Elite intend to bring America down – America on the eve of destruction

America could be on the eve of destruction. I think very troubling times are about to hit America. The elite fully intend to bring America down one way or another because a powerful America is an impediment to world governance. They fully plan to have world governance in place by 2030 with or without America.

Obama came from out of nowhere and became President of the USA because the elite promoting him believed he would work to bring America down. He certainly has. With the help of fellow travelers in media, Congress and the courts there was no way to stop him.

I warned about Obama almost 9 years ago. Obama has put in place the people and the programs that will achieve the goal to bring America down. Trump is a big threat because he has nationalistic plans for America.

Whether Obama will find some way to stay in office or not is immaterial. The subversives, traitors and those that hate America are now firmly in place in government, education, media and our courts. They will continue the agenda to bring America down.

Hillary will just continue on Obama’s path for America’s demise. She might even surpass her own expectations to bring America down when her policies gets America nuked.

Donald Trump will not turn out to be any solution either because the elite will not allow nationalist Trump to make America great again. There would have to be a counter-revolution in Europe and America to delay the globalist agenda or some kind of divine intervention.

The world elite will do anything they can to stop Trump from ever becoming President. I do not rule out anything. Even if Trump is elected, they will find a way to see that he never takes office. If Trump does take office, they probably have the votes to impeach and remove him for just about anything.

Pence is a conservative Christian man but he has already showed that he can be cowed by the politically correct police. That is why he never made the Republican Party presidential race. I also do not rule out that they would somehow take out both Trump and Pence at the same time. That would make the Speaker of the House the President. Speaker Paul Ryan is totally in bed with the globalist elite.

The globalist Soros funded foundations and the Ford Foundation recently gave Black Lives Matter about one hundred million dollars to further their rebellion. BLM leaders said that they will instigate riots everywhere if Trump is elected. I believe them. What then? Massive riots even before Trump takes office? What would Obama do? All bets are off.

If Trump did take office and the riots continue, what will Trump do to establish law and order as a law and order President? Whatever Trump does will drum up the usual Hitler rhetoric with growing impeachment demands.

Let’s even suppose that Trump takes office and he somehow keeps things under control. What do you think the world elite will do? Do you think they will just allow nationalist Trump and America to delay the global world government that they have worked toward for centuries?  No. They will increase their efforts to bring America down. Shortly after being elected the power brokers will probably read Trump the riot act and Trump will be told in no uncertain terms to play ball or else.

If Trump does not play ball, they might even start a war with Russia or China to achieve their end. They might even conspire for an EMP event that will take out most of America’s population. The global elite would love to see America’s population reduced to that of Canada and Australia. They think we consume way too much of the world’s resources and have way too much power. What better way to reduce America’s population and superpower status than with a grid down situation?

The movie Amerigeddon”, by Mike Norris (son of Chuck Norris) and Gary Heavin gives just such a scenario. The movie is based on the very real premise that factions in the U.S. government consorting with UN elite order an EMP attack to bring America down. The old Jericho TV series had a similar premise. In that series some rogue faction in the United States government produced the EMP over America. When fascist globalist control freaks control the country and want to bring America down such cold-blooded barbarism is not out of the realm of possibility.

Do you think the elite power brokers are stupid enough to go door to door to take American guns away? That would be deadly for them. It is much easier to bring chaos, reduce the population and then establish a police state.

Stalin and Mao could never have remained in control of their countries if they did not eliminate tens of millions of their enemies. Do you really think the Clinton’s are more moral than them? Weather underground terrorist Bill Ayers said that 25 million American would have to be killed and many more reeducated in their Marxist revolution. Obama and Hillary Clinton come from the same radical Marxist stock.

Obama started his political career in the living room of Bill Ayers and Bill Clinton pardoned two Weather underground terrorists. It is hard to deny that they were in some way fellow travelers when Obama’s mentor was radical Marxist Frank Marshal Davis and both Obama and Hillary’s academic record shows them totally under the influence of radical Marxist Saul Alinsky.

Obama might be thinking let ruthless Hillary start the violent phase of the Marxist revolution in America. He might then think he can step in from the sidelines or from the U.N. and become the benevolent dictator over those that survive the purge. Who really knows what goes through the minds of these radical socialist megalomaniacs?

The power elite are forcing immigration in Europe and America because they know that Muslims will not assimilate. There is only one reason for bringing these people to Western nations. They are trying to end nation states.

They actually want civil chaos so they can establish an authoritarian police state. The motto of the global elite is “order out of chaos”. By order, they mean the rise of an Orwellian police state to control everyone and everything.

Make no mistake, China already has total surveillance cities and programs under development and it will be expanded to other places on the globe as governments get their people to give up individual freedoms for collective security. The Chinese total surveillance model that is now being set up in China is the model that will be used by world government.

By the way, China’s communists have just proposed a new draft manifesto that is even more tyrannical than what the government does now. They propose to shut down all home churches and all other forms of non state approved religious expression. They also will not allow Christian speech on any media.

What the globalist elite are planning is a form of world fascism. It is a partnership between world corporate heads and governments that will totally control every fascist of life on the planet.

The large multinational media corporations are totally involved and so is the NSA and other such agencies. They answer to no one. They have information on everyone. The Internet media companies are monopolies that break American Antitrust Laws but nobody will dare break them up.

The Internet is no longer under American control and all sites that the globalists do not like will be censored at some point in the near future. That includes this one. Just last week they took down talk radio host Michael Savage when he had a program about Hillary’s health problems on the day of her debate. That was just a dress rehearsal to put the fear of God in conservative and Christian media.

I am not optimistic at all that things are going to go well for America. Even if Trump gets in office, and survives his term, and even if Trump actually tries to do what he said, I think the best case scenario is that he just delays the inevitable for a couple of years.

Trump cannot fix our debt problem and a recession will be likely before he takes office or shortly after. There might even be a world economic collapse and a depression. The dollar could be destroyed. China is not about to let America dictate terms to them either.

Would God allow evil globalists to bring America down?

Why not? The book of Nahum is about the destruction of Nineveh. The judgment occurred about 150 years after Jonah brought repentance to that powerful Gentile nation. America has had a greater witnesses than Jonah but God is now rejected by even the people who still claim to be Christians.

I do not think I need to go into much detail about how “Christians” in America are rejecting God. Just look at what so-called Christians have allowed in America. Our so-called Christians even elect people who export evil to other nations. They even try to force their evils on others like Sodomites.

Many of our so-called Christians vote skin color rather than Christian values. Just look at the people who so-called Christians vote for. Look at the sorry state of our churches? Look at what is found in the Christian media? Can there be a greater apostasy in America from the true faith before the Antichrist?

What happened in Nineveh is history but it also is in the Bible as an example to other Gentile nations. There is nothing new under the sun. What happened before happens again. There are things in Nahum that also could apply to America. And I still am not convinced that Isaiah 18: 1-7 is not about America.

1   Ah, the land of the rustling of wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia;
2  that sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of papyrus upon the waters, saying, Go, ye swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth, to a people terrible from their beginning onward, a nation that meteth out and treadeth down, whose land the rivers divide!
3  All ye inhabitants of the world, and ye dwellers on the earth, when an ensign is lifted up on the mountains, see ye; and when the trumpet is blown, hear ye.
4  For thus hath Jehovah said unto me, I will be still, and I will behold in my dwelling-place, like clear heat in sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.
5  For before the harvest, when the blossom is over, and the flower becometh a ripening grape, he will cut off the sprigs with pruning-hooks, and the spreading branches will he take away and cut down.
6  They shall be left together unto the ravenous birds of the mountains, and to the beasts of the earth; and the ravenous birds shall summer upon them, and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them.
7  In that time shall a present be brought unto Jehovah of hosts from a people tall and smooth, even from a people terrible from their beginning onward, a nation that meteth out and treadeth down, whose land the rivers divide, to the place of the name of Jehovah of hosts, the mount Zion. (ASV)

I see no other nation that fulfilled this prophecy or that could fit this prophecy. It talks about a time before the general harvest (the tribulation). It talks about bodies laying on the ground for one year and common burial will not take place. According to the experts, an EMP that causes a grid down situation or something else that causes a grid down situation could kill 80 to 90 percent of the population in the United States within one year. The people would die from violence, starvation and disease.

Those that survive until power is slowly restored would then do quite well in a greatly depopulated nation that no longer have the city cesspools. Most survivors might be rural Christian people who trust in God. That accounts for verse 7.

Some might say that God would not allow any such destruction because there are Christians in America. God knows how to deliver His own people from trouble if that is His will and purpose for them. However, Christians forget that those in Christ already died in the flesh with Him. God is not interested in persevering dead bodies of flesh for no reason. Christians are only left in their bodies of flesh to carry out God’s purpose in this fallen world. He can take us out anytime He wants. It literally happens all the time. He takes people out in a heartbeat.

In the 14th century there were Christians in Europe but the black death came and it wiped out one-third to one-half of the entire population. God is no respecter of persons or nations. Nations that sow an evil wind will reap an evil whirlwind.

(From Eve of Destruction, by Barry Mcguire)

And you tell me
Over and over and over again, my friend
Ah, you don’t believe
We’re on the eve
of destruction.



Here is the change that I promised… ha ha ha.

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Elite intend to bring America down – America on the eve of destruction — 37 Comments

  1. I believe this just as much as you do. The thing that bothers me the most about this is people that call themselves Christians do not want to hear this. I told my mother-in-law the other day that we are at the last days of the last days. Her response was to tell me not to say that. The sooner we see the things you said start to fall into place, the sooner our redemption draws near! I wish more Christians would be less attached to the world.

    I’ve never hear of Isaiah 17 being referred to as America. It’s possible, I guess. I think that’s worth studying more! It’s interesting to see how China is threatening the US, along with Russia. And yes, it’s all according to “their” plan but they don’t know that all these things are happening because God predestined these things to happen. This should wake up fellow believers.

    Knowing how this all ends, I find it ironic that people are voting for a candidate they believe can make America great again. I think you’re right about events happening after the election but before January 20th. I’m wondering if we will even be here. I’m tying not to get overly excited but I can’t help believe we are going home very, very shortly.

    As far as America losing its place in world affairs, I thought it was interesting to read even Libya is asking Russia for help to fight ISIS, and not America. I’m sure you’re aware of this but Libya is one of the countries in Ezekiel 38. I know you believe differently, but I strongly believe that the Gog/Magog war will occur much sooner then ten years from now. I’ve never tried to name who’s who in Bible prophecy, but I’m convinced Putin is Gog.

    Great article!

  2. The Rapture is not about what happens to America. I would not put all my eggs in that basket. I am suggesting that the demise of America occurs a number of years before the tribulation even starts.

  3. Finally, a walk through of IS-18. I was thinking the ASV doesn’t read like the KJV, but now I am wondering if I am thinking of another Isaiah chapter? Something about the attackers also being destroyed?

    Regarding EMP – Under the presumption there would be one shot at it (although, maybe that presumption is a bit dated?), I was thinking — for the most terror / devastation / surprise / calamity — that the singular attack would be likely on a TUE / WED / THU between 5 and 6 p.m. WST/WDT (or, between 2 and 3 p.m. EST/EDT). Also, I would think the attack would come in a summer month (of course, we are pretty much past summer). Hmmm… the scripture says summer and then winter, which lends itself to a Spring attack? I guess that’s like stating the hour and the day for the rapture… The EMP could be imminent, too (shrug).

    Also, let’s not count (pun not intended, but apropos) out the fraudulent aspect of the election / vote – it could create civil war right there.

    Since I’m not entirely paying attention, I missed the “Michael Savage” story. What happened there? (sorry to ask, but if you can elaborate, much appreciated).

  4. It’s hard not to be very troubled at the rapid, progression of the all out assault on morality. It’s always been easier to tear down something, and much longer, harder, to build.

    A common definition of apostasy for the institutional church, has long been, those who leave the various fellowships, and not returned, have apostatised, and thus, we’re not really born again in the first place. Because they twist scripture from:

    1st John 2:19

    “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us. But they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”

    But, context tells us, the group being spoken about were those who knew the truth, but did not, nor could not go all the way. So, they returned to their synagogue’s, families, and jobs. Now, it is the apostates who are in charge, as true Christians are being forced underground, all over the world, including here in US.

    Some newer Bible versions Translate,
    1st John 2:19 like this one,
    from the NCV:
    “These ‘ENEMIES’ of Christ were in our fellowship, but they left us. They never really belonged to us; if they had been a part of us, they would have stayed with us. But they left, and this shows that none of them really belonged to us.”

    And this is where persecution of true believers has already been coming from, as the institutional church seeks favor from the world. These so called Christians are more evil and wicked if you happen to offend them, than secular people can be. I remember J Vernon McGee talking about it once, how he would rather face the world, than be turned over to the sharp tongued devils inside some churches. Because they’ll rip you to shreds. And they will, I have personal experience.

    I’ve been saying for some time now, that fighting this evil, seemed like fighting against God’s plan. But, of course we do what we can, because, that’s also His plan for us. It’s ironic that Don mentions Jona, because I’ve often felt as a kindred spirit of his. I’ll obey, but I won’t be happy about it ) – : That doesn’t mean I live a joyless life, just an impatient one.

  5. Rick Warren says that fundamental Christians are the problem. Other “leaders” calling themselves Christians say the same thing.

  6. As I said, Michael Savage’s was taken down that day. It happened first in the super station in NY and then the other feeds across the nation went down. Anyway, the details are all over the Internet so I should not have to elaborate here. Do a keyword search.

    I don’t think the Isaiah passage is literally saying it would occur in the spring. It is talking about a judgement before the harvest (the tribulation). However, the feeding of animals off the bodies of the slain for both summer and winter seems to indicate that animals will feed off them for about a year.

    I will caution that some Bible prophecy teachers say that this passage is talking about the Sudan but I have never been convinced by their arguments.

  7. Obama has said Americans have to give up some of their freedoms for the UN. He successfully handed over the internet with the blessing of Face Book, Google, Microsoft and Verizon. However, censorship had already begun. Taking Michael Savage off the air was even before the handover. I’ve talked about Face Book taking down conservative posts and especially anti Muslim stories so no need to rehash it.

    I said a few months ago Paul Ryan was a globalist but he was reelected by the people of Wisconsin anyway. In the larger scheme of things it’s probably just a drop in the bucket.

    I’m waiting to see now if Julian Assange really does have something that will finish Hillary; will the elitist powers be successful in never allowing it to be made public, or what will happen if it is?

    I understand very well what Trump is up against and I’m sure he does too. I’m not voting for a campaign slogan. Europeans are starting to rebel with violence against the migrant invasion. We here are rebelling with a show of support for Trump. I understand we’re a minority against the world and we may lose. Have we become the weakest nation now? It seems so with world leaders telling us what we will and will not do.

    The Never Hillary/Never Trump people who confess to being Christians baffle me. They are supporting Johnson. Johnson supports pro choice and same sex marriage. One young lady even told me that abortion was beneficial for population control.

    Everyone talks about the zombie apocalypse. Most everyone knows something terrible is on the horizon even if they aren’t exactly sure what it is. They don’t know about the Isaiah passage but I’ve read it over and over since Don brought it up a year or so ago. I did misinterpret though and breathed a sigh of relief every time we got past spring.

  8. Don,

    What can I say about this article ?

    What you said runs completely and almost exactly with the way I think…and what is to come.

    Those “conservatives” if they really exist in any number who think that a Trump election would cure the ills of this nation even to a medium extent are totally misled and really need to read your article.

    What you wrote in this article is very much what I attempt to communicate to others, believe it or not.

    People say I’m cynical when I say such things, because they really do believe that a Trump election will be on par with, and have an impact on our nation like Ronald Reagan did….and, some have really bought into Mexico paying for the fence, our U.S. Dollar remaining the world reserve currency, “Making America Great (& Prosperous) Again”, and that Trump will resurrect our military.

    Yet, they don’t seem to have any grasp as to what is happening on the One World Governance Stage as you pointed out in this article.

    I don’t need to say what a Hilllary election would do, she would intentionally steer and run the Titanic into the iceberg at top speed.

    Really ?

    Is anyone paying attention to the fact that Putin is practically the Czar of the Middle East now ?..no longer do nations consult and have respect for our U.S. military, they are all running to Vladimir now.

    Or, that even the little Iranian bathtub boat vessels are harassing our once mighty Navy ?…not to mention the Russian defiance and disrespect towards our military.

    All that aside, I’m even further perplexed that there are supposed “Christians” and even some Pastors that don’t believe we are living in the season of the End Of The Age.

    I guess Dominionism & Replacement theology seem to be realities for some who won’t see realities.

    Anyhow Yes, I agree strongly with your article on these and every account.

  9. Amen to that David.
    I agree with Don’s article and your commentary. Things are really shaping up quickly for a BIG event. I have been watching the world through the eyes of Bible Prophecy since 1976 and it has never been like it is now. I used to think it was bad in the 1990’s, but the birth pangs are getting more intense and closer together. I find myself really sensing and hoping that we get raptured soon!
    Come Lord Jesus!

  10. Don, your article is fantastic, and I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s comments. I’ve spent so much time being angry about what Obama has done to this country and now what Hillary wants to do to this country. I’ve been livid about how the media just blatantly acts on behalf of the Democrat Party to make sure she is elected. I’ve been mad about Trump’s actions and blunders and just generally disgusted with this election cycle. Early on, I felt that if Trump did accidentally win (the powers that be are not going to allow that to happen) that there would be riots in the streets and in fact I told my cousin that very thing last spring when he asked me what I thought would happen if Trump wins.

    So, Don, your assessment of the situation is spot on. America is on its way down and I believe that’s exactly what God intends. We are probably in for much tribulation, which is going to be a huge shock for the wussies in America who haven’t put their trust in the Lord. I just pray that God’s grace is sufficient for us in our tribulations, just as it was for Paul.

    I say, let the globalist elites have this world – they deserve it! We have a far better home to go to, even if we have to suffer and die before we get there. Maranatha! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. I long for the day that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of us all!

  11. Don, I adhere to just the Opposite view that you espouse. Read Judges and look at this country see any similarities? Prosperity has always been the enemy of gods people. All the elite have to do is keep this train going another 8-10 years, with people going thru the colleges, institutions, and seeker friendly and NAR churches, and a large percentage of this country will want to the country to be part of the NWO. Dave Hunt wrote a book years ago Peace Prosperity and The Coming Holocaust laying out basically that scenario. If the elite were smart they would just keep going on as they are now. They have been absolutely BRILLIANT in the changes they have accomplished and without bloodshed and very mild persecution. Just my two cents worth. So glad you decided to start blogging again, God Bless You

  12. I would agree with what you you suggest but the globalist elite cannot control the world through a prosperous America. America in general is not God’s people anyway.

    I am suggesting here that a prosperous America is not part of the globalist agenda and nationalist Donald Trump threatens their plan to weaken America so the world elite can rule through the UN. The world elite are in control in the western world and they are working to bring America down right now. I do not think America will last another decade as a world superpower.

  13. I think you’re right on the money Don. I have been talking with my mom and dad about what’s going on and they are finally starting to see the light. What once was considered conspiracy theory is becoming reality, and 1984 is nearly here again.

    The only way for the elite to take over is through the subjugation or complete destruction of America. It does seem that “they” lean towards the Chinese model for rule and not the Soviet style of communism. Of course it all probably leads to the same path.

    I guess the question becomes what is the timing of America’s downfall, and how will they be allowed to do it? The younger generation has been seemingly brainwashed into buying in to all of this crap, so maybe riots like you said lead to a police state.

    Maybe the UN has to send in peace keepers and such, and there is war in the streets when Hillary steals the election or Obama stays in power? Maybe Russia launches nukes since it seems Hillary wants a war. The possibilities are endless. All I know is that something bad this way comes. Thankfully there is always hope for those in Christ. God bless.

  14. Are you sure we are even s world power anymore? Our military is at q WWII levels.china and Russia have out done us in military building technology and cyber warfare.our birthrates are almost as low as western Europe.even zero.interest isn’t encouraging the economic growth expected.we have bevome irrelevant in so.many ways.just a place to.use for our resources then.run with the money.globalists are well funded and ready for their ascendency.the church as a moral.influence is gone.they don’t need to do anything more.we will stumble along,whining children.in.the dark.selfishness and apathy and violence.they already won Don.

  15. We are still the main world superpower. We have high tech weapons so we don’t need as many men in the military to bring about swift destruction. Just look at the amount we spend on national defense compared to Russia and China, it is like 5 to 10 times as much. Russia and China do have some highly advanced weapons but across the board they are no match for America unless we intend to actually occupy these nations. That is why Russia would have to go nuclear in a war in Europe.

    Mike Pence brought up an important point at the VP debate. We have 16 times the GDP than does Russia.

    Russia’s birth rates are about the lowest in the world and the average life expectancy of its males are in the 50’s. If you go a dozen miles from the few major cites of Russia, you will think that you are in a third world nation.

  16. I 100% agree the the powers that be will either steal the election, assassinate Trump, or block him on every turn and impeach him. I was a bit optimistic but after his poor debate performance I’m guessing he will lose the election. Remember, the elites prefer to control people through non violent means if possible.

    I’m surprised more people are not aware Savage was taken off the air, it’s an absolute outrage and stright from the communist manifesto playbook.

    It boggles my mind how ABSOLUTELY STUPID most Americans are! You could tell them Trump sacrifices babies and they would believe it. It is so unreal. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone.

  17. To Don and All,

    I, like the majority of Don’s readers, spend a lot of time each day analyzing daily world events and how they may or may not pertain to Biblical Prophecy.

    Some times I get frustrated and even experience anxiety over it.

    I have also found that regardless of what we know is to come, that communing with Our Lord Jesus in prayer, seeking Him daily, and keeping our noses in Scripture sure does lighten the load and somehow makes what we know is to come much easier to swallow.

    Jesus kept His promise, and those who seek Him despite the tribulations of this life….I think will be able to keep things in their proper perspective and feel comfortable knowing that ultimately we have Salvation for eternity, with Our Lord.

  18. So things are getting stranger by the minute with this election. Now that an audiotape has been released with Trump saying some vulgar things the powers that be want him to step down. It was in 2005 for heavens sake. He was an entertainer, not a political figure. Has anyone ever heard the saying ‘boys will be boys?’ This was locker room trash talk. Men can be extremely crude at times when they’re together. It is what it is. Women should stay out of men’s locker rooms if they can’t take it. I’m in my late 50’s and remember when men were men and women were women and it worked pretty well. Now that America has been feminized men cannot be men, and yes they can be raunchy at times, but so can women. America has lost the stones to defend not only this country, but the Lord as well. We now have eunuchs who would rather play dead than show any fortitude or strength. Please don’t take offense anyone. Those of you who will fight for God and country know I’m not referring to you. I do believe Trump has changed and been humbled by his whole campaign experience. He has seen the real America through his travels and interactions with everyday men and women. Wasn’t Saul changed when Jesus asked him “why do you persecute me?” We have a choice with this election between the end of America with Clinton or a lifeline with Trump. Warts and all, he’s the only thing standing in front of the steamroller.

  19. How do we know Isaiah 18 is refering to the United States, and why would any nation bring gifts to the Lord before the millenium? Isn’t this behavior something the nations do during that time? It is definitely a strange chapter.

  20. Adriana, I also agree with you. It has been strange and it’s probably going to get stranger. I’m glad that someone thinks like I do.

  21. “Has anyone ever heard the saying ‘boys will be boys?’ This was locker room trash talk. Men can be extremely crude at times when they’re together. It is what it is. Women should stay out of men’s locker rooms if they can’t take it. I’m in my late 50’s and remember when men were men and women were women and it worked pretty well. Now that America has been feminized men cannot be men…”

    I don’t leave comments but I do enjoy those of you who are able to express your thoughts so easily. I struggle with this myself so I’m not sure how to respong to this but I feel a strong sense that something here is just not right. All the people responding that they agree also weighs heavy on my heart. What I heard from Trump made me sick enough but to then come on one of my favorite Christian blogs and see comments by fellow Christians condoning it as though it is normal is truly just too much for me.

    I’m sorry but real men do not talk about women this way. Jesus did not talk about women this way or have “boys will be boys” locker room talks and I can guarantee he was a real man. My husband does not and is a very strong man of God and tries his hardest to love his wife as Christ loves the church. Real men protect, serve and honor their wives and really any women God puts in their care. I’m pretty sure Don and the other men who regularly comment here are these type of men and do not appreciate the idea that in order to be a real man you need to degrade women to get a laugh out of your fellow boys in the locker room.

  22. I do not think any Christian would approve of such talk and I do not think anyone is saying that here. We should keep in mind that Trump is not a true Christian so we should not expect him to talk or walk like one. The alternative does not talk any better and her agenda and her national party is antichrist. By the way, many past world leaders had foul mouths but there were not recordings available of everything that they ever said.

  23. Matthew 22:37 Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

    We should be very careful. I don’t know any Christian (myself included) who lives up to the command to love their neighbor as thyself. We American Christians know nothing of loving each other the way God commands and that terrifies me. (Think rich man and the needle). We can seem so squeaky clean in every other way but fall miserably short in this. Christians tend to rest in their ability to abstain from foul language and blatant, outward sin but forget how desperately wicked we are and how weak we are, particularly in our love for one another. And who can honestly say they are proud of everything said in the dark corners of private conversation, or even moreso in the dark corners of their private thoughts???

    Furthermore, heathens will naturally act like heathens. Why would you expect anything different? If someone claims to be a follower of Jesus and acts and speaks this way, they should be lovingly admonished by their brethren. We would come alongside them, we would pray for them to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Our reaction to an unbeliever should not be condemnation, but pity. Our reaction should not be shock and awe, but a desire to share with them our hope and trust in Christ, who gave us freedom from these unhealthy attitudes.

    To desire a Christian leader is natural to us who love the Lord. But it is not likely in this environment nor promised to us. And even those who we respect were tarnished with sin (think King David, Solomon, Jefferson). So while we still have a choice, we have to choose leadership that fits best within the framework of our beliefs and, more importantly, will allow us to continue to express our beliefs freely. Hillary and those “with her” want to abolish free thought and rein in the deplorables (that would be us).

    Ultimately Trump has a right to be a pig. That right and freedom is precious. Many lives were lost for that freedom and we should fight to keep it with everything we have.

  24. To Kimberly Wilkenson,

    Please take the following of what I’m about to say as JUST one fellows opinion…

    I do not think that any sincere Christian is thrilled with the choice of Donald Trump as President.

    Trump is nothing more than a ‘lessor of two evils’…the alternate being Hillary which us Christians familiar with her politics and Biblical Prophecy regard as a complete disaster and finishing blow for our nation.

    I think Don at one time called Donald Trump, “a wild bull in a China shop”…which is still better than a Hillary Presidency.

    Trump is a wildcard, we have no idea what, if anything, we would see out of a Donald Trump Presidency…but that is still more hopeful than the impending disaster which is Hillary.

    To be fair to Trump, I don’t think he’s ever claimed to be one with strong Christian principles.

    The only saving grace Trump has declared that I have taken note of, is that he, at least at this point….verbally has claimed to be a supporter of Israel. Hillary will be NO supporter of Israel.

    If Trump were to be elected as President of the United States of American, do not look for him to be some sort of Christian savior with decent Christian values..he is NOT !

    In today’s world and United States climate, I do not think that the typical American citizen would allow a true Christian to be elected as President…the backlash against one with strong Christian principles would be so great that he, or she, would not have a chance…the chants for “Separation of Church and State” against one with strong Christian principles would be so great that that person would have zero chance of becoming a leader in our nation that instead chooses sick abominations against and over and above The Lord Jesus over any decency.

    My advice is to not look for any optimal candidate until The Lord Jesus Himself returns.

    Maranatha !

  25. I’m going to be accused now of not being a sincere Christian. The GOP tried to give us Jeb Bush for president. When that failed they decided on Marco Rubio. More establishment picks who just play along to keep their positions secure in Washington. But the people said no. This time we will choose our president. I am thrilled with Donald Trump.

    Apparently no one saw that a few months ago Dr. James Dobson let it slip that he knew the man who led Donald Trump to the Lord. It was only recently and has never been either verified or denied by Trump himself that I know of. If it’s true he’s just a baby Christian and hasn’t had time for a surge of spiritual growth. If it’s not true (why would Dr. Dobson lie?) then he can’t be expected to be held to Christian standards. Certainly 11 years ago he wasn’t a Christian.

    It’s Trump’s policies against Clinton’s.

  26. Supposedly Dr. Dobson thinks Paula White may have led Trump to Christ at some point in their long friendship but Paula White is a false teacher that leads people to a false gospel. With all the Christians leaders around Trump you think someone would have led him to Christ through the gospel of salvation but apparently not. Dr. Dobson might even try doing it himself instead of just presuming that Trump is already saved.

    Trump made it clear with His own words that he thinks people get there through good works. He said that long after the time Dobson thinks Paula White led Trump to Christ.

  27. The stench of hypocrisy from the Republican leadership is almost more than I can bear. Did they care when Congressman Barney Frank was having sex with young boys? Did they care that Senator Byrd was once a leader of the KKK? No, when he died he was lauded like he was the second coming. Yet they’re worried about Trump’s foul mouth?? These men and women are what C.S. Lewis referred to as “men with no chests.” No one said Trump was a paragon of virtue. I think everyone is well aware of that. David in the Bible had an affair, but asked for forgiveness. The bible is full of stories of fallen men. Every man and woman, everyone, has had very bad thoughts at some time in their life. Everyone! And if you try to say you haven’t, for want of a better way of putting it, “you’re full of it.” Most people take care not to say such things, Trump not being one of them. Another thing that just kills me are all the people who are “shocked, shocked” at such language. Yet they are the very same people who watch the Kardashians, The Housewives,Vanderpump Rules, some of the most vile television every created.

    Only Jesus Christ was pure. The problem with so many Christians today is that they don’t realize how dire the consequences of a Clinton presidency will be. Don said it in his title. We’re at the eve of destruction. Too many Christians think turning the other cheek and singing Kumbaya will make it all better and we’ll love each other. In another time perhaps a Mike Pence type of president is who we’d elect. Unfortunately the person we need now is a fighter. Someone who can take a punch and hit back harder. Trump is the only man who has actually stood up for the American people. The only one. We are a crude nation, so we have a crude man vying for office. What do you expect? Jesus didn’t always turn the other cheek. He fought back. Remember when he got so angry he turned over the tables of the money changers? He was furious. That’s what needs to happen today. Christians need to start fighting back. If we don’t there will come a time very shortly where a man of faith, trying to minister to young women and men will be arrested for speaking about Jesus. This is what is at stake. God has used all sorts of people for his purpose throughout time, both good and bad. Will Trump be able to do what he says he’s going to do? Who knows, and the odds are he won’t. But the one thing that is certain is that Clinton will do exactly what she says she’s going to do and that is a very terrifying thing. We also know time is short and even with Trump the path is clear, but maybe God is trying again to get our attention. All I know is that by by choosing Clinton as our next president, we are literally inviting evil personified into the White House.

  28. Well said, Adriana. I wish Trump would bring some of this up at the next debate — especially in regards to the Democratic connection to the KKK — but not holding my breath. This post has generated a lot of good comments, Don, and I’ve enjoyed them all. Don’t have anything to add since I’m agreeing with much already posted here.

  29. Well this chaos will either cure Trump or kill him. It is spirit and backbreaking to hold on to depraved behaviour when the HOLY SPIRIT IS WRENCHING YOUR ATTACHMENT TO SIN OUT OF YOUR CLENCHED FISTS.
    I wish Trump would stop with the late night vindictive tweeting and listen to Holy Scripture being read. GOSPEL OF John chapter 17 is so awe inspiring.
    Has he been told about the god of this world who paces back & forth looking for those he can DESTROY?
    I loved listening to Holy Scripture for hours when I was bed ridden. IT TRANSFORMED ME.
    More shall be revealed…..pray for him.

  30. Don, I looked up what you said about Dobson/White. That news hadn’t reached me but it looks like Dobson kind of back tracked on his first report.

    The only opinion I have that’s changed is I’m sorry to find out that it probably isn’t true, at least for now. Mike Pence should explain to Donald the gospel of salvation.

    I agree again with Adriana’s last post except for one item. I think it was Rush who said that the Republican leadership wasn’t afraid Trump would lose, they are afraid he will win.

  31. You would think all these “Christian” leaders would explain the gospel of salvation to Trump. Part of the problem in Christianity today is that so many people believe that anyone calling themselves Christian are actually Christians. Another part of the problem is they cannot teach it because they only have a cultural religion themselves.

    Dobson is a Nazarene with some strange beliefs that also includes a gospel of psychology and self-esteem. And anyone can find out about Paula White’s pseudo Christianity by doing a search on the Internet.

  32. What do we really want, the divine will of God or something that suits our own views or fears? God has always allowed or selected certain people to accomplish his purposes. The upcoming presidential election broadly gives 2 possible outcomes, Clinton wins and continues the decline of the western world as we have known it or Trump wins and joins the UK brexit sentiments and we see an attempt to reverse the downward spiral.

    If Trump wins it will have to be an “act of God” as all conventional wisdom says he won’t. But if he does it will galvanize those forces of evil opposed to everything God stands for to usher in the final push for how they want the world to be.

    Meanwhile the UN has just declared Israel has no connection with part of their God given land, I wait for the day when they take back the Temple Mount, after all it is only given to be trodden down of the Gentiles until God says enough, things are moving quickly now.

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