Great apostasy, fascism and end of age are upon this generation

A day is coming soon that will shake the beliefs of everyone on earth. Jesus said, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. Paul said, God shall send those that hate the truth a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. I think God will resurrect a fallen leader to carry out that strong delusion. He will deceive all those that reject the gospel of salvation through Jesus.

Today it may be hard to comprehend how anyone could quickly come to power and take control over all the nations of the world. However, if extra terrestrial beings were disclosed that came with the narrative that the earth needed to appoint a leader to deal with a hostile threat coming upon the planet, you might see why the leaders of the world would come together to put someone in charge. He will not be someone well-known. The little horn will come from a relatively small country and at first he will have a limited amount of followers.

The extra terrestrial disclosure is first likely to come from the Vatican. The Vatican is actively looking for aliens using its mountain top observatories. In conjunction with the disclosure or prior to it, they may use Marian (Isis) deceptions to call for the end of war on earth. The apparitions have done so in the past (expect this to happen to end an ongoing world war or shortly after).

I see the Vatican becoming the fulfillment of the Harlot of Revelation 17. The Vatican is full of people into Babylonian mysticism. The symbolism at the Vatican is unmistakably luciferian. The Vatican is the only city-state in the world with influence over much of the world. The Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 is a city-state that sits in Rome. She will be burned with fire after the risen Antichrist does not need her anymore.

After the apparent resurrection of the Son of Perdition, he may claim to be the first human on earth that has attained evolution into God. He will be celebrated by fallen angels and demons who will pass themselves off as extra terrestrials who seeded the earth to produce their offspring.

Can you imagine the paradigm shift on earth when all are led to believe Satan’s lie that our purpose for being on earth is to evolve into gods? Up until the disclosure, the Harlot of Revelation 17 is influencing the kings of the world. After the disclosure and the resurrection of a man as God incarnate, the kings running the world burn the monotheistic Harlot with fire. The leaders of the world will turn hostile toward and persecute the throwbacks among men that continue to cling to their God and religion.

The books of 2 Peter and Jude are already playing out in many of the institutional churches. We already see great apostasy along with the embrace of mysticism, but much greater apostasy from the true faith is coming within the next decade. I think many “Christian” leaders will soon demote Jesus. They will believe the lies that evidence exists that Jesus did not die on the cross and was not resurrected. The claim that Jesus had offspring will be believed by many.

I suspect that DNA from the shroud or some other evidence from antiquity will be presented as proof that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children. This lie is getting quite popular among the neo-gnostics. It will all be a fraud, but this lie along with the alien disclosure deception will bring general apostasy from the true Christian faith.

After the disclosure many “Christian” leaders will demote Jesus to being a highly spiritual evolved man who showed us the way that we should live. Many will say that he was not God or the fulfillment of the Messiah of Israel. Many in Christendom will claim that Jesus will not be physically returning and they will mock those that say differently. Leaders within Christendom will claim that certain followers of Jesus conspired to give a false message. They will claim that Paul was the ring leader and they will reject Pauline doctrine. They will deny that salvation comes by grace through faith in what Jesus accomplished through His death on the cross and His resurrection. They will claim that humans only spiritually evolve through mystical practices and doing good works.

Another way of putting this is that beliefs like early Gnosticism will take over Christendom. When the Son of Perdition appears, people calling themselves Christians may even say that he is the reincarnation of Jesus. When this person is killed, but is healed, they will claim he has fully evolved into the nature of God and is the Messiah of Israel. He will then claim to bring a kingdom on earth that will last for a thousand years. He of course will not be Jesus Christ, he will be Satan’s counterfeit. His kingdom is called Babylon by God.

The deceivers will turn truth on its head and many will believe them. Those loving lies will be told and believe that Yahweh of Heaven is a hostile god that wants to keep humans from evolving into gods. They will claim that the god of light (Lucifer) came to earth to enlightened mankind and set them free from Yahweh. They will claim that Lucifer is the real savior of mankind. This is already believed at high levels in the secret societies of the world and those into the New Age occult. They may claim that if humankind collectively stands in unity against Yahweh by taking on the mark of enlightenment, the collective god force will repel Yahwah’s heavenly army. This could be one way that the nations are deceived into coming against the Lord at Jerusalem.

One only has to go back to the past to see how easy it is to deceive people and how evil fallen men can become when they buy into a pack of lies. Can you imagine an immortal Hitler in power using the technologies existing today? If Hitler had such power, he would have taken over the earth. The Antichrist will have those powers.

People think they would never be misled, but they show how gullible they are all the time. For example, the global warming threat was invented to help bring in global governance and a fascist socialist wealth distribution scheme. Global warming is not a threat to this world. In fact, the slight warming and the increased CO2 actually allows for expanded food production to feed an expanding world population. It is a blessing, yet, the majority in the world have been brainwashed into believing that global warming is a grave threat to our planet. It proves that sheeple will buy into any lie when it is said loud enough and often enough by those in authority.

The UN has plans for total global governance by 2030. That is only 13 years from now. The UN is full of elitist luciferian socialists that believe in much the same fascist socialism that Hitler believed in. These neo-Nazi’s want fascist government controlling everything in partnership with fascist corporations and fascist religions. For example, Islam is nothing but a fascist ideology for world conquest. That is why the far left fascist progressives align with Islam. Islam and progressives totally control the UN. Fascism did not die, it just changed names and went global.

As Nazi socialists and communists tried to get rid of undesirables and those that would not conform in the 20th century, the fascist socialistic world government will do the same in the 21st. The leaders of the Nazis were into the occult. They where practicing all sorts of evil to try to get occult powers. The UN and the elite controlling the UN have human trafficking rings that use pedophilia and even child sacrifice to achieve the same end. There is nothing new under the sun. Moloch worship is still being practiced by elitist luciferians running the world.

Some people think that mankind has collectively evolved past the evils of past centuries. The truth is that mankind has not evolved at all. One billion aborted babies in modern times should put to rest any such thinking. Today, the majority political party in the United States stands for everything evil but the majority in America think whatever this party stands for is good.

The Islamic world is controlled by fascist evil people and much of the rest of the world is also controlled through an evil oligarchy. The so-called democratic nations just have false delusions. They are controlled by an oligarchy of luciferians. When Antichrist comes he will be in good company.

The end of the age is upon us. There are good reasons to believe that Jesus was crucified on the end of the fourth day in 32 AD. That makes 2032 the end of sixth day and the millennial reign follows.

Dr. Ken Johnson in The ancient book of Daniel claims that the book of Daniel predicts the date of the death of the Messiah to occur in AD 32, the date of the rebirth of the nation of Israel to occur in AD 1948, and the Israeli capture of the Temple Mount to take place in AD 1967. Grant Jeffery also claimed that the book of Ezekiel predicted the rebirth of Israel in AD 1948. All this is figured out by using the 360 day lunar calendar on what was said in the prophecies. I am not going to get into all that here but I think the datings are valid. Since we see that God established and fulfilled dates for Israel that are said to occur in the last days, it is also reasonable to assume that other prophecies about Israel would be fulfilled in like manner and in our generation.

Some 7 to 10 years or more before the Lord’s reign begins, the end of the age prophetic events will begin to play out like birth pains. Do the math. Ten years from 2032 is 2022. The Rapture of believers could occur before that or shortly after. I think the next prophetic events might be Israel expanding toward the borders that God promised and the start of the building of the Temple. We know the Temple has to exist for the Antichrist to enter it and defile it. Most of those living in this present generation will experience the end of the age. It is time to take what the Bible says about end time prophecy seriously.

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Great apostasy, fascism and end of age are upon this generation — 61 Comments

  1. Don, I think with the recent reports of NASA pretty much admitting to alien life and finding a galactic bridge to another dimension, you are spot on.

    I cannot imagine anyone, except the elect, being able to refute these beings when they cross over from the other side. Perhaps even the Antichrist will be one of them, or related as a Nephilim like has been mentioned before.

    I’ve seen where Missler and others have started to lean towards a Muslim Antichrist. I don’t see it, because being one would require him to give credence to allah. Then again maybe allah is Satan?

  2. Hi Don, This topic seems to keep coming at me right now. I tried reading the book, the Genesis 6 Conspiracy, I made it about half way. I think that Gary Wayne is correct about the return of the Nephilim, but I had a stack of problems with some other parts. He states that muslims will go to heaven, for example, and frequently uses the Koran as a reference. He seems to imply that the Rapture is pre wrath. I gave up on him. However, while buying his book, on B&N for my Nook, there are very few bookstores around where I live, I buy everything on Nook, B&N recommended or listed a prophecy book from the 1880’s, Earth’s Earliest Ages, by George Pember. It surprised me how similar his interpretations were by those who I agree with today. His is clearly a Christian perspective. One of his main points is the return of the spiritualism. He mentions that one thing all of the various teachings, outside of born again Christianity, is that salvation of the soul must be earned and comes back to one of Satan’s early lies “Ye shall not surely die. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods”

    I am certainly in agreement that things may happen sooner than many expect. I think that somehow the merging of man and computer may have some impact also. Elon Musk has been saying that it is only very few years away that a persons mind will link with one. The computer will be, I suspect, the key for the promise of eternal life. When Christ returns, the first thing done will be to unplug the things.

    One prophecy, I think may be soon on God’s agenda, is the Elam prophecies of Jeremiah 49. Elam contains the Iranian nuclear reactor. The statement “there shall be no nation whither the outcasts of Elam shall not come” has yet to be fulfilled. I expect a US and/Israeli strike on their nuclear unit, with fallout spread causing relocation of a lot of people. At the times of Ezekiel and Jeremiah Elam was separate from Persia.

    Thanks for the work. We live in interesting times and I do hope to see the Rapture before I see the morgue.


  3. Hi Phil,

    I agree, I am not impressed with the references that Gary Wayne uses. I also agree that the Elam prophecy will probably play out very soon. Some think it occurs before the tribulation. I do not rule that out, but if it occurs before the tribulation I have difficulty seeing the fulfillment of Iran coming with Gog within the next few decades.

  4. Hi Phil, and all,

    The book by Pember sounded interesting, but being that old, one should not have to pay for books in the public domain. Usually anything over 50 years I think, so anyways, I found it rather quickly and downloaded the PDF which is very readable on my Android device. Anyone else interested, here is the link:

    And this site has tons of materials on early Church Fathers, Commentaries, and other early Christian writings:

    And lastly Phil, there are many good apps for all platforms to connect with local libraries in your area where you can borrow electronic copies just like going to the place physically to check out books. Or, maybe you still like the feel and experience of holding a paper filled copy still, which I can relate to. If you need any information just respond to this comment. And thanks for the mention of the Pember book (-:

  5. Hi Don, you really hit the nail with this commentary. With all of the predictive programming done and being done with virtually all forms of media for at least 100 years, the vast majority of people will roll over like a puppy for the “new God in town”. Add the blind acceptance for alternate explanations of spirituality, morality, and every other “ality”, and true biblical prophecy will most certainly occur just as it was written. It can’t occur soon enough, in my humble opinion.

  6. I could definitely see NASA and the Vatican say that alien life exists. The ignorant masses would believe them exactly the same way they believe wholeheartedly global warming exists. They would then say 99% of pastors and scientists believe in aliens and those who deny this must be marginalized and attacked.

    Some say we are the most tolerant generation to ever live, but all you have to do is look at Berkely to see the truth. These people are so intolerant that they attack anyone who disagrees with them lol. They are the true fascists. I see something like that only on a mass scale happening soon to those that oppose the NWO that is rising.

    2032 is so close. Things have to start happening soon or else maybe the 2nd coming is not as close as we think. Maybe the church age ends in 2032?

  7. Hi Jim,

    Good points. I can see them saying that everyone but dangerous people agree that alien life exists and we need global government to deal with the earth’s problems.

    2032 for the end of the Church age? The set dates that can be calculated only apply to prophecy for Israel. The end of church age cannot be determined although it would be before 2032.

  8. Hi Don,

    Awesome article. It’s already in all the movies too! Just look at the advertisements flashing across our screens everyday w/ aliens invading fighting us & other aliens helping mankind, the brain washing is so in place and people eat it up.

    Yes Berkley reminds me of how people will act all around the world when we disagree w/ them for truth.

    I wonder if this deception actually takes place the moment the rapture happens? To squall the event of maybe a billion people suddenly disappearing around the world.

    I know antichrist isn’t known till then but aliens making them self’s known?

  9. Hi Don,

    I always look forward to a notification of a new post of yours showing up in my email. I enjoyed this article, and I think you are very close to the truth. Your first paragraph mentions a possible resurrection as part of the delusion. This is something I’ve wondered about for a long time. Years ago I thought it might be JFK. I don’t think that any more. I’m sure LBJ would have made certain there’d be no Habeas Corpus. 😉 You mentioned this possibility, but then dropped the subject. I was wondering if you can expand on your thoughts concerning the role this famous resurrected person might play? I don’t see him as the AC, or the False Prophet, do you?

    David L. — Thanks for the link. BTW, I bumped into you over on the Adblock Browser forum. Was surprised to see your Gravatar there!

  10. Hi Doug,

    Actually, I mean the resurrection of a world leader that just had been assassinated. I am sure the healing would take place close to the same day that the head wound occurred. The risen person will be the Antichrist and the risen body of the Antichrist will be possessed by a spirit out of the Abyss. It probably is Apollyon. You have two beings here in one body. Maybe that is why one becomes the animated image set up in the Temple.

  11. Wow, you hit it out of the park with this one Don! I’ve been a reader of yours for quite awhile. I never participate in forums or comment sections on the web, but I had to say how much I loved this point blank summary.

    I can’t think of anything that I don’t totally agree with. I’d like to hand this out as a pamphlet when people want to know my future world view. No need for me to debate, or argue, here it is, read it!
    Thanks for all you do. I thank God for your discernment.

  12. Following David’s comment, I have to say that this site is composed of the most astute Christians I’ve ever come across. One of the biggest reasons I don’t attend church anymore is because after reading the articles and comments here it seems so lackluster and emphty. I learned more here over the last few years than I ever did at church.

  13. Hey Doug,

    You’re welcome, but what forum did you visit. I do make the rounds because I like testings various apps. Was it ”” ?

    I spent quite a bit of time on Koinonia House website today. It’s been awhile, and they have lots to offer, especially a ton of video’s, which it seems many ministry websites are moving to. I still prefer to read though, and they aren’t lacking in that department either, but some articles appear to be short. Maybe they could be fuller I guess might be a better way of describing them. But good ole Lambert Dolphin is as wordy as ever. Another person I’ve not visited in some time.

  14. Hi Jim,

    Keep in mind that we still need to assemble together so that we can find Christian fellowship and use our gifts for others in the body of Christ. Yep, I am also preaching to myself.

  15. Hi David L,

    I think some of Missler’s theology comes from Pember. Maybe that is was Pember sounds familiar to Missler followers.

  16. Doug ,
    If you want to listen ( just audio , no video ) there is a significant amount of Missler on the Firefighters for Christ website in MP 3 format. Click on MP 3 in upper left hand corner. You need to explore the site to find what you want . Over 2500 messages there by a variety of speakers .

  17. Don, the one issue I have and it has been brought up several times before, is the rebuilding of literal Babylon. You have me pretty convinced it is the same Ancient Babylon that must be rebuilt, but for it to become the center of all trade and so forth would take quite some time.

    I have seen the plans for Baghdad to be an international city. Do you think that could be considered the “New Babylon”? Especially given its proximity to Ancient Babylon? After all, Israel has taken approx 70 yrs to become what it is now. Granted it wouldn’t take 70 yrs to rebuild a city, e.g. Dubai. But anyway just some thoughts. Thanks for your wisdom!

  18. Hi Steve,

    There is Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17 and Babylon the Great of Revelation 18. They are not the same. It is a complex issue and would be difficult to explain here. I try to do so in my Revelation Commentary.

    Mystery Babylon explained
    Babylon the Great explained

    For the prophecies about literal Babylon to be fulfilled it would have to be where Babel was located. One reason I think that Babylon will be rebuilt is that ancient Babylon was never totally destroyed as stated. Jeremiah also was told to throw the book of prophecy about Babylon into the Euphrates River (Jer 51:63) not the Roman or New York harbors. The city does not have to become a large city it just has to be the center of wickedness during the great tribulation.

    If after the alien disclosure, something like a star-gate is said to exist at Babylon and a center is built there to accommodate extra terrestrial entities arriving there, you could see why wickedness is said to locate there (Zec 5 7-11) and why rapid development would also occur there.

  19. Hi Brian,

    I was talking about who these beings will claim to be and what the world will say they are. I think I make it clear who they really are.

  20. I read that they were planning a disclosure in a few months, but this was back in the fall. Do you think an alien disclosure would be that soon?

  21. I brought that up to Don before Steve. Babylon is the biggest obstacle to a 2032 second coming in my mind as well. Some of you may be optimistic about a world class city being built in 15 years but I am not. I have heard many arguments of how it’s possible, but nobody has convinced me one way or the other. I think it’s pretty obvious the bible is referring to a city in modern Iraq so that leaves us with really only two or three options.

    1.The end of the age isn’t as close as we think

    2. Babylon is supernaturally built

    3. Basrah/Baghdad are modernized very soon

    If we have to choose an existing city, Basrah makes the most sense. It is still technically in the plain of shinar, and could easily be turned into a port city as it sits only a few miles from the gulf. There was a rumor that they wanted to build the biggest tower ever made there and rival Dubai.

  22. Hi Del,

    Interesting, but when you provide a link, link to the article not the website. I found an article about it on the Daily Mail.

    A big building does not make for a fulfillment of the prophecies about Babylon. They were building a Ziggurat at Babylon. It was a temple. The top would be a place of worship to gods. Zec 5 11 says that wickedness would be set on her own base. The only base I know of would be at Babel.

    So Jim, if architectural plans like this lends credence to the fulfillment of Babylon why can’t planners come up with such plans for Babel? They might already even be working on it. When the world returns to polytheism and pantheism they may want to build a world center at where it all began.

  23. Don, do you think there is anything to the blonde hair blue eyed Nephilim, I think they are referred to as Nordics or something? When I first heard about them, I thought about Hitler and the Nazi’s and maybe there is some connection. If true, they could be amongst us today.

  24. So should I stop going to school and stop working? Don’t see a point in continuing my plans.

  25. Well just think since we have the truth and we know who these ‘beings’ really are there’s nothing to stop any one of us from going right up to it while everyone else around us is scared and wondering what’s going on?.. we can approach him look it in the eye and rebuke him in Jesus’s name and at least show people around you what these guys are.

    Heck u might get on CNN lol

    I’m looking forward to it, can’t wait. I would get ready for it.

    If you run and hide like everyone else who don’t know the truth then you are a coward which is fine that’s where u are at and God loves you all the same. Go right up to that demon he has to flee.

    Praise God for it. Any amen’s?

  26. Lol. You get what I’m saying tho right? I’m in barber school but is there really a point to continue to pursue that..?

  27. Bill,

    Have you ever understood Jude 1 8-10? You have no power in yourself. You’re not going to be giving public demonstrations saying “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus”. If you’re confronting satanic beings to try to prove something you will reap satanic consequences.

  28. Donovan ,
    Please read the letters to the seven churches in The Book of Revelation , Jesus never says give up , He says overcome. Ephesians 6 says be strong in the power of HIS might , not ours.
    Bill ,
    Don’s correct , Michael a pretty powerful angel calls on The Lord , not himself to rebuke Satan. We are no match for demonic forces , Our Savior is .

  29. Hello Don,

    I agree, there’s no power in myself at all I’m just saying if & when we encounter a ‘alien’ just understand who he is and we have power in Christ to cast out demons.

    Authority is exercised thru faith, Matthew 17:19-20

    Does every believer have authority over demons? Yes!

    We are all seated with Christ in the heavenly realm (Eph 2:6), which means we are above the demons in rank of authority! Mark 13:34 also tells us how we are given authority to carry out the work that is laid before us. Mark 16:17 tells us that them who believe will be casting out demons.

    So if I come into a situation I do have authority thru Christ to cast that demon down I was joking about CNN but the intention has to be righteous and if a saint has ongoing sin in his life then it will effect that relationship so he won’t be as effective for Christ.

    But that’s a very good point in Jude1 I don’t want to forget that.

    PS. Also I want to state that we make demons tremble I know first hand. We as in Christ.

  30. Bill,

    When this great deception occurs you are not supposed to be here. And if you or anyone else is still here don’t try rebuking devils on CNN or anywhere else. Those remaining here do not have the Church authority over devils because they are not in the Body of Christ.

  31. Oh yea amen on that. I thought u meant if aliens showed up before the rapture.

    From this article I dreamt last night of space ships in a few different area’s showing up & people took cover I did too at first then two of these guys came near so I went up to him and said I know u are a demon as I looked at him in the eye. That was a cool dream came from all this talk I’m sure. Oh yea u were in it u drove a gas truck and plowed it into a building where a ship hovered above.. lol

    Yea shoot we will be in the air as it’s happening they have to have an excuse for where we went. Sorry for discussing dreams.

  32. It really is amazing to me how oblivious most seem to be of the impending prophetic judgements and fulfillments that are coming. The veil is apparently quite large, because this world has gone completely mad. People are begging for a savior. Unfortunately for most it isn’t Jesus Christ.

  33. In one of the video’s I watched it was brought up that the reason Michael said to Satan over the dispute of Moses’ body, “The Lord Rebuke You,” may have been because Michael and Satan were of the same rank of angels. One not having more or less power than the other?

    Just throwing it out for thought because it’s interesting.

    I did some research on the X spots in the universe that may be portals to know one knows what; parallel universe, time travel, another dimension? Very scientific explanations for the arrival of “aliens” for those who will believe the lie. Fascinating! If I didn’t know the truth I could so get into this.
    Faust sold his soul to learn the secrets of the universe. Then when Mephotsopholes came to collect the soul Faust didn’t want to give it up but it was too late.
    That might turn out to be more true for people than just a classic piece of theatre.

  34. Hi Don,

    No, you jumped out in time it was a good move. 🙂

    Fritts no comment. Caitlin that is fascinating stuff for sure.

  35. In other news, The US keeps saying NKs missile tests are failures, but what if they are just trying to simulate an EMP? Missiles don’t have to go far to reach altitude. We keep hearing tensions are high but nothing ever happens.

  36. You said, ” they will claim that the God of light ( lucifer) came to earth to enlighten mankind and set them free from Yahweh” . This sounds like Mormons beliefs. Is that what you are referring to? Also you mention the book that Dr. Johnson wrote. Could you go into more detail about that without me having to purchase it? Thanks

  37. Hello Everyone ,
    Until we hear otherwise please be praying for Don , he lives somewhere in the Ozarks and that area is experiencing significant flooding from very heavy rains. I sent Don an e – mail yesterday asking if the flooding was affecting him , I have not heard back from him. Many people in that area are in need of our prayers .

  38. the lord knows we need a man like don to continue writing these amazing articles.. god is with him for sure

  39. Don probably will be fine. He’s most likely stuck at home or a shelter w/ no electricity or unless the Lord did take him home.

    I pray that Don’s just being inconvenient for a period and will be back at it correcting and teaching in Jesus name. Amen

  40. Don lives alongside a river. He may be filling sandbags! I add my concern to all of yours.

  41. what most likely happened is the water got into his house and he cant use the computer but from what iv seen the flooding is catastrophic in that area.. could this be judgement from god for americas sins?

  42. I bet we hear from Don by weeks end or sooner like Wed.. Thursday around there then he can fill us in on what he & neighbors went through.

    Pray pray to hear from him by week end.

  43. George,

    Actually Mormon beliefs are nothing new. The mystery religions all have the same source and it is ancient pantheism and polytheism. The belief that man evolves into god among the pantheon of Gods.

    Dr. Ken Johnson has a website that has a lot of free teaching look under “studies”.

  44. Thanks Don and all,

    The worst flood here in history. I had to go to another town to communicate. All communication services are down where I live. I live above where it floods but the road out was blocked. I had to cut down a tree to get out the road.

  45. Wow, this article really opened up my mind about when the end might happen. Thank you very much Don!!! And God Bless you!

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