Globalist socialist coup against Donald Trump and America

A coup is underway in America and the outcome of it will decide whether or not the Marxists get to dictate their world agenda to everyone in America. When I point out that there is a globalist socialist coup against Donald Trump and America, I am talking about a conspired effort by the whole Marxist family. This includes Communists, Progressives, Fabian Socialists, Fascists and Islamists.

The ranting against President Donald Trump on most mainstream news is an all out effort to get public support to remove Trump from office and get their globalist socialist agenda back on track. It also is an effort to keep the focus away from all the criminal activity of the Obama administration. The accusations hurled against Trump are totally ridiculous, but if the liars of media are free to keep reporting lies as truth, many in America will believe them.

Leftist Globalists hate everything that America has ever stood for. They do not want national sovereignty at all. They want a world government dictating socialist policy to everyone on earth. They see a socialist world government as the only hope for the world. Global socialism is the only savior that these godless socialists believe in. Therefore, they go quite insane when national patriots resist joining their religion.

American patriots should not underestimate what the far left is conspiring to do. The globalist socialist coup underway very likely will succeed because the deck is already stacked. The leftist globalist agenda has worked toward taking over America since World War II. In the 1950’s Senator Joseph McCarthy exposed the communist subversion in America and was ostracized for it by closet socialists. President Jimmy Carter was and still is a dupe of the socialist globalist agenda. President Clinton and Hillary actually helped China get our secrets and helped Russia get our uranium. President Obama is a Communist turned fascist globalist socialist. Most of the other Presidents since Nixon also played ball with the global socialists.

The majority of Americans in the heartland still might be identified as right of center by some. However, the center has moved way left of where it was 50 years ago. Trump only won the election because about half the voters in America still believe in a sovereign strong nation. Even so, that support base is growing smaller each year. Both coasts and the big cities are already under socialist control.

More than 90 percent of people holding positions of power and influence in government are left of center. More than half the governors and senators in America are globalist leftists even if some call themselves Republicans. The courts are dominated by leftist judges. The mayors of large cities are leftists. The city and country planners are mostly leftists and are implementing UN Agenda 21 (AKA sustainable development) everywhere. Most of the heads of large corporations are leftists that agree with the socialist international agenda. Even many of our churches are under the influence of leftists. Just look at the statements of the Pope and the top person of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The reason the coup against Donald Trump is likely to be successful is that the deck is now stacked everywhere but in rural areas. It is not just Democrats. Many of the Republicans are also carrying water for the socialist globalists. Most top government jobs are filled with people that push the globalist socialist agenda. Almost all the media is controlled by globalist socialists. Almost all teaching positions in the United States are occupied by leftists. Even the CIA and NSA are under the control of leftist globalists.

The leftists have worked to stack the deck for decades, so how does Donald Trump reverse all this in a couple of years? You see what happens when he tries, the socialist deep state is using every weapon they have to try to remove Trump. The media is even resurrecting the dead to attack Trump. They recently conjured up Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather and Ted Koppel to attack Trump. Will they next exhume the skeleton of Walter Cronkite, put a hat on his head and put words in his mouth?

Trump’s only chance to stop this coup is to go on the offensive and put these traitors to our nation in jail. Many in the Obama administration committed crimes. They need to be prosecuted. Those now conspiring to plan sedition against Trump need to be arrested. What is Attorney General Jeff Sessions doing with his time? The swamp creatures of Washington are still attacking America. This is not the time to make Washington D.C. a wildlife refuge. The lizard people and the walking snakes of the swamp are out of control. It is time for Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department to go varmint hunting.

The big mistake Trump is making is expecting the opposition to be reasonable and fair. It is like expecting a religious cult to renounce their errors just because John 3:16 was quoted to the cult leaders. The Democratic Party and the media it controls is run by people who believe in the Marxist religion. Their globalist agenda does not include God, Trump or the Constitution that our nation was founded on.

They will never stop their attacks against Trump unless they are shut up by force. The only way to shut them up is for real Americans to go on the offensive. Trump must use his presidential powers to stop them. There is a different between free speech and subversion. There are laws against the latter. Some media organizations need to be sued by government and some need to be sued by private citizens. Stopping the socialist traitors that are subverting our nation is the reason that sane people in the heartland voted for an outsider like Trump in the first place.

If Trump does not take the war to them, they will find some way to get him out of office. They so control the information that the Republicans could lose the house in 2018. Even though the Senate has a Republican majority, most in the Senate do not support Trump. Why do most Republicans continually vote for socialism if they are against socialism? For example, the Republican proposed health bill is just a Republican version of socialism.

The only alternative that the left will give Trump is to cave to the socialist globalists now running the world. Trump would have to rejoin the Paris climate accords, approve globalist trade deals, not build the wall, retain Obamacare, not pass major tax cuts and appoint non conservatives to the Supreme Court. Of course, if Trump did that he would be a one term president. With the leftists then fully in charge, America would soon become comparable to Venezuela.

Trump will not have a prayer of a chance of being successful against the socialists if the only weapons of his warfare are Word of Faith prosperity teachers and New Apostolic Reformation heretics praying over him. These hucksters rip off poor Christians through healing and prosperity lies and telling the gullible to give them money to get money from God. But, Trump submits to them and identifies with them?? When liars for Jesus are associated with the White House a curse may be coming sooner than we think. Apparently, Trump cannot tell the difference between Christian leaders and the hucksters that use Bible jargon. Obviously, neither can many people in our churches.

Anything negative that happens in America or the world is sure to be blamed on Trump. With the leftist controlled CIA pulling the strings, negative things always have a way of happening. I do not doubt that false flags are being planned. If there is a Korean war, it will be blamed on Trump. Any scrimmage with Russia, China, or Iran, will be blamed on Trump. Any crash in the economy, will be blamed on Trump. Any terrorist attack in the United States, will be blamed on Trump. Riots instigated by leftist radicals, will be blamed on Trump. Even if the Rapture happens, they will blame Trump for those gone missing.

America in many ways is already a post constitutional nation. Trump and Americans need to realize that we are in a fight for the life of the nation set up by the founding fathers. The enemy of America is godless socialism and globalism. If patriotic Americans do not win the war against the domestic enemies of our nations, we will be eradicated by them. The purge always happens after Marxist socialists take control.

When a coup is taking place, those in power better use all the power that they have to thwart it. The domestic enemies of constitutional government must be defeated. Even if it takes asking our military to restore constitutional government, then that is what needs to happen. Military people have sworn to protect our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

I ask you, when will there ever be a greater domestic enemy of our Constitution than the globalist socialist cult now actively subverting it? We are in a war.  It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

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Globalist socialist coup against Donald Trump and America — 23 Comments

  1. Well said Don. We truly are in deep aren’t we? I don’t know if there has ever been a president so demonized with baseless accusations.

    The RINO’s should all be arrested. They infuriate me more than the liberals and marxists, and may be more dangerous. If Trump resigns or is forced out by some fabricated conspiracy, it’s over. That is unless, like you said, the military takes over. But even I have lost faith in the armed forces, and I don’t know how a civilian force could organize. Yep. I think it looks pretty grim unless some heads start rolling. Maybe literally.

  2. Indeed sir…things are crumbling socially everywhere, which would appear necessary in preparing the way for worse to come worldwide. Interesting stuff, though I enjoy your faith based perspective articles more, when you’ve got your sight set on things of above.

  3. I’m speechless. Everyday we are bombarded on all sides to weaken those who understand what is going on. Family, friends, neighbors and coworkers are drifting further apart and from experience I know I have lost many of them as they are blinded. Only divine intervention can save us, but I think too many in this country have crossed the Rubicon and will be going through the Tribulation. I pray God would spare us but I believe he has run out of patience.

  4. Well, I think that Trump is only giving lip service to the Heretical cultist Christian pretenders, and that might ultimately help him, but, unless the leadership in all branches of the military are purged of the leftist, they won’t be much help.

    I agree, severe actions are called for, and again I hedge, because the socialist would love a police state, in place, for them to swoop in and take the reins of power afterwards. Just like Obama did with the power structure Bush initiated after 9/11. We’re living in grim times indeed. The more divided republicans, conservatives, and all the rest of center right become, the more vulnerable we all are. We don’t have the single mindedness of the enemy, and that’s what the globalist are, to move as one coherent group to thwart them.

    This has been my concerns for several years now, when I first realized the institutional churches were Aposticizing at a rapid pace these last several years. It went hand in hand with the downfall of society. It’s difficult not to be very concerned, if not worried, even though the other part of my mind tells me the Lord is in Control. And that we are to “let not your hearts be troubled” while we carry on as best we can, individually, collectively, as a nation, still Under God, no matter what comes.

    PS, Don, you fixed the comments plugin and it’s working in my browser of choice, Firefox for Android. Big thank you!

  5. Yes, what is Jeff Sessions doing with his time? I had high hopes for him when he became attorney general. All I hear now are crickets. 2 things Trump should have done on day 1 was to go after Hillary and fire Comey. Not having done either of those things has caused him a lot of problems. That would have shown some real strength and would have put the Democrats in their place, even if only temporarily. I live in California, the poster child for globalist socialism. Our state government is truly demon possessed. I actually think a vast majority of America is already lost. The things I hear from people justifying the actions of the left is downright scary. To mention God is to practically be scorned. The media have definitely sold their soul to the devil. It’s amazing the speed at which this destruction is happening, and incredibly sad. As Thomas Jefferson said “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

  6. People have often wondered how people in Sodom and Gomorrah could be so wicked as to try to rape visiting men. What less would happen today to good looking strangers spending the night in the streets of any of our inner cities? The same goes for Europe.

  7. I agree that Joe McCarthy exposed the communist subversion in America and was ostracized for it. IMO that was the start of the real Marxist movement in this country. Joe was a true patriot for the USA.

  8. Jeff Sessions has been absolutely useless. He is probably the biggest letdown of the Trump presidency. I agree that if Trump does not start going on the offensive he is done. Forget about how the media will spin it, even if he walked on water the leftists would attack him for it. Fight, or lose reelection or be impeached. That is the choice Trump has.

  9. Well said Don, I often have to remind myself of the words in Psalms 118:24 “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it”. While each day seems darker for our nation, each day of turmoil should remind us that we are one day nearer the Rapture. I will be 65 next month and hope to soon hear the call from Revelation “come up hither”. I hope and pray that our land makes it until then, but after that call, the whole world will be facing a literal hell on Earth.

  10. Blessings, Don! This article echoes the sentiments of virtually every God-loving, freedom-loving patriot I know. I may be showing my country-girl bias when I say this, but I truly believe that everything good about America is in rural America…well, for now, anyway. Urban America long ago deteriorated into a cesspool of violence, filth, and depravity and is only growing worse by the day.

    More needs to be done to “drain the swamp” and prosecute the brazen traitors openly inciting sedition, violence…and, yes…leftist TERRORISM. As far as I’m concerned, former President Obama, The Clintons, and George Soros are the sludge creatures at the very bottom of the swamp. (There are many, MANY more, but I’m simplifying for the sake of time and space.) Perhaps President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are deliberately creating a false sense of peace and security so these sludge creatures and their slimy minions in government, media, academia, Hollywood, etc. feel emboldened to rise to the surface and rear their ugly heads? Perhaps they’ve been given the idiomatic “long rope” to hang themselves with? I certainly hope so.

    More urgently needs to be done to restore our Constitution and thwart the leftist coup; however, I have some trepidation about, as you mentioned, “asking our military to restore constitutional government.” With leftist war hawks in command and patriotic “feet on the ground,” it appears the situation could go either direction. Leftists have been and are currently pushing for martial law. Could this play right into their hand?

    Like the Church in Sardis, American Christians desperately need to “Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die…” (Revelation 3:2). Sadly, many are too busy “finding their purpose” and pursuing every imaginable facet of narcissistic, hedonistic pseudo-Christianity to even notice—much less care—that demonic leftists are hell-bent on physically and spiritually destroying America. Very few American Christians actually have a Christian worldview, and even fewer are willing to oppose and expose leftist ideology. One notable exception other than yourself is my friend and passionate Christian worldview warrior, Pastor David Odegard. Here’s the link to his blog in case you’re interested in some fascinating reads:

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  11. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for the input. Most of our military voted for Donald Trump. The leftists do not dominate in the military. The military martial law threat was a concern under Obama but the military is now free of any obedience to him. Probably the main reason Obama never used the martial law card was that he knew the military was not with him.

  12. Excellent points, Don! I completely agree that the overwhelming majority of our military men and women are freedom-loving patriots. Why, then, do you think the Left is constantly pushing the civil conflict button? Do they think they can bully the Right into submission? What do they honestly expect to accomplish if they succeed in ushering in civil war? Between the Right and the military, it seems to me they wouldn’t stand a chance. Are they suicidal or just plain delusional?

  13. Hi Tara,

    They obviously can bully the right into submission. They have been doing it with great success for decades. That is how we got to where we are now. As for their push toward civil conflict, they think everyone but white racists and fundamental Christians would be with them. I think they are delusional, but the way America is going spiritually, their delusion could soon become reality.

  14. Unfortunately many corporations, domestic and international have been allowed to monopolize it seems, and have more sway over our leaders than any lowly citizen. I’m so sick of the blatant corruption and disregard for the law.

    Trump has his flaws, but he was and is clairvoyant enough to see where we are headed. It may very well be too late, but Trump has a purpose, and I believe he won’t exit the White House before it has been accomplished.

  15. If Sodom and Gomorrah, with the sins of that time, today is nothing more than a lake of salt in the Levantine region, the mordern world would certainly deserve the judgements that are depicted in Revelations, period, those days are abreviated. Sadly, from here and on, things will go from down to worse. Men, especially those on mainstream church, will deceive and be deceived, leading many to the path of damnation.

    Good post Don, the peace of the Lord be with you.

  16. I don’t think the “Marxist Family” are even rowing in the same boat. To the underclass socialism means a redistribution of wealth-rob from the rich and give it to them-or everyone is equal regardless of achievement because the government will provide.
    But what about the wealthy? Am I to believe they willingly allow their wealth to be redistributed or their corporations and businesses to be run by a centralized government? Or their land to be shared? What variety of Marxism are they pushing for?
    And by the way, “diversity” just means non white.

    When I was a kid, in my kid’s mind, there was the Rapture, the Tribulation, and the Second Coming, The End. Who could have imagined what the world would look like leading up to these events? We never thought most in the world would be without reason, especially in The United States.

    No one wanted to believe Alger Hiss was a soviet spy but McCarthy and later Nixon believed it. They were right. Now the Marxist/Globalists are the government and we all know it. We have the president, vice president, and a few good men, (even fewer good women) fighting to turn things around. I pray for God to give them strength, courage and wisdom because they are vastly outnumbered.

  17. Hi Caitlin,

    The filthy rich love Marxism because they know that socialism has never taken wealth from the power elite. The idea is to destroy the middle class and put all the worker bees on the same level so they can be easily controlled. It is a two class system. The rich elite decide they get more wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

  18. I also think the elite love the teachings of Karl Marx because they have never lived in the real world. They literally have no idea what its like outside their gated mansions.

  19. Hi Don,
    Thanks for the clarification. I know in communist/socialist nations the elite rulers are rich at the expense of the ‘people’ who are usually starving. What I hadn’t figured was the rest of the rich being let off the hook. I see how it works now.

  20. Oh, yes, Agenda 21…

    Several years ago, there was a rule change in Ohio that limits rural homeowners like myself to two types of septic systems: leach bed and mound. We are no longer permitted to install our own septic systems and save money: Now we must hire “certified professionals” to install them for $7,000-$20,000!!! Finished systems—regardless of installer—have always required final inspection and approval, so why is this even an issue? Even though I was living in a bubble, I saw the change as an obvious move to make rural living cost prohibitive to the average Ohioan. Now that I’m older and slightly more informed, I recognize Agenda 21 as the driving force.

    At one time, I would have said Leftist elites view us as their serfs, but not anymore. Historically speaking, feudalism allowed most serfs at least SOME property rights; however, Leftists want to strip us of ALL property rights. They think WE are their property. Therefore, I would say they view us not as serfs but as slaves.

    They’re clever, though—patient and very, very stealthy. Stealing everything all at once would trigger an uprising, so they oh-so-carefully implement rules, laws, and policies to rob us gradually—incrementally—so we won’t get angry enough to fight back. It’s soft tyranny. Eventually, however, the softness will wear off.

    I’m hoping and praying we’re out of here long before this insanity fully materializes. The Rapture can’t come soon enough!

  21. Tremendous meat and potatoes in this article as well as in the comments…almost overwhelming for a kindred spirit (every pun intended) Nicky New Guy!

    When I heard about the Special Prosecutor my heart sunk…I was following the Coup closely and was reminded of what Tricky Dicky said about Watergate: “I gave them a Sword.” In this case it was Sessions that: Gave the Left a switchblade after taking himself out of the fight. I too am disappointed with his Jelly Headed move and concur what Trump needs from him (and his entire team) is a relentless counterattack tactic an old Gunny taught me as a young man in the 60’s dust up with the Commies…”Hey Diddle Diddle Right Up the Middle.”

    Trump is famous for his counter punching – it is my hope he goes on offense by reopening investigations into Hillary, the IRS misuse, the Tarmac meeting, the Foundation, the three unmasking Stooges Obama used, and all that just for starters.

    Just a a personal scripture side note: I am allergic to serious bee, wasp and hornet stings (it started in my early 60’s) and I almost went home in 2012 after a hornet swarm used me as a human push cushion…I had to have the ole adrenaline shot in the heart to survive. Got swarmed by hornets this afternoon on my modest Farm but prayed boldly out loud claiming Psalm 91 with my EPI pen in one hand and my wife’s’ hand in the other…amazingly I didn’t need the pen and I’m still here to blog tonight on this cool site!

    GOD is GOOD!

    HA, I almost beat you all Home!!! (Hmmm…Suddenly, my obsession over the timing of the Rapture and riding it home doesn’t seem that important).

  22. Greetings to Don and readers from Costa Rica! Thanks for your recent blogs,Don – even though the news is scary, coming out of the States! Even as a Canadian who’s a big Trump supporter, I find some of the things the opposition are saying and doing are very disturbing. Very true that all the “Romans ch. One” people have come out of the woodwork, so to speak. I was particularly interested in your comments re the middle class. It does seem that the globalists want an “Oligarchy” at the top and everyone else in a type of “working class”. Hhmmm …. kind of makes me think of the Democrats right now! LOL.
    I have always believed that it is the presence of a strong “middle class” which keeps any nation as a free and open democracy. Taking my adopted country of C.R. as an example – one of the first things I noticed (upon arrival 20 yrs. ago) was that it clearly had a vibrant middle class. As some of your readers may know, this nation is highly literate with excellent universities. C.R. is relatively peaceful with free elections every four years. While there are wealthy and poor people here (what country doesn’t have both?), the middle class has a strong presence and keeps the nation in balance. As in N. America, an individual Costa Rican is free (with hard work) to become “upwardly mobile”. This is in sharp contrast to its northern neighbour – Nicaragua. Daniel Ortega has managed to keep his country as the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere – after Haiti. That’s why about 400,000 Nicaraguans live and work in C.R. Nicaragua, as well as Honduras and Guatemala are ruled by an oligarchy – where about 5% of the population owns about 80% of the land and wealth, in general. This partly explains why these (afformentioned) countries have had civil wars and tend to be in a constant state of turmoil.
    Anyway, just thought I’d give all the folks a “snap-shot” of things in Central America, in regards to the importance of a middle class. Many thanks, Kev.

  23. Whistlerblower Mag Dec.10 article by Joseph Farah as follows: George Soros the self proclaimed Marxist / Globalist stated regardless who won the election in 2008, Obama or McCain George Soros would still have control. I didn’t want to believe it except now it makes perfect sense. Not only has McCain sold us out, so has all the Republicans who nominated McCain in 2008; they all had to know. Those who still believe in America better prepare for a fight, what could be more important than keeping America free….

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