Nations not keeping civil law and natural laws of God are doomed

I wish I could tell people want they want to hear but that would make me just another liar. The truth is that it will not be long before American cities start burning and we wake up in a police state. Some think this will happen because Americans have rejected God. That may be the reason why God will remove the special hedge of protection America has had, but all nations on earth have rejected the true God and most still remain viable nations.

World empires really fall when the people no longer obey civil laws and natural laws. When a world power becomes full of apathetic people, crooks and cowards that allow the predators to prey on the weak and the innocent, the fall of the world power is inevitable.

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Making America sane again in a terminally insane world

The American people for most of their history have been living in a bubble of sanity in a terminally insane world. Even today, the sane people still remaining in America tend to think the world should want the Christian ethics and morality that our nation was founded on. That is not the reality. Most of the world wants secular humanism and cultural Marxism.

The foundational truths of Christianity made America the most sane and prosperous nation on earth. Even so, it appears that most people in America have started thinking like the terminally insane world. That is what happens when people stop fearing God.

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Collective Insanity on Planet Earth Peaks in “New England”

The reason the world needs saving is because mankind is clearly insane in his fallen state. Without God humans will collectively make destruction choices. A study of world history and the collective actions of present world leaders makes collective insanity on earth an undeniable fact.

Mankind without God will make the wrong choices over and over again. Like a very wise man once said, “there is nothing new under the sun”.

The elite of the world have the collectively insane idea that they are more highly evolved and can help the rest of humanity to evolve to become more like them.

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When socialists get their way the laws of human depravity follow

When communist styled socialism does not work as planned, their leaders turn toward fascism as the answer. A perfect example of that is China. Media still calls China, “Communist China”, but it actually is a crony capitalist fascist system. Islam also is a fascist system. The world is not becoming more communist. The world is rapidly becoming more fascist.

The large demonstrations in Europe against the G-20 are demonstrations in favor of communist globalism. However, if these dupes get their way they will not get world communism at all. They will get Chinese styled fascism. The Chinese model is what the power elite intends for the whole world.

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Imagine a world without Leninist and Lennonist progressives.

Progressives like to think of themselves as those progressing humankind toward a better world. However, most progressives are members of a mind control cult that is progressing the world toward Orwellian tyranny and Marxist collectivism.

Marxist subversives gained control of western educational systems and western media and are continually indoctrinating suggestible minds. The leaders of the progressive left are actually God hating Marxist revolutionaries.

Vladimir Lenin called such indoctrinated people in the West useful idiots and that is what they prove to be. These programmed cult members do everything they can to bring about division. The dead head losers of the left think the solution to everything including their own unpopularity and misery is revolution.

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Persecution of Bible believers will be widespread in America within five years

If the trends continue, it is obvious to me that persecution of Bible believing Christians will be widespread in America in just five years. Just look how much the truths in God’s word have been denied, twisted and disrespected over the previous five years.

I am not saying that most of those calling themselves Christians will be persecuted in five years. What I am saying is that Christians that believe the Bible and quote it and live by it will be persecuted in America in less than 5 years. I also am saying that even many calling themselves Christians will be the ones doing the persecuting thinking that they will be doing God a favor.

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Sanity and progressive depravity now on display in the United States

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, we have seen both sanity and progressive depravity on display. Sanity is being displayed through the executive orders of Trump and the people that he is choosing to lead the nation with him. I expect to see much more sanity displayed by the Trump administration over the coming weeks and months. I also expect to continue to see progressive depravity coming from the Left. This insanity will be promoted and displayed through the socialist globalist controlled main-stream media.

From day one of the Trump administration, we saw demonstrations by mindless snowflakes who chant lying slogans fed to them by their fascist socialist and Islamic programmers.

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Hillary’s crimes don’t matter to Romans One people and the indoctrinated

Reality in America can be much scarier than any haunting experiences on Halloween. The possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming President of The United States of America is more scary than fiction.

Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Hillary’s crimes include willful mishandling of classified information, obstruction of justice, perjury, bribery, money laundering, pay-for-play, racketeering, and possibly treason, sex crimes, and murder. Such crimes would get her executed in about any other non Western country in the world. However, in The United States, Hillary might instead be elected President.

Apparently Hillary’s crimes do not matter to almost half the people in America.

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Mankind displays human depravity in world religions

I obviously cannot cover all world religion in one short article but I think that I can adequately convince most real Christians that mankind displays its depravity in world religions.

Human Depravity in Christendom

About a third of the world identify as Christian but most in Christendom never had a spiritual rebirth into the body of Christ. These false Christians are self-deceived. The proof that they are false Christian is that in one way or another they are still trying to earn their own salvation. False Christians have not been born of the Spirit. They are still dead in their fallen fleshly depraved human nature (Col 2:13, Eph 2:1-2, Eph 5:8, Rom 3:23, Rom 5:12-15, Ps 51:5, Gen 6:5, Gen 6:11, Mk 7:21, Jer 7:9, Ecc 7:20 Gal 5:17).

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Nationalism is rising because globalist ideologies and Islam fail

Nationalism is rising over much of the world once again. Rising nationalism often precedes war. The rise of nationalist leaders like Donald Trump, Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen are happening because elite internationalists have failed to bring about conditions that their bought and paid for politicians peddled to the citizens.

Elite globalists never want to let their idealistic dreams die, but like usual, world reality and nations will set the future course of world events and not globalist ideology.

Most elitists are not as sinister as some like to think. Most just believe that globalism is inevitable and the sooner it takes place the better it will be for all.

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