Elite terrified Trump’s nationalism will trump globalism

There are many valid reasons why rational people would not want Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States. Even so, the reason the global power elite are so terrified by Donald Trump and why they will do everything in their power to trump Trump is that his American nationalism will trump globalism.

Trump’s nationalism will trump globalism:

  • The globalist elite want multiculturalism with opened borders for their one world utopia — Trump would trump globalism with strong national borders and have limits on immigration.
  • The globalist elite need the threat of terrorism and violence to terrify people so they are willing to accept their big brother surveillance society for the promise of security. A surveillance society is their means to an end to create a big brother statist socialistic world system that is totally under their control. — Trump would deal harshly with terrorism.
  • The globalist elite are using the global warming scam to help bring about wealth distribution and global governance. — Trump denies that carbon caused global warming is any threat to the planet.
  • The globalist elite want all world trade totally under their control. — Trump would trump globalism by rejecting trade packs that take away national sovereignty or that weaken America.
  • The globalist elite want a weakened America so that the USA would just be one nation among many equals. — Trump is running on making America great. A powerful America running much of the world would trump globalism and the globalist agenda.
  • The globalists want to break down religious cultures and differences and have a one world religion. — Trump wants America to keep a strong traditional Christian culture.
  • The globalists want gun control all over the planet so there can be no major resistance anywhere against their centrally controlled world society. Gun control is even in the world trade deals. — Trump is running against gun control in America.
  • The globalists want Russia contained and not influencing global politics — Trump believes Russia is a natural partner against Islamic jihadists.

Trump obviously would trump globalism. A strong nationalist running America is their worst nightmare. That is why they will go all out to take him out. Both political parties have bought into globalism and so have most of the leaders of the world. That is why the power elite all around the world are now sounding off against Donald Trump.

You might think that rich Donald Trump would be one of the globalists. Indeed, Trump might have been a globalist if they had ever invited Richie Rich to be a member of their elite club. Maybe they did not like his lifestyle or his narcissistic personality disorder and never thought Trump would be anything more than a side-show for the pages of the National Enquirer. They certainly never thought that Donald Trump could actually run for President and be a serious threat to win.

By the time most politicians reach national level they are already bought and paid for by the globalist establishment. Achieving national office in the USA requires a lot of money. Global elitists and the corporations they control financially, support politicians that learn to play ball.

I am not thrilled with any of the candidates running for President in 2016. All of the remaining candidates are very driven people who would say anything to get elected. The one exception might be John Kasich but he is not very conservative. He is Mitt Romney in Anglican clothing. I also have a message for brother Kasich. It was all the pragmatic deals that people like “you made, you made, you made” in Congress that helped create big government and related problems .

Cruz is the most Conservative Christian of the bunch, but he would not be able to get most of his agenda through Congress. I support him because he has Christian values and he could positively change the Supreme Court for almost two decades.

I personally am not a big fan of Donald Trump. I think he is the flim-flam man. Trump is a salesman. He sells people whatever he thinks they will buy. That does not mean that Trump actually believes in what he sells. Trump is from the old school of P.T. Barnum, “There is a sucker born every minute”.

I don’t think Trump would do half of what he says in the way that people supporting him believe he will. People disgusted with the Republicans hear Trump say words that they want to hear. However, they discard Trump’s wording that can be contradictory to what they believe that he will do.

For example, Trump says he will deport all illegals, but he also says that he will then bring the non criminals back in legally. That really is a form of amnesty. It is known as touchback amnesty. People think that Trump is saying that he will get rid of the foreigners that are here illegally and that took American jobs or are being supported by the American taxpayer. That is not what Trump is saying at all.

Trump is saying that he will make millions of illegals here legal through some undefined deportation methodology. Think about it. Illegals might just have to go across the border or even to their embassy here (legally the soil of that foreign nation) and get a background check and a U.S. Visa and then most would almost immediately be permitted to enter the US again legally. On the other hand, Ted Cruz would deport them and not let them come back in. Even so, most conservatives believe Trump is the best on immigration.

It is possible that Trump could rise to the occasion in office, but his personality does not suggest that there will be any such dramatic transformation. Trump is not conservative. Trump actually is a fairly liberal pragmatic. Trump will make what he thinks are good deals and he will put down anyone that disagrees. Trump will use his bully pulpit like their was a real bully in the pulpit because there will be.

Christians will soon wonder why they were so easily conned by Donald Trump. However, Christians have a long history of being conned by political figures and scam artists. They are gullible, they are conned every day by the hucksters running their churches and the “Christian media”.

I do understand why voters in America are angry. They elect politicians to office that run on issues important to them and then when they get in office the voters are betrayed. After the Tea Party was betrayed and belittled the anger had to pop up somewhere. History teaches that demagogues pop-up when people become angry enough. Donald Trump is America’s angry Jack-in-the-Box weasel.

The Republican establishment will do everything in their power to make sure that Donald Trump is not nominated. Even if Trump gets the majority of delegates, they might change the rules before the vote at the convention to make Trump come up short. If Trump gets the nomination some of the Republican establishment already has said they will not support him. They might go third-party with Bloomberg or even support Hillary Jezebel Clinton.

One thing you might consider is that Trump is not likely to survive office if he even makes it into the Presidency. Unlike Obama, there are plenty of votes in Congress to impeach Trump and remove him from office. If Trump does anything remotely considered high crimes and misdemeanors he will be forced out.

If Trump becomes President, he better pick someone for Vice President that Congress hates worse than him. Picking someone like Kasich might put Trump in great danger. If Trump was smart he would pick Ted Cruz because the Senate hates Cruz worse than Trump.

Trump will have to be very careful. The globalist elite will try to set him up if he does not play ball with them. They are not just going to sit there and watch their dream of globalism be delayed by a decade because of the nationalism of Donald Trump.

They are already very angry that Putin proves to be a Russian nationalist and is not going along with the NWO agenda. They do not want Trump to set the globalist agenda back even further. It is also possible that once in office that Trump will turn toward globalism. Like he says, he makes deals.

Don’t get me wrong. Globalists are not any more evil than nationalists. I would not totally rule out a candidate just because he supports globalism. I do not buy into malevolent grand conspiracies of the elite to put us all under Satan. (The present world system is already under Satan’s control because he was given that power by God.)

Most of these people think globalism is the only hope for the world to survive. They are correct. However, unless the only righteous King returns and is running the Globe, man’s depravity would soon destroy it. That also is true if nationalists prevailed all over the world.

The establishment elite better think twice about removing Trump though. They may be making another great miscalculation if they try to bring Trump down while he has a lot of popular support. The next round of anger could actually bring pitchforks and tar and feathers their way or even worse.

Trump is not yet a shoe in to get the Republican nomination. He did pretty good on Super Tuesday but not as good as most were expecting. Trump is getting about 35 percent of the Republican vote on average. That percentage gave him the win in most of the early states that award delegates in some proportion to the votes, but big winner take all states begin on March 15. When the field narrows to 2 or 3 candidates more than a third of the votes will be necessary to win these late states.

Now that Carson is out, Cruz could get more delegates than Trump if Rubio also got out. However, I don’t see Rubio getting out before Florida. Trump has a huge 20 point lead in Florida as of the latest polls. If Rubio actually can pull out a win in Florida, he would still have a good chance, but that does not seem possible. Trump would have to destruct in the next few days for that to happen.

Making Trump lose in Florida or Ohio is probably the goal of Mitt Romney’s attack on Trump on March 3rd. We will see how that plays out between now and the March 15th vote in Ohio and Florida.

Rubio’s political career will be over if he does not win Florida or drop out before Florida. He could salvage a post in a new Republican administration if he dropped out before Florida but I think Rubio is too driven to even consider the consequences of losing.

John Kasich would be in contention if he takes his home state of Ohio on March 15th and if Rubio loses Florida and gets out. If Trump wins both Florida and Ohio, he will be almost impossible to beat unless Romney jumps in and gets enough wins to deadlock the convention or everyone else gets out and gets behind Ted Cruz to defeat Trump (that is more likely, Romney might not even beat Trump).

John Kasich has already said that he will drop out if he does not take Ohio, and Rubio is not likely to win Florida, so that would leave a Trump vs Cruz race in all the latter states. With Rubio and Kasich gone I think Cruz would win enough of those states to stop Trump from locking it up.

If Trump is even the Republican nominee for President, it still will not be a walk in the park for him. Getting past the Democratic machine will be very difficult. They will dredge up all the mud they can on Donald Trump and they will consistently smear the mud via using mud slinging ads on national TV.

Trump and Hillary will have a real mud-slinging contest reality show on national TV. Most Americans already know that Hillary is a slime ball rolling in the mud but when both Hillary and Donald get rolling in the mud together I am not sure that Donald will come out breathing. Mike Bloomberg might also spend a billion dollars to run continual ads on both candidates if Bloomburg thinks Clinton can’t win.

If Trump gets nominated, all the power elite globalists are going to be with Hillary, Biden, Sanders or Bloomberg (Hillary might have to step down if she is indicted for the “alleged felonies” that she “may” have committed). And if AG Lynch does not prosecute Clinton for her “alleged crimes” they will leak out anyway and Fox news and alternative medias will try her there. Not that the brain-dead voters and the government dependents of the Democratic (world socialist) Party would even care if Hillary Clinton committed felonies by breaking national security laws. Maybe Hillary Clinton will be the first President to rule from the Big House.

Will Donald Trump trump globalism or will the globalists all get together to trump Richie Rich. Stay tuned in to the next episode of Trump’s latest reality show.


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Elite terrified Trump’s nationalism will trump globalism — 59 Comments

  1. Don,

    What’s your view of nationalism? Some say it’s an evil word used to describe Nazi like behavior. Others say it’s more akin to patriotism and a good thing. Isn’t nationalism simply supporting borders, language, culture?
    I am firmly opposed to globalism, or rather any system that destroys national identity to form some marxist world utopia.

  2. Greetings Don, another insightful post. It all but appears Trump will land the nomination for the Republicans, much to the establishments chagrin. I am not a fan, but it doesn’t matter at this point. I had hoped, in the beginning, that Cruz would come up with it, but I have even soured a bit on him. I do think your possible scenario with Trump choosing Cruz as V.P., were he to get the nomination, is excellent. I have thought from the time it appeared Trump may come out on top, that he should pick a knowledgeable person for V.P., someone who could help guide him behind the scenes, if he would take a few pointers from a seasoned guy, like Cruz for example, especially where the Supreme Court & foreign policy is concerned. Who knows what will transpire in the coming months. I do hope that globalism can be slowed, but I’m not holding my breath! God bless you. 🙂

  3. Jim,

    Ethics groups, language, and cultures define a nation. Borders are something that the nations put up. In the Bible nations started in early Genesis and continue throughout all generations.

    I do not think that nationalism is good or evil it is just the natural order. However, strong nationalist leaders can be evil and fan the flames of hatred toward those of other nations.

    The problem with the Marxist world utopia ideology is that it is godless, it won’t work, it is not fair, and it wants no nations. The Kingdom of Christ on the other hand, has God, it will work, it will be fair, and there still will be national identity.

  4. Hi Kiki,

    I Think Trump would only pick Cruz if Kasich does not have the delegates he needs to secure the nomination. I also do not think he will take my advice to select Cruz so that he would not be impeached and removed.

    Trump does not have this nomination anywhere near locked up yet.

  5. Hi Don,

    I just hope Hillary doesn’t get in, she’ll continue Obama’s agenda which is strongly aligning the NWO to take off. Trump would put a clog in their progress which I’m happy for.

    2016 should be interesting. Hope to be going home soon via the last Trump. 🙂

  6. Don, I believe you left out one critical possibility if Trump gets elected, namely…someone either foreign or domestic whacking him at the first opportunity. The odds of either of the choices are probably in a dead heat. With that being said, I am frankly sick of this Kabuki theater minus the makeup. Call me jaded, but I honestly believe it matters not one bit who gets elected, as this country AND world is done. After watching the last debate, I realized that I have seen more civility the last time I was at the zoo watching the monkeys having a poop throwing fight. Actually, the monkeys seemed more qualified and competent to run for President than ANY of the current candidates.

  7. If Teflon Don wins Florida & Ohio which would lock up the nomination I find it hard to believe with so much at stake that the Globalist/Elitist/NewWoldOrderist/Utopist would not assassinate him. Their decades long patient indoctrination is almost complete with the unforeseen election of a black Muslim bringing in the New World Order a couple decades early. Eight years of Hillary at the helm will be all Satan needs to make his grand introduction in 2 Thessalonians 2. The one thing we can count on is something unimaginable will occur and we will wait with anticipation for Don’s next article to gather together and reason what will happen next. These are awesome and exciting times we live in with the possibility of global changing events at the blink of an eye.

  8. Michael and Stephen,

    I also left out that he might have a heart attack or might just die in his sleep from natural causes. So might Hillary for that matter. They both are not in the best of shape and certainly are hated by a lot of people. Who is the V.P. might be really important this time.

    I think John Kasich is qualified, competent and civil. I just do not like some of his go along to get along positions and his pragmatic method of governing.

  9. Don,

    What is your take on 2 Thessalonian 2 that Stephen mentioned? What I mean is the Falling Away or Departure that must come first.

    I sincerely believe Paul was referring to the Departure (rapture) a sudden event must occur first before the Lawless one can be revealed.

    The original ‘word’ was Departure then was replaced with the ‘word’ Falling Away in 1611 which brought on confusion of Paul’s original intent.

    I believe it was the King James Authorized Version of the Bible introduced in 1611 but the first 7 English Bibles that translated Apostasia prior to the above publication that word apostasia was rendered as either departure or departing.

    For the other (1611) meaning, the apostasy of the Western Church has been happening incrementally for decades, maybe a century. If u translate the word apostasia as rebellion u need to explain it in the context of the Greek, which is clearly talking about an event, not a slow drift away from the truth over decades.

    If u (not u per say) believe the Greek word apostasia means rebellion, then u must ‘question’ its use as a term that describes the Church today. The ‘Falling Away’ meaning is not contextually consistent with the teaching of the Apostle Paul. Paul is clearly addressing his commentary & teaching to the question regarding the departure of the Church. All thru Paul’s letters are message’s of hope & encouragement.

    One simply needs to read the blessed hope as proclaimed by Paul in the book of Titus, the two books written to the Thessalonians & Corinthians.

    If Paul knew of the coming mistranslation of 2 Thess was on the near horizon he would have had a completely different revelation for the new believers in the church of Thessalonians.

    That one little ‘Word’ change, changes the mood from despair to hope. More importantly it focuses the revelation and brings it in line w/ both the content & the purpose of Paul’s epistle.

    Then again Pauls letter in the 2nd chapter of 2Thess is clearly describing two events that will proceed the period of time described in the Scriptures as the Day of the Lord, Jacobs trouble, and the Great Tribulation. Those two events are the departure of the church in order that we might be found in the presence of our Lord, followed by the arrival of the Antichrist in order that he might be found in the presence of the world.

    One last piece of evidence for the word apostasia and it’s true meaning.

    The Greek word Apostasia is comprised of two roots: Apo & Stasia. Apo is a Greek prefix that means to spatially depart from one place to another. It means to move from space A to space B. It means to depart.

    Amen lets all meet soon! Thank you friends.

  10. Stasia the other root word (I forgot to add) means to resurrect, resurrection. The dead in Christ will rise first.

    The Greek name Anastasia and Stasia meant Resurrection.

    The name had been widespread among early Christians. They didn’t name their little girls for the meaning of falling away or rebellion but for the coming hope of Jesus Christ.

  11. Hi Don,

    I’m going to read that once I recover from cramp hand syndrome probably tomarra. I looked quick looks good. You have some great articles, I printed out a recent one about Pres Trump sent to my brother in prison.

    Take care talk some more later…


  12. I heard the former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently say to Bill O’Reilly, the ‘establishment’ is scared to death of Trump. He said they can’t imagine having to deal with the fact that Trump could potentially become the Leader of the party. He said it absolutely drives them crazy. “The elites view him as an outsider; not one of them. He’s not part of the Club. He’s uncontrollable. He hasn’t been through the initiation rites. He never belonged to the secret society. They have no idea how to relate to him”.

    If Trump can keep the globalists squirming, he has my support.

  13. I Hear That! Squirm globalist squirm. Trump will bring EVERYBODY to the table or I should say ‘Out of the wood work’ good and bad. Which is needed to bring things to a head.

    Trump will embolden a underground that’s been seething since Germany lost WW2. Were already seeing the 7th Holy Roman Empire taking shape in Europe which is Bible prophecy Trump’s not part of that but there’s a element that reaches over here maybe intentionally or not but it is Spiritually Inspired.

    Some may see it many I’m sure don’t. The masses just see the surface & perhaps a little beneath the surface, bless u if u do.

  14. The Golden Rule,

    Trump is not in the elite club, but keep in mind that Gingrich is in that elite club.

    Gingrich is really pandering to Trump to get the position of Secretary of State. In other words, Gingrich is acting like he is outside the elite establishment but that is not the case. He would be a Trojen Horse for the elite as Security of State and would continue to push the NWO agenda.

    Keep in mind, that Gingrich has been pushing the third Way for quite some time http://www.worldviewweekend.com/news/article/newt-gingrich-fan-third-way-communitarianism-which-communism-lite

  15. As we are the topic of the election…
    I was thinking to myself why Glenn Beck is Cruz’s attack dog against Trump. Then I realized they are both dominionists. Beck think Mormons will rule the world from America and Cruz thinks christians will rule the world ftom America….

  16. Jim,

    I doubt if that is what Cruz thinks. Cruz thinks Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem eventually. On the other hand, Mormons believe their phony Jesus will rule the world from Independence Missouri.

    I just think one phony “Christian” con man that is full of himself can spot another.

  17. Hello there. Interesting post.

    For my own thoughts, I don’t think Trump is a deceiver or a false Christian teacher as many point out (I’m speaking in general). I believe he is more ignorant in a way, similar to Nicodemus in John 3. He don’t know what it really is to be a Christian, and would not really know what to answer a person on what it takes to be saved. I see him more as a sincere citizen who rode on the wings of his own personality into the Presidential run.

    And the other thing, a bit off topic, with regarding the Greek word word STASIA. This word does not mean resurrection since it means a stationed position. ANASTASIS on the other hand has the preposition ANA which means up, thus ANASTASIS means resurrection while STASIS means remaining in place.

    APOSTASIA and her relative APOSTASION has the meaning of a removal, and in the New Testament APOSTASION means divorce in all the contexts it appears. APOSTASIA in 2 Thessalonians 2 along with the unveiling of the lawless one is a prerequisite to our assembling unto the Lord in the air. Thus APOSTASIA I believe refers to a mass divorce from the truth, and definitely a prerequisite to the rapture. In the previous chapter verses 7-10 the Lord punishes those disobedient to the good news with age-during ruin from his presence (that is between the end of this age and judgment day a thousand years later) “when” he comes for his own. So our assembling together (rapture) is after the time of APOSTASIA from the Good News.

  18. Sorry I got off subject Don, don’t know how it happened? But excellent links very good indeed Sir.


  19. Don – that’s probably true. Newt is definitely part of the brotherhood. Still, his statement was remarkable. The fact that he spoke so openly about the “secret societies”, lends credibility that they exist. He admitted a shadow government indeed is working behind the scenes, pulling strings. To me, this confirms their reality and also pries open the conspiracy can of worms. I believe it was a significant, and calculated statement.

  20. The Golden Rule,

    I think your reading far more into what Gingrich said about secret societies then what he intended. The elite of the world have always been controlling their spheres of influence in the world to one extent or another.

    If you actually read the words that Gingrich said, rather than read how conspiracy sites are interpreting what he said, you should see that it was just his way of expressing that Trump is not part of the Global elite establishment. That is also what my article also suggests.

    Trump is not a member of any big boy elitist club that has closed membership such as the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Bilderburgs, Skull and Crossbones, FreeMasons, Jesuits, etc., etc. There are scores of elite organizations that consider themselves to be secret societies. Many get together to try to come up with agendas to advance globalism. One has to be invited, and Trump never was invited to any of these clubs.

    I would not even say that Gingrich was expecting what he said to be taken literally. There certianly is some truth to secret societies but his statement was probably meant more as a figure of speech. He said what he said to get the message across that Trump was not part of the globalist establishment.

    I do not think that Gringrich was saying that there is some secret Iluminati this is controlling everything. Any such group like the Masons or Jesuits would only have control over their own part of globalist elitism.

    If there were some secret society controlling everything, Gringrich certainly would be a top member in it and he would reap the penalty of breaking their secret oaths. It would not make sense that Gingrich would put himself at risk for Donald Trump.

    All of these elitist groups have one thing in common. Members have to advance the cause of global socialism or communitarianism (the third way – a mixture of global socialism crony capitalism and social justice engineering — AKA “progressives”). Donald Trump is a nationalist, he is not part of the Globalist club.

  21. I see the GOP dissolving at some point and being replaced with a new party.
    No matter how the demographics change there will still be people who want small government, oppose abortion and homosexuality, are fiscally conservative, want secure borders, etc etc.
    There will always be opposition to the Democrat party which is now nothing more than a marxist globalist party. The GOP has proved itself to be not really different than the Dems, so it will be replaced in time.

  22. Hi Jim,

    The new party would become the GOP if the voters nominated someone like Cruz instead of another progressive. I think if they give us someone like Romney, Kasick, or Ryan during a contested convention it will be time for all true conservatives to walk out of the GOP and start a Conservative party or join with the Conservative Party that already exists. Trump would complicate the issue for awhile because how conservative he will actually turn out to be is still unknown.

  23. You’re right. I need to stop watching youtube channels and stick with the Word of God!

  24. To Don and Others,

    I have been reading the comments to this article since it started.

    The latest comments seem to lean towards a possible “Shadowy Government” working behind the scenes, which I agree is likely.

    The thing is, I have always considered these in this select “Shadowy” group as sort of an untouchable/unknown, because I don’t know how anyone who is not a part of their group can know much of what they do, who they are…or how impactful they are in world events.

    I would suspect that The Federal Reserve, which is not Federal nor a Reserve…and other banking entities with money and power are a part of it but that is just my guess.

    I have no idea, do any of us really know ?

  25. ~David,

    Instead of people trying to figure out what they think they can’t know about secret societies, why don’t people try to do something about the non secret socialist society that is brainwashing our people using schools, government, media, corporations, and religion and ruining this country in their plain sight? I doubt if Donald Trump will change the statist socialist course that this nation is on, but Ted Cruz intends to.

  26. Don,

    Suppose we get Cruz into office, would he, or anyone for that matter be able to turn the tide of our society that would rather accept homosexuality, abortion, sexual confusion etc. rather than Almighty God and His Word ?

    At a time now where, those that proclaim The Gospel to others are increasingly looked at as hostile and intolerant ?

    I read about public schools (indoctrination centers) that are intent on brainwashing the young into believing tolerance nonsense, evolution, acceptable practices of kicking Almighty God out of society, confused sexuality, etc.

    Even if political figures, the media, and entertainment mediums wanted to correct the current course of evil and destruction, would our society even accept that at this stage ?..or would the majority still cling to the evil they know best ?

    We prideful humans insist on doing what is right in our own eyes and choosing a personal path of least resistance…rather than seeking the only righteousness available to humanity, which is Almighty God and His Word.

    I do not know the solution for society as a whole…I do question if there is a realistic solution, regardless of political elections.

  27. ~David,

    So do Christians in America just give up and say evil wins? We are to be salt and light or we will be trampled

    If Cruz were actually elected to office it would show that there still are many in America that see things his way. Cruz with their support could lead the counter revolution against the Marxist evil worldview that now prevails in America. But make no mistake, it would be a revolution. And no revolution comes without great cost.

  28. Don,

    I do not believe we Christians can ever give up, it is our duty to proclaim The Gospel to an unknowing world daily…to our last breath.

    That being said, I do often feel like the musicians on the Titanic who continued to play their instruments even though they knew the time was short and the Titanic sinking was imminent.

  29. Hi Don,

    I wonder if Donald has so much support because he’s the weakest candidate and Hillary has the best chance of beating him in November. It seems like the media is his biggest cheerleader. They don’t show all his flip-flops and they allow him hours upon hours of free media. They show his rallies in full and allow him to basically say whatever he wants when he’s on. Very few main stream media outlets and even conservative media outlets have called him out on his lies and his progressive liberal policies. They rarely talk about his failed businesses, or all the victims of his bankruptcies and fraudulent university.

    I think that once he’s the Republican nominee, the media will showcase every horrible thing that he’s done 24/7 along with his liberal love-fest of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, and they’ll stop giving him the nonstop coverage. He’ll get crushed in November.

    I read that something like 30% of Republicans will never vote for him, and once the media turns on him, I think this will be even higher.

    Right now, Hillary is beating him in all, but like three, of the last 21 polls. His negativity rating is 67, almost ten points higher than Hillary, and most of the media has been positive.

    I have seen some of the Ads that democrats are making to run against other candidates using Trump. I am afraid that people will stay home, and not only will the Presidency be lost, but so will the Supreme Court, the Senate, and possibly the House.

    I’d really be glad to be wrong.



  30. Hi Heather,

    I would not underestimate Donald Trump or his populism. He is an expert at using attacks against him to his advantage. And the latest attacks by the Far Left will just make more people angry at what these anarchist thugs are doing to this nation. These people are being funded by open border elite globalists like George Soros. They will do anything to take out Trump and that is going to become more and more obvious to working class people.

    I still do not think that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. She probably will be indicted. Even if she is the nominee, Donald Trump will not pull punches like the previous Republican candidates. It will get bloody, literally.

  31. Hi Don,

    Good Saturday to ya! It’s so crazy what he stirs up.

    I was watching him a few nights ago when he was talking about himself being the perfect person to negotiate a Israel & Palestinian Peace agreement and that he would love the opportunity to give it a shot. I thought to myself “I wonder if it would be a seven yr peace treaty?”

    You kno what I’m saying?

    If people were saying that Obama could of been the antichrist why couldn’t Trump be? Because he’s in the GOP so not him? They say we would be completely surprised of who it will be.

    Probably not but it did occur to me when Trump was talking about Israel peace agreement. He is stirring up hatred not love.

    See if he remarks something like “I will rebuild this country in my image” or jokes (at first) that he is God. Lets just see.

    The last Trump?


  32. No way, too old and not part of the Roman Establishment, Trump won’t survive office, besides the Antichrist will be a leader that the world loves.

  33. Mr. Don

    That’s true. Good point. It just hit me when he was talking about peace deal w/ Israel, that’s all. That same point takes Obama out of the running too. Obama’s not part of the Roman Establishment.

    I read how the 6th Holy Roman Empire, the Vatican smuggled out top officials of Hitler’s army to save them from war crimes. The antichrist will most likely be some top officer in the military arm of the Roman Empire. Germany being the military force pushing back the king of the south, Iran. Germany the king of the north.

    I have to go back and catch up on my reading to get more current I’m going by memory right now. To your point I agree it’s not Trump.


  34. If the Trump take-down is successful and the people are deprived of their choice for president I don’t know what will happen. Things might calm down after awhile but right now I don’t see a mass migration to rally around Cruz. Especially after he and the other two opportunistic weasels rushed in for political gain and blamed Trump for the violence at his Chicago rally. It reminded me of the way Obama rushes in after a shooting to blame the gun and not the shooter. All three candidates lost some supporters for that one.

    There is also the possibility of sitting out the general election and letting the democrats have it. I’ve been tempted with that and I know it’s the wrong attitude.

    Whoever the GOP pulls out of their hat to flaunt in our face isn’t someone I will want to vote for either. (Romney?)

    I see the GOP using Cruz to take votes from Trump and I don’t know that they wouldn’t go after him next if they can take down Trump. I would really have to swallow hard to vote Cruz anyway. (I know this is a pro Cruz site.)

    Don said Trump wouldn’t survive office. I fear he won’t survive the campaign. There is too much misinformation and hate directed at him.

  35. What would any of us do if the leftists win the presidency and change the power balance to the SCOTUS? I think we should be prepared to live in a country that resembles Europe. By that I mean no real 2nd ammendment rights, hate speech laws, decimation of the military, mass immigration, tons of governmental red tape to do anything, socialized medicine, etc. As terrible as these are we should expect it as we near the return of Christ. Many christians have had to live through much worse than liberal socialism and we will survive it. The bigger issue is the risk of 1 of the 7 dangers Don posted in his latest article, particularly civil war or an EMP.

  36. I was looking for the correct topic to post this on so I hope this is the place.

    Has anyone seen this yet? Trump’s critics are saying it’s a con. As none of us have the ability to look into another’s heart I have to think they just don’t want it to be true. I want it to be true but I don’t have that ability either.

    At this point I’m just sharing.


  37. Hi Caitlin,

    I have a post on this blog that talks about Trump’s religious beliefs at the time that he first became a candidate. That would be the most appropriate place to put this comment.

    Only Donald Trump really knows if he believes that Jesus is his Lord and Savior. Of course we can’t expect his critics to believe it. Some never want to think that people that they don’t like can find salvation. Obama says he is a Christian but his policies display that he is not. I think discerning Christians will figure out the truth about Dobson’s (or Trump’s) claims in time.

  38. Many people both christian and non christians are looking to Trump to make America great again. The Book of Jeremiah comes to mind:

    Jer 17:5 Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.
    Jer 17:6 For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited.
    Jer 17:7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.

  39. Sure. But what if your not relying on one man or man at all? Instead are relying on God, can God raise up a leader that appears ungodly? Sure. If that man has a heart that God can use.

    I contend to pray for God’s anointing on Donald Trump because if it is God’s will trump will win. He’s ahead in the recent polls now.

    My money is on the last Trump 😉

  40. I have a more practical view. We, and I mean like-minded others, want our government cleaned up. We do that by electing those who we believe will do that job as well as they are possibly able. I don’t see it as either God or either man because God uses people. God could either save or destroy America without anyone’s help. Because He established government I’m going to act like He wants a clean one and one that honors Him.

    My worldview now is Deut:32. It really looks like a battle between good and evil for America. My prayers are, “Father, will you help us win this battle?”

    We know which direction we’re headed in if Hillary wins. I don’t believe Donald needs to be anointed, just elected. If he is I don’t really know what that will look like. It’s something different from anything in recent memory.

    I don’t hold a degree in being right but that’s my very intelligent and informed take on it. lol.

  41. America is just like Jerusalem was in Jeremiahs time. Most churches are apostate and have strayed from Gods word. We are talking entire denominations. Trump is currently surrounding himself with some of these Godless leaders like Paula White,James dobson,kenneth Copeland to name a few. Most prosperity gospel teachers who preach a false Christ and mammon worship.

    You can pray all you want. There comes a time when God does not listen. God told Jeremiah not to pray for the people for when they cry out he will not listen. God also told jeremiah not to get anything nice for he was going to destroy this place. Trump or Hillary will not matter. America has crossed the rubicon and there is not turning back. America is a Goat nation and will be judged as such. Besides we all know we are in the end times, very close. There is no end times without a rise in satanism. Even the satanists know the end game has begun and proclaim it on their web sites. I have been studying the enemy for years and the grow bolder with each passing day. Their end game has truly begun because they lose and I will watch their smoke rise from the lake of fire. However we as biblical Christians lose short term. Persecution is already here. Christians are being slaughtered daily in the middle east.

    Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled. Look for Mosul and damascus to be destroyed soon fulfilling Isiah 17:1 and Nah3:7.

    Mosul is ancient nineveh

  42. Klaus,

    June 22 Trump released his 25 name list of evangelical connections. That isn’t “surrounding” himself. Most of them are Southern Baptists which may or may not be godless.

    Unless you are a prophet you do not know what God is going to do with America or when. No one is denying it’s the end times, no one is denying God’s prophecies will be fulfilled. He hasn’t given us one for America.

    I don’t visit satanist’s web sites. Haven’t a clue what they say.

    Do nothing if that’s your choice, it’s not mine. I haven’t been directed to sit back and wait for destruction.

  43. Good news for Trump enthusiast.

    If u look at the ‘Primary model’ as well as the Pendulum swing model Trump has a 87% chance of taking the white house. He would have had a 99% chance against Sanders.

    http://primarymodel.com/ Download the PDF that this site offers it goes into more detail.

    Also in my research there’s a polling place called the Arizona Freedom Alliance which took…

    33% Democrats
    33% Republicans ..of registered voters…
    34% Independents

    …into a pool of 1,000 for 50 States = 50,000 registered voters and phoned them on a weekly rotation.

    Trump consistently wins! The latest; Trump 67% Hillary 19% Undecided 13%

    The polls we all are subject to are liberal mainstream ‘media’ based and conducted in such a way to bias the outcome. They only poll statistically small samples and in democratically strong areas too.

    Media polls are driven to achieve a desired outcome whereas internal polls that are rarely made public are the one’s you need to look for to have a real look into public sentiment. Trump will win in landslide. I promise.

    “Early prophecy is good for publicity but full of risks” Mark Twain

  44. I hope your right, but so long as long as we allow machines to count our votes, anything can be manipulated. I keep remembering the quote, attributed to Stalin . . . source disputed by some:

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

  45. The media is lying and the FACT is Trump is beating Hillary quite badly and he’s going up against the rigged media & their polls. The polls are meaningless.

    The following 5 statistics prove that Trump is REALLY winning. The media completely ignores or covers up.

    Fact 1: Trump has nearly 3 times the followers on face book.

    Trump has 12,174,358 likes
    Hillary has 4,485,959 likes

    Look at Trumps live stream videos when compared to Clintons ..

    Trump 135,000 likes
    1.5 million views

    Hillary 9,000 likes

    Fact 2: Trump has 18.6 Million Twitter followers 18.6
    Hillary has only 6.1 Million 6.1

    Hillary’s are mostly fake followers according to the Washington Examiner. 41% of Clintons followers are not even real people.

    In contrast Trump followers are 90% real with 90% having a previous voting record.

    Fact 3: Trump averages 160,000 views per live stream Clinton averages 400 views per live stream Wow!

    Fact 4: Instagram Trump has 6.2 million followers Clinton has 800,000

    Instagram is a platform of all pictures & not much substance exactly what Hillary supporters love & still she does very poorly in this medium.

    Fact 5 on Reddit: (I didn’t kno what this was til I googled it)

    Trump has 297,696 subscribers
    Hillary 21,329 subscribers

    Hillary for prison gets 255,228 subscribers

    Trump has more subscriber’s on every major social media outlet also Wiki leaks prove that Hillary pays people to follow her on social media.

    Trust me Trump’s got this don’t get discouraged over the news the media is portraying even Fox news sadly repeats the propaganda that’s out there.

    Trump will win I promise these polls on TV are laughable. Yes I do keep my promises 🙂

    ps I tried to place the #’s like on a spread sheet but then it came out different after posting.

  46. I got my information from Gabor Zolna which has a u-tube channel. Don’t know if he’s a Christian but has passion for the truth.

  47. All your evidence comes from Internet and social media. Those messages are put their because they are promoting Trump or because they hate Hillary.

    Most people that vote for Hillary do not need to promote her or even like her. They will vote for her just because she is a Democrat or they believe she will follow the Democratic platform and keep the progressive (communist) movement going. Just ask Oprah. Her people just listen to MSM and about half of them are functionally illiterate. Besides, there will be vote fraud.

    Maybe some of the polls that say she will win by 5 or 10 percent are laughable but that does not mean that she could not win.

    George Soros promises that Hillary will win even though he also claims Trump will win the majority of the popular vote. He says the fix is in. And he know more about what is really going on than you do.

    Don’t promise something you may not be able to deliver. There will be consequences!!

  48. I say I promise b/c I’m optimistic we have to look at real polls not these trumpet up one’s created by the media.


    Ten days ago Trump was up 67% Hillary 19% 13% undecided in a 2 person race excluding 3rd party candidate. 50,000 Americans polled. The one’s we see on tv are 100 to 1,000 people that’s it.

    Your discounting the power of social media it’s the ice burg effect. I don’t care trump slams this thing & I still promise. George Soros can only hope his propaganda holds up.

    … Just some quotes from attached site…

    “Did you know that in most of the polls, where they are reporting a Clinton lead, are conducted in such a way as to bias the outcome? Often, they only poll 100 up to 1,000 people. Not only are their sample sizes statistically small, but they often poll areas that are known to be predominately Democratic, hence, it only makes sense that Hillary is ahead.”

    ” We’ve been telling you the difference between a media poll and an internal poll. Media polls are driven by the desire to achieve a certain outcome. That is why you think Hillary is leading Trump by 10 points. If you were paying attention, one of these polls had Hillary up by 15 points before the GOP convention. After the convention, Trump was up 15 points, a 30% jump! Statistically impossible. After the democrat convention, Hillary was up 10 points, a 25% swing. Again, can’t happen. The media is jerking our chain. DO NOT believe them. The only polls that can be believed are internal polls that are rarely made public. While the poll below is not an internal poll, it was done in a most interesting manner – with no perceived bias. And it is YUGE!”

  49. Hey Doug,

    I’ve been reading thru that site. That’s terrible! Switching the votes on the machines in Texas. Trump did say he will contest the result if there’s corruption & there definitely is.

    At least people are paying attention and reporting it. I bet Trump wins despite all the cheating. They probably do want a civil war in this country for their global initiative. We are so in the last days were going to see even more injustice’s in the years ahead.

    I get satisfaction knowing Hillary will most likely spend eternity in the lake of fire.

  50. Bill,

    I do not think Hillary is ahead by 10 percent. You should have read what I actually said before you said that I believe that. I think it will be very close.

    I am not discounting Social Media. Again, you need to understand what I said. Try reading what I said again.

    That 67 to 19 % by the Arizona Freedom Alliance is just plain silly. When something is that far from the truth you find out why and then you don’t use it. That just tells me that the Arizona Freedom Alliance does not do valid polling.

    Unless Hillary drops dead or is exposed for Murder on the MSM she is going to get at least 40 percent of the popular vote. Anyone who knows who occupies the big cities, the Northeast and the West coast would know that the majority of them will vote Democrat.

    By the way, the last I heard only two people in Texas claimed that their vote was switched and they found out a way to fix it. There may be some others that had it switched the other way. We really don’t know.

    All this is just jumping to conclusions if it is even true. There always are errors. Have you ever checked your Walmart receipt? I will bet more than a fraction of one percent have errors.

  51. Don,

    I know u didn’t say she’s up by 10% that was in that quote “That is why you think Hillary is leading Trump by 10 points” I took it off their website their talking about the general public. I do understand what you are saying.

    But why do u think that poll is silly? If they took 33% of registered voter database each Dem/Rep/ 34% Ind in each State a total of 50,000 and that was their result. Do u think they could be lying? or something?

    Why not. It would seem overwhelming for any of us to imagine that Trump could actually be ahead by a large margin b/c were fed lies constantly by the propaganda machine.

    It’s like we all live in the Truman show & some of us know it’s all fake but we tend to believe some of it sometimes and everyone around us are in a trance or stupor then we get criticized by them when ever we try to wake them up.

    These other polls are smaller statically 100 – 1000 The Truman show poll numbers.

    Good one.. Walmart. lol Want to have a good laugh sit in a Walmart parking lot.

  52. It is silly because the claim does not even meet the common sense test. It seems to me that to get those kind of figures they would have to have contacted only a limited demographic or they clouded the questions. Maybe they just hung up on people with accents. Or maybe they somehow sampled only the middle class. Poles can easily be manipulated.

    Even so, it is loony to think that only 19 percent of people will vote for Hillary. A third of this country are brain dead people they always vote blue. Government dependents have been programed to vote for progressive socialists. That reality is not going to change any time soon.

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