Enemies foreign or domestic are still grave threat to America

I suggest that you don’t put all your eggs in the Donald Trump will make America great again basket. Enemies foreign or domestic are still a grave threat to America. The enemies of America will now double up on their efforts to take America down.

I see three grave threats to America over the next couple of years.  Keep in mind that the unforeseen can and usually does happen.

  1. Assassination of our top leaders
  2. A nuclear event by Islamic terrorists
  3. Enemies foreign or domestic taking down America’s power grid

I know some might think that I should also have included an economic collapse.

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Islamist tipping point consumes European natives

With the bombing of  Russian airliner, the attack in Paris, the slaughters elsewhere and the Islamic invasion of Europe, I believe the Islamist tipping point will consume Europe, Russia and much of the world. I have warned that a native nationalist backlash against Islam will arise in Europe for a long time, but the timeline for that has suddenly been accelerated by these barbaric attacks.

The backlash against Muslim migrants by the right was already growing in Europe but now it will become a full-blown rebellion against the leftist ruling elite with their Utopian globalist secular humanist multiculturalism.

The ideology of these globalists blinds them to the real world facts.

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