Trump will not end progressive agenda or drain the swamp.

The election of Donald Trump was a godsend to the Church because it may hinder further actions against Christians for four more years. Even so, I do not expect the Trump administration to hinder the progressive slide toward globalism, socialism, debauchery and violence. I also do not expect Trump to drain the swamp.

President Trump will find out very soon that saying you are going to do something and getting it done are two different things.

The Democratic Party is not going to go along with Trump’s agenda and those Republicans that hate Trump are not likely to go along with Trump’s agenda either.

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Trump will change America because rational veterans voted for Donald

America just averted an evil spell cast from the wicked witch of the East. Trump’s victory will change America. “Progressive” policies will be stopped or reversed. The media rats of the far left are now on deck and they are squealing loudly because their pirate ship just took a devastating torpedo.

Who would have thought that Donald Trump could win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan to secure the 2016 election? A crossover from Democrats only made that possible. Many blue-collar men voted for the radical change of direction that only Donald Trump could bring.

Go to most taverns or VFW’s in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere and you will find a lot of men for Donald Trump.

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Hillary’s crimes don’t matter to Romans One people and the indoctrinated

Reality in America can be much scarier than any haunting experiences on Halloween. The possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming President of The United States of America is more scary than fiction.

Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Hillary’s crimes include willful mishandling of classified information, obstruction of justice, perjury, bribery, money laundering, pay-for-play, racketeering, and possibly treason, sex crimes, and murder. Such crimes would get her executed in about any other non Western country in the world. However, in The United States, Hillary might instead be elected President.

Apparently Hillary’s crimes do not matter to almost half the people in America.

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When Progressive federal government persecutes Christians

We have a presidential election next month so Christians need to be ready for the worse case scenario. If Hillary is elected, she certainly will continue the Progressive agenda. That agenda is antichrist. Progressives will seek to persecute true Christians who oppose their Godless programs.

Progressives like Obama and Hillary give lip service to God but everything they say and the programs that they support prove that they are antichrist. They do not know God but they do know and promote godless global socialism.

Read the planks of the Communist Manifesto. Compare it to where Progressives have already taken America. They will continue to take America down that path if they are allowed to stay in power.

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Never Hillary! Trump globalists! Vote for Donald J. Trump!

I think the outcome of the 2016 election either seals America’s fate under the rule of international globalists or it brings back nationalism under Donald J. Trump for a time. Americans have a clear choice, either vote for globalist Hillary Clinton or trump globalists by voting for nationalist Donald Trump.

Neither choice will bring any utopia to America but lying Hillary will surely enslave Americans under the tyranny of globalists. The way America goes on this probably will determine the direction of many other nations as well.

The 2016 election in America probably will determine if globalists take over in this generation or nations remain sovereign for the near future.

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Democratic Party enslaves Republican Party frees those enslaved

I get a little tired of hearing the revisionist history coming from the Far Left controlled media in America. Republicans are not racists and Republicans never owned slaves. It was the Southern plantation owners that enslaved black people; most of these owners were Wiggs, No Nothings (no kidding) or Democrats. After the civil war it was the Democratic Party that enslaved blacks under segregation laws for nearly 100 years.

The polices of the Democratic Party enslaves black and white people under tyrannical dictates of the federal government today. On the other hand, the Republican Party from its very founding has always striven to free all enslaved people.

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Elite terrified Trump’s nationalism will trump globalism

There are many valid reasons why rational people would not want Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States. Even so, the reason the global power elite are so terrified by Donald Trump and why they will do everything in their power to trump Trump is that his American nationalism will trump globalism.

Trump’s nationalism will trump globalism:

  • The globalist elite want multiculturalism with opened borders for their one world utopia — Trump would trump globalism with strong national borders and have limits on immigration.
  • The globalist elite need the threat of terrorism and violence to terrify people so they are willing to accept their big brother surveillance society for the promise of security.
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President Donald Trump declares America bankrupt in 2018?

President Trump declaring America bankrupt and announcing that in 2018 is of course totally hypothetical. Even so, it is very possible for that to happen because someone soon will have to declare America bankrupt. Who better qualified to negotiate the financial restructuring of the United States than someone who has gone through multiple bankruptcy experiences? Is Trump a man born for such a time as this? Donald Trump’s resume in bankruptcy is quite impressive.

Trump Resume:

  • 1991, Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 1992, Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City, Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 2004, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts, Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 2009, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Chapter 11 bankruptcy
In all cases, the Trump enterprises could not make the payments on the debt so the debt had to be restructured or investors would have lost everything.
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Marco Rubio will be President of The United States in 2017

I will go out on a limb and say that Marco Rubio will be President of The United States in 2017.  Rubio best reflects the values and opinions of the majority in America. That is why I think he will be elected. I am not saying that Rubio is going to save America from itself.

I only see four electable candidates running for president of The United States at this time. Michael Bloomberg might jump in but I do not think a third-party candidate is electable. And with his gun control and New York values he would hurt the Democrats. If Clinton falters and Bloomburg somehow makes a deal to run as a Democrat he would become electable, as would Joe Biden.

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2016 Marxist choice assures Christian persecution until Rapture

The 2016 presidential election is upon us. Some candidates running for President are basically moral people with Christian values but a couple of the candidates running are evil Marxists that hate Christian morality. You will find them on the wrong side of every moral issue. Bible believing Christian should be evil to discern the difference between good from evil.

If Americans elect a Marxist choice for President again, they will just about guarantee Christian persecution in America until the Rapture. Another Marxist choice would also make it more than likely that America would cease to be a great country before the Rapture.

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