Don Koenig’s 2017 geopolitical Bible prophecy update

Forty years ago I thought the Lord would come long before now and so did many others. In those days people were thinking that the Lord would come about 2000 years from His incarnation. Now it seems more fitting that Jesus would come 2000 years from the start of His ministry when He announced the acceptable year of the Lord, or 2000 years from His death and resurrection. This is based on the day is as a thousand-year model with 7000 years being the week allotted to mortal man.

So here we are in 2017 and the Lord still has not returned for His Church. Frankly, at least one geopolitical event has not made the Lord’s return seem any closer than it appeared in the 1980’s. Back in those days the Soviet Union certainly looked capable of fulfilling Ezekiel 38 and 39. Today Russia only has marginal capabilities to assemble such an army. It looks to me like that event is still a decade or so in the future.

At the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia went into a deep depression. Their military became underfunded and much of it was dismantled. Most of what remained became outdated. Russia under Putin is now rebuilding a new modern military. I would say Russian military power will peak again in about ten years. After that, it gets increasingly hard for Russia to field a large army because of demographics. Russia’s population is aging and shrinking. I suggest that Russia will come down against Israel after a war in East Europe brings a new alliance of nations led by Russia.

Other geopolitical events do make the second coming look closer than ever.

Israel: has been a state for almost 70 years. I think something significant will happen next year to mark that anniversary. I do not think it will be the start of the time of Jacob’s trouble. Israel has to be living in security before the Gog invasion. Israel is anything but secure now with over 100,000 missiles being pointed at her. This year or next might mark the turning point for Israeli security. There could be a sharp war that will get Israel a much-needed security guarantee.

World government: Agenda 2030 is now on the books of the UN. It is a plan to bring about world governance by 2030.

The UN is increasingly being controlled by third world and Islamic Nations. The increased hostility toward Israeli expansion into conquered territories will lead to a UN armed action against Israel sometime down the line. For any UN action to happen against Israel there would have to be a leftist President in the United States or the US would have to be out of the UN for some reason. Therefore, I can’t see UN military actions against Israel for a number of years. Sanctions would come first, but even they require America to agree. I think America’s control over the UN through its veto power in the Security Council will end at some point for some reason. That will make a UN military actions against Israel likely a decade or so down the line.

United States: America is not found in Bible prophecy. That is very significant if we are near the second coming. Something is going to happen soon to bring America down. I think the demise of America will occur from a grid down situation that brings about civil collapse. The carelessness and the foolishness of our people and the leaders that such people elect makes that quite likely. America is more vulnerable than ever for grid failure. That threat will remain high for years.

Roman Empire: the idea of a revived Roman Empire is not going to go away just because nations pull out of the EU. The power brokers will just repackage the European superstate idea or bring about their goal through some other means like war. Keep in mind, that the final Beast configuration is brought about by the Antichrist after the removal of three kings and their kingdoms.

Religion:  The Pope is increasingly speaking for all of Christendom and he is also trying to find common ground with Islam. He may find it, because all world religions are satanically controlled systems. This becomes increasingly likely if a war of civilizations occurs. After that, the world will so fear religious fundamentalism that only non threatening watered down concepts about revelations from God will be allowed. This combining of religions where all is filtered through human thought police will obviously take some time. I do not think this Harlot will be in place much before 2030.

Arabs: There is no peace for the Arabs before the reign of Christ. Will they again attack Israel in 2017? Maybe, but Israel will continually defeat the Arabs. The Gog invasion of Israel does not mention Arabs. So what happens to the Arab nations surrounding Israel? We may soon find out.

The kings of the East: China now has 1.4 billion people, India 1.25 billion, Pakistan and Bangladesh .35 billion. That is 3 billion people. Based on this population, they could field the 200 million man army of Revelation 9:16. Two hundred million is less than 7 percent of the population of these eastern nations. The United States had 8 percent of its population in the military at the end of World War II. Therefore, this army is feasible as soon as they have the economy and the infrastructure to support such a large army.

India and China are economically advancing rapidly. China’s Silk Road Economic Belt initiative will develop the infrastructure needed for support of such an army toward the Middle East. All that will take a decade or more to achieve. Therefore, the Kings of the East are not coming with that army for at least another decade.

Sin and unbelief: Sin unrestrained increases like a plague until judgment falls. In fact, people are celebrating their sinfully life choices as if there was no God for which they are accountable. Jesus said just before the end time judgment the world would be like it was in the days just before the  flood and in the days of Lot just before fire fell. At the rate that debauchery is becoming acceptable, raping people in the city streets and nobody prosecuting them for their actions will be widespread in a decade. In fact, it is already happening to women in parts of Europe because Islam allows rape of infidels. There are many other sins besides sex sins, but debauchery in society is a visible barometer of demonic activity and society’s rebellion against God.

The West is almost all Christian in name, but it is mostly post Christian in belief. Some acknowledge God but most deny Him in what they practice. The practice of the West is secular humanist Marxism, blind religious ritualism or the spiritualism of pantheism. These best can be described as Romans One people. And since they were given over to a reprobate mind, they will increasingly act out their rebellion until judgment falls and cuts them off from the land of the living. Those in the West living sinful lifestyles because they really do not believe and fear God, will not survive the coming judgments.

World debt: Most of the nations of the world have become so indebted that they lost most of their sovereignty. People in these nations are slaves of the lenders. Debt allows the top money lenders to control the political leaders of the world.  I do not see how the debt problem can be kicked down the road for more than another decade. There will be a debt reset soon and it will change the world as we know it. At some point it will bring in the electronic buy/sell system mentioned in Revelation.

Genetics: Mankind has learned how to alter DNA. By the 2030’s he might achieve the fountain of youth unless someone first achieves the fountain of death. Tampering with the genetic code could destroy all life on earth so God will intervene very soon.

Mark of the Beast system: This buy/sell system increasingly looks feasible. Some nations are already announcing the end of cash. It probably will take about another decade to get the communications needed for such a system to be available worldwide. Soon after that it will become the only economic system allowed.

Pestilence: The age of antibiotics is coming to an end. Super bugs are now appearing. They will spread worldwide in the next decade or two and fulfill the prophecies about pestilences in the last days.

War and Hate: Mankind certainly has not learned how to live in peace and love. The world is just as belligerent as it was before the world wars. In every generation the world has had wars and we will have wars in this generation as well. The big difference is that the weapons of our warfare can now destroy much more than they did in the past. They will. Bible prophecy says so.

This brief survey of geopolitical trends as of 2017 seems to imply that the events talked about in Bible prophecy are getting closer. Even so, those mentioned as occurring during the tribulation still seem to be a decade or two down the line. What do you think?

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Don Koenig’s 2017 geopolitical Bible prophecy update — 46 Comments

  1. Don,

    With regards to America’s future, I am a bit torn. Part of me is leaning more towards America being Mystery Babylon. I’m not quite sold on the prospect, mainly due to our enormous amount of debt that has to be serviced at some point.

    There are some who really believe that Trump is going to be the catalyst that makes America better than it ever has which leads to the Mystery Babylon designation. I’m not sold on that yet either.

    I believe you offered that America could be eventually absorbed into the EU or some other global entity at some point. Which it obviously would during the Antichrist’s reign if not sooner. Then again perhaps America just breaks up much like the USSR did, which I see as most likely to happen out of all the scenarios.

    I know Iraq is being rebuilt with American money and maybe some other contributors. I don’t know. Anyway great article. Thanks again.

  2. Steve,

    America is not mystery Babylon. Mystery Babylon is satanically inspired religion. If the population of America is reduced to that of Canada because of a grid down situation, she will cease from being a world superpower.

  3. This short article sums up the current position related to Jesus return so well. We all know it could move faster or slower and in unexpected directions but this provides a road map to start any discussion. Thanks so much. You answered questions that were fore and center. I have already asked others to read it hoping that they will get on board the fast approaching Express. So many “Christians” do not and will not contemplate that Jesus ‘will return’ but that ‘proverbial hell’ will break loose on the world as foretold. They just drift along thinking that times will change but not as dramatically as all that. You can see that in the way they talk of the next election or President.

  4. I believe today marked the beginning of America’s downfall. As I read through the teachings of Christ, I cannot help but see that our new President is the anti-thesis of all Jesus taught us to be. I cannot read the Proverbs, or Psalms, or letters of Paul, without seeing some scathing indictment of President Trump. Never has our nation’s leader been so overtly hostile to Yahweh and his decrees (in both word and deed); and yet, he invokes the name of Christ for political gain. Surely, our nation will witness the Lord’s righteous anger. I pray for our nation, and that President Trump receives wise counsel, so as to not anger the Lord.

  5. I just want to say thanks again for all the articles you do Don, they are very helpful for my own studies of prophecy. I don’t really have any crazy thoughts on the matter, although Russia, Turkey and Iran working closer together do show that is slowly building up to Magog. Then again Erdogan is a loose cannon so who knows if those relations will last for the time being.

  6. Jeremiah,

    I think Obama was the most hostile president toward YHWH by a long shot. Obama claimed to be a Christian but he approved of and pushed everything antichrist. We shall see the God of Trump soon enough.

  7. Thank You Don for that follow up to Jeremiah’s comments. It is amazing to me to see how much difference there can be in opinion on important things from people that claim a relationship with Christ.
    I look forward to seeing as well if Trump is able to humble himself before Our Lord!
    I am praying that he can and will.

  8. Time is running out quickly if Jesus really is returning in the late 2020s/early 2030s. I think if we do not see some of the necessary events happen fairly soon then perhaps His return is not as close as we thought. Having said that, I think there are so many reasons why Jesus will come back at the end of mankind’s 6000th year that I cannot see it happening any other way.
    I still have a hard time figuring out how some of the end time events can possibly occur so quickly in the next 10-15 years. For instance,

    – how can Babylon, the great city of the modern world by built in literally 10 years from now? I have have my own suspicions which I shared with you Don about how this could be but even they seem unlikely.

    – how can the antichrist literally control ALL people on earth with today’s technology? I can’t believe every archaic pigmy tribe deep in the jungle will have antichrist lacheys knocking on their huts demanding the mark.

    I could go on, but it seems to me that if Jesus is truly returning in <15 years it becomes increasingly necessary for these events to be fulfilled after the rapture supernaturally by demonic forces.

  9. Hi Jim,

    There will be supernatural forces aiding the Antichrist and he will have all the wealth in the world at his disposal if necessary. Even so, keep in mind that modern cities have been built in less than a decade. Another thing is that the city does not have to be large or have a large population, it just has to become the world seat of the Beast. It also could be completed more like 15 to 20 years from now.

    Also, The Antichrist is not going to totally control everyone on earth but the Beast system will control all commerce on earth.
    They are working on the electronic communications to reach the world. It certainly will be feasible before 2030.

    As for the second coming being beyond 2040, Humans would destroy the world before that. That might only be possible if half of the people in the world died in something like a new Black Plague. Then there would be a population rebuilding processes. I rule that out for several reasons with the primary reason being Israel in the land.

  10. Are there any biblical comparison to or reference to Dubai or Mecca in your opinion as relates to prophecy and do you still hold that Mystery Babylon is only a reference to Iraq and or the satanic religion? I know you have written on Mystery Babylon before but would enjoy further comment and discussion on that.

  11. Thanks much for your insight over the years because I for one have found it both enlightening and comforting. Your interpretation has set out a logical path to understand scripture that sure as heck was missing in my Catholic upbringing and also helped in evaluating statements from magazines, television, and other ‘religious’ sources that felt wrong but in my limited study could not (for fear of speaking anti-Christian) be biblically rebuked. Blessings to your continued efforts.

  12. I have to comment that how anyone could fathom that Trump remotely compares to that “anti-Christ” Obummer after all his efforts to legitimize abhorrent practices of abortion, homosexuality, pro-Muslim, etc. is totally illogical. I have always felt that God can forgive the sinner that knows he has sins BUT God will not condone humanity that incorporates evil into government no more than he condoned Satan’s angelic rebellion. Trump to date has not called for institutionalizing evil as good or outlawing good as evil like odumbo did so often that a sane person would have feared playing golf with the ‘illegal one’ lest they be struck by lightning from a vengeful God. God provided reprobate America with a platform for their evil beliefs via that evil liberal mouthpiece but a golf partner for him might be tempting target to roast in God’s anger.

  13. HI CeSmith

    I don’t see any biblical comparison to Dubai or Mecca. Dubai would be an example of how a great city could be built in one decade if there is enough money.

    I cover Mystery Babylon in my Revelation Commentary chapter 17. It is satanic inspired religion.

  14. Don – great article! I am having trouble understanding possible end time
    scenarios. I do think Trump was an act of God – to help Israel feel more
    secure? to help the division in the USA?
    In your opinion – how will Israel feel more secure after the rapture? Also,
    how will people be living normal lives after the rapture? Would an EMP
    strike effect the entire world or could it be confined to USA? If a strike
    did happen – how would the rest of the world be living happy normal lives? I guess I am having trouble understanding how all the possible events could tie together?
    One last thought – do you think the significant happening this year to mark the anniversary of Israel being a state for 70 years could be the rapture?
    Thank you for all the time you spend on your articles.

  15. Hello Don, as one of your neighbors north of the border I watched yesterday and today’s proceedings with great interest. I heard some of your broadcasters make fun of those who quoted scripture, as well as stating that we all are nut cases and dangerous. Then watching the women’s march so that they can have control over their bodies, meaning more abortions at the cost to the tax payer. It appears to me that anyone believing in YHWH better become grounded in him. My whole take on this is the end days are certainly getting closer. As a Canadian I can see that OBAMA did more to separate your nation racially and regiliously, I pray that you will all hang in there and trust in Jesus.

  16. Hi Donni,

    Let me start with your last question first. The 70th anniversary of Israel as a state has nothing at all to do with the timing of the Rapture. That does not mean that the Rapture might not occur this years. Even so, I think next decade is much more likely.

    The people of America will have to heal their own divisions. Most of the division is caused by decades of Marxist indoctrination and the love of sin. I think Trump give us the option to heal the division but I doubt if the brainwashed and Romans One people of Americans will take it.

    I do not think Israel will feel more secure or less secure after the Rapture. The Rapture will be a small percentage of people. It will not a significant percentage of people in any nation to change national polices. Keep in mind, that there will be an explanation for the Rapture that will not be the biblical one. That is also why people will go on as always after the Rapture. Also keep in mind, that the security Israel has before the Gog invasion also could be the result of the Two Witnesses. We really do not know how the security happens.

    A nuclear EMP would be limited to the line of sight of the explosion. The higher elevation the nuclear explosion the more area it would cover. If it were directed at the United States, it would be confined to mostly the United States. I don’t expect a solar EMP before the tribulation. People will not be living happy lives during the great tribulation. It will be the worst time on earth ever.

    All things do not tie together because they occur over a span of at least 10 years.

  17. Hi Don,

    I’m confused. Everyone keeps saying Israel has been a State for 70 years, but it was officially formed on May 15th, 1948. And since I was born only a few days later, I’m pretty sure that makes it only 68 years old. What am I missing?

    Also, concerning Mystery Babylon, Chris White, with whom I disagree with concerning his pre-wrath Rapture view, has an interesting series of videos where he tries to prove MB is Jerusalem. I’ve found his evidence compelling, although I’m still seeking. I don’t think anyone will ever know for sure this side of the tribulation. If you’re interested in his reasoning, here is the link:

    I am curious if others find his evidence as compelling as I do.

  18. Don,

    Thanks for the insight. I was thinking that maybe Trump was put into power to assist the Jews in rebuilding the Temple. At least so far he seems to be the most pro Israel president we have ever had.

  19. Hi Doug,

    My bad. I fixed the problem on the article. I do not know why I had written that 70 years would occur this year when actually it will occur next year.

    I am not going to watch all his videos. I do not see any way that Jerusalem is mystery Babylon. Very few teachers ever bought into the Jerusalam augment for good reason. The kings of the earth never commented fornication with Jerusalem and Jerusalem does not reign over the kings of the earth. At the writing of Revelation the only city that qualifies is Rome.

    Mystery Babylon in pagan based region. It all started in Babylon but the Babylonian practices moved to Rome. It will probably move to Babylon again after the destruction of Rome and the Harlot. Islam is a cult that came out of Gnostic Christianity, it will merge with Rome. Then after the destruction of Mystery Babylon the world will worship the Antichrist as God.

  20. Hi Don, I agree with your comments to Doug regarding Mystery Babylon and this may be how it moves from Rome to Babylon. Zech. 5: 6 to 11. I learned about this years ago from Chuck Missler’s commentary on Zechariah.

    “And I said, what is it? And he said, This is an ephah that goeth forth. He said moreover, This is their resemblence through all the earth. And behold there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a women that sitteth in the midst of the ephah. And he said, this is wickedness, and he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof. Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven. Then said I unto the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah? And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established and set their upon HER own base.”
    Is this where you came to the possibility that it would be moved to Babylon?

  21. Hi Donald,

    Yes, that is the passage that tells us about the moving of wickedness back to Babylon. Another passage supports the physical rebuilding of Babylon

    Isa 14:4 That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased!

    This passage is in the context of the very last days and the city has to exist before it can be called the golden city.

    There are other passages that indicate that end time Babylon is at a physical location on the plains of Shinar that is in what is now named Iraq. For a complete analysis of Mystery Babylon and Babylon the Great, people should read chapters 17 and 18 of my Revelation commentary (on top bar under main website directory)

  22. Thanks for your website. I have looked on here for several years.
    I think the rapture could very well happen at the 2000 year anniversary of the church age. I think the church age may have begun when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, and the church age ends at the rapture, when the time of the gentiles are fulfilled. Pentecost was some days after the resurrection. The resurrection was probably AD 30 or AD 33, so the rapture is maybe 2030 AD or 2033 AD.

    The signs of the end times seem to indicate the second coming around that time or just after that time. I don’t think it’s just haphazard-occurring right around the 2000 year anniversary.

    For years, Christian prophecy teachers have said the USA is not in Bible prophecy and then they speak of economic collapse or devastation. Maybe too much is read into that. I have always thought that there would not be huge collapse or devastation because in the Bible it states that as in the days of Noah people were eating, drinking, getting married, buying and selling, building and planting. That description fits how things are now. A huge collapse or devastation would change that description.

  23. Hi Shawn,

    There could be an economic collapse followed by a recovery some years before tribulation events begin. That would explain life going on as usual. The forced Mark of the Beast buy/sell system might just be a later phase of a world electronic money system that was set up after the collapse.

  24. How can Mystery Babylon be a satanically inspired religion?. The destruction of Mystery Babylon is related in exceedingly physical and economic terms. Terms such as…

    Rev 18:11 – “The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore”

    NO ONE buys the cargo of the merchants of the earth anymore. They are weeping. The destruction of religion does not stop world trade for merchants and make them mourn. Not the merchants of one country or one religion, but of the entire earth.

    The God brought destruction of the very physical Mystery that is end times Babylon clearly has unprecedented world economic ramifications. As a result of them seeing the smoke of her burning they are undone and weep, because there is NO ONE to buy their cargo anymore.

    There is a world reserve currency that could suddenly halt world trade, if the backing behind that world currency were to suddenly go poof…in an hour. Credit markets and liquidity would simply be gridlocked. Merchants of the earth would clearly be mourning.

  25. Hi Exoduswatch,

    Chapter 17 is talking about Mystery Babylon and Chapter 18 is talking about Babylon. Mystery Babylon is satanic inspired world religions that will fall about three years earlier when the ten kings burn her with fire. Then will come the worship of the Beast and counterfeit Kingdom of God that God calls Babylon the Great.

    Chapter 18 starts with saying “after these things” and never calls Babylon, Mystery Babylon. The Babylon of chapter 18 is the seven Satanic Kingdoms of the world and that includes their economic system. The Babylon that will fall, is of the seven and will also be the eight. It will be the counterfeit kingdom of God that the Beast will set up just prior to the second coming.

    Read my Revelation commentary Chapter 17 and 18 for more detail. (You can find it from the top bar under Main Website Directory.)

  26. Don,

    It seems Trump is putting together a cabinet and group of advisors that are mostly Christians from what I have heard. Assuming Trump wins reelection, and the rapture is at least 7 years before the 2nd coming, most of the leadership could disappear. It seems rather fitting that what is a blessing today may turn out to be a judgement to unbelieving America. While I don’t believe Trump is a true believer yet, I think he will become one sometime in his administration. As I said before, Trumps victory was rather miraculous and I believe he was given victory to help set the stage for end time events.

  27. For the first time in at least the last two or three presidential elections, I am optimistic for America. Of course that could change for a variety of reasons, so I am not buying in completely.

  28. You said, “For any UN action to happen against Israel there would have to be a leftist President in the United States or the US would have to be out of the UN for some reason.” There is a bill introduced by congressman Mike Rogers to get the US out of the UN; see . Though it was introduced a while back, it may find new life in the current presidency.

  29. Hi gridzgamer,

    I know about the bill. I do think that at some point the United States will abandon the UN for one reason or another. Then the headquarters will move to Europe.

  30. I read this article where segment of the Catholic Church is requesting Trump to investigate Hillary and Obama in the direct involvement of putting Pope Francis in office and cited irregularities clear down to control of Vatican finances just prior to Benedict’s abdication. You seem to outline the meaning better than I ever extrapolate.
    I wonder how that plays out in biblical prophecy? Here is the source.
    A Vatican-Democratic Party Alliance? (Catholics Ask Trump Administration to Investigate) Featured
    Written by The Remnant Newspaper

  31. Hi ceSmith,

    I don’t buy into any overwhelming influence from Obama and Hillary. Even so, The socialistic globalist ideology obviously is the same ideology of some cardinals that voted. The majority picked Francis to be Pope because they wanted someone with his beliefs to rule. They knew what he believed.

    What the Cardinals pick will probably result in the False Prophet but I cannot say that I know that Francis will be that False prophet. He could die tomorrow.

  32. Don,

    Would you say believing in evolution is a major underlying cause for communism and liberalism?

  33. Hi Jim,

    Believing lies is the cause of all non Christian worldviews. Those that do not believe in a personal God are going to seek alternatives. The belief in evolution is based more on faith in that theory than any scientific fact. Why replace what God said in the Bible with a man-made lie? They do it because of unbelief.

    Liberalism is difficult to define because so called liberals are not liberal. The Left tends to trust in man for all things. They do that because they do not trust in God. The root of mankind’s evils is unbelief.

  34. In reply to David L, the book The Two Babylons is an excellent book , lots of good historical information there. It is a difficult book to read , requires some serious work. It is not casual or leisure reading , but well worth the effort.

  35. Don – I don’t see the distinction you make between “Mystery Babylon” in Rev 17 and “Babylon” in Rev 18. In Rev 17, when you look at the Greek the title “Mystery Babylon” is misnomer, rather Mystery is a prefacing title, so that more accurately it is written in English…Mystery: Babylon the Great to indicate that what follows Babylon the Great is a Mystery. What further reinforces this, is that Babylon the Great is used both in Rev 17 and Rev 18, In Rev 18 Babylon the Great…already established in Rev 17 as being a “Mystery” clearly was a mystery as when John of Patmos wrote this there was no Babylon or Babylonian empire, but it was for the latter days and in so being was a mystery for the millenia that would elapse from the time of the writing to the end days.

    How can we get around the fact that in both Rev 17 and 18 they are referring to the same mysterious entity that is called “Bablyon the Great”? The mystery that is Babylon the Great in the latter times. I don’t see how these can be to totally separate entities. It seems that both Rev 17 and 18 are talking about the same entity

  36. exoduswatch,

    The two chapters in Revelation are talking about the culmination of two Satanic systems. One is the religious system and the other is the world system that becomes a counterfeit Kingdom of God. Both are counterfeit satanic systems identified as Babylon. Thus, the Harlot religious system of Revelation 17 that is burned with fire and the Beast world system that is destroyed in Revelation 18. They have different fates and fall during the tribulation at different times.

  37. Hi P T Jon,

    If you are going to provide a link for someone to read, link to the article and not just the website. Nobody is going to be searching for articles not appearing.

    I know certain people think America is in Bible prophecy but they are reading America into Bible prophecy. The Bible says nothing about America and I think they are wrong to suggest that America fulfills anything said about the tribulation era.

    Also, The person you linked to is Seventh Day Adventist. They just make things up as they go along.

    By the way, providing a link to an article is not proof. People have written articles on just about every position imaginable. Just the fact that they wrote an article is not proof that what they said is correct. If you cannot make a good argument yourself, you probably need to learn instead of just looking for articles to tell others that they are wrong.

  38. Don, I had gotten interested in your Writings. I always thought the Temple could not be rebuilt until after Christ comes to set up his Kingdom. I thought it was in the Scriptures. Direct me will you? And since the signs of the Times are here. But Labor Pains seems we are well into and going on for a while now? If around 2034 could be a closer Projection on Christ’s Second Coming. Then that could mean the Rapture of the Church is even closer? And we should have the Urgency from the Holy Spirit. Or am I the only one that thinks like that so we can get ready?

  39. Hi Linda,

    The scriptures indicate that the Temple will be rebuilt before Christ returns. The sacrifice will cease during the time of the Antichrist so it must have been restarted again. Also, the Antichrist enters the Temple and defiles it and that starts the great tribulation.

    The labor pains are for Israel. The delivery of the promised kingdom follows. The labor pains really have not started yet although there have been some false labor pains with their persecutions and wars.

    The Church can and should know that the time is short and should be prepared for the Lord’s coming.

  40. Thank you for Clarifying these questions. Scripture can be
    interpreted wrongly. Or listening to People you thought was right.
    Not taking up too much time here. Thanks again, Sincerely and God-
    Bless your Ministry. As you seem to have more of the Correct Answers.


  41. Hi Don, Thanks again for listening. Is it possible God could open one’s eyes meaning that Person that has the Retrobate Mind. Or can it
    be too late? As their are Love-ones Lives at Stake or on the line that don’t even know they are? Linda

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