Collective Insanity on Planet Earth Peaks in “New England”

The reason the world needs saving is because mankind is clearly insane in his fallen state. Without God humans will collectively make destruction choices. A study of world history and the collective actions of present world leaders makes collective insanity on earth an undeniable fact.

Mankind without God will make the wrong choices over and over again. Like a very wise man once said, “there is nothing new under the sun”.

The elite of the world have the collectively insane idea that they are more highly evolved and can help the rest of humanity to evolve to become more like them. Most of the world elite are life members of a special class of people…self-deceived loons.  If you need examples of their collective insanity, just look at what the elite brought upon the world throughout human history. Then learn about where our modern-day elite intend to take mankind. The utopia the elite think they can bring on earth could best be described as a place where workers only exist to bring them honey.

The elite have to be collectively insane to believe that collectivist godless socialism can ever bring anything on earth but mediocrity and tyranny. These clueless elite control the world economy but they still pretend that prosperity comes by going further into debt. The reality is that the world is heading for a total economic melt-down. Gee.., why don’t the world elite just keep making the same mistakes over and over and expect different results!

What in the world happened to Great Britain? Sometimes I think there must have been some truth to the science fiction movie about the “Invasion of the body snachers”. They came and replaced humans with look-a like aliens. We once thought the book “1984 was science fiction but the British are proving that it actually was a prophecy of their own future.

Maybe it is time for a name change? Great Britain just does not fit anymore. What is great about Britain?  How about changing the name to “New England”? The “New England” flag can feature an image of a jack booted nanny holding hands with her fascist big brother.

The people in “New England” are walking around like mindless robots under the control of watchers. Lest you think I exaggerate, there soon will be more eyes watching the people to make sure they keep the Nanny Laws then there will be English people. The only things that will exceed the police state monitoring in “New England” will be death, taxes and hostile immigrants.

Now in Britain…er… I mean “New England” they passed a law that outlaws Evangelicals and Catholics acting out their faith. I guess some Christian leaders that wanted Catholics and Evangelicals together will actually get their wish fulfilled when the cultural Marxists of “New England” put Catholics and Evangelicals in the same prisons. Much of the same insane agenda is working its way through the collective minds of the rest of the world.

I guess now would be a fitting time to mention the collective insanity on planet earth when it comes to religions of the world. One fourth of the earth believes in a fascist ideology of world conquest called Islam. Another fourth of the world prays to gods of their own making. Still another fourth of the world thinks that man can become a god through contemplating himself. And a good part of the remaining fourth think the Harlot is the Bride of Christ. The world as a collective has religious beliefs that are totally antichrist.

I am sure there are few willing to hear the unvarnished truth that their religious beliefs proves their insanity. That is why I warn people that there is something to offend just about everyone on my website.  Most people in the world are separated from God but still believe they have God or are God. That is insanity!

You see, the real God of creation comes to earth to save mankind from their collective insanity but the insane world rejects Him because His way of salvation is just too easy for them to accept. It is free and all they have to do is believe God and accept the loving Savior that He sent to pay the price for mankind’s collective sins.

But nah… they refuse to believe God because He is not the God of their own imagination. The collectively insane want a God that requires constant appeasement. They want a God that rewards their own self-righteous insanity. They want a God where their own goodness earns them God. They are just plain nuts!

Editor note: This is a highly modified version of my article written Dec 22, 2009. It is posted on my old blog.

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Collective Insanity on Planet Earth Peaks in “New England” — 9 Comments

  1. The vast majority of the western countries are already persecuting the Faithful. Under the guise of “hate speech” A pastor in Canada was arrested for example, and the EU has mandated that the likes of Facebook, Google, and all other social media remove such “hate speech” within 24hrs. Next, in Germany, many people have been arrested over the last several yrs. Whole groups recently too.

    It’s all coming to a country near and dear to you, real soon. Oh and China just forced one of their minority population ugarite? I think,to load a special app on their smart phones, to specifically spy on them. Failure to do so, and they will be punished.

    I’m now sure how the Harlot church can come into being universal. Secularization! The “State” will be it’s “god”. The grandest illusion is and will be, globalization. Once every country has become a police state, then merging large area’s into ten different regional dictatorships will be easy.

  2. I’m violently angry at the self-appointed gods of the not so Great Britain. How could they have the power to hold baby Charlie Gard prisoner at the children’s hospital against the wishes of his parents who fought to take their son elsewhere for an experimental treatment?
    The arrogance of the doctors and judges who thought they had the right to decide that Charlie should die. Did Teresa May step in to help the parents? Hell no. Nanny state.

  3. Hi Caitlin,

    That is what happens when you have a government controlled one payer system. Last I heard the UK government is limited to spending ten percent of their GNP for healthcare. That obviously means some medical needs will be denied. I believe America currently spends about 17 percent on healthcare. Only those that do not value life would want a government controlled one payer system here.

  4. “… there soon will be more eyes watching the people to make sure they keep the Nanny Laws then there will be English people.”

    Don, by “eyes” do you mean CCTVs? Where does this ratio come from? About a year ago a study (refer link below) revealed there were about 4-6 million CCTV cameras in the UK. Evidently earlier published figures (mid-2000s) were based on flawed extrapolation. I agree the UK is however essentially a police state these days.

  5. Hi Owen,

    I gave no ratio. It was a projection. And of course I was referring to electronic visual devices. Obviously these devices mainly exist in the cities unless you want to count smart TV’s, computers and ilk.

  6. Thanks Don and other readers. I keep reading your articles. I don’t have much to add other than what I hear from some conservative radio talk show hosts paints a very grim picture of the same collective insanity, arrogance and hubris of the collective, Leftist.

  7. Hi Don,
    Charlie’s parents did the research on their baby’s medical condition then raised more than enough money to have him transferred to the US for treatment. So now what is the UK’s excuse? Power?
    I just saw headlines on Breitbart that read “MSM giving more coverage to a baby whale than Charlie Gard.” Why? To deflect viewers from the evils of the nanny state and single payer healthcare plus their disregard for human life?
    My personal opinion is government shouldn’t be in the healthcare business anyway.

  8. Caitlin,
    “My personal opinion is government shouldn’t be in the healthcare business anyway.”

    I couldn’t agree more! The only business government ought to engage in is protecting our borders and delivering the mail. Unfortunately, none of this overreach will go away. The people had their chance at escaping Federal Tyranny in 1861. Too bad it failed.

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