Globalist left intends to launch all out war on Trump and America.

The globalist left intends to launch an all out war on Trump and the American people supporting him. The power elite and their corporate cronies know that socialist globalism will be set back for at least a decade if Trump gets his nationalistic agenda implemented in America. They also fear that Europe would be next. The globalist left will continue to ramp up the attacks on American nationalists.

For example, websites considered pro Trump or against the globalist leftist agenda are already starting to be censored by the corporatist Internet media fascists. Some alternative news sites have recently reported a coordinated effort to stop them from presenting their viewpoints.

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Trump will not end progressive agenda or drain the swamp.

The election of Donald Trump was a godsend to the Church because it may hinder further actions against Christians for four more years. Even so, I do not expect the Trump administration to hinder the progressive slide toward globalism, socialism, debauchery and violence. I also do not expect Trump to drain the swamp.

President Trump will find out very soon that saying you are going to do something and getting it done are two different things.

The Democratic Party is not going to go along with Trump’s agenda and those Republicans that hate Trump are not likely to go along with Trump’s agenda either.

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Halloween fright night spooky stories wake the living dead.

It has been a short and warped Halloween tradition of mine to write about spooky things or to allow others to tell their own spooky stories. I think we can use fright-night to help wake the living dead (brain-dead) among us. Besides, for us warped humans that live and die with regularity, spooky stories on Halloween can remind us that we are mere mortals. They also can be entertaining. 😈

I believe my first spooky story for Halloween was written in 2009. It was about Obama being Rosemary’s baby. The frightening thing about that story is that if I wrote it today, I would not change a thing.

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Elite intend to bring America down – America on the eve of destruction

America could be on the eve of destruction. I think very troubling times are about to hit America. The elite fully intend to bring America down one way or another because a powerful America is an impediment to world governance. They fully plan to have world governance in place by 2030 with or without America.

Obama came from out of nowhere and became President of the USA because the elite promoting him believed he would work to bring America down. He certainly has. With the help of fellow travelers in media, Congress and the courts there was no way to stop him.

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Never Hillary! Trump globalists! Vote for Donald J. Trump!

I think the outcome of the 2016 election either seals America’s fate under the rule of international globalists or it brings back nationalism under Donald J. Trump for a time. Americans have a clear choice, either vote for globalist Hillary Clinton or trump globalists by voting for nationalist Donald Trump.

Neither choice will bring any utopia to America but lying Hillary will surely enslave Americans under the tyranny of globalists. The way America goes on this probably will determine the direction of many other nations as well.

The 2016 election in America probably will determine if globalists take over in this generation or nations remain sovereign for the near future.

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Escape Beast World Order in Ozarks

If you believe that the pretribulation Rapture will take you out of here before the great trial takes place on earth (Rev 3:10), because you know you are in the body of Christ, then you already should know that you will not need to escape the Beast world order in the Ozarks.

However, if you are one of those that believe that the Rapture is a fairy tale and Christians will go through the tribulation like everyone else, you might want to try to escape some of what the Beast world order has to offer you in the Ozarks.

This also applies to non believers because the great trial on earth is designed to get people to change their mind and believe in the God of the Bible.

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First the Rapture or the demise of America?

Those expecting anyone to make America great again simply have no concept of tnhe prophetic years that we live in. First the Rapture before 2030, after that, the end time prophetic events take place over at least 7 years. 10.5 years is my best guess but it could be more or less. Therefore, there simply is not enough time left to make America great again even if the people of America were to suddenly change directions and seek God and obey Him.

Nevertheless, look around….Most Americans are not accepting the true gospel and are not repenting of their sins.

Good is quite often said to be evil in America and evil is now quite often said to be good.

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American depraved lacks motivation

First let me say that my relocation is still taking most of my time. I and the dogs are now physically located at my new place on the river (nice) but I don’t have the old place ready to sell yet. I had to fire my handyman because it turned out that he was not handy at all. I had to fix everything that he fixed. I have two bad shoulders a bad elbow and a bad wrist so if I have to do physical labor I pay for it in pain. He was not getting the wood striping and staining done on the house siding so I had to let him go.

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America’s final decade as world superpower ends 2025?

Is this America’s final decade as a world superpower? A decade ago I started writing an Imminent dangers to America series. I wrote the first five articles in that series in 2006. I added another article in 2008, and the last article was written in 2012. All of the seven articles give a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 about the likelihood of the danger to America playing out before 2025.

The likelihood of at least one of those dangers playing out by 2025 was extremely high in my estimation. Since I started that series, one decade has now passed.

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Are Americans scared to death of terrorists?

During the December 2016 Republican presidential debates Chris Christie said, “people across the country are scared to death of terrorists” and Mike Huckabee said “Americas are just plain scared”.  Both of them implying that Americans are quaking in their boots because of San Bernardino terrorist attack. WRONG!

We sing in our national anthem that America is the home of the free and the land of the BRAVE.  I guess Christie and Huckabee think differently. They say we Americans are “plain scared” and “scared to death”??

America has 22 million military veterans? Are these warriors scared to death of terrorists?? There are many millions more Americans that know how to hunt and shoot guns.

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