American spring perspectives for 2017

An American spring perspective for the time that is almost 2000 years from the Lord’s resurrection!

The actions of President Donald Trump are making people wonder what comes after his first 100 days. Will he put tens of thousand of ground troops in Syria and get us involved in another ground war? Will more of America’s finest come back in body bags for no good reason? Will Trump bomb North Korea and get us in a war with them?

Will president Trump dump the conservatives and move toward the establishment and neo-con worldview? What will Donald Trump do? I do not think anyone has a clue.

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North Korea’s nukes becoming grave threat to hundreds of millions

North Korea’s nuclear program should have been taken out decades ago. Shortsighted leaders in the United States kicked the problem down the road, but kicking time is about over. Nuclear armed North Korea is now a threat to hundreds of millions of people. That is why there is such a big commotion whenever North Korea tests anything. They probably already have the miniaturized nukes and the missile systems to carry them. They may even have developed the capability to put nukes over the United States.

The North Korean nuclear program has become a grave threat to Japan, South Korea and even America.

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America’s second civil war is underway choose sides or be conscripted

The second civil war might not appear to be very bloody yet unless you count the sixty million dead babies. The division in this country is greater than in the first civil war. In those days people were mostly divided on the issues of state rights and slavery. Today people in the nation are divided over many issues reflecting good and evil.

For the most part there are two main divisions in America:

  • People who love their sins, and people who hate their sins
  • People who want a strong nation, and people who want a socialistic world
  • People who believe in statism and collectivism, and people who believe in liberty and individualism
  • People who like rebellion, and people who just want to live in peace
  • People who believe women have a right to do what they want with their bodies, and people who believe life conceived in women’s bodies have the right to live
  • People who worship God, and people who worship themselves
  • People brought up by believing parents, and people brought up by the state
  • People who believe the Bible, and people who speak for God
  • People who love Jesus, and people who hate Jesus without cause
  • People who work for a living, and people who want others to work for them
  • People who want mob rule, and people who want a nation of laws
  • People who believe in free speech, and people who believe only their speech should be allowed
  • People who believe in equal rights, and people who believe in special rights
  • People who believe that self-defense is an inalienable right, and people who want others to submit
  • People who lead through good example, and people who blindly follow their peers
  • People who believe the gospel of salvation, and people who think they can earn their own salvation
  • Pastors who are shepherds, and pastors who are hirelings
  • Pastors who lead their flock, and pastors who mislead or fleece their flock
  • Leaders who serve others, and leaders who are served by others
  • Judges who rule justly, and judges who are politically correct

It goes on and on.

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Don Koenig’s 2017 geopolitical Bible prophecy update

Forty years ago I thought the Lord would come long before now and so did many others. In those days people were thinking that the Lord would come about 2000 years from His incarnation. Now it seems more fitting that Jesus would come 2000 years from the start of His ministry when He announced the acceptable year of the Lord, or 2000 years from His death and resurrection. This is based on the day is as a thousand-year model with 7000 years being the week allotted to mortal man.

So here we are in 2017 and the Lord still has not returned for His Church.

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Trump will change America because rational veterans voted for Donald

America just averted an evil spell cast from the wicked witch of the East. Trump’s victory will change America. “Progressive” policies will be stopped or reversed. The media rats of the far left are now on deck and they are squealing loudly because their pirate ship just took a devastating torpedo.

Who would have thought that Donald Trump could win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan to secure the 2016 election? A crossover from Democrats only made that possible. Many blue-collar men voted for the radical change of direction that only Donald Trump could bring.

Go to most taverns or VFW’s in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere and you will find a lot of men for Donald Trump.

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Antichrist neo-fascist oligarchy necessitates Internet censorship

Nobody should be surprised if websites like mine suddenly disappear from the Internet within a few years. The antichrist neo-fascist oligarchy who run most of the world wants Internet censorship of all opposition.

Most of the media is already under oligarchy control or there are plans in the works to silence them. Other than what is streamed or printed on the Internet only talk radio still has some degree of free speech. However, the neo-fascist control freak oligarchy also plans to regulate the Radio waves. They want nationalists, libertarians, conservatives, Christians and critical thinkers silenced.

Internet censorship is now rapidly increasing.

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Globalism will fail until the Beast/Antichrist

With the Brexit vote some might think that globalism is failing and they would be correct. Contrary to what many think, globalism will fail because you cannot not have global unity when the world is totally divided over so many issues.

The world is actually creating more nation states, not less. There were 79 countries in the world in 1900 but today there are about 200 with more nations being created just about every year.

All historical efforts to unite the world have failed. Some have tried to unite the world by conquest but that always has failed. Some are trying to unite the world with utopian idealism but that also has failed and will fail again.

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2016 election and perspectives until “Democracy Spring”

The 2016 election promises not to be dull. Will America get a Marxist criminal on the Democratic Party ticket, an unindicted Marxist law-breaker, or just a godless Marxist Fascist? Actually they could get all three in one candidate. And on the Republican ticket will America get a populist and nationalist, or a Bible believing Christian and strict Constitutionalist, or will dirty tricks from the Republican establishment take away any such choice that their voters made?

Did you know that the primary voting in the parties are just advisory? The National Committees are not legally bound by the voters or the laws of any of the states.

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Perspectives on 2016: A world full of crisis.

In spite of Obama’s rosy State of the Union message, from my perspective 2016 will be a year of crisis for the United States and the world in a world full of crisis. Instead of Obama ending his term gloating about his accomplishments, he may end his term with dung on his face when everything falls apart before he leaves office. The fall of Obama might be much like the fall of George Bush on steroids…or laxatives.

Economic crisis in a world full of crisis:

One world crisis that is looking increasing likely in 2016 is an economic downturn. There are indicators that already point to a recession in the United States.

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Great leap forward to satanic global authoritarianism by 2030

Fallen natural people devoid of God’s Spirit seek out earthly substitutes. Those without the presence of God in their lives seek out authoritarian leaders to follow. After the great flood, Nimrod was the authoritarian satanic substitute that descendants of Noah followed. In God’s great mercy He scattered the descendants of Noah across the planet so that some in time would find His presence through the Son that He would send.

Even when God uniquely intervened for the nation of Israel and Israel knew that God was intervening on their behalf, and speaking to them through His prophets, subsequent generations did not retain the knowledge of God.

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