Leftist press becomes domestic enemy of freedom

The fourth estate in America was once one of the pillars of the free republic but the “free” press is now controlled by a half-dozen corporations and a few dozen billionaires that mostly have a Marxist ideology. They spew socialist propaganda and hammer and sickle the truth 24/7.

Our forefathers could not have foreseen the press becoming so powerful and so controlled by enemies of our nation so there is nothing in our Constitution that puts checks and balances on the fourth estate. There are laws that could be used against revolutionized media but politicians and government bureaucrats fear taking on the all-powerful press.

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President Oprah Winfrey rides the Beast in 2021?

Oprah Winfrey is back in the news again as a possible candidate for President in 2020. Oprah is a very popular black woman billionaire with a secret spiritual message. If she ran, how could she lose? Frankly, more than half of America deserves her. Even most evangelical Christians would vote for her thinking that they are voting for one of their own.

I do not have a high regard for so-called Evangelicals in America. Most of them cannot properly discern the scriptures and their ignorance of the scriptures allows them to support humanist programs and people. Others know the truth but they will not oppose evil.

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Coming purge of permissive progressive godless socialists?

The international Marxist ideologues and globalists have pushed people in western democracies way too far too fast. The social engineering programs they set up are failing and are falling in disfavor. It looks to me like the pendulum is about to swing in the other direction. Are we about to witness a purge of permissive progressive godless socialists? And will this revolution against the socialists begin among those who have strong religious beliefs?

After world war two, social liberalism was promoted by people in the West wanting to evolve the world into a Utopia. All kinds of social justice programs influenced by the teachings of humanistic philosophers like Karl Marx were introduced into western societies.

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Collectivist traitors and snowflakes attacking the foundations of America

The foundations of America are under attack by socialist collectivists that have taken over much of academia, media, and government. They intend to destroy America because they hate God, nationalism, liberty and individualism. The socialists want a world where everyone on earth is micro managed by “more evolved” Obama and Oprah queens controlling the collective. All of what you see taking place in the cultural war is the means to achieve the Marxist end.

Godless Marxists calling themselves “progressives” now control the political left in America. The political right in America believe that individuals have inalienable rights given by God. Those rights are outlined in our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

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American revival missing in action until the tribulation?

If you believed some of the revival hype that was going around back a few years ago, you might have been lead to believe that by now people in our nation would be fasting, praying and repenting so that God would heal our land. That obviously is not happening.

There were Christian rallies that were advertised as the kick off for this great American revival. The Billy Graham message, “My Hope for America” was to be the big event that would really get this revival going. Some four years later this leads me to ask, have you seen any evidence of a national revival?

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Third awakening coming or persecution or Dominion Theology false revival?

Billy Graham announced a 40 day fast and prayer program that starts before the 2012 election and that ends on November 7th with a special TV crusade.

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Fantasyland has expanded to the borders of California

Fantasyland was once confined to part of Disneyland in California but it has now expanded to the state borders. People in California continually vote for more fantasy. So, you have to believe that most of the people living there are loony-toons.

California in many ways has become a schizophrenic “Hotel California”. Can the air and water be blamed for the insanity displayed in California or do drugs also play a role? The increasing insanity might have something to do with the drinking water that now contains MTBE poison. That is due to the fact that California legislators mandated that this poison be put in their gasoline after thinking that it was lead that was making Californians crazy.

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America’s timid responses to enemies made Fascism possible today

Many of the problems of America today could have been avoided by better decisions in the past. If America made the correct hard choices, America could have been a nation that stood against tyranny in the world and a nation that stood for what is morally right. The world today might be a much better place today.

If we had not made timid responses after the second world war, it is less likely that Communism could have spread its poison, tyranny and error all over the world. At the end of World War II America was the only nation with atomic weapons.

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Nations not keeping civil law and natural laws of God are doomed

I wish I could tell people want they want to hear but that would make me just another liar. The truth is that it will not be long before American cities start burning and we wake up in a police state. Some think this will happen because Americans have rejected God. That may be the reason why God will remove the special hedge of protection America has had, but all nations on earth have rejected the true God and most still remain viable nations.

World empires really fall when the people no longer obey civil laws and natural laws. When a world power becomes full of apathetic people, crooks and cowards that allow the predators to prey on the weak and the innocent, the fall of the world power is inevitable.

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Making America sane again in a terminally insane world

The American people for most of their history have been living in a bubble of sanity in a terminally insane world. Even today, the sane people still remaining in America tend to think the world should want the Christian ethics and morality that our nation was founded on. That is not the reality. Most of the world wants secular humanism and cultural Marxism.

The foundational truths of Christianity made America the most sane and prosperous nation on earth. Even so, it appears that most people in America have started thinking like the terminally insane world. That is what happens when people stop fearing God.

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