Christian politicians IHOP into Dominion Theology cuckoo’s nest

At first glance you might think that Christians and politicians IHOP into Dominion Theology cuckoo nest is a rather cuckoo title. Titles have to be short and they need to contain keywords to be found. I think I will first have to define a few things so that the title makes sense.

Christian Politicians – for this article it is Republican candidates for President in 2016 that are claiming to be Bible believing Christians.

IHOP – the International House of Prayer founded by Mike Bickle where one gets fed Christianized shamanism. It is not the International House of Pancakes where you get fed real food. I think you will get more nourishment at the Pancake House.

Dominion Theology – I would agree with the following Wikipedia definition. Dominion Theology is a theory from the field of Sociology which describes a theocratic ideology which seeks to implement a nation governed by conservative Christians ruling over society based on an understanding of biblical law.

I wrote a paper on Dominion Theology. It will inform you about some of its beliefs and its errors and how the many facets of Dominion Theology all tie together and leads to the Harlot of Revelation 17.

Cuckoo’s nest – In this case, a nest of very loony people claiming to be Christians. This uniquely American species of cuckoo used to be mostly confined to the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and Word-of-Faith (WOF) hyper Pentecostal feeding stations (let’s not even call the places where cuckoos feed churches). Even so, that confinement is no longer the case; cuckoos are now nesting all over Christendumb.

The cuckoo brain is devoid of rational thinking and biblical discernment. Their brain replaces that with feelings, instincts, patterns and presumptions. Cuckoos empty their little brains to hear Jesus Calling but Jesus is not talking to them outside of His written word. Cuckoos hear the still small creakings of their wooden heads and interpret it as some God-given message for other cuckoos. Cuckoo’s love to appear on the cuckoo media. From there the media cuckoos keep pecking on other empty wooden heads until they crack some open. Then they hop in and lay eggs for a new nest.

Cuckoo’s believe that they are now living in the promised Kingdom on earth, or they believe that they should be. The cuckoos in the IHOP, NAR and WOF feeding stations believe that they will have to first take back dominion of the earth from Satan through their anointed super-cuckoo force.


With that now defined, the issue is that thanks to the constant tweeting of IHOP, NAR, and WOF cuckoos on “Christian” media, Dominion Theology has gone mainstream in America. Many with Dominion Theology are now influencing much of Christianity and even American national politics. First, let’s look at the two main forms of American Dominion Theology.

A Reconstructed Society

From What is Christian Reconstructionism? by Frederick Clarkson, The Public Eye:

A general outline of what the reconstructed ‘Kingdom,’ or confederation of Biblical theocracies, would look like emerges from the large body of Reconstructionist literature. This society would feature a minimal national government, whose main function would be defense by the armed forces. No social services would be provided outside the church, which would be responsible for ‘health, education, and welfare.’ A radically unfettered capitalism (except in so far as it clashed with Biblical Law) would prevail. Society would return to the gold or silver standard or abolish paper money altogether. The public schools would be abolished. Government functions, including taxes, would be primarily at the county level.Women would be relegated primarily to the home and home schools, and would be banned from government. Those qualified to vote or hold office would be limited to males from Biblically correct churches.

One of the tenets of Reconstuctionism is that prisons will be empty because the death penalty will be applied to all capital crimes. Some of the more extreme leaders of the Reconstructionist movement include as capital crimes unrepentant homosexuality, abortion, adultery, blasphemy and even incorrigible children.

Reconstructions teach that the mission of the church goes beyond the spiritual transformation of individuals, to a mandate to change society, a “moral patriotism,” if you will, in opposition to secular humanism. For Christ to be pleased with Christians, thereby, they must become political and social activists. We must change the laws of the land, gear up to elect Christians to office, and generally seek to take dominion over our world and bring it under the Law of Moses. We see the influence of this thinking even in those who may know little about DT — James Dobson, Larry Burkett, the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson, Promise Keepers, Charles Colson and the Evangelicals and Catholics Together document (ECT), and Operation Rescue, are but a few of the evidences that reconstructionist thinking is beginning to dominate the so-called evangelical world;

The following article will help you understand much of what is at stake here. It explains the difference between Hard Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism. Neither are biblical. I highly suggest that you read the whole article. For that reason I cannot just quote part of it here.

Inside the Christian Right Dominionist Movement That’s Undermining Democracy

I gave these links and information on the Dominionist movement in America to tell you this. Most of Evangelical Christianity in America is now being influenced by Post Millennial Dominion Theology and so are the Presidential candidates claiming to be Bible believing Christians.

The non Pentecostal cuckoos mostly can be identified as Christian Reconstructionists but many Pentecostal cuckoos follow the Hard Dominionism of IHOP, NAR and WOF.

IHOP came out of the hyper-charismatic Vineyard Movement. They believe they are the latter-day anointed generation of apostles, prophets and spiritually gifted leaders that will take the world for Christ. If their spiritual powers are not yet evident, IHOP believes they will pray it into existence. IHOP identifies with the larger NAR movement but IHOP is one of the top cuckoo feeding centers in the world. The other top feeding centers for cuckoos are modern reconstructions of the old WOF Latter Reign and Kingdom Now cuckoo nesting ruins.

The top 3 Republican candidates for President in 2017 are being influenced by pastors and leaders pushing Postmillennial Dominion Theology.

Donald Trump is being influenced by Paula White, Copeland and her cronies in the WOF positive confession prosperity camp. White also identifies with the NAR as does Copeland.

“In November, leadership and motivational speaker Lance Wallnau declared that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had been given “an anointing for the mantle of government.”

“God has given this man an anointing for the mantle of government in the United States and he will prosper,” Wallnau asserted.

Copeland was also among those present in October when over 30 members of the clergy met with Trump at his New York City tower and laid hands on him to pray for his potential presidency. Copeland said this over Trump.

“[W]e ask you today to give this man your wisdom, boldly. Make sure and certain that he hears You. Manifest Yourself to him,” he prayed. “And we thank You and praise You for a bold man, a strong man and an obedient man.”

I think if you flew over Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church in Ft Worth you could literally claim that one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. This is the same “church” were Copeland received a message from the Pope claiming that the Protestant reformation was over. The Pope suggested to Copeland followers that there is no more division. Kenneth Copeland agrees and praises the Pope and God!

Marco Rubio seems to be the one least influenced by hard dominionism, but whether he knows it or not he is being influenced by Reconstructionists in the SBC and by others. Rick Warren and Al Mohler are on his board of advisers. Christian Neocons also obviously influencing Rubio’s foreign policy.

Ted Cruz appears to be into hard dominionsm. His father Rafael certainly believes in hard Dominion Theology. He is part of the NAR.  From what Rafael Cruz said to Copeland’s Church and Bickle of IHOP and all the others Pentecostals that invite him to speak, his message has been consistently clear. God has anointed Ted Cruz to become president.

This is what Ted Cruz himself said about Mike Bickle of the IHOP cult that had just endorsed Ted Cruz.

“Through prayer, the Lord has changed my life and altered my family’s story,” Cruz said in his announcement. “I am grateful for Mike’s dedication to call a generation of young people to prayer and spiritual commitment. Heidi and I are grateful to have his prayers and support. With the support of Mike and many other people of faith, we will fight the good fight, finish the course, and keep the faith.”

Apparently Ted Cruz does not understand that Mike Bickle is a false prophet and a false teacher that teaches a false gospel and a false Jesus. Or perhaps Cruz does understand because he agrees with NAR doctrine.

Kenneth Copeland said this about Ted Cruz when his father Rafael recently spoke at Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church.

“I believe with all my heart that his son is called and anointed to be the next president of the United States.”

You mean it is not Trump after all? Rafael Cruz said this at Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church:

“My son, Ted, spent six months in prayer. Six months seeking the Lord,” Cruz said. “Because this was a decision that had to come from the Lord. It had to be a direction from the Lord. And at the end of those six months, the whole family, we were at Ted’s church in Houston.”

He said that after the church service, the family gathered in the pastor’s office. There, they spent two hours “on their knees” in prayer before the senator’s wife said something that triggered the final decision.

“I remember the final word came from Ted’s wife, from Heidi, and the word from the Lord was, ‘Seek My face, not My hand,'” Cruz said. “And I’ll tell you, as that word came—’Seek My face, not My hand’—it was as if a cloud of the Holy Spirit descended on that room. And all of a sudden we were all worshiping.

Apparently Heidi gets words from the Lord and Ted’s Baptist Pastor also buys into direct revelation from God if he took part in this. This is the same Rafael Cruz that believes there is about to be a great wealth transfer from unbelievers to Christians.

This is what happens next at Copeland church after Rafael Cruz delivers his speech.

Then, several church elders gathered around Cruz in order to lay hands upon him and pray while Eagle Mountain International Church senior pastor George Pearsons proclaimed that “we are in the midst right now of the new birth of this nation.

“There’s a new birth, right now, for America,” Pearsons declared, “and it’s taking place right before our eyes. And we will not set apart our responsibility and our duty to do what God has called us to do; we say, ‘Yes, Lord, Yes, we will do exactly what You have called us to do’ and we receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the outpouring of the Spirit over Washington, D.C. We see Congress praying, we see them seeking God, we see prayer coming back into our schools, we see the Bible coming back into our schools, we see abortion being turned around, we see this nation being completely restored, completely delivered, for it is a time the new birth of our nation and we’re seeing it right before our eyes, now, in Jesus’ name.”

Apparently Pearsons lives in a different nation than the one I live in. “We are in the midst right now of the new birth of this nation”?? I think Pearsons is speaking out of a cuckoo’s nest.

God is going to pour out His Holy Spirit over Washington D.C. on godless politicians and everything is going to be restored right before our eyes? Give me a break! More likely, judgment is already upon us. More likely, God gave many people in this nation over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1).

The nation will be restored to when? The time of the Puritans? The time of Revolutionary War? The time of slavery? The time of the Civil War? The times of World Wars? The riots and wars of the 60’s?  Such restoration claims are the mating calls of Reconstructionist cuckoos. America is clearly moving in the other direction. It is rapidly removing God from all public venues. The nation is becoming godless. By the way, back at the birth of this nation many nations of the world claimed to be Christian nations. Some still claim that they are Christian nations but none of them are.

I hope you are seeing here that there is a Dominionist cuckoo’s nest in America that wants to control our politicians. They think patriotic nationalism and Christianity are synonymous because they put the Constitution on the same level as inspired scripture and some confuse America with Israel.

Many Dominion Theology Pentecostals claim to speak for God in America. Worse yet, many non Pentecostals evangelicals are believing these cuckoos and they are even giving them their platform to crap on.

You might ask what is wrong with Dominion Theology, wouldn’t a Christian world be wonderful? Sure, if Jesus and the perfected saints physically returned to lead it. We would even then call it the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus. However, Jesus has not returned yet, and the people claiming that the Church can establish dominion before Jesus can return is unbiblical and rationally cuckoo. They are much like the Islamists that think they can force the world to submit to their own ideology.

Israel could not keep the Law so how in the world is the world going to keep the Law? True Christians do not even keep the Law. That is why Christians trust in the Savior.

The millennial Kingdom of Jesus will be ruled by immortal perfected resurrected saints, not cuckoos. Cuckoos that claim that they are the anointed Kingdom leadership on earth really are just fowl birds that are best at soiling newspapers. They think God can do nothing on earth without them, but God can do nothing for His Kingdom through cuckoo false prophets and teachers.

The Bible does not teach postmillennialism, nor does it teach Dominion Theology before the millennial reign of Jesus. These people use cuckoo hermeneutics to come up with cherry picked biblical support. They also use extra-biblical support where God speaks to them directly.

One of the reasons that postmillennialism and Dominion Theology is on the rise is because mystics have taken over Bible colleges, seminaries and “Christian” media. Book stores are full of writings by “Christian” mystics that are really teaching a Christian version of New Age or old age shamanism.

There are many Christians in America that mix up Christianity with Christian nationalism. America was not founded to be a Christian country and it is not now going to return to it. The people of America are rejecting true Christianity. They are not being converted to believe in any biblical Jesus through the gospel of cuckoos.

I am not saying not to vote for Christians that believe these things, or are influenced by Dominionist cuckoos. The cuckoos obviously have enough influence to get the ear of all the “Evangelical” narcissists that want to be President. Just don’t fall for the nonsense that Christians can make America a great Christian nation living under Mosaic Law before the second coming. America would find itself in a full-scale revolution if Americans were forced to abide by Mosaic Law under an American theonomy.

Any leader with Christian values and morals will be better than a leader with Marxist values and morals. Even so, Americans will get the leader they deserve. They will not necessarily get the leader that cuckoo Christians claim and think that God owes them.

Just keep in mind, that unrestrained Dominion Theology before the return of Jesus leads to the Harlot of Revelation 17. It does not lead to a Christian utopia before the return of Christ. It actually will lead to persecution on fundamental premillennial Bible believing Christians that do not support their cuckoo religious utopia. It will also lead to persecution of all that identify with Christianity when the pagan pantheistic world counter-revolution against this presumptuous religious Harlot begins.


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Christian politicians IHOP into Dominion Theology cuckoo’s nest — 13 Comments

  1. The pope will love it. The Anti-Christ will hate it and we, hopefully, won’t be here to see too much of it (but I fear we might).

  2. Reconstructionist movement include as capital crimes unrepentant homosexuality, abortion, adultery, blasphemy and even incorrigible children.

    Women would be relegated primarily to the home and home schools, and would be banned from government.

    Wow, is it just me or does the above read like its a tenant out of the Islamic handbook ?

    Good luck on telling American women to stay home, make babies and bake brownies…might as well have American women wear a burqua with that loony Reconstructionists ideology.

    So, with what the Cruz camp is pedaling…if Cruz does not become President, then God Himself is mistaken and giving out false information…for those who buy into what that camp is selling.

    Dominionism Theology…amazing to me that anyone can buy into that…obviously Dominionism theology from every heretical sect is failing miserably and failing worse by the day.

  3. Hi ~David,

    I think that is the extreme position. Most reconstructionists would not take such a position although some do. Actually, these things come from the 600+ laws given to Moses in the OT. Much of Islamic law comes from the same place. However, God never intended for New Covenant believers to abide by a law that was given to lead people to the Messiah that would fulfill it. If any nation could have fulfilled the law it would have been Israel, but they totally failed. It is ironic that some Christians want to put America back under the Law when the Law is only fulfilled in Christ.

  4. I never really understood dominion theology and how those who follow it can reconcile it to the bible and world events.

  5. Hi Jim,

    Read my link on Dominion Theology and you will better understand what Dominion Theology is all about. They do not reconcile it to Bible prophecy and current world events because most post millennials believe that much of this was either already fulfilled in the past or it is not to be taken literally.

    They make most of Revelation allegory and they see OT fulfillment to Israel in the past or see it being fulfilled spiritually in the Church. In other words, they do not take the words of God literally. They just make things up. They think the Kingdom of God arrived on Pentecost and now its up to Christians to Christianize the world. Much of the error today comes from those that claim to get direct new Revelation from God (Hyper-Pentecostals).

  6. Hi Don,

    As you know by now i’m from South Africa and here by us the vehicle the politicians(the Nasional Party for 50 years)used was the Dutch Reformed Church and 2 others not believing in a born again situation. These were Prostestants and it was done under the table by the broederbond (brotherbond(union))

    There by u its openly done by politicians running from denomination to denomination. It look like a bunch of liars pastors and politicians . People here and there is so brainwashed that after all the information available they vote or follow whoever they think is the rght guy knowingly these politicians is al free masons orchestrating everything .

    Oh,how I hope that the bible teachers that teach an awakening and outpouring of the Holy Spirit, are true and billions will come to the lORD !

    If I take your table of possible dates for the second coming of Christ as 2033 – 7 for the tribulation – 7 fore the time of peace for Israel , then it seems like the current wars will play out by 2019 giving time for the the elect to partake in that awakening and time for evangelism !

  7. Your articles on this topic are some of the best online. It’s brilliant how you linked Dominion Theology to the Harlot of Revelation 17. Jesus warned that end-time Babylon would be a cage for every unclean bird. The Counterfeit Holy Spirit has infiltrated many of the 501c3 corporate lukewarm “Churches” of today, and unfortunately, it’s not the true Holy Spirit of God that they are receiving direction from. Jesus said many Anti-Christs would come in his name. Christ means the ‘anointed one’. The “Many” claiming a special ‘anointing’ will probably come out of the Dominion Theology flock of cuckoo birds, who are influenced by their own flesh, and who follow a counterfeit Holy Spirit.

  8. Freddie,

    Don’t put all your eggs in that basket. Jesus does not have to come in 2033 and the only peace and security for Israel might be in the first half of those last 7 years. Wars and rumors of wars will occur until the end.

    Any peace and security in Israel is not going to bring wars in the world to an end. And probably the only Christian awaking taking place or that may be on the horizon is the false revival of the Harlot.

    The Bible teaches that countless people will be saved in the tribulation, but there is no indication that in these latter days there there will be any greater Christianization of the world than there was is in the past. And in the past, true Christians were always a minority even in so called Christendom.

    We should see that true Christianity is declining in numbers and in influence in much of the world. Jude, Peter and Paul suggest that this would be the case in the last days. Also, free masons are not orchestrating everything. That is nonsense.

  9. looks like saudi arabia is sending in troops into syria.. alot of them. Russia is obviously calling it a declaration of war so 2016 might be prophetic big time.

  10. “More likely, judgment is already upon us. More likely, God gave many people in this nation over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1).”

    Amen to that!

    One flew over the Cuckoos nest! That was a good show. Your correct on all this makes me wonder who the hell to vote for? I hope Hillary doesn’t get in I’d rather see Sanders on that ticket. Being he’s a Jew would make it interesting.(Sanders is not in the Illuminati, I don’t think?)

    “They are much like the Islamists that think they can force the world to submit to their own ideology.”

    Well said! Exactly what they are doing. I can’t WAIT until the rapture it’s going to be so awesome! The world won’t know what hit’em.

    Fantastic article Don. They all fall under the Laodicea church title.

  11. Bill,

    Sanders is a Jew by birth only. He really is a Marxist atheist nonbeliever. Sanders goes all the way back to the 60’s radicals carrying their little red Mao books. Some never give up the Marxist secular humanist faith. He would be a total disaster for this country.

    I would rather have a Christian dominionists. And I am not saying that the Republican candidates have Christian Dominion Theology beliefs themselves. I think they would all deny having Dominion Theology but they are certainly being influenced and supported by people that believe in Dominion Theology.

  12. Don , It is so sad that so many people believe some religion is the answer.
    Jesus is about a personal relationship with him on a one on one basis. None of us except Jesus can possibly keep the rules.

  13. Many ask why do so many Christians fall for the Latter Rain/Kingdom Now fallacy?

    Living in a country where this was big noise in the 70’s it appealed to those lesser mortals who thought and were told that those in the 5-fold ministry were the most important and had the most fun. It gave them a false hope that their unimportant lives would suddenly take on real meaning and all in the greatest cause on the planet. Wow, to just be used in some way by the King. Well all the “prophetic” ear tickling came to nought, but wait, there’s more!

    Just roll the clock on a few decades and here it comes again! Same stuff, new peddlers, why some are even famous and awful rich, that has to be proof that God is transferring the wealth of the wicked etc and all on the right track, eh?
    Now we can all just sit at home and join them via cyberspace and live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of these NAR types, all the big-shots are now on board, surely they can’t all be wrong?

    Thanks Don and don’t stop anytime soon.

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