Civil warfare begins in the United States using mercenaries?

Radical leftists and Islamists have formed a red/green alliance with the agenda to overthrow the government of the United States and to push the nation into civil war. There seems to be signs of new tactics ahead by these enemies of America. The tactics may be more like what happened in Las Vegas on 10/01/17. Haters of America using terrorists and mercenaries will just kill anyone celebrating America anywhere in America.

I do not know how successful the call to start a revolution on 11/04/17 will be (today). There is big money supporting the agenda to bring President Trump and America down so I would not discount the threat. I do know that a leftist organization bought a full-page ad in the New York Times calling for a revolution to overthrow Trump/Pence. They plan to get thousands of people in the street today in 20 cities and keep them there until millions join with them calling for the overthrow of this administration. There certainly are millions that hate Trump, but the presence of brain-dead people in the street for a long time becomes annoying. I do not think citizens or the police will put up with that for very long.

The leftist elite know they must start the civil war now or their many illegal activities will be exposed and they will be prosecuted. The Communist left is well-funded. George Soros alone just transferred 18 billions dollars to his Communist Open Society Foundations. Wealthy leftists from all over the world support a globalist Communist government. It is well-known that some of the people who show up at the Antifa demonstrations are paid to do so. I think the Islamic and Communist radicals may hire paramilitary mercenaries to help carry out their violent agenda. There are plenty of people with military and weapons training that will do anything for a buck.

So how will paid mercenaries make it different? With the hiring of people trained in weapons and guerrilla tactics they could plan and carry out hit and run commando attacks on selected targets. With funding from wealthy people they could use light aircraft, helicopters, automatic weapons, explosives, etc. Think of paramilitary commando teams attacking unarmed crowds of people, blowing up buildings and critical infrastructure and then just vanishing into the woodwork to strike again another day. A few attacks like this would change America as we know it. It also would bring about a depression.

I do not believe the Las Vegas shooting was done by a lone wolf nut case. This was a long-planned conspiracy with many people involved. It seems to me to have been carried out by paramilitary mercenaries. That may be what they are covering up. Paddock was being paid by someone. He had Islamic and deep state connections and he was probably transporting weapons. He could have been a double agent.

There is reason to believe that Paddock and his girl friend had connections to factions of the CIA. Those behind this carried out the killing through Paddock or he became the convenient fall guy. The powers that be either have not yet figured it out, or some in government were complicit, or maybe they just do not want Americans to know the truth. The silence is deafening and the dead bodies of eyewitnesses to multiple shooters seems to be more than accidental coincidence.

Las Vegas might have been just the warm up sacrifice for what occultists are planning in the future. The blood sacrifice in Sin City of America’s best, took place before replicas of the great pyramid and the occult Sphinx. Is this great slaughter of Americans before the Sphinx just unconnected coincidence? The death sacrifices almost seems to be designed by luciferians to get demonic power to unleash on America. The attack was designed to kill thousands so the operation was not completely successful. If thousands were killed, there may have been the response that they were looking for. It could be that they wanted to start a movement to round-up guns in America.

Communists cannot round-up conservative people and Christians when the people are armed. History shows us that leftists first take the weapons and then they come after everyone that they hate. Over one hundred million people were rounded up and killed by Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Even some of our home-grown revolutionary Marxist leaders have said that tens of millions of Americans must die.

A third of Americans have already gone nuts. Their minds were taken away from them by satanic indoctrination systems and they need to be counted among the spiritually dead. The cultural war is for the second third. Some still can be persuaded even though most are being distracted by sins of the flesh and sports. The last third knows the truth and resists the enemies of freedom and Christ. We should make no mistake, there is a real civil war brewing in America because the statist Marxist third wants the liberty loving third dead. Wherever Marxism took over a nation, it resulted in the persecution of Christians.

If the United States descends into this bought and paid for leftist revolution, we constitutional patriots are going to have to change our tactics. Most of us are going to have to start carrying those weapons that the Communists want to take away. The best way to stop a mass killing is with a gun. Any large gathering of people will have to be protected by people with guns.

Mercenaries are not going to die for the cause. They are not going to try to carry out mass shootings where they know there will be people with guns. It probably will get to a point where you do not want to be in a gun free zone unless there is plenty of armed security around.

There is not much you can do to stop attacks carried out by highly trained mercenaries. Government undercover agents will be the most effective way to deal with these. In the 1970’s the government stopped the Marxist Weather Underground attacks by infiltrating them. I am sure the government is working on the new threats. Even so, keep in mind that the infiltration now goes both ways. The Obama administration brought in and promoted Marxists and Islamists. There are people within government that are domestic enemies of America and they may control certain factions of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Some of these domestic enemies do it for ideology but most are in it for the power or the money or because they are being blackmailed.

I do not think that we should assume that the globalist Communist revolution being planned will be limited or contained to students rioting in the streets. The globalists have a lot of money. They could pay mercenaries to carry out unprecedented attacks on specific targets. Think of Las Vegas and mass killings scores of times over.

Think of what could happen in your city. Even in the very rural area where I live two men recently invaded a home to rob it. They killed two elderly people and tried to kill other just to cover their tracks. The other day a man walks into Wal-Mart in Denver and just starts shooting. He kills three people. Eight in NY were recently killed by a Islamist with a rental truck. These mass killings are only going to increase. The police cannot be everywhere. Citizens will have to resort to their own self-defense. It’s not just terrorism, millions of people in America are now hooked on mind altering drugs. With so many crazy people popping up all over, sane people are going to have to be prepared to defend themselves and others.

Stock up on food and water because terrorists and mercenaries hired by Communist globalists might want to take down our infrastructure. If they have any success, there will be civil upheaval. There certainly will be more mass killings attempted in the days ahead. American patriots and Christians are going to have to stay armed and alert. They will need to take whatever action is necessary to prevent the red/green axis and other crazies from bringing down America.

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Civil warfare begins in the United States using mercenaries? — 30 Comments

  1. I’m armed😃🔫. I don’t think much will happen tonight, I read much of that is a hoax but we’ll see.

  2. Hi Donovan,

    That is what leftist sites are now saying to get more people to come out today. People on the right are just reporting on what the leftists outfits have said themselves. There will be problems tonight for sure because you do not get hundreds of leftists marching in the streets of 20 large cities on Saturday night without problems. It’s not all about what happens tonight anyway. They claim they will keep these protests going until Trump/Pence are gone.

  3. I read that one of the organizers of tonight’s protests called for the beheading of white parents. I don’t believe it will go that far yet but I can see it in the future if they get their revolution going.

    I need to oil my gun.

  4. Trump needs to bring back some form of HUAC and he needs to fire Jeff Sessions. I think these two actions might be enough to start a serious investigation of these evil people.

  5. Don,

    Good informative article.

    I have been keeping up with the news this November 4th day / night and have seen very little on Antifa today.

    It doesn’t surprise me with the advertised Antifa very low competency levels I saw interviewed, however, like you said in this article, the long term goals being funded by the Globalist Communists could very well be ramping up from here.

    Whether Antifa succeeds or fails in even showing up for their demonstrations is really irrelevant, this appears to be the direction the Communist Taskmasters are going to take our nation, Antifa or no…and todays young college students have bought into the far left indoctrinated deceptions in large numbers.

    The police cannot be everywhere….true, but even if they could, it’s the underhanded cowards that will do the unexpected that there is no defense against, its like fighting Islam among our own, how does one defend against the unexpected other than to take them down after they’ve done their evil deed ?…but Antifa has a clever stealth plan to thwart being caught.

    These Antifa anarchists have made it clear that they do not want the majority of their people to be caught which is the reasoning for them wearing their ISIS like black garb and face scarfs, so they can run into the big crowd with others who are dressed like they are after committing their crime.

    This is their open stealth tactic, from what they have blatantly said.

    The Police force and even the military can not arrest thousands at a time not even knowing if they got the perp…so what is the answer to that ?

    There is no answer, so like you said in this article, it is best to be prepared for civil unrest.

    My personal opinion, is if this gets going in the way Antifa or whomever intends, then I hope our police force and military will take these thugs down with overwhelming force…but then, that of course, would provide severe backlash for President Trump.

    I would really prefer none of this happens, maybe most of the Antifa protesters didn’t show up today because most were grounded by their parents for not cleaning their room or taking out the trash….hopefully : )

  6. Don you have a very interesting theory here and it seems to make the most sense with regards to Las Vegas. It makes me think back to all of the terrorist attacks and mass shootings that we’ve had. It appears that the perpetrators have been caught, killed or committed suicide in each of the incidents.

    Of course I don’t believe these people acted alone, at least not in the planning stages. I believe this is very apparent with the Las Vegas shooting, but it is as well with the shooting in CA by the male and female muslims and some of the others as well. Maybe it is all coming down to a bidding war between memebers of our government and each other, as well as outside actors like Soros. It is really perplexing to think about.

  7. If this theory is true, I worry we may see this kind of violence targeting churches in the future.

  8. the days of noah have arrived no doubt this is insanity.. i bet antifa is responsible for this

  9. Hi guys,

    Many big churches do have armed security teams at their churches. This shooting happened at a very small church of about 50 people. Obviously there was no one with a gun to stop the shooter. Like I said in my article, people are going to have to start carrying.

    I used to go to an even smaller church then the one where this shooting occurred. I know that two of the guys in the church open carried and another concealed carried. It would have been a fatal mistake for anyone to start shooting at people in that small church.

    I think church boards are going to have to call for a business meeting and find out who in their membership is highly qualified to carry a firearm and then make sure at least one of those people are present and carrying in their assemblies. With all the threats now out there, we can do longer allow easy target shooting galleries.

    If these mass murders keep up, I am going to start carrying. I live in a constitutional carry state.

  10. Hi,

    Too early to tell, but I doubt this is some kind of antifa thing versus some kind of inside / spite thing. It has a “personal hate” feel to it. Again, too early to tell. Although, the shooter was cornered 5 miles away in open road versus going into San Antonia with all the places to hide away. If the shooter was not looking to get away, he/she would not have bother to make a 5 mile trek. Just my 2 cents on that.

    Also, as Don eludes, I suspect the shooter knew the church a bit too well to know there would not be someone firing back. Some rogue antifa idiot would be too noticed and probably not smart enough to be able to case a 50 person church. And the big money forces would have spent way too much on logistics and infiltration to bother with a small church (Las Vegas is more their “style”).

    My two cents.

  11. Before this small SB Church of 25 broke up there was one man who conceal carried. I always sat next to him and his wife. No one else knew.

    I don’t have a statistic but I suspect many Christians wouldn’t arm themselves thinking it was against God’s will. I’ve run into a few and I hope they change their minds and I hope I’m wrong in thinking there are a lot of them.

  12. I’ve been carrying my weapon to church since May 2016. Our little Baptist church, very much like the one in Texas, sits right on a busy state highway. We have several people in the church who carry: a former policeman, a retired full-bird colonel, a few hunters, and a couple of women. The former policeman sits in the back pew over by the wall, and is on guard always. I am the organist/pianist and so I’m at the front of the church looking toward the entrance. We really have to be aware now of all the evil around us and that it certainly can happen to us. I will be interested to know the background on the shooter.

    Actually, I carry my weapon everywhere I go, even in places where they say “no guns” (I’m not going to pull out and brandish my gun – they won’t even know I have it). My husband insists on it. And he insisted that I carry a .38 which has pretty good stopping power. Don’t know if I’ll ever need it or use it, but I’m ready and willing to use it.

    I’ll be so happy when the Lord finally takes us away from all this madness, lawlessness, evil and insanity. I think I hear the footsteps of the Messiah!

  13. Hi Craig,

    It is too early to say, but why would a stranger want to kill everyone in a small town church? I think there is a leftist connection to this. It’s probably not a conspiracy by the left, but I think someone wanted to kill white conservative Christians as payback for something. Maybe payback for the white man that shot up a black church awhile back?

  14. The shooter very well could have gone to another church and done more killings, but luckily a local citizen approached him with his own gun and chased him down the road. The shooter was discharged from the military for assaulting his wife and kid. Apparently when he bought the gun he checked off that he had no prior history….

  15. Did some more research and the shooter had a connection to the church. His mother in law is friends with the pastor and wife was a teacher at the church, the killer was an athiest and people he went to school with said he was a creep and stayed away from him…

  16. Gee I wonder why things are going the way they are in this country?

    I mean we only turned our backs on God (As a nation) not allowing Him in our public schools or court rooms and changing God’s ordinance with marriage in the last what? Under ten years or so (Obama)

    Then people wonder what’s going on cant see it. Blind I guess.

  17. Don I hope the isn’t off subject but the news has gotten so downright depressing but I have been concentrating more on the Bible and listening to audiobooks on the Bible than listening to the news lately can you tell me what happened to Jeff sessions I thought he was supposed to be a good man I also thought that he would be one to help stop the Insiders in the White House that were planted by Obama could you shed some light on this for me

  18. Hi,

    Just posting back a day later as I read through a variety of reports.

    My suspicions of some kind of “personal hate” connection are likely, as I read that, besides the “creepiness / aetheist” factor, there is some “in-law” connection. I just sort of had that intuition or gut that there was something else going on besides some antifa / leftist arrangement aspect to it.

    That being said, to echo the sentiment of Greg, it is becoming a bit of a tall burden to “watch and pray” these days.

    Yet, something tells me it’s going to get a lot worse.

    As for Sessions, yeah, I wonder why he has been a “no show” myself.

    Blessings, hang in there.

  19. Hi Greg,

    It seems that Sessions recused himself from prosecuting the deep state. The deep state probably has something on him. He needs to be replaced.

  20. Adriana,

    I saw that and remembered the article you shared warning us the left would go after him.
    I let my face book friends know I didn’t believe WAPO’s accusations. (Or the women who made them.)

  21. Thank you Caitlin. I’ve followed Judge Moore for years and have prayed for him to make a difference in our horribly corrupt government. The demonically inspired left will do anything to destroy a good man.

  22. Even if Moore did everything that these women claim this was not that uncommon in the south 38 years ago and not illegal. The age for marriage with consent of parents in some states was about 14. The worst claim is that some woman thought Moore touched her inappropriately and then she asked to go home and he took her home. If this was not a parent approved courtship then what was she doing with him? Pedophiles and other sexual predators would have continued their actions into old age. It would not have stopped over thirty years ago.

    I do not know why conservatives and Christians give the leftist fake news any credibility at all. They bring up a claim of a touch 38 years ago but totally ignore all of Bill Clinton’s rapes. They certainly are not bringing this stuff up because they care about justice or about women. It is just a hit job on Judge Moore one month before the Alabama Senate election and Americans are brainwashed enough to believe anything that is reported on the news.
    They do this with people on the Christian right because it works. The left can break all the laws and MSM says nothing.

  23. You’re right. This is a hit job of immense proportions. What’s sad is that so many will read the headlines and believe it to be true. This is where we are today. The masses have been blinded to the real truth. It’s a very perilous time we’re living in. For those of us who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, we see it very clearly. We truly are living in the last days.

  24. re: Moore – Thanks Don for setting this straight. My complaint is that Breitbart is putting too much real estate on this (let alone, playing into the hands of the evil one by overplaying the phrase “if it’s true”), while ignoring what Moore stands for. I had to read Moore’s tweets to see his opinion on this and it is, as he states, pure evil getting away with murder and everything in between.

    Even worse, all this chatter about the AL GOP state party trying to take down the candidate that the people voted for, versus a couple of likely “establishment” thugs thinking they have veto power against the people.

    I suspect, even in a three party race, between two establishment props and Moore, Moore would probably pull it out.

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