Harbinger hucksters peddling blood moons and American chronicles

Christians will not get so easily mislead by the hucksters of harbingers peddling blood moons and American chronicles if they just checked out the context of the scriptures being abused for themselves. I will give a couple of examples.

Mat 24:36 “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.

I don’t know how many times I have heard Bible prophecy speculators say that the Rapture will occur on the Feast of Trumps because Jesus said it will occur on a day that nobody knows. They claim that Jesus in Matthew 24:36 was using a Jewish idiom and was actually telling people that the Rapture would occur on the Feast of Trumpets. Those huckstering this reconstruction of what Jesus actually said, say Jews called the Feast of Trumpets “the day nobody knows”.

The new year occurs after the lunar month of Elul on a day nobody knows because it occurs on the evening that the new moon is sighted at the Temple Mount. For technical reasons that the Rabbi’s established, the precise evening that the new moon appears could not be predetermined.

Even so, If Jesus was using an Idiom for a date that He knew, He would not have communicated that in the context of the angels and himself not knowing the day. Jesus said, only the Father knows. If only the Father knows the day, it is not a Jewish Idiom for a date. One cannot just depart from common sense rules of communication and logic to put idioms in Jesus mouth.

Another reason those saying this are wrong is that they do not understand the context of the passage. The context of Matthew 24:36 is the second coming of Jesus. It is not talking about the rapture of the Church. So, to rip this verse out of context to support the idea you can know the date of the Rapture makes no sense.

The real mystery about this passage is why modern-day Jews would not be aware of the timing of their Lord coming if the Rapture had already happened? Maybe that is because the Jews will be totally deceived by the Antichrist version about why these people were removed. Whatever the case, if you read the context, there is no way that this passage is talking about the Rapture.

One could almost excuse amillennial believers for twisting what Jesus actually said to make His coming on the Feast of Trumpet but the strange thing is that these claims are almost exclusively done by pre-millennial believers that also believe in a pre-tribulation or pre-wrath Rapture.

Some are not satisfied with just believing that Jesus will return on a Feast of Trumpets. They will find some other conjecture to come up with a year. Then they will claim that they are not date setting because the Rapture could occur anywhere over a huge two-day period. Many dates that these Trumpet hucksters set have already come and gone. What they fail to understand is that the whole context says the date of the next coming of the Lord to Israel is not going to be known to those in Israel beforehand.

Another example of those huckstering nonsense and poor handling of the scriptures is the recent claims about blood moons. These naturally occurring blood moons have nothing to do with anything said in the Bible about blood moons or even moon signs.

Prophecy teachers know that most Christians are minimally literate concerning the scriptures. Christians generally have learned that scripture says the moon would become blood-red before the Day of the Lord (Act 2:20).  However, most do not know the context of those moon scriptures. The Bible prophecy hucksters take naturally occurring events, package them with Bible jargon and unbiblical conjectures and serve them up to those that would have no problem believing that the moon is made of green cheese.

The moon hucksters suggest that these naturally occurring and commonly named blood moons are related to what the Bible says will occur in the last days. But, the truth is that these naturally occurring blood moons are totally meaningless. The Bible talks about distress on earth and moon signs, but read the context.

Rev 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

Now, I ask you, does the context here suggest that it is talking about natural occurring blood moons? Do the passages about signs in the heavens in Joel, Mt, Mk, Lk, Acts or Rev suggest any such thing either? They do not. They are talking about cataclysmic events and people on earth fearing what they see coming. The moon hucksters just make up blood moon harbingers to sell to gullible people looking for harbingers confirming that the end of the age has arrived. Nothing happens as they suggested but people still line up to get their next book of nonsense. Believe me, when these signs actually happen, everyone on earth will be quite aware of them. Some will even be dying of fright.

Speaking about harbingers, that brings me to The Harbinger man. He took a passage out of the Old Testament and built a huge fabrication about a fulfillment to America. Whenever things do not turn out as he claimed, he revises his claims. These people have nothing to offer Christians other than green cheese and baloney. Christians buy books and go to Bible prophecy conferences that feature such divination and they learn nothing useful or truthful.

Then there is American pie version of Bible exegesis. For example there is the 2nd Ch 7:14 false application of scripture that still prevails in the majority of churches in America and at patriot rallies.

2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

I already wrote about 2nd Ch 7:14 so I will be brief. It seems nobody cares about context when it suits them to wrap America in a page torn out of the Old Testament. This passage is not talking about Christians turning from their wicked ways and having the lands that they dwell in healed. The context is talking about Israel and the whole nation of Israel repenting of their evils. Israel’s relationship with the land was based on the blessing and curse covenant that only the nation of Israel has with God.

Does 2nd Ch 7:14 have any application at all to Christians in America? The answer is yes only if America is the promised land and once believers stop being so darn wicked, God will make America the promised land. If you really believe that, you might as well join the Mormons.

The unbelieving wicked majority in our nation will not repent of their evils unless first converted to Christ. Yet, those claiming 2nd Ch 7:14 expect God to bless America just because the citizens of heaven occupying America pray and stop their own evil ways! The whole concept really makes no sense at all. This nonsense is really just a verse ripped out of the Bible so it can be wrapped in the American flag.

You don’t have to be deceived by harbinger hucksters peddling blood moons and American chronicles. All you have to do is to read the scriptures in context for yourself. If you have an example to share of scripture passages being abused, be my guest.

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Harbinger hucksters peddling blood moons and American chronicles — 37 Comments

  1. I am just a gullible old hillbilly, but the blood moon people lost me when I first heard that a long time ago. I thought that the modern, made up, American definition of a blood moon, which is related to a lunar eclipse or four in two years, wasn’t really what was considered 2000 years ago. The modern interpretation seems to not consider that the sun will also be turned to darkness. I just suspected that smoke/clouds/dust or whatever from the quakes could cause some sun blockage and a red moon happens if the reflected light from the sun goes through particulate that absorbs the other wavelengths. But is that a local blockage in Israel or global? I do not know and refuse to speculate. God will work it all out and we will all say “WOW! I didn’t see that coming”.

  2. Hi Phil,

    I think what is said in Revelation happens globally and I don’t think that is just speculation. Notice in the passage that I quoted that all the kings and great men of earth hide in holes in the ground and all the mountains and Islands are moved out of their place. It seems like the crust of the whole earth will be moved. This is not a naturally occurring event, it probably is caused by a large body passing near the earth. Obviously the volcanic dust would turn the moon blood red and darken the sun. That is the blood moon that all such passages in the Bible are talking about.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if these people pushing these books on prophecy even believe what they are peddling themselves.

  4. One of the most abused subjects, using scripture, is for “Tithing”, and I mean every verse available has been twisted into swindling mostly poor folks out of money they could I’ll afford to give. If anyone wants to do an indepth study, then this is likely one of the best resources I have ever found. It’s actually a whole book, that can be read online, or downloaded free. There are way too many verses to list here, but needless to say, they all pertain to Israel. NOT the Christian of the new testament. Paul spells out how we are to give.

    The Law, ie. Old Testament, is used all the time to try and control the thoughts and behavior of congregations. Every denomination has done so to one degree or another. That’s why so few teach verse by verse. It mostly topical sermons. Once people read and learn what the Bible really teaches, they start asking uncomfortable questions of the leadership. And next thing you know, your tossed out. Usually, with prejudice. And then the real nasty stuff follows. Being labeled various ways, and character assassination to make sure you don’t influence the goats.

    Catholicism, Mormonism, etc, are cults, but that does not preclude others from acting, or teaching in a cultish manor. The Bible gives ample warnings of these things.

  5. I will admit that I leant an ear to the blood moon prophecy so to speak. I didn’t believe the recent tetrad was a fulfillment of anything in Revelation, but rather that it could be a sign of something significant for Israel.

    I believe one argument was that there have only been a few of these tetrads in the last few thousand years that occurred during a Jewish Feast. Afterwards, a major event involving Israel or the Jews would happen within a year or so. I’m really not sure how accurate the dates are and if they really lined up with the tetrads. I didn’t do much investigation, because it didn’t seem relevant to me one way or another. I guess the bottom line is that I didn’t need these blood moons to tell me that we are near the end of this age.

    Now, I will say that the September 2017 sign in the heavens does have me a bit more interested.

  6. Yes, thanks Don. I meant to include that link, as I did read it back when I was studying the subject. In fact, I’ve read most of what you’ve written over the years. I’ll try and remember to do a search for relevant links in the future.

  7. Hi Steve,

    If the Bible said nothing about blood moons, nobody would see these naturally occurring red shaded moons as a sign of anything. They would be about as meaningful as Blue moons. If it were not for the Revelation and Joel and Acts passages, the books would not have been published because nobody would buy them.

  8. Selling books is big money/business. The more sensational the book, the more money to be made. There is no substitute for the best-selling book of all time – God’s Word. The more you know about the Bible, the less gullible you are when someone comes up with another sensational topic and writes a book. Study the Bible and become enlightened. And. . .read Don Koenig’s blog for the “straight-up truth” and unique perspective of what’s going on around us.

  9. Nice article, I enjoyed it & it made me laugh in certain area’s.

    Once I learned about a larger then earth planet & set of planets coming up from behind the sun I figured that had something to do w/ these end time events of blocking out the sun & so forth.

    If this is true about the planets that could be considered a candidate for a large body passing near the earth.

    In Daniel 2:34 could the rapture be considered the stone that is cut out without hands that strike the statue on it’s feet crashing all the world kingdoms? But I also imagine this passage can be used for misinterpretation by the hucksters.

    34 “You continued looking until a stone was cut out without hands, and it struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and crushed them.”

  10. Hi Bill,

    We really don’t know if the claims about a binary dwarf star with planets will turn out to be the case.

    A planet sized object might pass near the earth and cause some of the judgments in Revelation. It could even be the Holy City itself. Revelation does say that a couple of large bodies will hit the earth. One is named Wormwood. These objects can’t be anywhere near planet size or the earth would be destroyed.

    The stone cut without hands in Daniel is a metaphor for Jesus and his Kingdom. Even so, the cities of the nations will all fall from the shaking on the earth before the second coming. None of this has anything to do with the Rapture.

  11. Hi Don and all,
    I thought Isaiah 13:13 might be describing the events of Rev:6. “Therefore I will shake the heavens, And the earth will move out of her place, In the wrath of the Lord of hosts And in the day of His fierce anger.”
    What would happen if earth was knocked out of her orbital plane? I need to look that up, don’t I?

    Here’s one that’s misapplied. “And you shall know them by their fruits.” Referring to the false prophets of Israel, not Christians.

  12. Hi Caitlin,

    If the earth was knocked out of its orbit it would just go into a different orbit. Maybe that is how we get back to the 360 day year seen in Revelation.

    Yes, the know them by their fruits passage is about false prophets not Christians.

  13. Hi Don,

    I couldn’t find anything to stake my claim to Rev: 6 and Is:13. But I just learned something else from you. I didn’t know we had to get back to a lunar year in Rev.

  14. Caitlin,

    There is seven years left for the Jews and then Jesus will return. First we are told that the two prophets witness for exactly 1260 days. That is 3.5 years based on a 360 day calendar. After that we are told that the antichrist rules for 42 months. That also is exactly 3.5 years or 1260 days based on a 360 day calendar. We also know that the Antichrist appears in the mid point of those seven years. These two major events combined make up exactly 7 years based on a 360 calendar.

  15. Hi Don,

    I learn things just by reading questions & answer’s. I’m looking forward to reading your tithing article & David’s link on the subject. Fascinating.

  16. Don Agree and Disagree

    the Rev passage you talked about is true and once those events happen it will be very clear the blood moons have nothing to do with this passage and this event takes place during the tribulation time frame and possible the day of the Lord

    David and Don I totally agree on the tithing thing being mistaught because people do not read the whole passage nor do they understand dispensation and how God interacts with people through the ages

    I am imminent pre-wrath (belief that Jesus can come at anytime even right now up to the “day of the Lord”) this is not Rosental’s pre-wrath either
    Earlier in that Matthew chapter the disciples ask a specific question basically when are you coming
    Jesus answered the question revealing the full answer to the question which to answer the question fulling he needed to explain both appearings the rapture (which this verse points too) and the second coming
    Jesus first explains what it will be like before his second coming then explains an new mystery the rapture then moves forward to give 3 example stories that support the rapture
    any case too much to explain on this topic if you what good resource on it recommend you read this:

    It is a free Book 70ish page short easy read that goes into it

    Book “Toward A Biblical View of the Rapture”

    This topic is too long discuss. If you read the short book let me know what you think and if you do not that is ok too.

    God Bless

  17. Jeremy,

    I disagree that Matthew is talking about the Rapture in Math 24:36. He is talking about His second Coming to Israel. The Church was not even born yet because Jesus had not yet been killed. Jesus was not telling Jews about the mystery of the Church before he paid the blood sacrifice and death that would allow for a spiritual body.

    Just about all premillennial believers that believe in a Rapture believe the Rapture is pre-wrath. The main difference is the amount of time before that wrath.

    I scanned the book and I disagree with some that is said there as well.

    The two witnesses do not start their ministry somewhere near the midst of the seven years like said in that book. The Bible clearly indicates that the two witness will witness for 1260 days and be cut off in the midst of the seven years after the Beast rises out of the abyss and kills them. The beast then rules for 42 months. There is no way that the Beast Antichrist and the two witnesses can be doing their thing at the same time.

    By the way, there is only one second coming to earth. The Church goes to be with Jesus and then comes back to earth with Jesus. In Matthew 24:30, when it is talking about the Lord coming in power and Glory He is coming with His Church. We are part of His glory (Col 3:4). The context after Matthew 24:36 is after the tribulation, it is not talking about the Rapture.

  18. Don,

    Thanks for the response but I still disagree and the book address and give several good points about and references of the how this could done and this is not the only thing that is talked about before the Church began but
    (note you would have do a more through read to get better understand plus he has another book on it that is more detailed called the Olivet Discourse but is only for serious readers) (Note I do not expect you to read just fun stuff to review and study when you good detial.

    I do agree that there is only one second coming and that the coming church is coming with him at that time (the author of that book believes the same). Agreed on the pre-wrath timing and I hope your timing and view point is more correct with us being raptured like 3.5 years before the tribulation even begans.

    I agree on the timing of the witness and their ministry vs the beast.

    So on topic of Bible missed used or misunderstood:
    Any case, I have read yours, his, and many other things and man’s thoughts on the scriptures and I am interested to see how everything turns out.

    Willing to bet that all of us will get to heaven and talk with God and find out that the way we thought we understand what God said was wrong, not totally correct, or missing something that includes your Don and Me and everyone else. I am sure we will have some things that we got 100% correct but a lot of things we will find we did not fully understand. It is kinda like the the Jews not understanding or seeing that Jesus was going to die on the cross they where at the time looking for a physical savior but hind sight is better. I assume we will all have the same experience after the trib where we all go Ohhhh that what or how that was going to play out.

    In the end what little we do know will be clarified by time and God.

    May Jesus come soon!

  19. Hi Jeremy,

    I think those finding rapture theology in Matthew have a fundamental misunderstanding of end time events. Amillennial’s and such like to quote Matthew claiming much the same thing as this fellow. The Rapture was not even revealed prior to Paul because there was no Bride of Christ to rapture prior to Pentecost. That is why Paul said, I show you a mystery. Those finding Rapture theology in Matthew are mixing up the Rapture with the end time gathering of the wheat and tares by angels.

    I know you said you agree that the two witnesses minister in the first half of the last seven years, but if I read this fellow correctly he said they would appear near the middle of the seven years. If one cannot even discern that the two witnesses appear near the start of the last seven years because they witness for 1260 days from Jerusalem and are then killed by the Beast out of the Abyss who then rules for 42 months, one has nothing worthwhile to offer in the study of this seven-year period. I certainly am not going to waste my time trying to parse out timelines that do not fit the biblical narrative.

    I also cannot critique books in the comments section of my blog. Further, I know that critiquing the books of Bible prophecy teachers who I do not agree with, in my blog articles usually is not a productive use of my time.

  20. Rightly dividing the word of Truth takes many years and recourse to good teaching (Ephesians 4:8-16). There are no contradictions in Scripture yet people treat it as if they can overrule where and when it suits their own fancies.

    Tough love done… 🙂

  21. Here’s a verse that’s frequently used out of context by evangelists, pastors, teachers, etc. when inviting people to accept salvation. Rev. 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door; I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”

    The verse is in the letter to the church in Laodicea, a church ruled by the people rather than Christ, and is actually an indictment. Jesus is standing outside the church knocking to get in.

    It’s so obvious once you see it and I never did. I just learned this tonight from Missler and wanted to pass it on.

  22. Hi Caitlin,

    I have heard that said often in invitations. The context also did not click with me before you brought it up. Thanks for sharing the insight.

  23. Hi Caitlin,

    Chuck Missler is so good. I need to get back & finish part 2 on his rapture teaching. Can you post that particular link of Missler’s that you are studying? It sounds good.

    Don I read your article on tithing today, I didn’t know all that. Yup they twist a lot of things I got a lot out of it. Thanks.

  24. Caitlin ,
    You can find many messages by Chuck Missler on the Firefighters for Christ website at http://www.firefighters.org . You can listen to them on your computer and also download them to your computer .Lots of good messages available there .

  25. I completely agree with all the points you made in the article, Don, and with those brought up here in the comment section. So much of what Christendom believes is not really in the Bible. I’ve thought about writing a book about this, but pretty sure the topic has already been covered. What sets my teeth on edge is how often the second coming is confused with the rapture, or how often folks insert the church in the gospels, or confuses the promises made to Israel with those meant for the church. Jack Kelley had a gift for clarifying the rapture/second coming confusion. His audios are worth downloading and listening to. I Think you and he agree on a lot of points, however, having read both yours and his Revelation commentaries, I see a difference. Pulling from memory, I think you two differ on when the New Jerusalem appears??? (I might be wrong. I was once, and my wife corrected me.) 😉 I haven’t come to a clear answer on that, or the question of if the New Jerusalem is exclusively the home of the church, or if we will be living here on earth. Kinda hope we’re here on a restored earth as I don’t much care for cities, even if their streets are made of gold.

    Missler is good. For many years I have listened to his **47 Books of the Bible** available free from The Firefighters for Christ. The material is now dated, and very often where he has stepped out onto a speculative limb (which he does a lot), the intervening years have proven him wrong. But when he sticks strictly to biblical exposition, he does very well.

  26. Hi Doug,

    I believe Twisted Scripture , by Brannon Howse gets into a lot of misapplications of scripture. I also am sure that there is room for another book about the incorrect beliefs of those calling themselves Christians.

    I do not disagree with Jack Kelley about when New Jerusalem appears. I am not as dogmatic about it as Jack. I have said that New Jerusalem could actually be what the people on earth see coming when they go into a panic mode.

    I think the Holy City might orbit above the earth from some point in the tribulation until after the thousand year reign. I think those in the body of Christ may descend and ascend from there like did the angels (Jacob’s ladder). There is no reason to believe that the Holy City actually becomes physically on the earth. I get into this in the last chapters of my Revelation Commentary. I think the Holy City might appear as a jewel moon in the sky from earth.

    The Holy City is about 1300 miles in diameter. I don’t think you will feel it is overcrowded there.

  27. Hey Bill and all,

    I just pick random videos from you tube with interesting sounding topics. The one you are asking about I found by typing in ‘you tube/missler/inheritance and rewards pt 2.’ There are several downloaded by different people. I had already watched part 1 so I knew what to look for.
    I really enjoy Missler’s talks on Quantum Physics: hyperspaces and the 10 dimensions.

    Missler’s speculative limb-lol. In this video he said he’s beginning to suspect that the Bride of Christ will be selected from the Body of Christ but admits he can’t find one bible scholar who agrees with him. (Thankfully!)

  28. Hi all,

    I read this book years ago, after finding a copy in the local library. The author worked in cult deprogramming for a good number of years, after having been freed herself. The book is also titled:
    Twisted Scripture, written in the early 90s.

    Branon Howse has an e-book as Don mentioned, for about $15, but another book caught my attention. (Religious Trojan Horse)
    As it is a multimedia product, with lots of hyperlinks to all kinds of evidence and footnotes. It’s video, and text that back up his research. You’ll need to scroll down a bit for the description.

  29. Don and Caitlin:

    I just learned about the Rev 3:20 context not too long ago from Missler as well. I think I saw it in his Revelation Bible Study (still have to finish it up yet, it’s very good btw), but yeah, the church I attend has used that passage as an invitation to accept salvation as well (they are amillennial, so they allegorize a lot of things (They believe in replacement theology as well, which is wrong). I was surprised to see that they were having a bible study on revelation, which I was interested in hearing what they’d do with it given their amillennialism and etc, but I couldn’t get around to it. Missler’s Revelation study is right on YouTube so I’ve been watching and learning from that. For any of you who haven’t seen it, it’s worth it because you’ll definitely pick up a thing or two or twenty from it.

  30. Hi Caitlin and everyone,

    Thanks Caitlin I’m doing some Missler watching today. What do u guys think of Lester Sumrall? With my TiVo I record his sermons I caught up on about 5 of them this morning I enjoy listening to him. Do any of you see any holes in his teaching?

    I thumbed through that first link u gave David, that was pretty interesting thru out.

  31. Bill, Lester Sumrall has Word of Faith theology. Beware.

    Gage, they would have taught you the idealist view of Revelation. There is no earthly fulfillment fulfilled as written, it is all about the spirtiual battle between good and evil. A study of Revelation in these churches that allogorize and spiritualize Bible prophecy will teach you nothing.

  32. Hi Don,

    I did a quick google search on WOF movement it’s in the like’s of the Joyce Meyer crowd, I see. Thanks for the heads up.

  33. Wow maybe the Lord give’s us little signs & confirmations this was pretty cool.

    Saturday we were listening to easy listening music on TV just all modern stuff not religious at all, a song came up called “Taken up in the rapture” can’t remember the artist. I never saw that on any of these stations before.

    That was encouraging to me thought I’d share it.

  34. I just stumbled onto this blog and loved it!

    No comments at this time just want to read and learn.

    God Bless!

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