Collectivist traitors and snowflakes attacking the foundations of America

The foundations of America are under attack by socialist collectivists that have taken over much of academia, media, and government. They intend to destroy America because they hate God, nationalism, liberty and individualism. The socialists want a world where everyone on earth is micro managed by “more evolved” Obama and Oprah queens controlling the collective. All of what you see taking place in the cultural war is the means to achieve the Marxist end.

Godless Marxists calling themselves “progressives” now control the political left in America. The political right in America believe that individuals have inalienable rights given by God. Those rights are outlined in our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. The concepts of our Constitution were based on biblical truths. That is why the God hating collectivists attack it. They hate our Constitution and the God-fearing men that founded such a nation of God-fearing liberty loving individualists. They are now going all out to destroy the foundations of America through race and class division.

America is the only major nation preventing godless collectivism from taking over the world. The American experiment supports liberty and individualism so the Marxist collectivists war against it. Obama and Hillary were to bring about America’s demise. However, some Americans got fed up with what the “progressives” were doing to our nation and Hillary unexpectedly got Trumped. Now the international socialists are trying to get Trump removed from office by all means possible. We see that playing out everyday on the leftist fake news media. These talking heads are not journalists. They are paid agents of the international socialist left. They deliver daily propaganda to Americans not news.

This cultural war is for all the marbles. If the left wins the cultural war in America, it will cease to be a great nation. Obama was a ruse. He was an international socialist globalist plant put there to weaken and destabilize America by causing division. He lied his way into the White House and everything he did while in office was a lie. Many of the people who Obama appointed to positions of power were and are complicit liars, criminals and traitors. Much of the Obama administration should be doing prison time. One has to wonder what Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing about this “progressive” coup attempt to take down America? There is more than enough evidence to convict these people for criminal activity and treason.

Contrary to the public narrative given and that many are now brainwashed to believe, most Americans do not want socialism. Americans do not like Marxism. Nevertheless, the extreme left has taken power in America through stealthy means of deception. The leftists came in under the banner of social justice and progressivism but then they attacked the very foundations of America. They attacked God, country, family, sexual identity and race relations using the “social justice/progressive” fabrication. All this really came out of the Communist play book. This is how the Marxists have said they would bring about revolution.

We are in a war for the life of our nation. The left is now losing elections to conservatives so the collectivists will resort to hate baiting, violence and revolution. That is what the elitist funded Antifa is all about. They are Marxists that believe violent revolution is necessary to bring in international communism. They are constantly looking for a flash point to get people in the streets to riot. They intend to herd black and brown people and mindless white useless idiots (snowflakes) to riot for the causes of international socialism.

According to their own propaganda, Antifa intends to take to the streets on November 4th across this nation. They say they intend to stay there until they win the revolution. We will see how that goes. Meanwhile, I am sure they will be looking for a pregame warmup.

What are snowflakes, you ask? Snowflakes are the offspring of Marxists that took over our education systems and mainstream media. The policies of the cultural Marxists identified as “progressives” destroyed families in this nation so many children grew up practically fatherless. Snowflakes are children brought up by the leftist indoctrination system instead of by parents. There is no individualism. They have no political or moral arguments. They have no employment. They live in basements and they are dependents of the collective.

Snowflakes are driven by the collective wind. Snowflakes gather together under collective clouds. Snowflakes resound collective slogans while they fall in the streets. Snowflakes have no sense of direction. Snowflakes are loners that melt when facing any heat. That is why snowflakes need walk in coolers called safe places. Snowflakes grew up under Marxist indoctrination that continually attacked everything that made America great. Thus, snowflakes keep falling to bury the foundations of America.

Recent world history proves that it does not take a majority for a nation to go socialist. All that is necessary is apathy by the majority. Once a nation buys into collectivism the central government is given and then takes all the power necessary to control the collective. It then becomes next to impossible to reverse socialism before the complete collapse of that nation. When socialism goes international only the coming of Jesus can reverse it.

International socialists have played America like a fiddle for quite some time. We will soon find out how apathetic Americans really are. If Americans allow the collectivists to dispose of Donald Trump without a real fight, we will go the way of China and the old Soviet Union. The choice is between godless international collectivism or God-fearing nationalism with individual liberty. Only the continued success of the American experiment even makes the latter possible.

Just to be clear. I think the Bible indicates that godless socialism will take over the world before Jesus returns. Even so, that does not have to happen before the Rapture. The Bible suggests that the Church needs to be removed before the satanic fascist socialist Beast can have his way on earth. Whether the influence of the spirit filled Church hinders the Beast from taking power on earth or God hinders the Beast from coming to power for the sake of the Church is arguable. In either case, for our own sake, I think it should be clear that Christians in America should be working full out to protect the biblical foundations that America was founded upon. We know that the fascist collectivism under the Beast becomes inescapable without death to those living on his prison planet. We should not be supporting any such system in America.

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Collectivist traitors and snowflakes attacking the foundations of America — 55 Comments

  1. Well said Don,

    For years now, I’ve hardly, if ever watched regular TV, and watched the end of one show, and another, and realized just why I stopped in the first place. The shows are not important, but it’s the brainwashing they incorporated which is. And, the commercials are even worse. It was so bad, I felt nauseous afterwards. The sick, dark, satanic nature of all “programming” with a big dose of new ageism, is a front line in the culture war. And what do so called Christians do? They Watch! Truly, I don’t how much real Christians can do against this onslaught of evil, coming from every corner of society. Yes, stand against it, and do what you can, but it’s like trying to shout down a hurricane. As Paul said, “fight the good fight” until we go home. But, it’s hard.

  2. Don,

    I very much agree from a perspective of reality and appreciate this article…however…

    How can a nation not go the way of Marxism and other demonic ideologies when it is literally being taught to the youth as early as Kindergarten ?

    We have seen in the news, that as early as Kindergarten, these tikes are commonly being taught to embrace their transgendered “other side”. A minority of parents even care enough to take a stand against these schools.

    What does a nation do about teachers who had their entire class sing in a chorus, “praise to Obama”…but now hatred towards President Trump ?

    Kids in High School who are expelled from school for speaking of Jesus or sent home for wearing Christian clothing, but school is OK if non-Islamic students wear Hijabs ?…in the name of tolerance and diversity.

    We are already seeing the rotten fruits of the school (skewel) indoctrinated drone like adults who are in the workforce now.

    Are we who see what is happening but doing nothing, really being apathetic ?

    If we, as American Citizens, could really turn the tides of evil, wouldn’t we have done something since Roe v. Wade by now ?

    How are we going to stop the media frenzy against President Trump, even Melania yesterday (or a few days ago) was severely ridiculed for promoting and giving Dr. Seuss books to a school…they called her donation “racist propaganda”.

    If Michelle Obama gave these same books, it would be seen as favorable…but the mindset against Trump shows that severe mind-numbing indoctrination works !

    While I think this article is spot on, I think it is going to get much, much worse…and Marxism will not even be the worst of it.

    Those who are hitching their wagon on hopes for America or the world instead of having their focus on Jesus will be sorely disappointed.

  3. David L brings up a good point on the character and direction of where we are as a nation through media indoctrination outlets, called TV Shows and movies.

    I read the captions of these shows, or watch the beginning of these shows and am stunned that these are “entertainment”.

    It’s not just about guns, explosions, and horror any longer, it’s to feed the leftist propaganda.

    I have asked myself if I’m just being like those older folks before me who were appalled by Elvis the Pelvis and the Beatles…no, I think this is much bigger and a precedent for what is to come Scripturally / Prophetically.

  4. Don,
    You are right on as always. Obamacare is becoming a major socialist coup for the left. Now that so many people are on the free ride at the expense of us who pay, there’s no way they’re getting off that train ride and unfortunately the spineless, useless Republicans are part and parcel of that coup. The destruction of this country seems to be quickening. I just read that the Democrat running against Roy Moore said he believes in right to life only after the child is born. He believes in abortion up to the 9th month. The Republican governor of Illinois just expanded public funding for abortion. Oregon recently passed free abortions for all. And the left loves this. Trump may be the last man with a big enough pulpit to at least call out some of the rot that has infected America. No other public figure is willing to tell the hard truth. They’re too worried about offending someone. I say offend! If that what it takes so be it. Throw some shame into that equation as well. We’re sinking fast. Everyday I read of some new anti-Trump anti-America propaganda or show. They remade that show Will and Grace and apparently it was a half an hour of anti-Trump nonsense. The sad thing is that so many young people watch this filth and believe it. The NFL stupidity shows how easily people are led to do moronic things. 1 thing it did though, was further awaken those of us who love this country to the fact that things are getting worse by the minute. The NFL’s hypocrisy knows no bound. Tim Tebow kneels to pray and he’s vilified. The players take a knee because they’re useful tools of the left and they’re lauded. They’re gunning for every conservative and Christian out there. I’m surprised Steve Scalise wasn’t taken to task for mentioning God at his return to Congress. I can image the attacks will be fast and furious against Roy Moore. I’m praying for him everyday. I feel like a stranger in my own land as the nails are driven into the coffin that was once our beautiful country. It’s truly heartbreaking and the only thing that keeps my sanity is knowing that our Lord Jesus Christ is in charge and he will take care of things when he is ready.

  5. Hi ~David,

    I don’t disagree. Things will get much worse because of the apathy. Americans must take a stand now or they never will. They can start at the local level by removing their children from the Marxist public school indoctrination systems and by not allowing their children on social media.

  6. Great points by everybody.

    There’s not much on TV I can watch I like shows from 1919 to 1950’s those old black & whites are pretty good actually.

    A tree grows in Brooklyn was a real good one.

    Gladiator and Rocky are classics too.

    Movies today are about witchcraft too, terrible, a shadow of things to come.

  7. I dont know how christians are supposed to fight when nobody has our back. I guarantee the Churches would be silent. Its also hard because the left wants chaos and protests. if christians did organize, antifa would come attack them while the police will do nothing. The media would then blame the racist bigoted christians for the violence.

  8. Hi Jim,

    Christians can start the fight by correcting church leadership who teach world philosophies rather than biblical teachings. They also can work together to change local and state politicians and elected boards. In addition, if they turn off the leftists on the media it would change very quickly, nobody would sponsor them.

  9. Thank you for your enlightening message. My only problem is I do not know enough about the statement s u r making and the descriptive language u have used. There r many statement s here about the leftest people but where is the proof. It’s not that I don’t believe u, I would like to see your statements supported by educating everyone who is following u so that I can do my own research into what u r saying

  10. The radical left has infiltrated our government our school system and our media and I hate to say it but most of us have been complicit we have allowed this to happen by not speaking out by not taking a stand I have said things and even wrote some articles but now if you do it people will call you extreme or racist or maybe even the worst thing you can be called a conservative and even the conservatives a lot of them have watered down or even tried to negotiate on their core values because they want to get along the truth is you can’t get them along with leftist socialist Marxist whatever you want to call them you can’t get along with them because it’s either their way or the highway compromise is not in their vocabulary and that is why they have done so well with their agenda whereas we tried to compromise or a lot of us did compromise hoping it would quell an argument or maybe it was believing that we could agree on some of the little points as long as it didn’t affect the big picture but the truth is you can’t give an inch if you give even just a little bit they will see a crack in your armor and they will exploit it unfortunately I have a pessimistic view of where all this is heading we will go down as a nation it has to happen I believe for Jesus to come back because we are the last Bastion of Hope once a we are brought down the world will be right for the Antichrist it is my hope that the Rapture take place soon after America goes down Oh just to give you a heads up I’m a union truck driver I work 12 hours a day my wife works two jobs I have three grown children I have an 8 year old granddaughter that lives with me and yes I guess we have the American dream but we work hard long hours no government assistance so while I was working to achieve the American dream these leftist whackos who live in basements or with their parents or that are on the government dole since most of them don’t have jobs they have been working just as hard to destroy America to remake it to give them everything for free cuz they believe America it’s selfish unjust and it hasn’t been fair to them so I wish I could say I fought the good fight but the truth is I really haven’t I have been busy raising a family I’m working my rear end off 60 to 70 hours a week and my wife God bless her Works two jobs these aren’t high paying jobs but together it allows us to make about a hundred thousand a year and yes I feel we earn every dime and to be honest with you I’ve completely had it with the wackos I live in the country and it’s a good thing because I don’t have too many wackos living around me I work in the city and that’s bad enough one day I counted I saw three women I think they were women and they were dressed to look like men one at a wedding picture on the wall with her spouse another shemale and when you see things like this you realize our kids see this and they think this is acceptable my granddaughter she calls them weirdos but I wonder how long it’ll be before she thinks this will be normal or that’s is normal I pray for the Lord’s return I personally don’t have a lot of Hope in our government anymore I voted for Trump and I now see one man can’t fix this not when the whole world and it sure seems like the whole world is against him because most of our world is I know Don you said there’s more of us than them and you’re right they are a minority but their voices are heard while we the majority are silent because we don’t want to appear racist or homophobe is there hope I guess there’s always hope but I’ll put my hope in Christ Jesus not in men of this world they will always let you down well that’s just a few of my thoughts Don you’re doing a great job I agree with a lot not all but that’s okay God bless and as my old Minister used to say keep looking up

  11. Angela,

    It is hard to take you seriously. The proof is found everywhere the collectivists Marxists have taken power and the 100 million+ dead people they killed after getting into power. For just starters, the proof of what Marxist leftists are doing to America can be seen in their attacking of our biblical foundations, our Constitution, our liberty, our debt, what is happening in leftist cities and the abomination the left supports in abortions.

  12. Greg, you said a lot of what I’ve been thinking. Namely: We’re busy working while the wicked Left AND Right are plotting our demise. I know the LORD has everything under ultimate control, but it’s distressing to watch the disintegration.

  13. I’ve said before that the christians and conservatives are too responsible to go out and protest in any real numbers. We have jobs and families unlike most of antifa…

  14. Social Media is my main platform for protest. Not being gifted with subtlety I’ll just tell it like it is. Or re post a good article that someone else wrote.

    Last week was the NFL debate. Overkill? Maybe but we didn’t let them get away with their anti-American foolishness. Fans were burning their jerseys and ticket sales took a dive as our answer to what we think about their actions.

    If the Marxist impeach our President I think there will be repercussions. Trump still has his base.

    Someone close to me shared a meme from some guy who thought it would be funny to fill human shaped balloons with helium and release them into the air to freak out people still waiting for the rapture. I just clicked the ha ha button and said, “It wouldn’t freak me out cause if I’m not in it it didn’t happen.” There was no response to my comment.

    My final thought to my friends the other night was “If you don’t believe God there’s nothing more He can do for you,” Just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean it won’t hit someone like lightening.

  15. Well done as usual Don.

    For Angela, who might have been a victim of the very Marxist driven educational system that Don described. In 1844, Karl Marx wrote: “regained his senses, so that he will move around himself as his own true sun. Religion is only the illusory Sun which revolves around man as long as he does not revolve around himself.”

    How did his man over God thoughts work out in the real world since he said those foolish words?

    Well, Russia fell for Marxism. The Soviet Revolution (1917-21) killed 5 million; the Russian Civil War (1918-20) killed 1 million; Soviets vs Ukraine (1932-33) killed 10 million & the Stalin purges (1936-37) killed 13 million. A total of at least 29 million people killed by the Marxists as they rolled into full blown Communism (state required atheism – “no god”).

    Despite those abject failures in Russia, China later adopted Marxism. In their Chinese civil war (1946-49) they killed 1.2 million. Mao’s “Great Leap” forward (1958-61) killed 38 million. Their “Cultural Revolution” (sounding a lot like what the USA is going through now) killed 11 million. Over 50 million more killed by another group of Godless Marxists.

    The USA is the last bastion of Christianity in the world today. And we are historically speaking current a very weak form of Christianity. We Christians in the USA are thoroughly infiltrated with “social justice” leading to “progressives” (Hillary Clinton thought in 2017 about becoming a preacher in such a US church) cultural Christians.

    If the USA makes it to the rapture without first completely falling to Marxism (a/k/a Satanism) it will only be because enough of us prayed and worked over and over to keep it from falling. May God have mercy on our collective efforts to build His Kingdom on earth!


  16. Try not to view things through the eyes of a worldly person. Look to scripture for help and let the word of the living God touch the very core of your souls as it does mine.

    The indignation toward God and his saints has already begun. Listen to Isiah

    Isa 26:20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

    As for whats happening in the media, here is another scripture for you,

    2Co 4:18 While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

    The Lord returns soon to run things right, until then expect tribulation.
    John 16;33
    In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

  17. Hi Caitlin, and all,

    Caitlin mentions social media participation, and like many cultural activities these days, too many Christians are A-W-L,like educating themselves about politics, and voting the right people into office. For way too long, the church has largely left our fate up to others. Only recently, current day, and perhaps back in the 80s, have Christians participated in large enough numbers to move the dial back, but it’s been two steps forward, and three or more backwards. Even though we run into road blocks on social media, those who have the time, can, and should, participate. How else to get the word out, and fight back? Using multimedia to our advantage, like Dons blog, and Caitlin’s advocating our cause, are tools we should not ignore.

    But Don makes the most important point, I think, that politics is all local. This is where the fight really needs to begin for most. Protecting the children first, and helping others to understand the dangers all around them, i.e. the cultural battles.that are corrupting everything.

  18. Don:I read the book by Charles Dickens “A Tale o Two Cities” as an assignment. Even as a young person, I was interested in how various cultures divided wealth. I was shocked & surprised. FDR (coming from wealth) was concerned for 70% of USA living in abject poverty.Hence the Social Security and other benefits WHICH WERE PAID FOR BY EMPLOYEE & EMPLOYER!
    IT KILLED MY GRANDMOTHER’S MOTHER in 1917 leaving 5 siblings to fend fort themselves! Enjoy life as we know it. It is going to be a bumpy ride!!!! Shalom!

  19. Am I the snowflakes here ?

    If you were to ask the majority in secular society including some in Christian circles, they would say yes, I (David) am the snowflake or at least the flake…and here is why.

    Many years ago, I completely stopped listening to modern music, I was a Rock ‘N Roller…after I started loving Jesus, I considered it an affront to Jesus to listen to music that commonly and very boisterously slams my Jesus…people told me that I just have to relax and enjoy the music…I couldn’t.

    I would ask them, if the music was singing things against their children or other loved one’s, would they still listen ?…Oh, I guess it’s ONLY offensive to Jesus…in fact, I’ve heard “Christians” say they will not give up their music regardless.

    I quit watching the majority of secular movies, I got tired of these actors who think they are politically significant expert activists and according to many who watch these actors, they are.

    Now, we have the NFL.

    I have been an avid NFL fan for a very long time, but how can I watch these people now.

    This started with Colin Kaepernick kneeling at the National Anthem making a statement against racism violence, commonly by police officers…which then fed the violence against police…and now, this display has morphed into a majority of the NFL taking a knee because they want to make a political statement against all things they don’t like, including President Trump.

    When President Trump fired back and said to “fire the bums” and “respect the flag”, now it is squarely Trump vs. The NFL…the real snowflakes have forgot what they were originally fighting for.

    The good news, and I have not seen or heard confirmed reports indicating these facts, is that the NFL is taking a hit financially and rapidly lost fans over the last few weeks…I hope it is true.

    I didn’t watch a game today, I’m disgusted…I have “flaked out”once again.

  20. Here we see the result of Romans 1 in that murdering act in Las Vegas when God turns someone over to a depraved mind to do the things which are not proper being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, MURDER!!, strife, deceit, malice;..

    I wonder if the shooter ever saw fit to acknowledge God during his life?

    People are trying to understand what drove this gunman in Vegas to do this shooting I keep shouting “READ ROMANS ONE” !! then it can make perfect sense.

  21. Bill,

    he apparently wired 100k to his wife in the Philippines a week beforehand. I think it looks more and more like a terror attack. It reminds me an awful lot like the orlando shooter.

  22. Wow.. really?


    This is just one more birth pain also this unfortunate incident would make an excellent sermon on Romans one demonstrating what can happen when God withdraws all restraints from a person walking in spiritual darkness & God allowing the full rewards of consequence of that person’s lifestyle because of willful chosen disobedience.

    There’s no restraint in such persons totally removed! It’s going to get worse.

  23. I don’t want to make a comment that steers the topic of this article too far off topic, however, since it was brought up…

    #1…we are seeing a lot of people losing their minds because we can ALL feel where the world is going, whether one is a Christian, an atheist, or one lost in a number of demonic theologies.

    #2…I grew up around the wealthy, and I can tell you that the wealthy tend to be, with few exception, the most miserable people on earth…and above all, they hate losing control of everything around them.

    Don, I apologize in advance if I’m taking your topic down a rabbit trail.

  24. Don,

    I was filled in tonight on the Marxist led Violent Revolution Antifa planned for November 4th.

    Is there a way for our nation and this administration to come against this if the Antifa organizers really do produce a swarm of Snowflakes across the nation ?

    If the Trump Administration squashes this planned Antifa by whatever means necessary, he will be looked at as a tyrant by the mindless “Snowflake” idiots you mention in this article…that would likely result in even more violent protests from probably a “victim of Trump” mentality.

    Military ?
    Martial Law ?

    If the Trump Administration does nothing, which I don’t believe they can, our nation could become a very, out of control, violent riotous state in the big cities.

    The Antifa movement is apparently preparing for a long and severe civil upheaval until the Trump Administration is removed.

    The ultimate Antifa goal beyond removing Trump / Pence apparently, is to take our nation the New World Order direction (with even ‘Global Climate Change’ as a talking point) it was headed before Trump was elected…a direction that it was assumed that Hillary would take our nation.

    I wonder who and what organizations are pulling the strings on this proposed mess.

    If President Trump didn’t have enough to deal with, now this…it really is becoming overwhelming which might be the point of those pulling the Antifa and whatever else strings, I’d guess.

    I have no idea how this will play out in reality as who knows how or how many of the Snowflakes will show up for this terrorist event across the nation, however, I have to wonder if this will be significant…I hope not, of course.

    If it is significant, how does the Trump Administration come against this and not be labeled as a tyrant in those minds of mush who insist on carrying out these attacks ?

  25. Revelation 3: V14 to V22 (KJV BIBLE)
    Message of the Lord Jesus Christ to Church of Laodicea.
    It is abundantly clear, there is no more political solution to America’s Problems. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution to America’s Problems, and Jesus Christ is waiting outside the Church to come in- V20. And this is only solution that is rejected not just by majority of America, but majority of the World’s population.
    As many as received him, to them gave to power to become the sons of GOD, even to them that believe on his name.”John1:v12″.
    Blessing, and honor, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth
    upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.”Rev5:v13″
    Behold, I come quickly….”Rev22:v20″
    And, behold, I come quickly….”Rev3:v11″
    Surely I come quickly….”Rev22:v20″
    Even so, come, Lord Jesus….”Rev22:v20″
    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen….”Rev22:v21″

  26. David,

    I think most Americans see through the radical left. Any decent person hates antifa and those that fund and incite them. I guess my answer is, who cares what the leftist media and SJWs think or say. If people cant see that violent rioting/America hating is a bad thing then they are hopeless already.

  27. Hi ~David,

    International socialists (Communists) are behind Antifa. Far left groups are supporting the Antifa agenda, including Islamists. I think Antifa is even involved in the Las Vegas shooting.

    What can Trump do to stop this? He can start by getting the AG to charge people in the Obama administration for their obvious crimes and treason. Then charge people in the media and the universities that promote anti American activities.

  28. Behind all-out anomie (Romans 1) is a more subtle suggestion: “Do not judge!” Most people who demand this have no concept of “right judgment”, or that it can exist. We have been dulled into a satanic politeness that prevents anyone from addressing evil directly..because DON’T JUDGE! Under cover of this satanic politeness wickedness metastasizes and we end up with the men of Sodom:

    “”Get out of our way,” they replied. “This fellow came here as a foreigner, and now he wants to play the judge! We’ll treat you worse than them.”—Genesis 19:9

  29. Don,
    You talk about defending the constitution in one breath, and then recommend the AG “charge people in the media and the universities that promote anti American activities.”

    Can you be specific about what these “anti American activities” would include?

  30. Hi Chris,

    It would be those that are promoting violent overthrow of our nation and our constitutionally elected government. Back in World war II and in early cold war days the House did have an Un-American Activities Committee that recommend action to the Justice Department.

    What we are facing today with Islamists and Antifa Communists are arguably a greater danger to this nation then were the anti American Soviet Union Communists.

  31. I have some skepticism around the recent rise of “Antifa” as a scapegoat of sorts. For one thing, unlike BLM, for example, Antifa does not have formal leadership nor any stated agenda, which is usually prerequisite for a real political or religious organization, whether good or bad.

    It’s worth noting that several Twitter accounts calling themselves Antifa [insert US City] (e.g. Antifa Boston) were recently found to originate from a military city in Russia. This is no surprise given the Russian geo-political strategy outlined in the 1999 “Foundations of Geopolitics,”, which I believe to be a significant text for those of us interested in Bible prophecy, btw.

    Ultimately, I think we should be careful not to create a cheap tag we can haphazardly use to label all of those with whom we disagree. Whether or not I agree with their methods, there is a difference between well-meaning liberals (who, for example, may simply believe the government should take care of the sick and the poor) and criminals who want to violently overthrow a democratically elected government. Anecdotely, I’ve come across many of the former, and none of the latter.

  32. A scapegoat for who I might ask?

    How do you explain all the Antifa violence at the universities and in Europe? How do you explain what they are posting about violence and revolution on their own websites? Sure they route their stuff through servers in other countries but that does not mean they do not have a large presence here.

    The agenda of all the far left groups in America is not secret. Most of them make it clear that they are against our system of government and our Christian values. And everyone that does not join them in attacking traditional America is said to be a fascist racist. They aim to categorize and divide. In fact, the agenda of far left groups in America is the same as Communism. That is because they have bought into Communism. Sanders was not just a leftist He is a Marxist. The same goes for Obama. Although I would argue that he bought into international fascism.

    I guess we will not have long to find out, since they are very adamant about a violent revolution being kicked off on Nov 4th. Just imagine if the Vegas shooter turns out to be connected to them and turns out to be the example for them. I just said on this post that there would likely be a warmup before Nov 4th. What he did can be done elsewhere and if that occurs the revolution has then become reality.

    By the way, I know there are classical liberals in America but they have not controlled the Democratic Party since the Marxists took it over.

  33. Chris, why do you say with authority that Antifa does not have formal leadership nor any stated agenda ?

    They have obviously stated their agenda.

    How does anyone in the base public know exactly what leadership Antifa has at this point ?

    Perhaps I’ve missed something, explain please.

  34. I guess we will see if Jeff Sessions actually does does job in November and cracks down on the violent communists.

  35. Don,
    Good call-out, “scapegoat” is the wrong word. Strawman might be more accurate, considering their actual numbers (there are fewer violent Antifa than white supremacists, for example, and neither are representative of any established political organization).

    I work as network admin, and what I am referring to isn’t proxy-related. Quite simply, some organization was operating US city-specific Antifa Twitter accounts out of Vladivostok, Russia and accidentally enabled geo-location tagging. Oops. This isn’t surprising, as destabilizing US politics through manufactured division has been part of Russian playbook for over 20 years. Again, “Foundations of Geopolitics” by Aleksandr Dugin is an eye-opening read for any Bible prophecy scholar. In many cases, it outlines the strategy Russia will use to establish the geopolitical realities necessary to enable much of what you’ve detailed on this very site (for example, the book outlines the strategic “Moscow-Tehran axis”).

    What I mean is that “Antifa” is just a loose collection of anarchists. The key is that this is not a monolithic organization with a hierarchical leadership structure. It’s an umbrella group that mostly comes together to oppose white nationalism. These loonies aren’t concerned with free speech and they have no concrete political goals. My point is that using “Antifa” to describe any group of liberal protestors or to pretend like their ideology is prevelant among liberals is both lazy and factually inaccurate. It’s no different than pretending like anyone who ever votes Republican is a Nazi-sympathizer. In truth, white supremacists make up an insignificant fraction of voters, and are far from representative of the goals of the GOP. Further, the GOP itself has multiple different wings of the party, each with different motivations and methods (no different than the Democratic Party). As followers of Jesus, we need to call out evil for what it is, but we should also be careful not to speak in generalities or make sweeping statements.

  36. Chris,

    here is just a handful of the Democrat agenda. You tell us whether or not they are grounded in reality.
    1. Legalizing illegal aliens
    2. Not firmly securing our borders
    3. Abortion on demand
    4. Promoting radical lgbtq agenda
    5. Taking over healthcare
    6. Refusing to adress radical islam
    7. Attacking christian principles
    8. Blaming white males 4 everything

    You say not to make sweeping accusations when the leftists are destroying our entire society. If anything we are MUCH to lenient on those who oromote the above points.

  37. Jim,
    With respect, I was only referring to our responsibilities as followers of Christ. To be sure, I will never identify myself with any political party, as none are of God, and each promote policies that are antithetical to a Jesus-centered worldview. I’ve seen far too many conflate their political beliefs with the actual commands of God.

  38. Hi Chris,

    Antifa can get tens of thousands in the streets and that could be enough for things to spiral. They proved those numbers in Europe.

    Russia gets blamed for everything. Most of the communist agenda really comes out of Europe these days. Antifa has been the violent arm of far left. Some on the far left now might want to distant themselves from Antifa violence but they share the same goals and will join them when push comes to shove.

    The agenda of Antifa is to get people into the street on Nov 4th hoping that others will identify with the cause so the movement will grow into a revolution. Once you get mindless cattle in the streets the whistles of a few cowboys steers the herd.

    I don’t think they will get the numbers they expect but I do think the left will ramp up the violence this fall.

  39. I read that they haven’t been getting the numbers they want in certain cities…but it’s funny how they are targeting very liberal areas, Austin, Seattle, L.A….i live in Dallas-Fort Worth, no way in heck they would get away with that over here….many around here, including myself are conservatives and gun owners.

  40. Don,

    There are three groups I have been a part of that lend towards your critical comment in an as usual striped down, direct, no nonsense article…that I thoroughly enjoyed and agree with.

    “I think it should be clear that Christians in America should be working full out to protect the biblical foundations that America was founded upon.”

    1. Promise Keepers
    2. The TEA Party
    3. Oath Keepers.

    The last group leading me to a confrontation with some Snowflakes at an Anti Shari Law rally.

    I’m getting long in the tooth for brawling and what could get worse fast…but Antifa and the Communists – Globalists may leave many like myself, who will not sit by idly, no choice.

    They want the collapse, cannibalization and globalization of U.S. and as you pointed out the 66th Book underscores that – that does seem to be our fate as a Superpower…eventually. (I believe economic collapse is most likely).

    Holding out for the Rapture and actively fighting the good fight is my strategy. Praying and Prepping my two major tactics.

  41. Don,

    One more comment on two of your sentences. I would be curious to read your thoughts if you want to weigh in – in more detail:

    “One has to wonder what Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing about this “progressive” coup attempt to take down America? There is more than enough evidence to convict these people for criminal activity and treason.”

    YES I AM WONDERING???? There are hints on the internet on alternative sites that there are Swamp/Sewer investigations going on – on the QT by Sessions/Trump off the media radar i.e. human trafficking arrests building to major players, Planned Murderhood baby parts selling, and many others in relation to the Obama administration’s plethora of treasonous acts. I hope so…but if not where is the famous Trump counter punching???

    Is the Swamp/Sewer blocking and slowing down the (what I had hoped was the inevitable) counter punching?

    I jumped on the Trump train’s caboose in desperation as it went flying past me during the end of the primary…and was thrilled when he dethroned Jezebel…but when or will he unleash the dogs to lick her blood up? Will he ever?

    Do you think there are more serious counter punches coming that Trump/Sessions are getting ready to unleash?

  42. Hi Mark,

    Who knows? You would think you would have heard something by now. I tend to think that for some reason they are not pursuing the criminal activity of the Democrats and the deep state. Any political investigations might now have to originate in Congress but many of these are also in the deep state boat. Maybe the political system is already too far gone to police itself.

  43. While we do not know yet the extent of the planned November 4th Antifa turnout, I noticed from public media’s that the extreme (red) Antifa people portrayed were dressed in black with face coverings…sound familiar ?

    I am not saying they are ISIS, but they sure do resemble ISIS in their apparent clothing.

    Apparently, there are three color coded levels to the Antifa party…the extreme being red, which are the ones reported to be wearing the black and face coverings.

    If the Antifa riot does look like it will be effective, would this awaken the Islamist sleeper cells in our nation ?

  44. In keeping up with the limited coverage, I have noticed a consistent trend with the supposed November 4th Antifa organization.

    They are all college kids or younger acting about half their age with very low maturity levels and expressing extremely low IQ reasoning.

    The Antifa personnel interviewed are consistently showing that they haven’t grown up and need something to hate so they can do something with their worthless lives.

    If this is the caliber that will be released on November 4th, I doubt it will be anything more than a very weak and unsustainable rally, if even that.

    In typical fashion, infowars own Alex Jones is giving the deviants more air time and credibility than they are worth, this is typical Alex Jones…among the worst of the worst in credibility, whom I regard as a deviant himself.

    Antifa and their blocking the freeway in California really was a bad move if this were to be taken seriously, why would they warn the American citizens ?…to scare the public into submission and scare President Trump ? Didn’t they learn from their terrorists big brothers example that surprise is one of their strongest elements ?

    Was calling President Trump, “President dump” with nothing to back it up really a war of words that should be feared ?…maybe if we are in the 3rd grade.

    So far, what I’m seeing is very low level scare tactics by brainless preprogrammed morons who wouldn’t be able to work the deep fryer at McDonald’s because it would be too difficult for them.

    Now, if this is just a false front by these brainless preprogrammed morons for when the adults actually come out to execute this, then we’ll see.

    Whomever the head taskmaster(s) is who is trying to pull this off is…they might be trying for more of a sympathy vote more than an actual uprising for if these brainless preprogrammed morons start burning cars and breaking windows, then attack first responders and the bullets start flying and there is death among these minds of mush, then the best Antifa can hope for is President Trump looking like a bully, which he would be in the contemporary minds of mush gang.

    What is more concerning to me rather than the proposed November 4th date is this is the direction our young minds of mush are being taught to go, from the educational system itself…which in time, could manifest itself into a real threat.

  45. Hi ~David,

    I think that starting Nov 4th all of the far leftist groups in America plan to be in the streets. It will not just be Antifa. Most of the Antifa you see in riots and demonstrations are the useful idiots.

    The people directing them are the next level up. They are “educators” and paid thugs. There are also layers above them. There are even layers above the America hating leftist politicians.

    The top level is powerful elitists wanting to establish international socialism. They see America as a threat so they want to bring it down. The level behind them is spiritual. Those entities are called principalities and powers in the Bible.

  46. Hey Don, My question; How do you see this in Bible Prophecy these Days? That is if any of it plays a part?

  47. Hi Linda,

    In the West I think there will be a backlash that will bring about the rise of the religious Harlot of Revelation 17. I address that in an article I am almost finished writing. It should get posted today by evening.

  48. I am very Interested in these Articles for some reason. You must be here for such a time as this. Although I don’t quite understand all of it. And I don’t know all of the Bible. God Bless the Gifts he has given you to help all of us in these last days. My Best to you, Linda

  49. Unbelievable in the news…

    How can there be a leftist Utopia if everyone is offended over everything ?

    The George Washington plaque is offensive to some because he was a slave owner.

    Calling a male “he” can get one fined or thrown in jail now if that person identifies as a she.

    The hyper-legalistic, insane, society that some are striving for can’t prevail…not even the mindless drone PC children being raised today by the public school system can even comply with this.

    What are we looking at next ?…are we going to have to read a legal script to communicate in public ?…that would be worse than mindless drones.

    What next ?…are we going to see husband and wife offended and suing each other ?…he wanted sex, she said no, so he was legally offended ?…she wanted to talk, he said no, so she was legally offended ?…are we going to let the Politically Correct courts decide in these in-home matters also ?

    I tell you, I’m offended that they’re offended…now what ?

  50. Don,

    With the NYC Islamic attack, the Colorado gunman, the proposed US Government November EMP drill, and Saturday’s November 4 Antifa plans…is this a sign of things to come, or really it looks like the sign is here and now.

    The news is disturbing, not just the violence, but people are doing the most reprobate minded things possible, from sexual deviancy to liberal causes to further degrade our nation.

    The good I read is that President Trump won’t have the violence and all indications are that he will put down what he can with overwhelming force, I say good it’s about time.

  51. Hi ~David,

    All this is the results of decades of evil. It is our choice – repentance or much death. If Trump and His supporters are dumped, you will know what to expect.

  52. Hmm,

    From Sports to Hollywood to Politics, we are certainly seeing corruption exposed, on a scale that has existed for a long time, but finally exposed by the Main Stream Media for what it is…and what it’s worth, which is very little.

    I’m sure we are only seeing a small part of it, even so, will this effect those who dedicate their lives to watching and supporting these reprobates ?

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