Globalist left intends to launch all out war on Trump and America.

The globalist left intends to launch an all out war on Trump and the American people supporting him. The power elite and their corporate cronies know that socialist globalism will be set back for at least a decade if Trump gets his nationalistic agenda implemented in America. They also fear that Europe would be next. The globalist left will continue to ramp up the attacks on American nationalists.

For example, websites considered pro Trump or against the globalist leftist agenda are already starting to be censored by the corporatist Internet media fascists. Some alternative news sites have recently reported a coordinated effort to stop them from presenting their viewpoints.

  • said that AdRoll (google based ads) banned them. The ban will impact their bottom line by millions of dollars each year.
  • said that Google delisted all 140,000 website pages.
  • Robert Epstein on reports that Google now has 9 blacklists.
  • There are reports that conservative media on Facebook and Google are just disappearing.
  • There are other reports that comments on Twitter supporting President Trump are sent to the bottom.
  • I read that some main stream media news sites are no longer allowing comments because people’s comments influence opinion about what was said. They stopped the comments because they do not want anyone to think differently than their news spin castors tell us to think.

The websites impacted above need to sue the perpetrators. In the short-term, lawsuits and court orders may be the only actions that will hinder Internet tyranny. This is also why we need conservative and libertarian judges appointed by Trump.

This is just the beginning. Mainstream news media is totally owned by 6 multinational corporations. The Internet is controlled by a handful of corporations under the control of billionaire globalist leftists. Only leftist media will be available to the public if nothing is done to correct the problem.

These media monopolies need to be regulated and some need to be broken up using antitrust laws. Billionaires and multi-national media corporations should not be allowed to have so much control over Americans. Who elected media billionaires to rule over Americans? Trump can start by regulating advertising on main stream news media. Big Pharma pushing drugs and multi-national corporations pushing their own agenda make up most of the revenue for major news networks.

Trump is correct in saying that main stream fake news media is against the American people. They simply make things up to attack American Christians and conservatives. They want to take Trump down so that the news media can continue to tell Americans how to think.

Some of the radicals on the Left are practicing sedition. They are calling for the overthrow of President Trump and they do not mean doing it through a democratic processes and following the Constitution. They are calling for lawlessness and revolution. These people should get a visit from the Secret Service or the FBI.

Trump can start to turn around leftist indoctrination of Americans by ending the leftist brainwashing that is taking place in the federal government and the military. He can get rid of all the thousands of government employees whose only job is to socially engineer the thinking of everyone else.

Obama and 30 thousand agitators are gearing up for an assault on the Trump Presidency this spring. There is a report that Obama and Soros have a violent American spring in mind. (Caution, I do not consider that source reliable  – Robert Steele. Steele claims strange stuff and promotes strange people.) I am aware that these agitators do intend to show up at town halls around the country to disrupt things and to promote the impression that Americans are against Trump.

Obama and company will look for any opportunity to get people all stirred up. Even so, the Left thus far has not had the public support advertised. A word of advice to them. If they try violence this spring, they better do it in their own gun free safe zones.

The leftist globalists know that they are losing the American people, so that makes the next few months extremely dangerous. They will try to take Trump down by any means possible.

President Trump apparently knows what is going on. Steve Bannon sees the big picture. Steve is no fool. Trump knows the people behind the hate speech are corporatist socialistic globalists who are domestic enemies of the American experiment. Trump intends to do what he promised. He intends to give nationalistic constitutional government back to the American people. That is why globalists are going nuts.

Trump is successfully taking his message directly to the American people. If Trump is allowed the time to change some things, he is likely to grow ever more popular and the democrats will grow increasingly irrelevant. The Democratic Party just elected two extremely radical leftist leaders to head their party. I think the Democratic Party is too far left for most Americans. If Trump survives, the Republicans might even get a super-majority in the Senate in two years. Nonetheless, there remains tens of millions of demoncrats bound together under a satanic worldview that cannot be won over. Even the witches of the world are gathering together to cast a hex on Donald Trump.

There is hope that the main stream fake news media will continue to be exposed. For example, James O”Keefe is waging war on the corrupt media. James just released over a hundred hours of undercover recordings involving CNN and is also offering $10,000 for audio or video footage exposing media malfeasance. Way to go James! I hope you get a lot of takers. We can win this info war if the truth gets out.

America was pretty close to going the way of globalist controlled Europe and would have went that way if Hillary was elected. Europeans generally do not report what the Islamic immigrants are doing to destroy their nations. In the last couple of weeks there have been riots and rape attacks by Muslims in major European cities, but where do you hear about that on mainstream news? In West Europe you cannot even voice negative opinions about Islam without being charged with a hate crime. Whole areas in Western European cities are no go zones for white Europeans and even the police. Europeans are starting to join the resistance against the no border globalists but thus far most Europeans have been far too passive.

A recent survey indicated that less than a third of Western Europeans would fight for their country. West Europe is lucky that most people in East European nations would still fight for their country. Otherwise, Russia could just walk in and take over West Europe just like the Muslims are doing. I do not think even the Russians would want to control the West European mess right now. However, if America is somehow taken out of the picture, Russia could easily take East Europe because West Europeans will not fight for anyone. I do think that at some point Russia will take over East Europe again.

We will have to wait to see what will happen in the upcoming elections in Europe. Maybe some West Europeans will grow a spine. The European Union was to be the multicultural no border prototype for world globalism. Rising nationalism puts all that is at risk.

The globalist left might resort to anything if they cannot get Trump out of office and are in danger of losing Europe as well. As readers know, I think a grid down situation in America grows ever more likely. The radicals of the Left and Islam have thousands of people in America willing to attack America’s Achilles Heal from within. President Trump must rapidly ramp up our grid security.

Trump is on the side of the American people. Americans need to support Trump and pray for him. We are living in very dangerous times. We become complacent at are own peril. Two words of caution for Donald Trump. Fear God! If Trump does not give God due credit for any success, but rather puffs himself up with pride, or advances Word of Faith prosperity doctrine, instead of making America great again, he will likely preside over America’s crash and burn.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Globalist left intends to launch all out war on Trump and America. — 30 Comments

  1. Amen Don,

    Pray for President Trump. Last week trumps wife opened up w/ the Lords prayer before Trump addressed the crowd. That fired me up.

    I saw that about James O”Keefe, that’s great! CNN & others are now blocked from the White House, this is very cool. I’m going to step it up on praying for Trump and how he reveres things coming from God not himself.

    awesome article.

    P.S. Yes we can win this war with the truth

  2. I second Bill’s AMEN . It will be interesting to hear what Trump has to say tonight and the reaction from the press and the Democrats .

  3. I’m surprised conservatives and Christians have not banded together and formed a media empire to rival the MSM. It would take lots of planning and prob a billion dollars but it can be done.
    I frequent a popular site called quora which is a question and answer type of place, and I was just banned yesterday. The site is full of anti trump rhetoric but when I disagreed and posted opposing viewpoints I was removed, despite not violating any rules. The problem is that the left has taken over social media. Social media is how most people communicate today. It looks like conservatives may be relagated to email and telephone soon as leftist tech companies take over our communications.
    I also, read that rapes of Swedish woman are at an all time high due to massive Islamic immigration. Of course the globalists in Sweden refuse to acknowledge what is going on and want even more Muslims. I can tell you one thing, that won’t stand in many states in America where men are still men. Muslim rape gangs would be shot dead. Liberalism is truly a suicidal death cult.

  4. Thinking about the grid down situation in America; the AC will need it in place in order to control the world monetary system. So if it does go down, it would then need to be completely restored before financial control can be implemented. Not really feasible IMHO. I think the grid will remain intact until the AC is in power and during the 7 year reign. Unless he is able somehow to control the system with the grid down. On the other hand, perhaps a rebuilt grid is needed and is perhaps the catalyst for said control. I think that would push tribulation/rapture out at least 10-15 years.

  5. I saw a MEME the other day that, essentially, said, “If Trump walked on water, the MSM headlines would be ‘Trump Can’t Swim'”. It is truly unbelivable what is being reported and, even worse, how many people are buying into the “spin”.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that Mr. Trump is our saviour, but I certainly agree with much of what he is trying to do. I guess the ultimate question is: Given our current world, can he/we make any progress against these globalists… Keep praying!

  6. Nathan,

    The Antichrist only has a 42 month reign. A pretribulation grid down situation in the United States would not impact the Antichrist monetary system at all. The Beast system only takes place in the last 3.5 years. What may be left of America will have power back up then. It might even be mostly decentralized solar after that. You seem to be looking at the Beast economic system through American eyes. A grid down situation in the United States in not going to stop the conversion to a global buy/sell system. In fact it could speed it up.

  7. Before I deactivated my social media accounts I was an admin in Breitbart Group. It was a closed group on face book domain but we were up to 3000 members when I left. Occasionally face book would auto send articles for review to admin. Always conservative articles, usually pro Trump. I never once saw a liberal or anti- Hillary story that face book thought needed a review.

    A few days ago I filled out a survey for the RNC. Under “Domestic Concerns” I wrote in “Strengthen the Grid.” I separated it from rebuild the infrastructure because they only asked for the top 5 concerns. There are so many I think the roads etc can wait but everything to do with national security is a priority.

    I believe the globalists would like to take America down anyway they can. We’re in their way.

  8. I didn’t finish my comment last night because I realized the President’s speech had begun and I didn’t want to miss it.
    I thought it was a good speech and I wondered how the Democrats could sit there in stubborn refusal to understand what the President was saying was good and right.
    I suppose resisting good and right is a strategy of war on Trump and America. I just don’t understand why they want to protect criminals or bring in potential terrorists. TB is on the rise again with the influx of migrants but if you’ve noticed the refugee resettlements are never in the Elite neighborhoods. They are protecting themselves. Maybe it’s part of their depopulation plan. I say that half seriously.

    There are a few sane voices coming out of Europe. Geert Wilders has it going on, doesn’t he?
    I know, the globalist are scared and they will increase their ruthless attacks, but if God says it isn’t their time then it isn’t their time. Still we need to do our part and always fight for right.

  9. Good perspective from Caitlin , The problem with Democrats and sadly many elected Republicans is their priority is getting re elected and their loyalty to party over the people who elected them. The radical left and globalists want no mention of God because if you acknowledge God you cannot escape we are all accountable to Him sooner or later. People want to be their own god and worship themselves. I leave it to everyone to draw their own conclusions from Trump;s speech to Congress, I liked most of it . What I want to see is action going forward. I fully expect the leftist globalists to oppose anything good for the country. The most important thing ( in my opinion ) most of us can contribute is sincere prayer for each other and our country . BLESSINGS to ALL !!!!!!!!!

  10. Steve , The info about Valerie Jarrett is no surprise to me. Obama and his supporters still do accept that Trump won the election. Just look at all this Russia crap the media is peddling. I watched Trump’s speech so I know what he said. I have read media analysis of the speech and it is pure nonsense . And now a word to Don , It is surprising to me how few comments have been made on this article, any thoughts on that .

  11. I expect Obama and company to ramp it up to cause civil unrest. They apparently are trying to weaken the position of AG Sessions before they ramp up the sedition.

  12. Don Fritts, I was surprised too at how few comments there have been with so much going on.

    And they strike again. This time at Sessions. They’ve targeted Trump, Bannon, Miller, Gorka and Flynn. They took out Flynn and I don’t believe he did anything wrong according to the evidence I’ve read. It’s obvious Sessions didn’t do anything wrong either.

    The very unintelligent Maxine Waters said this will lead to Trump’s impeachment.

    What would happen if the major source of their funding dried up? It might throw a monkey wrench into the plot. He is 84. I may suggest that in my prayers. It’s not like I haven’t given God some really good advice before He hasn’t taken. Lol.

  13. Can anyone tell me who are the globalist left? Who are the globalist elite? I know satan is behind it all and maybe soros etc. But who else is pushing this agenda as an individual? Its been called a conspiracy theory and many other names. I’ve read articles on this until I’m tired. But I have not really seen any positive proof of who is the one behind it all. It seems to me that it has to be someone who is in charge. Sort of like hitler or mussinli or Castro etc. Who is the main person behind this?

  14. I think there are fewer comments because there is just not much to say that has not been said before.
    We know that the Democrat party is a corrupt, anti American, anti Christian organization, so nothing they do suprises us anymore. We EXPECT the leftists to attack all that is good and decent in the world. Sabotaging Trump is just a given.
    We did our part. We got Trump elected. It’s useless to try to persuade these leftist morons, so all we can do right now is hope Trump will prevail. Until something changes that requires us to do something different, we will be watching and waiting.

  15. Hi George,

    Satin is in charge. There is not just one human running the show that I am aware of. There are many hundreds of leftist globalist organizations. The elite of the globalist left can be found where they meet and where they run globalist leftist agendas.

  16. I believe the globalists are, for the most part, those who are in power in Europe. I believe you can throw almost all of the mega-corporations, banks, media etc into the fold as well. The Pope is at least a socialist, so I’d throw him in there. The rest of the Roman Catholic Church leadership appears to be half to two thirds globalist minded. The cancer is everywhere.

    Don, I don’t know if this is too off topic, but what do you think of the US joining the Royal Commonweath? This doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage, but Trump could be the most pro British president we have had in history.

    I guess it could be a good idea and maybe it would offer some economic security if there is such a thing these days. I wonder if England may be trying to bring her colonies back together under her rule? Maybe this signifies the struggles for who is on top in the globalist power struggle. Could Brexit have started the attempt at forming the New Roman Empire under Great Britain. I know the Royals consider themselves the protectors of the faith and Rome or something like that.

  17. Hi Steve,

    I am more for an American commonwealth of nations that Britain could join. Britain still has not removed itself from the EU, until that happens Britain is not independent. The royal line in Europe continues to influence things and probably will even more so as we see democracies start to break down.The young lions of Ezekiel are speaking of nations in the British commonwealth. So it will exist and at the very least question the motives of Gog.

  18. Don I agree, it would be much better for the US to create some sort of Commonwealth itself. I’m not sure if I like the idea of joining Britain’s.

    Anyway, I hope we can survive this meddling by Obama and his minions. Let’s say Trump did step down or was somehow impeached. Pence would just become president. How would that benefit the Demon-crats?

  19. The main thing we need to do is pray for President Trump. The satanic forces aligned against him are extremely powerful. Our country is in this mess because we, as a nation, have let it happen. I read an article about the Johnstown flood and how the people prior to the dam breaking didn’t worry because they thought everything would be ok because it always had been. They didn’t heed the warnings and went about their lives full of pride and self importance. And then the dam broke and thousands of lives were lost. All because they didn’t see it coming. We have been warned. I have lain awake late at night praying with tears streaming down my face, realizing they were tears of shame because of the sins I have committed in my life. They were also tears of shame for my country and what it has become, knowing I contributed to her downfall by my pride, arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed, etc. I watched a video of a townhall meeting the other day where a man was trying to say a prayer before the meeting and the vile people in attendance kept trying to interrupt him. He got to the end of the prayer and said the name of Jesus and the vile people erupted spewing their hate. It literally broke my heart. I do think President Trump has felt the hand of God on his heart. I think he has been humbled by how incredibly difficult the psychotic left is making his job and what he’s trying to do. I wonder if God isn’t using fools like Schumer and Pelosi to keep President Trump humble. Maybe if he would have gotten everything right away he might have become full of himself. The hour is indeed getting very late for us. God truly is merciful in that he has allowed us to continue for as long as he has. Our prayers are what got President Trump elected. Our prayers are our repentance are what is needed now to save him and this country from Satan and his minions. May God continue to have mercy on us.

  20. Caitlin , God has never put out a HELP WANTED sign for how he runs the universe. You ,were referring to George Soros as the major funding source for much of the radical left. Somewhere in Proverbs it says the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous . I am concerned about the relentless satanic activities to undermine not only Trump , but all civil and moral government.However , as the pastor of the church I attend said this past Wednesday evening at our communion service , look to Jesus , not to Washington , He is your hope. BLESSINGS !!!

  21. “Information overload” sounds about right, I think I am becoming less ‘vocal’ re politics… I know in my mind most comments are met with… let’s wait and see.

  22. Don Fritts, I was using humor to lighten the weight of reality. I think God can handle my sense of humor.

    Yes I meant Soros, I’m tired of him.

  23. Caitlin , No offense to you was meant in my comments. Isn’t it the height of media hypocrisy that there is no media mention of all the contacts with Russia the Clinton Foundation had with Russia while Hillary was Sec of State. One reporter on MSNBC had the arrogance to say it was her job to tell the public what to think. Lots of media reports surfacing about Valerie Jarrett moving in with the Obams’s to help poor Barrack undermine Trump any way they can .

  24. What I find most potentially alarming is Keith Ellison.

    Undermining Trump and going forth with an Islamic agenda for the DNC in the U.S. is cause for concern to me at this point.

    Ellison has the potential to make Obama look like a moderate Islamic sympathizer.

  25. DON: Is there such thing as Globalists right? Putin @ $$$ 200 BILLIONS++ is one of the RICHEST men in the world + managed it in~20 years with NO BANKRUPTCY filings. Trump is green with ENVY. Would the Koch brothers be considered Globalists right or Sam Walton’s HEIRS????

  26. Dorrene,

    $200 billion for Putin is quite an exaggeration. Exaggeration and over the top defamation is why some of your comments do not get posted.

    Globalism is Left because the proponents want world government, world religion and the elite of the world to rule over all people and nations.The leftist dream is a collective ant farm. Only the queens are the privileged class.

    The true right believes in liberty for all within the boundaries established by moral and natural law. Those truly on the right would have little interest in Globalism before a proven righteous leader appeared.

    Elitists that think their money qualifies them to run the world are probably best identified with progressives on the Left.There are many progressive Republicans that say they are on the Right but they really are not. Trump won because he is one of the few billionaires against globalism.

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