Only two hundred million will depart in the Rapture?

I think some Christians assume that many more people will go in the Rapture than will actually go. Some think countries like the United States will be significantly depopulated because of the Rapture. I do not believe that will be the case. Perhaps only two hundred million people in the whole world will go in the Rapture.

There are seven church types on earth revealed by the Lord’s seven letters to the churches in Revelation. Even so, only the letter to Philadelphia says it will be kept out of the great trial on earth (Rev 3:10). The letter says that the church of Philadelphia was to be kept from the time of the tribulation because she kept the Lord’s word (biblical doctrine), did not deny His name (Jesus is the only name under heaven whereby people must be saved), and kept the word of the Lord’s return for His Church.

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Don Koenig’s 2017 geopolitical Bible prophecy update

Forty years ago I thought the Lord would come long before now and so did many others. In those days people were thinking that the Lord would come about 2000 years from His incarnation. Now it seems more fitting that Jesus would come 2000 years from the start of His ministry when He announced the acceptable year of the Lord, or 2000 years from His death and resurrection. This is based on the day is as a thousand-year model with 7000 years being the week allotted to mortal man.

So here we are in 2017 and the Lord still has not returned for His Church.

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Supernatural nature of the Beast of Revelation is understated

Many Christians have taken supernatural explanations out of the Bible. They claim to believe the supernatural realm exists but they deny it exists by teaching natural explanations for biblical accounts that do not say what some claim they teach. Two prime examples are the usual Sunday school explanation for when the Sons of God took daughters of men and produced offspring, and the watered down explanation for the nature of the Beast of Revelation.

The Bible clearly teaches that Elohim (angels) had unnatural offspring with women, (the Nephilim) even if many in our churches have an agenda to deny any supernatural explanation.

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The worldwide debt reset brings in the cashless 666 system.

The worldwide debt reset could be pushed off for another decade or so using smoke, mirrors, bailouts and bail-ins, but sooner or later it will occur. The debts of nations are at the point where only the interest on national debts are being paid. The principle on national debts is no longer repayable. It will never be paid.

By a debt reset, I mean that national debts will not be paid. Nations will agree to start over under a new monetary system.

The reality that we are living in is that most nations are so indebted that they cannot raise enough tax revenue to even pay their bills.

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Second coming of Jesus still most likely between 2030-2040 AD

I have been writing articles on the Internet since 1999. Ever since I started this ministry I have said that the second coming of the Lord will most likely take place between 2030 and 2040 AD. The 25 world trends series that kicked off my website in 1999 points to that timing and it still does.

Over the last seventeen years, I have written over a thousand topical articles. I mention that because some people who find this blog are not aware of all the other articles. They can be found by doing a keyword search from the search box at the bottom of the website home page.

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Prophecy circuit watchmen with interesting insights pile on sensationalism

Popular Bible prophecy circuit watchmen individually do have interesting insights when they stay in their own area of expertise. However, they invariably pile on with material coming from other prophecy circuit watchmen that frequent the same Bible prophecy circuits. Thus, they often lose credibility because of piled on sensationalism.

By piling on, they may create a more sensational video program, seminar, or book for those looking for sensationalism, but I think they often lose serious Bible scholars. Bible scholars do not give much credence to Bible prophecy circuit teachers because they cannot believe some things that are being said. The more prophecy circuit teachers pile on with teaching of others on the circuit the more that becomes likely.

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Bible prophecy watchmen saying Gog is coming! Russia is coming!

Fifty years ago near-sighted Bible prophecy watchmen were telling everyone that would read their books or listen to their teaching that Gog was about to invade Israel. Hal Lindsey in his book, The Late Great Planet Earth (1970), thought the Soviet Union would fulfill the prophecy by the early 1980’s. Even before 1960 Jack Van Impe was saying that the Gog Russian invasion was imminent. Van Impe also identified Russia with the forces of the Soviet Union. These Bible prophecy watchmen were wrong.

I understand their exuberance back then. The Soviet Union of fifty and sixty years ago certainly had the military forces to fulfill the prophecy.

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Satan is the spiritual prince of the people that destroyed the Temple

Much Bible prophecy teaching hinges on one’s interpretation of what is known as the seventy weeks of Daniel prophecy. The whole prophecy would take a chapter of a book to explain so I am limiting this article mostly to the identity of the princes and the people in that prophecy.

The prince of the people that destroyed the Temple and the prince that will sign a covenant with many for seven years are two different human leaders. However, they are vassals of the same spiritual satanic prince.

These two leaders are of the fourth beast of Daniel 7. That is the Roman Empire.

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The final Roman Emperor is Nimrod/Apollo claims Horn/Putnam

The Final Roman Emperor, The Islamic Antichrist, and the Vatican’s Last Crusade is a very long all-encompassing title and the last of five books on the topic of the soon coming Antichrist written by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam (we can hope). They say four books are in the series but it seems to me that they want to forget about Apollyon Rising 2012.

Besides the review of this book, I had already done a review of two of the earlier five books in this series. See Apollyon Rising 2012 and Petrus Romanus. I skipped, Exo_Vaticana : Petrus Romanus, Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R.

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Bible prophecy teachers often teach presumption as truth

Many thousands of books have been written on Bible prophecy but none of the books totally agree with all the points of any of the others unless they were plagiarized. I am talking about serious students of God’s word. Let’s not even consider those false teachers that think they can interpret Bible prophecy through extra-biblical conjectures.

Have you ever wondered why so many Bible prophecy teachers that study God’s word cannot agree on major points of eschatology? Maybe it is by design. Maybe God does not intend for anyone to know just how everything will literally play out. After all, if the rulers of the age had known that the death of Jesus on the Cross would defeat them, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory (1Co 2:8).

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