Western women and society are complicit in the sex abuse

There is no excuse for the way some men in the western world treat women, but after Pandora’s Box was opened by the godless cultural Marxists we should have known the demons let out would attack our women.

When men no longer answer to God, and a permissive society says most anything goes, many men will just do anything that they want.

This all started in the 1960’s, before that time most men including this one put women on pedestals. Women were held in high esteem. Men protected women. We treated them like mothers and sisters. We even watched our mouth when a lady was present and made sure others did likewise.

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Religious leaders are the wolves that Paul warned about

Since the time of Babel there have been prideful self-righteous religious people influencing the world that think they should be honored and set above the rest of humanity. They claim to be enlightened people who speak for God and like to be called prophet, priest, reverend or some other exalted title for “holy men”. They pretend to be people enlightened by God but many of these religious leaders are actually megalomaniacs doing the work of Satan.

We see these religious examples many times in the Old Testament opposing the true prophets and anointed leadership that God raised up. When the Messiah came to Israel, it was the Jewish religious leaders that rejected Him and opposed Him.

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The Portent continues The Facade

Dr. Michael S. Heiser has been brought up a number of times on this blog so I think a book review of his latest novel is past due. Fourteen years after The Facade was published Heiser wrote a sequel in 2014 named The Portent. I can understand the long delay. When one writes about how Satan and his Antichrist might go about deceiving the world, just regurgitating what is already widely taught is not going to add much to the debate. The Portent is loaded with new insights that could only be written about after they were first found.

In The Facade, Heiser generally went with the cutting edge conjectures being taught on Bible prophecy and UFO forums around the turn of the century.

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The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: Large collection of Gnostic lies lore and myth

The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, by Gary Wayne, was mentioned on this blog so a brief critique of the book seems appropriate.

I decided to get the book after I watched some interviews with Gary Wayne on YouTube. The book is about 800 pages and all of it is rather small print. The word count is equal to about three normal sized books. The book has almost 100 chapters. It includes a bibliography that numbers about 130 publications and that is followed by 100 pages of end notes (3000 to 4000 of them!). The book is a difficult read. There are a lot of mythological names to deal with.

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Great apostasy, fascism and end of age are upon this generation

A day is coming soon that will shake the beliefs of everyone on earth. Jesus said, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. Paul said, God shall send those that hate the truth a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. I think God will resurrect a fallen leader to carry out that strong delusion. He will deceive all those that reject the gospel of salvation through Jesus.

Today it may be hard to comprehend how anyone could quickly come to power and take control over all the nations of the world. However, if extra terrestrial beings were disclosed that came with the narrative that the earth needed to appoint a leader to deal with a hostile threat coming upon the planet, you might see why the leaders of the world would come together to put someone in charge.

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Supernatural nature of the Beast of Revelation is understated

Many Christians have taken supernatural explanations out of the Bible. They claim to believe the supernatural realm exists but they deny it exists by teaching natural explanations for biblical accounts that do not say what some claim they teach. Two prime examples are the usual Sunday school explanation for when the Sons of God took daughters of men and produced offspring, and the watered down explanation for the nature of the Beast of Revelation.

The Bible clearly teaches that Elohim (angels) had unnatural offspring with women, (the Nephilim) even if many in our churches have an agenda to deny any supernatural explanation.

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Satan is the spiritual prince of the people that destroyed the Temple

Much Bible prophecy teaching hinges on one’s interpretation of what is known as the seventy weeks of Daniel prophecy. The whole prophecy would take a chapter of a book to explain so I am limiting this article mostly to the identity of the princes and the people in that prophecy.

The prince of the people that destroyed the Temple and the prince that will sign a covenant with many for seven years are two different human leaders. However, they are vassals of the same spiritual satanic prince.

These two leaders are of the fourth beast of Daniel 7. That is the Roman Empire.

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My Journey into “The Unseen Realm” and beyond

Titles can be deceiving. I did not go into some altered state and cross over into the unseen realm of the spiritual world. I read a book called “The Unseen Realm“, by Dr. Michael S. Heiser. I want to share a few observations about my journey into his unseen realm. If Heiser is successful with his teaching in this book, you will come out of The Unseen Realm with a supernatural Deuteronomy 32 worldview.

First, let me say that Dr. Heiser is a highly qualified Near East ancient texts scholar. He can and he does read many of the texts of the most ancient scripture fragments.

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Satan’s Progressive Control Freaks Create Babylon 2.0

Satan’s Progressive Control Freaks will soon create Babylon 2.0 on earth. After that will come God’s Judgment. Progressives think that if they have total control they will create heaven on earth or paradise lost. They literally will create hell on earth instead. To understand where Satan’s progressives want to take mankind we have to go back to Genesis.

Scripture translations say that God said, let “us” make man (Adam) in our own image. That is true. Nevertheless, a careful parsing of the scriptures suggests that the most high God (YHWH) was talking to the Elohim (plural). They already were sons of God of the unseen realm.

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