they fear mass shootings from terrorists. They fear that Obama will allow in more and more Islamic terrorists in the name of PC bull dung. They fear that Congress will do nothing to stop the “progressive” engineered destruction of our nation, borders and culture. They fear a government that is downplaying the dangers of Islam will get thousands of us Americans killed. They fear after that happens government will use that as an excuse to declare martial law and to take away our constitutional rights. Some even think this is all planned.

If Americans were now scared to death of terrorist attacks, the shopping malls would be a little less crowded this Christmas season…don’t you think?

Obviously some liberals were scared to death on the disarmed left coast when they shut down the schools over a hoax. That happened because schools in California are gun free zones. The only solution to any threat is to close down the schools and to cower in fear just like the terrorists want.

If they keep that up, Californians are going to get more stupid than they already are. However, more likely, they will learn to ignore threats and that is even more dangerous. Terrorists know schools are easy targets because they don’t allow teachers to have any weapons to protect themselves and their students.

Liberals that want big brother to protect everyone will quake in fear when they figure out that big brother cannot be everywhere to protect them.  If they had the means to protect themselves and others, like do most conservative Americans in the heartland, they would be far less fearful people.

Christie and Huckabee saying Americans are scared to death of terrorists is just music to the ears of terrorists. After all, terrorists would not be called terrorists if they were not all about bringing terror to people.

What Christie and Huckabee should be saying on national TV is that if I am elected president, I am going to make sure that adult law-abiding Americans have the right to carry weapons. I will enable law-abiding citizens to carry arms so they can send potential mass murders straight to hell before they can carry out their murderous plan or try to play any future get out of jail free card.

Christie is governor of New Jersey. Constitutional carry that would prevent terrorism is not allowed in his state. Gov. Christie can start by supporting constitution carry in New Jersey. Was constitutional carry allowed in Arkansas when Huckabee was governor? I don’t think so. It now is, but I have not seen any spike in gun deaths in Arkansas or any of the other six states that have constitutional carry laws.

No wonder the people who Christie knows and represents quake in their boots over terrorism. Leaders like Christie leave people with no means of self-defense. However, most Americans that have the means to protect themselves are not scared to death of terrorists.

Gun free zones are an easy target for terrorists. They should be outlawed and constitutional carry should be allowed in all states and cities. If that happened, there would be almost no mass shootings in America.

Let’s provide realistic solutions to terrorism rather than telling terrorists that Americans are scared to death of them. Most of us are scared to death of  “progressive” politicians that open our borders to those that hate us. These open border politicians also want to take away our means of self-defense. We are not scared to death of terrorists, we are scared that traitors within our own government are aiding and abetting those that hate America.

After a couple more major terrorist attacks one of two things will happen.

Law abiding citizens will demand and get the right to carry weapons or government will start kicking down doors in some insane effort to attempt to remove all weapons from Americans. One action will prevent future mass shootings. The other action will promote a civil war. Because many in America are not even scared to death that government empowered storm troopers could survive in the heartland for very long.

So let me ask. Are Christie and Huckabee speaking for you when they say Americans are scared to death of terrorists?

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Are Americans scared to death of terrorists? — 32 Comments

  1. Completely agree with you on this Don! As evidence some are thinking the same way, Liberty university has promoted that those,students and faculty,that have concealed carry permits,now do so on campus. That tells the bad guys,this is a gun filled zone,and you will be shot and likely killed! Of course,the media and progressives have gone ballistic over this.(pun intended)

  2. Talking sense again Don, thanks mate.

    I am English and was born a year after the troubles began in Northern Ireland started so grew up seeing bombings on the telly.
    I only remember one person worrying about being in crowded places because of the bombings, but he still went. Everybody carried on as normal, even after my city was bombed.
    It is noticeable though that the younger generation who only know of the London tube bombings of 2005 are more concerned but we tell them to get on with it, after all the tube is as busy as ever.

  3. Don, you are like a breath of fresh air! Love the way you “tell it like it is.” I’m a 72-year-old great-grandmother, and I fully intend to get my concealed carry permit early next year. And, believe me, I’m more than ready to defend myself and those around me. I’m sick and tired of the mental illness in this country called “Liberalism” and it’s high time that Christians and people with common sense start standing up for their rights.

  4. Americans also need to think of their neighbors as their allies. I plan on working with my neighbors to collectively tackle the potential threats, be it a terrorist (unlikely) or an authoritarian thug (more likely) or adolescent thug (i.e., continental power grid outage, most likely).

    This day an age, I also find it mind boggling that marriages are falling apart / splitting apart, all in the name of boredom or other worldly selfish pursuit — your lifelong mate is your biggest ally who should have your immediate back.


  5. I live in Calif. I’m defiantly not dumb, born and raised here and hardly recognize this liberal state. Going to get concealed weapon permit but wouldn’t you know 800. Dollars. Really? So very thankful I’m a daughter of our Lord Jesus Christ. Greatest hope ever.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Don, regarding Linda, I would suggest a 5 or 6 shot revolver in either .38, or if she can’t handle that, a .22cal revolver. I don’t know if she ever shot anything before, and both of these are relatively mild on recoil and very simple to operate(in contrast to a semi-auto pistol, which will take a little more work to learn). The most important thing for her or ANYONE contemplating the purchase of a gun, however, is that the person must come to a resolution that they are actually prepared to, if, God forbid, they would ever have to use it. ANY time you pull a gun and point it at someone, you MUST realize game time is over. You have to be determined that if the gun comes out, you are seriously close to the need to kill someone ore something. Thank God, in 21 years of policing in Chiraq, I never fired my gun on the street; however, it was in my hand on easily 90% of my street encounters. The decision was clear in my mind. If you can’t come to that point, you are more dangerous than safe if you do buy the gun. Only my opinion, but the gun is a killing implement, it is not meant to “scare” someone or be an expensive noisemaker. Also, in regards to the fear of death, I hope to God I would choose death over allowing anyone I love be hurt in any way if I have the means to prevent it.

  7. Hi Don,
    Afraid? Not even! I have a Springfield .45 XD subcompact with hollow point rounds. I became partial to the .45 when I was in the Army. My son has a very nice Ruger .45 model 1911. This was clearly an effort to get fear motivated votes. If I lived in a gun free zone, I would be very nervous for good reason.

    Rod in Oregon

  8. Michael Angelo, thanks for the info. My husband already has an arsenal, and he will provide me one of his .38’s. I do have a small hand, and slightly arthritic, so I will have to just try out some of the guns to see which one I can easily handle. I have fired his snub-nose .38 before with no trouble. He has already given my sister a .38, and she will be getting her concealed carry permit early next year. I also have a good friend who will be getting her permit also. So, you see, there are lots of ordinary people in this country who are fed up with everything and willing to finally do something about it. No, none of us are afraid of terrorists, and our reason for carrying guns is strictly for self-defense. I hope that none of us are ever put in that situation, but if we are, we will be ready, and I for one will not hesitate to use my gun. And, by the way, Michael Angelo, my husband has already drilled into my head that I had better be ready to shoot to kill if I ever pull a gun on anyone. Oh yes, one more thing, we live in the country so we can target practice anytime we want.

  9. I too was irked at those comments by Huckabee and Christie. These men are not strong enough to vocalize and endorse “concealed carry permit” legislation. They saw what happened to Trump when he spoke out in support of temporarily banning all Muslims into our country. The liberal media crucified him. Can you image the backlash any candidate would receive if they vocalized their plans to promote and support our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms and to enact legislation making it legal to carry firearms. Even trump won’t touch that one.

  10. Yeah, but I think if Trump would take that stand he would be the next president. Also, keep in mind that it is very likely that there will be more terrorist attacks before the election. Those on records supporting 2nd amendment rights are likely to grow more popular as we go along.

  11. Defiance would be strong if they ever try to take our guns away by force!
    You are right. It would start a war within the nation. I am looking to the Blessed Hope of the rapture happening prior to this kind of activity (I hope!). I can surely see it happening in the tribulation period.
    I enjoy your Blog and your followers comments.

  12. Hi David L,

    I think Cruz is the most conservative candidate but when Cruz represented 31 states before the Supreme Court the issue was not constitutional carry in America. No national candidate is saying that all law abiding citizens already have the constitutional right to carry arms in America. They might say it is a state right, or a local right but I think the 2nd Amendment to America’s Construction trumps local laws. I think any candidate that clearly express support for constitutional carry for non felons would be the next President.

  13. Once again I can’t provide a link because I read this quite a while ago. In Trump’s gun plan he said he would make conceal and carry permits legal across state lines like a drivers license is.

    One of the first things I learned from my brother when I bought my gun was ‘no warning shots.’ That goes with what Michael Angelo was saying. I hope I’m never in that situation but one never knows so be prepared.

  14. Caitlin,

    Yeah, but Americans should not need a government permit to carry a gun. The 2nd amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” Government permits infringe that right in many ways.

    A Warning shot can get you 20 years in prison in some places. Even more if you hit someone. Either you use deadly force because you are in fear of your life or you don’t fire the weapon.

  15. Don, I agree with you about the permit. I thought I stood alone on that one because so many people are getting conceal and carry or open carry permits.

    About the no warning shot. That’s what my brother told me. If that’s the situation I’m in I shoot to kill. He’s an ex cop. I didn’t know a warning shot could get you 20 years but I didn’t plan on giving one.

    I like this blog. I like reading other people’s comments even when I don’t agree and I pick up information I didn’t have before. Just today I was quoting something you said to my sister. “And Don Koenig said—” Thank you for the time you put into this.

  16. I have two 9mm I have strategically placed through my home. I also have my conceal carry permit. One lesson they taught us in my carry class is, when the police show up, make sure there is only one story to tell. I leave in a rural county in south eastern ohio where it could take 25-30 minutes for the Sheriff’s department to show up. The Sheriff’s dept. even encourages us to be prepared to defend our families due to this fact. We go to a church in the country and my pastor has spoken to the Sheriff’s department and he was told the same thing regarding our congregation. Needless to say there are several of us who carry in the church including the ushers. I believe my county is heavily armed and if the radical Muslims ever try anything in this part of Ohio. I don’t think they will have to worry about blowing themselves up because we will do that for them. Even in our small town, about a year ago there were about four Muslims with prayer rugs praying on the sidewalk of one of our strip malls. That was spread across Facebook pretty rapidly. Needless to say we are not shaking with fear hear in south east Ohio. Should they try anything here, that would secure them a one way ticket to hell. Bless you Don and have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

  17. Wayne,

    I don’t know the point of that comment unless the threat of pipe bombs scares you to death. Even so, you are wrong. Guns have protected people from explosive devices many times. Why do you think secure facilities have armed guard posts? The guns protect people from those intending to use bombs to achieve mass casualties.

  18. What!? So the runners and spectators at the Boston marathon wouldn’t have been killed and injured if they were packing?? Seriously??!!

  19. Wayne,

    They did not use pipe bombs get your facts straight. I am sure that those that hunted down the backpack pressure cooker bombers were packing guns.

    What is your point anyway? Nobody is saying that all bombings would be stopped if more people were carrying guns. What I am saying is that if people were carrying guns, terrorists would not be able to use guns for long to commit mass murders like they did in Paris, San Bernardino and in other locations that were gun free zones. Most of the mass killings by terrorists are being done with guns.

    Did you misunderstand the article or are you just trying to be contrary? Are you saying that Christie and Huckabee were correct? Are you telling us that you are one of the Americans they speak for because you’re scared to death of pipe bombs? I suppose you’re so scared to death of terrorist bombs that you are staying home this Holiday season??

  20. “Americans would stop ANY terrorist attack in short order if politicians would just allow Americans to have their Second Amendment right to carry arms.” The quote above was taken directly from your article. My point was to refute how absurd this argument is. Furthermore, your argument that teachers should be charged with carrying firearms on them in school while they teach our children is terrifying.

    “Are you telling us that you are one of the Americans they speak for because you’re scared to death of pipe bombs? I suppose you’re so scared to death of terrorist bombs that you are staying home this Holiday season??” I am not American and we hear in Canada tell our children before leaving for school, “have a nice day sweetie” not “don’t forget your guns.”

    I am all for your 2nd Amendment, but some of you are just sad, not to mention dubious Christians.

  21. It’s pretty simple… the basic premise of survival and maintaining your human rights: fight fire with fire.

    As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

    This will not be done without the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness.

    Those fighting words are not words of powerlessness and resignment, worry nor acceptance of a lesser standard imposed by weaklings, corruption of truth nor wickedness and hatred – but by the truth of the scriptures to be studied and reflected always.

  22. Wayne,

    Obviously I was talking about shootings in gun free zones like what happened in Paris and San Bernardino so the only thing absurd about the argument I made is the way you desired to apply it.

    I do not know why armed teachers are terrifying to you. If you trust your kids to be indoctrinated by the socialist public fool system you ought to also trust them to have the means to protect your kids from mass murderers. I also am not saying that all teachers need to be armed. However, there should be no gun free zones. They are easy targets. There needs to be security when Jihadist are coming here and waging war against our people.

    I said nothing about telling children to take guns to school. That kind of crap will get you banned on this blog. In fact, I believe I banned you on my previous blog for insulting insinuations.

    I doubt if your all for our 2nd Amendment as you said. And I really do not care what you think of our Constitutional laws. You live in a different country, live by your own laws. At least Christians in America still have free speech because of our First Amendment rights. That is not true in Canada. If there is a complaint, tribunals judge Christian speech and they have labeled people quoting what the Bible says hate speech.

    The Liberal Church of Canada with their social justice gospel is spiritually dead. The dead cannot judge anyone, especially the dubiousness of America’s Christians. Canada is about as Christian as Secular Humanist Europe.

    People reading here are not mind readers. If you have a disagreement about what I said in an article you might make your argument clear instead of letting people fish for it.

  23. Don… as you suggested, I think he is just trying to be contrary.
    Hang in there and keep this blog going!
    In Christ,
    Don Palmer

  24. Sad and dubious Christians? Lol.

    Sad are the people in the Middle East and North Africa whose children have been kidnapped, cut in half, crucified, and mutilated because they couldn’t protect them.

    ISIS has declared death to Downs Syndrome children.

    ISIS is here and they have told us what they are going to do to us.

    We “dubious Christians” are not going to go down whining. We are not going to let our country go down without a fight.

    If teachers are trained and armed American children will have a nice day because they will come home alive.

  25. Hi Don, I read the other Wayne’s Blog and your reply. I don’t know exactly what his point was; however as a Canadian I do believe that we have abandoned God in this nation, and will reap the consequences. We do have strict gun laws, but as an outdoors man I have always had guns, of both types. I still have my guns and will use them if I have to. My son’s have weapons as well and we have often talked about defending our turf because of our Government’s stand on weapons and Christianity. The last time they had introduced the long gun registry in this country thousands of old timers’s hid their weapons in PVC pipe buried in the ground. The long gun registry has been dismissed by the previous Gov’t, and since then I have purchased a number other weapons and ammo. This Blog is important to those that read scripture and keep abreast with the times. I would hate to see what would happen if something the nature of San Bernardino happened here. The newly elected prime minister who hasn’t got a clue would run and hide, and yes frankly the people would probably be scarred to death. I have been very vocal about the whole gay and muslim issues, and so far have not been contacted by the police or anyone else for that matter, I live in Alberta and we are considered red necks here. I pray that should the time come the Lord would give me the strength to take my stand for Him.

  26. Hi Don,
    Years ago, I covered the news on the afternoon shift at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette where late in the evening an elderly cleaning woman would stop to chat with me. She lived alone in an old, deteriorating city neighborhood where teens and adults “of color” were tormenting her continually. I gave her an old, double-barreled 12-gauge and advised her to make a point of sitting out on her porch with it. Amazingly, all these cowardly tormentors began detouring her place by a half-block.

  27. This is all a well and good article, but, personally, like most Americans, we are afraid of explosions, bombs in the subways and the highways. Guns kill people in both directions, its an undisputed fact that. If we allow people to carry guns under constitutional carry (like you propose), more people will die because of gun violence, and not just self defense and terrorism prevention, but illegal actions. It has been shown before. So its not more comfortable, for and many other people, to know that a lot of people can be carrying a concealed weapon. An Islamic terrorist himself can purchase a gun legally and use it to kill people, because if we lower gun regulations bag guys are going to be buying them to.

  28. Hi Matt,

    I disagree, there is no evidence that constitutional carry increases gun deaths. We have it here in Missouri and there is no increase in gun deaths. The vast majority of gun deaths are in big cities where they have strict gun laws.

    Constitution carry does not mean that just anyone can walk in a store and buy a gun. They still have to pass a background check.

    The truth is that most people are not going to carry a gun even if there is constitutional carry. However, where there is constitutional carry criminals can not assume targets will be unarmed.

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