Democratic Party enslaves Republican Party frees those enslaved

I get a little tired of hearing the revisionist history coming from the Far Left controlled media in America. Republicans are not racists and Republicans never owned slaves. It was the Southern plantation owners that enslaved black people; most of these owners were Wiggs, No Nothings (no kidding) or Democrats. After the civil war it was the Democratic Party that enslaved blacks under segregation laws for nearly 100 years.

The polices of the Democratic Party enslaves black and white people under tyrannical dictates of the federal government today. On the other hand, the Republican Party from its very founding has always striven to free all enslaved people.

The Republican Party is named after our system of government. This nation was founded to be a Republic. The Republican Party came into being because of its opposition to slavery of blacks.

The Republican Party was formed in 1854 on the foundation of refusing to tolerate the expansion of slavery into the territories. Many northern Democrats at that time switched to the Republican Party. Republicans did not own slaves. Yet today, listening to the lying media, you would think that Republicans were and are racists that want to enslave blacks. The Far Left revisionists will lie through their teeth to promote their fascist/communist socialism.

A little real American history:

  • The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln. It was under Lincoln’s administration that blacks were made free men.
  • After the civil war many in the south resented the reconstruction programs. They joined the Democratic Party in opposition to the ruling northern Republicans. The Democrats did not win another Presidential election until 1884. It did not take long after that for the Democrats to betray the Jeffersonian Democracy that the Democratic Party was founded on.
  • The white Democratic Party leadership in the South did everything they could to keep blacks enslaved through state and local Democratic Party Jim Crow laws that enforced segregation.
  • It was through Democrat President Woodrow Wilson that segregation was put into place in federal offices and in the military. Wilson also started the Federal Reserve Bank that enslaved all Americans to private bankers.
  • The KKK was the enforcement arm for Democrats running the south, yet the controlled press in our nation always suggests that the KKK were and are neo-Nazi Far Right Republicans.
  • Martin Luther King was a Republican. Was he just stupid, or did he know that the Democratic Party enslaves?
  • State and local segregation laws were overturned by the federal government with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That bill was passed through great opposition from a block of 18 Southern Democratic senators.
  • President Linden B. Johnson (D) got the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Great Society bills passed and signed into law but the civil rights bills actually were agendas of President Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) and President John F. Kennedy (D).
  • The mindset of President Linden B. Johnson in ramrodding these programs through congress in spite of opposition from Southern Democrats is revealed in what Johnson is quoted as saying, I’ll have those nig—s voting Democratic for the next 200 years”.  This was said to two governors in reference to the Civil Rights act of 1964. (The first fifty years has now passed and blacks are still voting Democrat.) Here is another quote of this “great civil rights leader”. “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again. (Said to Senator Richard Russell, Jr. (D) regarding the Civil Right act of 1957.)
  • Governor George Wallace opposed the federal anti segregation laws in Alabama. Contrary to what some think George Wallace was a Democrat.

The elitist controlled media has brainwashed blacks with lies to keep them voting Democrat. Nevertheless, one can search the Republican Party history all the way back to the founding of the party and know that the Republican Party never had anything to do with slavery or segregation of blacks.

Some think the Democratic Party had a reformation and flipped on its oppression of blacks. However, the racists of the Democratic Party like President Johnson just changed their methods.

The racist Democratic Party power brokers still wanted to keep blacks away from power and away from themselves. Putting them on reservations like the American Indians was not politically feasible so the Democratic Party passed social programs that would give blacks just enough free watermelon to keep blacks on inner city ghettos and to keep them voting Democrat. There would be no way off of these government plantations except for the brightest. And they would limit black numbers by government supported programs designed to get black women to abort their babies.

That is where we are at today and only a small minority of blacks have caught on. Some that have caught on are being paid off to keep the scheme going. They are the black race baiters of the Democratic Party. Others aware that the Democratic Party enslaves got off of the government plantation and are now conservative Republicans.

There is a major film in the theaters (July 2016) that documents the history of the Democratic Party since slavery. It also is a book. Hillary’s America –The Secret History of the Democratic Party, by Dinesh D’Souza. I suggest that everyone become informed. In spite of the Hillary title, the movie is mostly about the Democratic Party. I think Hillary was put in when it became obvious that Hillary would be the Democratic Party nominee and because Hillary sells.

There is much more to be said about Hillary Clinton than just what this movie says. There is another good documentary on YouTube and Facebook. It is based on a book named Clinton’s Cash, by Peter Schweizer. There are many other books that document the evils of the Clinton’s. One has to be illiterate or willfully ignorant to remain uninformed. Yet, almost half of this nation still thinks Hillary Clinton should be President.

Hillary is a reflection of what the Democratic Party has become at the national level. The Democratic Party is led by multi millionaires, multinational corporations, racketeers, scammers, Marxists and perverts (sorry if I am being redundant). They claim to be the party of the poor but those running the party are owned by the filthy rich.

Both Hillary and Obama are disciples of Saul Alinsky and Alinsky was a disciple of Karl Marx and Chicago gangster Frank (the Enforcer) Nitti under Al Capone. Are you getting the picture yet?

The elite and corporate heads who own the Democratic Party want a two class system. One class will be the wage slaves that will work on their plantations for peanuts and the other class will be themselves. They will throw the left over peanut shells to the low information underclass on the ghetto plantations to keep them voting Democrat. They will open the borders to keep wages down and the Democratic votes up. They will support and push every type of debauchery to keep the low-class enslaved to whatever vice ensnares them. Meanwhile, they live in luxury and security in gated mansions.

Some will say there is no difference between the two parties anymore. Really? There is some crossover but generally there are clear differences between the two parties.

Republicans vs Democrats:

  • The Republican believes in individualism. – The Democrat believes in collectivism.
  • The Republican believes people should be free and government should be limited. – The Democrat believes government should run everyone and everything.
  • The Republican believes that people should work to improve their lives. – The Democrat thinks others should work to improve their lives.
  • The Republican believes in a strong military for self-defense of the citizens. – The Democrat believes in a strong federal police force to control other citizens.
  • Republicans believe in the right to life. – Democrats believe in the right to death.
  • Republicans believe in freedom of religion. – Democrats believe in freedom from Christianity.
  • Republicans believe in inalienable rights. – Democrats support government and corporate tyranny.
  • Republicans believe the Constitution is the law of the land. – Democrats believe that they are the law of the land.
  • Republicans believe in free speech for all. Democrats seek to censor any speech that they do not like.
  • Republican believe in free choice in schools and health care. Democrats believe government should give Americans no choice.
  • Republicans believe that children should be brought up by their parents. Democrats believe children should be brought up by the state.
  • Republicans believe in nominating people to the Supreme Court that decide if laws are constitutional under the Constitution. Democrats nominate political hacks that subvert the Constitution by claiming the Constitution does not mean what it says, or worse, they will say it is a living document that they can bend with the blowing political wind.
  • The Republican Party honors God and country in its national platform and national conventions – The Democratic Party platform and conventions do not honor God and it honors anti-American rebels.
  • The Republican Party at the national level remains fairly conservative and is now growing more conservative. The Democratic Party at the national level has been taken over by socialist fascists and communists that like to call themselves progressives.

There are many other areas where the differences between these two parties might not be so well-defined but what should be clear is that the Democratic Party enslaves people under tyrannical statist central government but the Republican Party stands for individual freedoms in a Democratic Republic.

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Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Democratic Party enslaves Republican Party frees those enslaved — 29 Comments

  1. Isn’t the Federal Reserve a private corporation anyway? Owned by the same family that controls the media. Which was designed to enslave us as u eluded to.

    In the DNC last night Hillary misquoted the back of the dollar bill’s meaning.. Novus Ordo Seclorum which actually means New World Order and order out of chaos. I barely caught it but she said something else like love prosperity or something like that? (totally misquoted the meaning)

    I saw how a woman stood up (in a red shirt, don’t kno her name) and said “when I had my first abortion” and the place erupted.

    Margret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood intentionally placed abortion clinics in poor black neighborhoods to decrease that population, just google her quotes.

    Also on gun control everyone pushing it has their own personal security police force from politicians to movie stars, they can afford it but they want the rest of us to go w/ out any personal protection.

    They all misquote what Trump said about keeping Muslims out, he said “initially” until we figure out what the heck is going on. which makes sense.

    Nice article glad someone knows history. Most people have a narrow bandwidth of knowledge and when someone goes outside of that bandwidth their called ‘Conspiracy people’ & that word alone keeps the masses inside that bubble & not look outside of it. It works too.

    Like that movie w/ Jim Carrie until he got wise. Can’t think of the name?

  2. The Federal Reserve is not owned by the same family that controls the media and there are a number of families that control the media not just one. About 8000 member banks with their stock owners own the Federal Reserve Banks. The 7 board of governors are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The 12 regional reserve bank board of directors are elected by the member banks. You asked, but lets not get into a discussion on the Federal Reserve.

  3. Hello Don, great article. Except I don’t believe Donald Trump is a true conservative or Republican for that matter. I will not vote for him or Hillary Clinton. I guess I will vote my conscious when I go into the voting booth. Maybe Libertarian I like there conservative views on government but,i don’t really like there social views. I’m conflicted 😱

  4. The Democratic Party really does want to “divide and conquer” in order to enslave everybody. “Free” healthcare, “free” education, abortion “rights”, women’s “rights”, amnesty for illegals, black lives matter, affirmative action, global warming (now “climate change”), and so on… Hillary in her speech yesterday said Trump “wants to divide us from the rest of the world, and from each other.” Not that I like Trump by any means, and he has liberal stances on certain issues also, but she’s the one which advocates for every single one of the divisive policies I mentioned above. Her statement also shows exactly what she envisions; a one world government. Heck, maybe if she becomes POTUS and Obama gets elected Secretary General of the United Nations, they both can work together once again, this time on the world stage. Talk about fast tracking globalism… Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  5. Don, as always, well said! Too bad the people who need to know all the history you provided here won’t ever know because they wouldn’t be caught dead reading or listening to the “real truth.” People need to watch “Clinton Cash” and “Hillary’s America” (which I plan to go see in a couple of weeks). I’ve been thinking a lot about this election, and even though I don’t really want to, I will go vote for Trump, because I think not voting will simply help Hillary win. What do you think might happen if Trump should actually win? I’ve been thinking about this and because the progressive liberals seem to be blatantly mentally ill, I’m leery that a Trump win might cause them to start rioting in the streets (with George Soros’ money paying them to do it), which would open the door to Obama being able to declare martial law and possibly keeping Trump from taking office. Could that happen in your opinion, Don?

  6. Don i think it disgusting and sickning that trump had a muslim speaker at the rnc i lost all respect for that man whom from the start i did not trust but to do that displays a depraved mindset a clown or jezebel the reprobate what a dismal scenario for the US and the world please don your thoughts on this

  7. I think Obama would be risking a coup and prison time if he tried to stay in office. Obama likes living the high life way too much to risk that.

    What will happen right after Trump is elected is hard to say. I would not rule out riots and subversion.

    Trump is probably going to surround himself with mostly conservative good people and they will hold his feet to the fire. Even so, the country is probably too far gone. At the very least we will have an economic collapse before Trump can do anything about that.

  8. That Muslim represented Muslims that do not believe in Jihad or that people should be forced to live under Sharia Law. Obviously Trump does not want all Muslims in this country to feel threatened by him. Do you really think that he will be elected President in this country if he suggests that he will oppress all Muslims in this nation?

    You do not need to respect Trump, but voting for Hillary will bring in thousands of Jihadists that will want to kill us.

  9. Don thank you for your reply i wish to ask you your thoughts on spain as opposed to the rrst of europe i regard to the terrrorism and islamic mayhem i ask you this because of your wise criteria and wisdom on such and also because as i just retired from teaching in spite of my mother giving me a completely payed for house in a farm lovated in the mountain center of the island of pr i have the notion of spending time away in spain every yeat for one two months starting next year when i finish this house renovation ypur reply will be valued your mos humble servant helmer

  10. My problem is why are so many so called Christians deceived and voting democrat. Many voted for Obama and still think He is our savior along with government. The government has become God to many people and they depend on government instead of God. That plays right in to the hands of these utopian one world government controlled by Satan power mongers.

    Why do just a handful of us know what is going on. Is the media that good that they are deceiving everyone? Our government schools have done a good job of changing history and rewriting it for their own use. Maybe I am wrong, and I hope I am, but I know there are many deceived that should know the truth.

    Like you said though, our churches will not take a stand and promote good people to government because I think they are afraid of losing their status as tax exempt. Seems like it is always money.

    But I guess it is 6 of one and half dozen of the other. But I think they could take a stand as they are going to at some point. When the powers that be tell them it is hate speech to preach on homosexuality and abortion, it won’t matter anyway.

    Just my opinion, but I believe the true believers are going to have to start meeting in homes again like at the beginning of the church. The organized churches have departed from the true faith mostly anyway, and you do not hear the gospel preached much anymore. We have religion with no Jesus. Most believe they are saved by keeping the law and they are trusting in their own righteousness to save themselves.

  11. The problem is that there are not many true Christians around in America anymore. If you do not believe me go to church. There is only a remnant.

    If the Democrats stay in power, most churches will comply with whatever the government tells them to. The others will have to meet in private. That of course is assuming that there will even be a country called the United States standing much longer.

    People in America are so naive about their future, Russia or China could send the whole nation back to horse and buggy days with just a few nuclear EMP’s. I think that is rapidly becoming more likely than not.

  12. The EMP’s would explain America’s absence from the book of Revelation as Russia and China prepare for joint military exercises in September. I believe that those who know the truth (real Christians) have taken some precautions to prepare for such an event and will be able to survive along with God’s protection as in Daniel 3:25 or lifted out of here. Can you imagine the actual emotions that will be experienced by the unbelieving, self-absorbed, Facebook, Selfie taking masses that now populate this once great Nation. Their minds will completely brake down and it could possibly be an opportunity for them to seek and find The Truth if we are still here to tell them. I don’t think that Assange with WikiLeaks is known for threating fake email releases but he stated the next leak will lead to arrest of Hillary Clinton: I know not to get my hopes up but there is something strange with Trump and Putin’s relationship. Trump stated yesterday that he does not know Putin and has never met him while Fox News produced old Video with Trum saying he knows Putin well after being his stable mate waiting to be interviewed for 60 minutes and spent time with him when the Mrs. Universe pageant was held in Moscow in 2013. Putin came out today and stated he really wanted to meet Trump while he was in Moscow but Trump was late and did not get to meet him? These are exciting times to be alive; while all this chaos is scaring the sox off the vast majority of the human race, those in the Lamb’s Book of Life can have peace and continue to keep looking up as the time is nigh!!

  13. “Can you imagine the actual emotions that will be experienced by the unbelieving, self-absorbed, Facebook, Selfie taking masses that now populate this once great Nation.”

    Stephen, I am not worried abut the emotions that these social networking zombies experience after an EMP takes down our infrastructure. I am worried that they will actually start eating people when their two days of food runs out. I doubt if they will be in any position to learn the truth about the Lord. And if we are still here they are not going to allow us to preach to them either.

  14. Enjoyed the article and agree with it. I would like to mention that Ulysses Grant was a slave owner but supposedly freed him before becoming a republican president. Also the great flood of 1927 had a huge impact on blacks leaving the republican party and turning to the democratic party. I’m not bashing republicans as I am one myself. Just interesting tidbits of history.

  15. Thanks for this article. Its strange how you somehow expect these facts without even taking thought. Like, you know Christianity represents freedom, so the whole Christian Republican history of slavery just don’t add up. It just doesn’t. Like Islam being a “religion of peace” and their so-called “Golden age” is just a hard pill to swallow.

    Those beliefs of the Republican party are great and all. However, these days the more I think of the Republicans, the more I am reminded of the words “faith without works is dead”. As for Trump, whatever drives him, we need something like it. Only real conservatives telling it as it is with a chorus of socialists anxiously reacting to each word.

  16. Considering Grant became president in 1869, and that the 13th amendment was ratified in December of 1865, he would have had to relinquish his slave, if indeed he had one at that time. As far as I am aware, the historical records only show one slave ever owned by Ulysses S. Grant, and that man had been freed in 1859.

  17. Joseph,

    i am not sure what you are saying. There was no Republican history of slavery. Christianity only represents spiritual freedom in Christ. Slaves were told to serve their master in the New Testament. Most people in any dispensation of time are not true Christians anyway. It was no different in colonial times.

    There were slaves in biblical days and even before. The Bible does not condemn slavery it was part of the human condition. When a person could not pay their debts they were sold to become slaves to pay off their debt.

    God gave directions in the Bible to set slaves free when their debt was paid. Even so, some slaves chose to remain slaves because they loved their master or could not make a living on their own. Being a slave was not something dishonorable to those that voluntarily choose to be slaves.

    Some slaves had quite a bit of power and they were will taken care of. Some actually were second in command to the land owner and some even inherited the owner’s estate if the owner so willed. The whole nation of Israel were slaves to another country several times in their history. This was allowed by God so that Israel would learn to honor and obey the God that kept them free men.

    Slavery was very common all over the world in the days that the American Republic was set up. It is just the way it was. Besides, there was a lot of misinformation about other races even being fully human coming from so called science to confuse even Christians.

    I think freely becoming a slave of Christ is quite honorable and that is the state of true Christians.

    Helmer, stay on the post topic or your comments will not be posted. If you have a question, find the correct post to ask it on or email me. Read my commenting policy

  18. Don, when you say that Martin Luther King was a Republican, do you mean Daddy King? Because MLK Jr has definitely never been a Republican. Wasn’t Jr working with L. Johnson on the Act of 1964?

  19. I do not in this comment have much to offer in the evaluation of slavery of past history, regardless of the parties involved. I look at it as a hideous undertaking of humanities past.

    I am sad to see that the race baiters of today insist on keeping this terrible tragedy of past history alive and pertinent, much of it for political and population manipulation I think….that I won’t go into here.

    My thought and question here revolve around the Democratic, Republican, and other parties.

    Obama and other liberal supporters have clearly accomplished what they set out to do, to bring our nation down to its knees.

    My question, is there any entity or sector in the United States Government that is not hell bent on the complete destruction of our independent nation ?

    Is there any entity or sector in the United States Government that wants to fight and resurrect our nations status to a powerful and Constitutional Republic again ?

    Or, despite our clear path downwards, are those in United States Government only concerned with One World Governance and surrendering our independent sovereignty…for the sake of their misguided and destructive agenda ?

    It seems clear to me that if Hillary were to be elected, she would simply be Obama II.

    Trump, despite his rhetoric of “Make America Great Again”, seems to be too little, too late…if he were even able to accomplish half of what he proposes.

  20. There seems to be some debate on what if any party MLK Jr identified with. Almost all blacks in the south were Republicans before 1964 and I suppose MLK Jr. also identified with black Republicans. After all his Father was a Republican.

    There is more than one source that says MLK Jr was Republican including his niece. I don’t think anyone really knows how MLK Jr. actually voted since Georgia did not required registration by party. Here are some links.

    I think in the end King became disillusioned with both parties and voted how ever he pleased. There is no doupt that his civil rights marches were opposed by southern Democrats. Both parties were working on the civil right act but the Democrats controlled congress at that time. And it was the southern Democratic Senate that unsuccessfully filibustered the Civil Rights act.

  21. That is what the Tea Party was about. Do the ideals of the Tea Party still exist in government? It does among some Senators and a lot of U.S. Representatives. They certainly are not the majority. It also existed in the military but that is rapidly fading because flag officers are more worried about promotions and pensions than the Constitution or the nation.

  22. There are a lot of variables for how much Trump can accomplish if elected.

    Time: Who really knows how much time we have? Inaction is surrender so let’s not surrender whatever amount of time is left.

    Opposition: Expect it from the Democrats but we need to clean house in the Republican party too. Paul Ryan needs to go. His policies for open boarders, more refugees and bad trade agreements reflect those of Clinton’s more than Trumps.

    From what I’ve read Dr. Kelli Ward is a solid conservative and a better choice for the senate than McCain.

    It’s up to us to know when the RINO’S are up for reelection in our states and vote them out. There’s a lot of house cleaning that will take time.

    I feel like those three third party candidates Castle, Johnson and Stein are being selfish. They know they won’t win but yet stay on the ballot which will take votes from Trump. Is that their purpose?

    The Democratic Party is not only socialist but it is lawless. I get kind of scared thinking about what will happen if they win another four years.

  23. Good day.

    On my earlier comment on “Christian Republican Slavery”, I was referring to the Left’s lies, as well as the whole Hollywood portrayal of Biblically justified slavery.

    Being a slave in Christ is more freedom than the world could ever provide.

  24. The democratic party reminds me of Judas Iscariot of Holy Bible. In John 12:5 Judas complained and wanted to know why the perfume was not sold and money placed in the money bag and given to the poor. The thing is Judas didn’t give a dam for the poor and wanted the money for himself because he was a thief. The democrats are the same. They could care less about the poor and only want to be elected for themselves. Just look at the facts. Household net income remains at 50 year lows. More people are on food stamps than ever before. Obama is the only president in history to not have 1 single year of 3% GDP growth. Of course the democrats hate facts and live in the world of myth along with many others.

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