Great leap forward to satanic global authoritarianism by 2030

Fallen natural people devoid of God’s Spirit seek out earthly substitutes. Those without the presence of God in their lives seek out authoritarian leaders to follow. After the great flood, Nimrod was the authoritarian satanic substitute that descendants of Noah followed. In God’s great mercy He scattered the descendants of Noah across the planet so that some in time would find His presence through the Son that He would send.

Even when God uniquely intervened for the nation of Israel and Israel knew that God was intervening on their behalf, and speaking to them through His prophets, subsequent generations did not retain the knowledge of God. They told Samuel the prophet to tell God to give them a king like the other nations. God was not enough for them.

God gave them what they asked for. A few kings served God and the people, some served themselves, and some served satanic substitutes, but all these kings were authoritarian.

God, in His mercy sent His Son to be the righteous everlasting King who would lead fallen humankind back into His presence. Israel rejected Him and so do the Gentile nations. Thus, they continue to choose worldly authoritarian satanic substitutes. This era is no exception, authoritarian leaders rule most everywhere and some of them are clearly satanic.

The exception historically is where Christianity dominates, because true Christians do have the presence of God. They bow their knee to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, they do not need authoritarian substitutes. Nonetheless, the Spirit of Christ can only dominate nations where true Christians prevail and influence their government. The Spirit of Christ has never dominated national government for very long. Pseudo Christianity has, but she is a Harlot and a counterfeit Church.

Some believe America was uniquely Christian, but even in the United States satanic authoritarianism dominated the nation at various times. America once again is under satanic authoritarianism today. And so are nations that joined the British Commonwealth and EU.

China is authoritarian, so is Russia, and so are all nations under Islam and those nations under various forms of socialism. Those states not ruled by authoritarians are few.

The U.N. plans to have world government fully implemented by 2030 and all 193 nations in the U.N. have pledged their support. Some have even called it a great leap forward (The article above is a must read to understand where global authoritarianism intends to take the world). The nations can have the Christ given by God to be King of the world or they can have the counterfeit Antichrist given by Satan to rule the world. With what we know they have in mind, is there any doubt for whom this authoritarian system is being set up?

Notice that multinational corporations and media giants are also involved in this global authoritarianism plan. These media companies are writing complex algorithms right now to evaluate and censor all media under their control. The authoritarian collective will not allow communications that do not agree with socialism and globalism to exist much longer. It is a socialist plan but with crony capitalism interwoven in government, and the tyrannical methods they will use, it is more correctly labeled global fascism.

These neo-Nazi’s in government put on appearances as being concerned about humanity but they fully intend to bring in the Fourth and Fifth Reich. (The EU revived Roman empire being the fourth and its world-wide global offspring being the fifth.) By any and all means they intend to eliminate any that hinder their sustainable development agenda.

The richest man in the world recently said that the only hope for the world is socialism. This agnostic has a Catholic wife and raises his children as Catholics yet he claims to believe in godless socialism.  Socialism persecutes Christians. True Christians reject socialism because socialism breaks almost all of God’s commandments. It is a man-made system that appeals to man’s covetousness. It is founded on the lies of human evolution and spiritual evolution. I suppose these elite billionaires calling for global authoritarianism socialism will just give their own billions to be redistributed to the poor. Fat chance! Most everything they give through their tax-free foundations have globalist strings attached.

Religion is also involved in the open conspiracy to put all people under authoritarian world fascism by 2030. The Pope just went to the U.N. to help push the entire 2030 globalist agenda.

The global socialists wish to destroy national borders, languages, and culture. That is what their support for third world migration is really all about. They will say nothing about Islamic terrorism because Islam and terrorism serves their purpose. Global corporations also know third world people will keep labor costs down. Further, sustainable development environmentalists want people in the richer nations to be forced to reduce their standard of living to that of those living in the rest of the world.

Many also know that this Islamic invasion will bring civil war to Europe. They know that people will give up all freedom for security. Like Jesuit created Freemasonry, they believe that any new world order will come out of chaos. As the crises ensues, and the native nationalists rebel, the satanically driven elite of Europe will expand an authoritarian police state across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The Bible calls this end time authoritarian dictatorship the Beast. Out of it will arise Satan’s counterfeit savior of the world.

Since I started this website in 1999, I have warned that all signs are leading to the Antichrist coming to power around 2030. There continues to be even more support for that timing even apart from the recently announced U.N. agenda 2030.

Russia is now rearming itself and establishing the world leadership to fulfill the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy.  Russia is developing a fully modernized military. It is to be completed by 2025. Putin believes that he is an Eastern Roman Empire Zsar and he is destined to save what remains of Christianity from Islam. Putin has the full backing of the Russian Orthodox Church and 90 percent of the people of Russia.

China is now a world superpower. Thanks to its one child policy it can field the largest army this world has ever seen just from its male surplus. Many men will have no hope of living a normal family life. China is setting up a computer database citizens rating system. It will score the worth of all citizens. The data will come from hundreds of sources. The elite  can be sure that greasing some palms will move them to the top. This Orwellian scoring system will be mandatory everywhere in China by 2020. Good scores will bring people perks and low scores might bring who knows what on their head? Maybe a draft into the infantry as cannon fodder?

Advances in world communications will made the buy/sell system of the Beast possible world-wide by the mid to late 2020’s. Many corporations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others are working on it. World-wide high-speed Internet is their prime directive.

Advances in DNA splicing is about to bring about new life species. Man will play God but will not know the consequences of his creations. Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics will soon reduce humankind to either be useful or useless idiots.

The world is morally insane; perversion is the new normal. When people lose their ability to reject evil judgment follows.

Persecution of Christian is increasing all over the world. They hate us without cause. They hate us because we tell them the truth. They persecute Christians because they love their evil ways. The truth is that fallen human nature is deceitfully wicked. Their only hope for salvation is to repent of their evil and trust in Jesus.

There are trade treaties in the works that will put at least 80 percent of the world under binding globalist rules and regulations before 2020. The rest of the nations will follow because they will either join or they will not be able to trade. Decisions by state and corporate appointed bureaucrats will supersede national constitutions and laws. International trade packs are another effort to break down national sovereignty and lower wages in rich countries so good paying jobs can go to poorer third would nations.

Elitists are setting up a global warming carbon scheme to redistribute wealth from rich nations to poor nations and to make the rich nations pay for global governance. (Humans do not cause global warming. If past solar cycles are any predictor, a mini ice age is likely to produce world-wide famine before the 2030’s )

Bible prophecy students don’t have to set dates by cherry picking scriptures to concoct silly conjectures about timings. The world is setting the general timing for us. For the observant Christian, it becomes increasing clear that all that was predicted by the Bible prophets about the end of this age will be fulfilled within the lives of most that are living on the earth today. The rapture of believers is some years sooner, maybe even a decade or more sooner. The world will prove that it is not worthy of Christians, so they will be removed.

Spiritual evolution and social evolution are often promoted by the same people. They plan for it to happen by 2030 but God is in control of timings. Those in New Age spiritualism believe that when “negative thinking” Christians are removed there can be a great evolutionary “leap forward” for mankind. Could the “leap forward” of New Age spiritualism and the global socialist’s “leap forward” be the same leap into spiritual deception? I believe that will turn out to be the case.

Will they increasingly persecute Christians so that their “leap forward” will not be hindered? I think the Bible tells us that they will. Christians will totally stop hindering them when Christians depart. The salt and light will be gone. Those that reject God will be given free rein to fully implement their satanically inspired system but they will bring the world to its destruction.

The UN might want people to believe that all this change to global governance will happen peacefully. However, there are those among them who believe their utopia can only be achieved after humans that do not meet their evolutionary standards are eliminated. Socialists always attempt to achieve their ends through hate, division, and death. They hate any order that God set up and support every evil imaginable. The Satanic elite are counting on world war and civil war to eliminate much of the human population.

Their whole plan for a fascist utopia goes bad when their bloody leader is slain and a Frankenstein monster arises from his body. The monster finds out he cannot defeat the rightful King, so the Beast attempts to destroy all flesh on earth (Mt 24:22) so that the Messiah King will have no humans to govern. He fails. God fearing people will inherit the earth.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Great leap forward to satanic global authoritarianism by 2030 — 20 Comments

  1. Excellent summary, Don. Every time I read one of your articles I learn something new or something becomes obvious to me that previously wasn’t (in this case it is the authoritarian, fascist base of socialism).

    A lot of socialists think they are doing good by promoting what they believe is a fairer and more equitable way of living but, in reality, many are only tolerant of those who think like they do and would be happy to “eradicate” the ones who don’t agree with them all in the name of the “common good.”

    I turned my back on socialism a few years ago but still know people who fully embrace the ideology and I could easily imagine them buying into all of what you’ve written, thinking it will blaze a path to a global utopia.

    “Socialists always attempt to achieve their ends through hate, division, and death. They hate any order that God set up and support every evil imaginable.”

    You are absolutely spot-on with this comment, Don. My own experiences confirm the truth of this mindset. I was reading somewhere yesterday that this is one of the reasons why socialists, liberals, etc. support Islam, even though Islam is hostile to so many of the socialist beliefs – they all hate Israel and Christianity. For now, this common enemy (the God of the Bible) unites these strange bedfellows.

    Here in Australia our previous Prime Minister had to be gotten rid of before December of this year as there is no way he would have signed away Australia’s sovereign rights in this upcoming UN Climate Change conference to be held in Paris. The new PM, a champagne socialist in the ilk of the world’s richest man you mentioned, will be happy to sign on the dotted line at the UN (or delegate someone to do so).

    I would love to show as many people as I know this post, Don, but most people would run a mile from this truth or look at me like I have grown two heads! Even a lot of Christians I know do not want to hear about what you have addressed. I just keep praying.

    Thanks for all you do, Don, in writing this blog, it must take a lot of time and energy. I’ll keep you in prayer. God bless.

  2. every time i read one of your articles i gain more knowledge about end times prophecy. This article was simply awesome. thanks don

  3. Greetings Don~I always look forward to your articles…this one is good, but sobering. Actually, all of them should bring deep reflection to reader, for the time in which we find ourselves. I find I fit in less & less in my surroundings. Thank you for your time in sounding the alarm, so to speak. I know very few people who are even listening…

  4. Don I would consider myself a news junkie, but I find it harder and harder to read/watch the news anymore. It is all there flashing before our eyes everyday. Proof that we are at/near the end. All the powers that be needed to do was to bring America down, and they have accomplished this. Sure we aren’t quite there, but the pretext has been set and is already in process. Blatant misinformation/corruption is everywhere, and nearly everyone has bought in. I almost cannot believe how devoid of the truth people are, but I suppose that is the delusion from God. It saddens me to see this nation crumble. The once great America that stood as a beacon for the world is gone. Long gone I’m afraid. Our last hope outside of revival I believe was for some sort of military coup, but all the real commanders it seems have been silenced and replaced by Shemales and Hewomen. Again, this all just validates the prophecies that were given hundreds and thousands of years ago. Thank you for your blog and I hope it has many more years left.

  5. It is great to see your blog back. A great deal has happened during your absence, the world is spinning out of control and we are heading for a train wreck. We in Canada have just elected a New government, and the next four years are going to be scary. They are going to legalize marijuana run deficits, take from the wealthy, etc. etc. This Nation which was founded under Godly principles much like yours has become Godless, selfish etc. just as it states in Second Timothy. Europe is being over run by Terrorists and I was reading an article where Austria’s civilians are rearming themselves, My Son who recently came back from Europe, stated Europe is going to be a blood bath. I keep asking the Lord how long is this going to go on, before you intervene, things are so obvious, but the godless just don’t see. Keep writing this blog for as long as you can, people need to know the truth, and the truth points to Jesus.

  6. Hi Wayne,

    I know about the big change toward socialism in Canada. I just read an article today about Canada being named the freest nation in the world. The other nations on top of the list were mostly Scandinavian nations. All now socialist nations that do not allow free speech or public Christian expression. They do allow migrants to come in to destroy their culture and their future. That apparently is why this organization thinks they are free? What a joke!

    Your son is correct. There is going to be a blood bath in Europe. Two world wars there in the last one hundred years and the power elite learn nothing. Or as I implied in the article, civil war might be exactly what they want to bring in their authoritarian Beast.

    I don’t think websites like mine will be allowed on the Internet much longer. Even if American government still allows truth because the people elect someone like Carson or Cruz, the Far Left (fascist) people that control the now internationally controlled (thanks to Obama and friends) Internet media will not.

  7. Hi Don, I just found your web site and blog. I’m glad you decided to start writing again. Crazy times.
    I used to be a hippy, catholic, Buddhist and a Mormon. Now I am a born again Jesus freak, and I love Him so.
    We need each other now to endure to the end…. The Body of Christ is my solace as the old sad groaning earth spins into the outer darkness. I too read that document regarding the 2030 timeline. It’s getting harder to watch the intense evil covering our world and those we love. Praying for us all.
    God bless

  8. Sir,
    First, I would like to thank you for the time you spend composing these blog entries. I found your previous site while researching online to supplement a recent study in Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation. I am always leery of prophecy commentary and hopefully always will be. I was grateful, however, to find a blog that seems to correlate with Scripture (especially since I am most certainly no expert in the matter).
    As an OEF veteran, I was interested to see your mentioning the use of islamic terrorism as a means of control through implemented chaos. I had not considered this before in my search for a defined reason for the conflicts in the middle east. Anyone serving there with the ability to devote two brain cells to critical thought could see that there was something severely wrong with the strategies used. Is there a previous article where you speak about this in greater detail? I would like to see your thoughts on how those conflicts assisted in leading up to where we are now with the seeming proxy battles going on.


  9. Don: The Beast (and his cohorts) WILL turn on religion to destroy it (the Devil can’t have anything interfering with worshipping his ‘image’), but it is likely the world of the elitists will be marked for destruction (his defeat of three of the ten kings perhaps). In the past you have spoken of the European aborigines rising up in anger (and a thirst for natural justice); and being very human myself I can see this happening… all it needs is a leader, and he could rise to real power on the backs of popular demand.

  10. Hi Dom,

    Welcome to my new blog.
    There are three parts to my website. There is the main homepage to different directories, the blog archive for my previous World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy Blog, and Now I created this new Blog that again allows comments.

    I do not think anyone in the West tried to create Islamic Terrorism. However, they are not dealing with it the way rational people should. Back in 2014 ISIS could have been destroyed very easily. I wrote about how we could do that.

    Europe also could deal with ISIS but obviously there is no leadership there wanting to do so. They would rather take in millions of migrants that will eventually brink about a civil war. Now why is that? I have to assume that either they are all cowards or breaking down borders and cultures is part of agenda of the elite that control the thinking of European leaders.

    I think most national leaders are just dupes of the power elite that intend to bring about global socialism by any means possible. They do not have any way to do this set in concrete. They will use any world crises to help get to that end. They have brainwashed the people into believing that appeasing Islam and breaking down borders will bring about a better world. However, I think the satanic elite that control the EU know it will bring about about a right wing native backlash and a new strong man that will bring about a powerful authoritarian central government. Even if none of the Satanic elite has this in their thoughts, Satan does. Hitler being the last failed prototype. The Beast can not come into power until it is in God’s timing. I think Bible prophecy is pretty clear about what will happen in those areas and I think the time for the Beast is drawing very near.

    I have written about the ongoing agenda of the fourth beast of Daniel. That is really what is playing out here.

    You might also be interested in this article. Real freedom in this fallen world and America is nothing but a delusion.

  11. Hi Brian,

    I agree. The Beast and the False prophet have total control. The ten world leaders will be of the same mind and they will give their power to the Beast. And as I implied in my last comment to Dom, I think he will rise to power because of a backlash against Islam. It will be civil war and world war. The Beast will rise to power in the area of the old Roman Empire.

  12. Hi Don, So happy to see you back. In these end times it’s very hard to find someone (teacher) that is being led by the Holy Spirit. There is so much deception in the internet. I love your blog and your views because they follow Gods Holy Word. I believe most people are lost because they follow man instead of reading the truth in God’s Word to discern between what is real or false…so sad.

  13. Don,

    I agree the IS that we have seen develop is not a western construct. It seems more like an egg that was allowed to incubate and eventually hatch when the time was right (at least in my understanding). As far as the delusion of freedom, I think that goes back for well over a century. What better slave can there be than one who perceives himself as free? I, like many of my generation, answered the call of “defend freedom” without first considering the illogic of that rallying cry to begin with. Ultimately, this poorly conceived call to arms was discarded by most and replaced with a desire to just get everyone home safe. I don’t know how many of my comrades have struggled with why we were over there to begin with, but I can say that I have come to my own conclusions in the matter– none of which are pretty.

    As I am reading in Daniel now, I can certainly agree with your conclusion of the current 4th beast kingdom with the “little horn” sprouting soon. I have no notion of what the real leaders of this world are thinking, but I have every expectation that they believe that they are stacking the deck in their favor. Of course, God is in control of all and it will only serve to further His glorification in the end.

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  14. Don, I’ve just read the linked article to Dom: As always it is very thought provoking. One excerpt from it really hit a button. “If the Kings of the East are put under the rule of the fourth beast, and Islam is brought under control, there will be no reason left why the existing Western world order cannot prevail to rule the world and fully establish those ten world regional governments”. With China’s present jockeying re the world’s currency situation it seems highly likely she will come under this international umbrella, and with IS doing their damnedest to provoke the West into war Islam’s subjugation may also be on the near horizon.

  15. Hi Brian,

    And with today’s terrorist attacks in France the European (fourth Beast of Daniel) backlash again Islam might be quite a bit sooner than it looked even months ago.

  16. Hi Cardinal,

    Actually this might be the start of Crusades part II. Remember Europe will rise to power again. There is no fifth Beast in the Daniel vision of the four Gentile powers that will rule the world before the Lord’s returns. The descendants of the Roman Empire will prevail against all until the Lord comes. Islam and at least its mission of world conquest will soon be toast. This is all setting up conditions for a strong man to arise once again in Europe to rally the natives to abort the Muslim invasion and stop the Islamic terrorism.

  17. yea that makes alot of sense don,i totally forgot that europe will rule in the end times for a time period, and i’m guessing that strong man is the antichrist!!

  18. Hi everyone, I’m new here. I need Biblical, logical truth and I don’t want to be one of the deceived masses anymore. I have read a few of Sir’s other blogposts on the other blog. Kindest greetings. Odia van Loggerenberg

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