Leftist press becomes domestic enemy of freedom

The fourth estate in America was once one of the pillars of the free republic but the “free” press is now controlled by a half-dozen corporations and a few dozen billionaires that mostly have a Marxist ideology. They spew socialist propaganda and hammer and sickle the truth 24/7.

Our forefathers could not have foreseen the press becoming so powerful and so controlled by enemies of our nation so there is nothing in our Constitution that puts checks and balances on the fourth estate. There are laws that could be used against revolutionized media but politicians and government bureaucrats fear taking on the all-powerful press.

Because of mergers and buy-outs the mainstream media in the United States is now controlled by six huge corporations. Five of those six spew out socialist propaganda and subversion 24/7. On media’s other left hand, the Internet is controlled by the billionaires of Google, Facebook and Twitter. They admittedly are censoring right-wing information on the Internet. Most large newspapers in America are also controlled by a dozen or so billionaires most of which have leftist ideology.

Just about all the people controlling the press in the western world are elitists that push Marxist cultural socialism. Many are members in leftist globalists clubs like the CFR and the Bilderbergers. They conspire together against free people and sovereign nations with their agenda to bring in an authoritarian collectivist global government.

After World War II the vast majority of people in America rejected all forms of socialism. Americans embraced individual liberties along with the free enterprise system. Socialism collapsed in the Soviet Union because there was little incentive under communism for the people to produce anything. China also gave up on communism. China is now a one party thugoracy with predatory capitalism awarded to the most connected thugs.

Socialism has not worked anywhere where it took over government and wherever it took over government it enslaved and repressed its people. Today North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela are prime examples of socialism.

So why do surveys show that half of young Americans think socialism is a better system? Apparently thirty years of leftist propaganda by schools and media is brainwashing a lot of minds. Many people in the western world increasingly act like members of a mind control cult.

Why do those controlling the media want socialism? Because they believe in an elitist controlled global utopia. They think the common people on earth exist to serve the more evolved. They also think the earth cannot survive without complete management by an authoritarian socialist politburo pushing the constructs of the intelligentsia.

That is the reason globalists push sustainable development everywhere. UN agenda 2030 plans for a totally controlled world by 2030. Some globalists would have no problem getting rid of billions of undesirables in the name of setting up their socialist paradise pipe dream. Nothing is new there, socialism always starts with a purge of those that do not fit in.

The question for American patriots today is how do you keep a free nation where people are being indoctrinated 24/7 and free expression is not allowed? If only leftist politically correct information is allowed on media, most people will conform to fit in, but there are negative consequences to that. People soon lose their ability to reason. They replace their God-given conscience with satanic collective consciousness.

And when all right-wing speech is removed from the public square the Marxist left will censor those with middle of the road views. The censoring will continue moving left until all speech and expression is controlled by thought police.

Sane people still not given over to a reprobate mind (Romans 1) need to realize that we have to do something about the out of control leftist press before it is too late. If we continue to allow this brainwashing of America by the media, we will lose our nation. If Hillary were elected, it would already be too late. Just a few thousand votes in key states delayed the globalist takeover of America. Conservatives and Christians have to get government to do something about the leftist media problem while they still have a voice. Because if the leftist programing continues, come the next presidential election, the open door to reformation is likely to slam shut.

I am not sure how to deal with the media problem but the press cannot be allowed to subvert the President 24/7 while also calling all of Trump’s supporters deplorables and racists. The so-called free press has become the mouthpiece for the globalist agenda. The press is owned by globalists and many employed by them have become subversive disinformation agents. They mostly promote positions of the communist manifesto and foster division in this country. These talking heads are enemies of our constitutional form of government.

I thought we had a FCC to regulate communications? Ninety percent of mainstream news reports on the president are negative. The FCC should tell those that slam the President continually that they are at risk of having their license to broadcast revoked if they do not become more balanced. Let them go to the Supreme Court to try to get it reinstated. Libel laws also need to be changed so that character assassinations of even well-known people has real consequences to those slandering. Obviously there is a lot of collusion to obstruct the Trump administration. Sanctuary cities is just one example. It seems to me that racketeering laws could be used against these conspirators.

Internet media must be told that they must allow free speech and they have to hire and promote people according to their abilities and not their political ideology.

Google needs to be broken up. If Google was only the Google search engine, as it once was, it would have to be more responsive to users. These huge Internet monopolies need to be broken up. Imagine if Bell Telephone had never been broken up and it still controlled all telecommunications? There would be no Internet today.

I do not have all the answers to fix the problem but I do know we will lose our Republic if leftist media remains unchecked. The same thing is going on in Western Europe. The common people are being programmed and all dissension is being silenced by government and media.

It seems that democracies do not work for long. It becomes about impossible to remove the scum that rises to the top through the influence of money. Maybe you have some ideas of how to reign in the leftist press abuse while that is still allowed to be discussed on the Internet? It may not be allowed much longer if we do nothing.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Leftist press becomes domestic enemy of freedom — 46 Comments

  1. With all due respect the reason why a lot of press is negative about Trump is because he is an idiot. He continually contradicts his own white house statements and he doesn’t read so he’s not informed.

    When his staff gives him briefings they have to insert positive things about him so he pays attention, he doesn’t read the briefings for himself like every other president has then have a verbal discussions about what was read.

    Trust me this guy is so stupid he will go down as the most ignorant president of all time. I called it here that he would win while everyone was saying “‘oh no’ were going to lose” now I’m calling it again he will be the worst.

    The guy cheats on his wife she wont even hold his hand in public coming off the plane or chopper. You cant think the film star payoff is made up and there is WAY too much smoke in the Russia connections to just design a story to discredit him then if anyone thinks it is then I don’t know what to tell ya?

    I was excited about Trump but now I’m like “wow really?”

    Remember King Saul? The people asked for a King so God gave them one. Well we asked for a king so God gave us one. Here you go.. Trump

  2. bill,

    Trump might be an idiot but he also just set all kinds of records for the us economy, i mean this guy is really moving things forward for this country and i truly believe this king was set up by god to fasten the end times prophecies. He is truly doing wonderful things with Jerusalem and the economy here. Obama and hillary can’t compare to him because both of them were wolfs in sheeps clothing doing corrupt things behind closed walls. Trump is being hated with a demonic hate all over the country but obama was loved? OBAMA IS AN ANTI-CHRIST

  3. Bill,
    Pay attention to Dons article.
    You can’t trust the media. That means t.v.
    And I don’t like you calling President Trump stupid and an idiot.

  4. don,
    i know the jewish people are gods chosen people but they don’t believe in him so maybe we can get rid of the cnn political director who is a jew… it seems to me that most of the top positions are being held by jews and this fake cnn garbage talk has to go through the director first then to the people. But how do u fire a powerful corrupt jew?

  5. Thank you Bill for proving Don’s point. Your comments are proof positive of the destructive power of the corrupt mainstream media. You’ve swallowed their lies hook, line and sinker. Unless you sit in on meetings with the president, know Melania personally or are involved in any investigation of this porno star, everything you have said is without merit. I think perhaps you’ve had a little too much “Morning Joe”

  6. I think this issue is perhaps the most pressing one of our time. There is no oversight or checks and balances for the MSM. They are out of control and hell bent on the destruction of our judeo Christian values and national sovereignty.

    I’ll make this short and sweet by just saying libel and slander laws must absolutely be enforced on a much wider scale. People must be held accountable for the accusations they throw around.

    Secondly, I think we need a well organized, crowdfunded, conservative television news station competitor to the MSM. The problem is that these are private companies and they do what they wish. We need competition. The market is certainly there.

    Lastly, I think we need college reform where both sides of the political spectrum are equally respected and taught. I would like to say however that I grew up around liberals, and due to my christian upbringing I never let them make me question my beliefs. A big problem is bad parenting as well.


    Bill is an example of a weak minded individual who lets the MSM override his common sense. Trump is perhaps one of the best presidents in our history. He is the reason Hillary has not destroyed our country.

  7. Adriana, I could not agree with you more. You nailed it. A perfect example of a

  8. Please just remove your Trump glasses you guy’s are obviously his base Trump could shoot someone and u would still love him. You love him to a fault.

    You cant even see how ignorant he is. It’s laughable. I have no doubt God’s using him He is using him despite his lack of intelligence.

    Go ahead call me what u will I could care less u people don’t effect my peace yes I’m glad Hillary didn’t get in either but Trump is what he is .. sorry for that.

  9. I think the enforcement of libel and slander laws are a good start as well. It will take much more effort though. Quite honestly I’m not sure it can be done. That is if we are truly at or near the end.

    Perhaps a larger scale delay is possible, but large scale arrests would have to be made. Then when they are, you have weak minded individuals that buy into the propaganda of Trump is Hitler/Stalin etc. Also, we would need a completely revamped FBI or whatever law enforcement branch is used to execute the arrests. Corruption is everywhere. The military, both House and Senate, Federal judges, state and local. I really see no solution other than outright “civil” rebellion to make all the changes needed.

    Oh and Bill,

    Open your eyes brother. Obama for example, was never criticized by anyone in the television media other than Fox. Now Trump is in power and that’s all they talk about. Tabloid level garbage. Same with Bush, not nearly as bad however. Now that Fox is more left leaning now, I suspect (only because I no longer watch cable news) that even they have started to spew lies and smear. We live in the Matrix guys. “They” only tell you what they want to to hear/see. More and more people are buying it too.

  10. Bill, you continue to prove the point Don was making in the article. I agree with Jim’s comments as well… especially the PS.

  11. Steve so u don’t think Trump is corrupt? Everyone else but him?

    Corruption is everywhere. The military, both House and Senate, Federal judges, state and local.

    But not Trump

  12. I had some young man 32 years old tell me how stupid Trump is and nothing I say could change his mind. Now this 32 year old lives at home with his parents and has never paid one days rent or any utility bill his entire Life. Trump is a multi billionaire and is President of the USA. Trump accomplished what many others have tried and failed.

    If you really feel he is stupid then where do you rate your own intellect. Furthermore it is God himself who appoints Presidents and deposes them. So if you have a problem with him you have a problem with God himself. Unless you have redefined God to your own understanding. I suggest you spend more time looking at yourselves and grower closer to God. The marxists/satanists have the populace divided. Christ has given us two commandments, love God and Love your neighbor. Trump is your neighbor. Hate on him and you will find yourself in the bowels of the earth for all eternity. Along with all the other haters.We ARE suppose to be born again with the spirit of the living God inside us. The spirit of God has no hate.

  13. Bill,

    Whether Trump is the smartest or least intelligent man, whether he’s the most informed or most ignorant, whether he’s this or that, he’s done plenty of wonderful and “conservative” things that most others who ran for president wouldn’t have done, especially stand up to the media and expose them for what they are. Trump, no matter his faults, was the right man for the job, and at the right time too.

  14. Relating more to the article, yes, the leftist press is a huge problem that I don’t think will ever go away… I think a regular tv station that was a conservative voice would be nice, and that we definitely have to keep up the fight for as long as we are able, but I fear that our efforts will end up being “too little too late” given how entrenched the socialist globalist godless system is at this point, and how many people think that scientific advancements means that we don’t need to “turn to God” for much of anything anymore…

  15. Bill,

    Personally, I do not believe he is corrupt. That also doesn’t mean that most of our local, state, and federal government cannot be. In fact, that is precisely why I believe he is getting so much back lash, and it is allowed to continue on. The man has very little support from the swamp.

  16. Klaus,

    If that’s the case why do u hate on Hillary? I didn’t like her either but the Spirit of God lives inside u why hate on Obama? They are ur neighbors too. You should be praying for them.

    Bc I see error in someone doesn’t make me someone who will find myself in the bowels of the earth for all eternity.

    I’m not going to comment anymore on this issue I have work to do just pray for one another unless u cant.

  17. Bill,

    Trump did not get where he is by being stupid. He may even be a genius. He is unconventional but he is doing what he said he would do in his books and speeches. If he survives long enough to get his agenda through he will be the President that saved our Republic from entrenched domestic enemies. He will be among the greats.

    Trump does not cheat on his wife you are obviously watching too much left wing propaganda. And the smoke in the Russia connections is all about what the Democrats did to try to frame Trump.

    You’re going to have to eat your words because you have Trump all wrong. Black hat heads are about to start rolling and only Trump could have pulled this off. The purge of government is on its way.

  18. Bill,

    The problem with Obama, Hillary and almost all his administration is that they broke laws to achieve leftist deep state ends and they were actively subverting our nation. The lawlessness was so bad that the white hats are even afraid to peruse it. They fear uprisings from the reprobate minds of our nation. Even so, I don’t think it can be covered up much longer. I think many in the Obama administration will be doing prison time.

  19. Hi Don,

    I hope I am wrong I voted for the man but we will see. Maybe I am being slated by all the noise out there but like I said before God’s in control.

  20. “Morning Joe” was mentioned by Adriana so I will add that Mica was caught saying, “It’s our job to control the way people think.”

    That seems to be exactly what the Progressives believe. Unfortunately I have no earth shattering ideas about how to fight it. For now I will continue to pray for Trump/Pence and those who stand with them. Also keep sharing the truth with the already indoctrinated and keep my Trump glasses on because I can see clearly through them.

    We’re mostly rural here west of the DFW Metroplex and the majority of us aren’t willing to give our minds over to the ‘thought police.’

  21. 1st – Trump can never be corrupt. He is a man of utmost ego and that serves as his check and balance. He always takes pride of his wealth and stealing is against his code.

    2nd – I’m surprised that most people, including some Christians, believe that Trump is an idiot due to a lot of “mistakes” that he says in public and some of the weird behavior he does. I’m surprised because they “believe” so…and therefore they’re missing out on Trump’s shrewdness in showing and saying things – this was a strategy of Trump all along so he’d know how people will react or respond.

    So.everytime Trump would say or do something weird or stupid, I just laugh…coz people don’t understand why he does what he does or says.

  22. What does the Bible say about ego?


    Scripture makes it clear that God hates pride and arrogance (Proverbs 8:13). In fact, it was pride that turned Lucifer into Satan. Isaiah 14:13-14 describes Satan’s astounding focus on self: “I will ascend…I will raise…I will sit… I will ascend…I will make myself like the Most High.” This is a perfect example of pride going before destruction (Proverbs 16:18), for in the next verse in Isaiah we see where Satan’s pride got him: “But you are brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit” (v.15).

    Christ reiterated the fate of the proud, warning that “whoever exalts himself will be humbled” (Matthew 23:12). Clearly, an inflated ego and its focus on self are not in keeping with the Christian call for humility. Rather, it is the antithesis of what characterizes true Christians—dependence on God and service to others.

    1 Peter 5:5 (ESV)

    5 Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

  23. Hi Bill,

    I don’t think anyone supporting President Trump is saying that Trump is sinless. By the way, the topic of this post is the threat from the leftist media not President Trump.

  24. Hi Don,

    I agree w/ u there but I was referring to the comment that miles made about Trumps ego & pride and how he uses it to serve for his check & balance which is sadly most likely true.

    “He is a man of utmost ego and that serves as his check and balance.” I guess u can say his “gut feel” instead of wisely counsel that would be boring.

    I would hope that most here are not completely delusional like miles is that Trump “1st – Trump can never be corrupt.” If anyone really believes this like this statement then there’s no talking to such a person. Agree?

  25. Bill,

    No I don’t agree. Miles point was that Trump has too much ego to be corrupted to follow the agenda of the leftist media and the deep state. I think because of his ego, Trump would rather fall on his sword than be seen as not doing what he had promised his base.

    Enough with this Trump rabbit trail.

  26. Golly gee.we didnt elect a christian preacher..a Josiah.God is kind..we needed a man who understood globalists and progressives.our government was too corrupted for full on righteousness frankly.your government will never save you.but.limiting it is a great start.to.maintaining some freedoms. I too am watching for new media platforms that report instead of preach the liberal.line.now,a couple say they are..and charge subscriptions. Unless and until.they have wide coverage,they cannot compete Boycotting sponsors,etc works to a degree,but we need a better slingshot (David). I.mean Newsweek thinks we can impeach Trump and Pence,then demand Ryan give the Presidency to Clinton!the leftists are dangerous.the average viewer/reader is ignorant, That is, untaught,scared and angry.i pray for my country,and my people. I.mourn. i advise anyone who has conservative writers they follow,to mark websites or get on email.lists.find raw news reports and share them.and pray,often.for all of us.

  27. We will see Don Trump has u guys hoodwinked he’s has corrupt as they come. It’s sad how gullible his base is.

    And u think he never cheated on his wife? Any google research you will find he did cheat & more then once.


    I took what Miles meant as how he wrote it which is complete delusional bc I see Trump for what he is doesn’t mean I’m brainwashed. I’m the bad guy for busting the Trump bubble. lol ho I forgot it’s a conspiracy..ooooh

  28. Hi Faith,

    One problem is that conservative websites will no longer be found when they are downgraded by the media giants or all the links to them are broken. They also cannot fund their staff without advertisers or contributions.

    Conservatives and Christians must insist that the media respects constitutional free speech. I am afraid it is already too late in Western Europe. Free speech is already dead there.

  29. Bill,
    You only see and hear what you want. What ever supports your thesis of the subjective fantasy world you call reality. If you were grounded in truth you would see what is really happening. Why do you let these things bother you about Trump. How can you really see him for what he is. Do you know him personally? You know his heart. Oh but you cite these stupid articles on Daily Mail. Your being drawn in and you bite. It just feeds the hate that lies inside you. I never hated Hillary or Obama. Actually I pity them. They are useful idiots for the devil and nothing more. They will answer to a just God as you and I will. Like I said before God places Presidents and Kings in power and deposes them, Read Daniel _2:21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:

  30. Bill,
    Daily Mail is the epitome of the leftist organizations Don is talking about. It’s based in the U.K. and has a completely left wing bias. It’s tabloid trash. Sadly, you seem to be enamored with leftist sites like that.

  31. Here is what I have done, that I can control to fight the Marxist media:

    News Paper: In spite of my wife’s love of the word jumble and my interest in local news, I canceled the Progressive rag (after over 20 years) and when they called I told them why. The woman calling was stunned into stuttering when I told her why.

    Google: I stopped using it. Found one that doesn’t track me as well.

    Facebook: I stopped using it and took my stuff down.

    (I don’t tweet)

    Cable: Getting ready to cut it lose too…looking at alternatives.(But I do like Tucker Carlson and a couple of other news shows.)

    Hollywood: I will not pay to see most of their clap-trap and even get in arguments with my wife over watching any of their agenda driven movies or their Leftist blather award shows at home.

    NFL & ESPN: Refuse to put them on and sent both e-mails letting them know I’m done. Will not watch the Superbowl for only the second time since 1967 (Was overseas in the military in 69).

    There is a massive counter coup coming to a head against the globalists nationally and internationally. I am praying for President Trump and many others in heated battle for the soul of America.

    God gave us a reprieve with Trump.

    I have also supported many organizations in the fight: ACLJ, The Center for Medical Progress (investigating/exposing Planned Murderhood) and Judicial Watch to name three of my favorites.

    Grass Root support and activism is crucial. I learned that in the TEA Party. We held Obama at bay as best we could for many years.

  32. Hi Mark,

    Sounds like a good course of action to me.

    By the way, I do not have cable, satellite or local TV but I can get live Fox news just about any time of the day on Youtube. Other regular Youtube that I watch and recommend is Superior Word, John Haller prophecy update, Dr Charles Lawsen, Jason Goodwin cloudsource the truth, Prophecy Today and Worldview Weekend, I also check to see who Alex Jones is interviewing. I can get him live everyday as well. Of course you have to have a internet connection.

    If you do have a TV internet connection and you put Roku on your TV you also can get thousands of additional channels there. There are over a thousand religious channels alone and most of them are free.

  33. Hi Cardinal,

    Rapture Ready has some good articles. What I listed are not the only places that I visit regularly. I check out dozens of platforms everyday. My point is that there is plenty of information and entertainment on the Internet. In my experience you do not need cable even to get Fox News live.

  34. Mark,

    I like your plan. Will you tell me which search engine you’ve replaced Google with? I’ve checked into it but could never make a decision.

    I haven’t had tv for six and a half years. Refuse to pay for it. I’ve had to boycott buying most movies too. “Divergent” was a favorite but I can’t look at Ashley Judd in the same way anymore let alone buy any movie with her in it again.

    I haven’t bought a local paper since they endorsed Obama in 2008.

    I will stay on face book a while longer. Until everyone unfriends me for flooding their news feeds with right wing news. lol.

    Don, thanks for the tip on what I can watch on you tube.

  35. Hi Doug,

    That also gets results from Google and nine other search engines. I like it, when put in the Firefox browser it returns my Revelation Commentary as number five under the keywords revelation commentary.

  36. Hi Don,

    I think all search engines these days piggyback off of Google one way or the other. I look at Ixquick and DuckDuckGo as a “firewall” between me and Google. Sort of like using a Tor browser. None of this will stop the black hats, but maybe slow them down a little. 😉

  37. Hi Doug,

    The real problem with Google is not the tracking. That can be blocked. The problem is that Google is manipulating search results so that some pages rank poorly and are not seen, it is stopping sites it does not like from getting advertising revenue and it is also censoring on Youtube.

  38. Don,
    Do these alternative search engines impose a different search algorithm on top of the Google data? I’ve noticed when I search using Ixquick, and then do the same search with Google, the results are definitely different. Have wondered about this. I avoid using Google as much as possible. Tor browsers don’t even give you the option — that is, without a stern warning. DuckDuckGo seems to be Tor’s go-to search engine.

  39. Hi Doug,

    Ixquick says it compiles the result from 10 different search engines. I think DuckDuckGo just uses Google results but blocks tracking.

  40. Hi,

    Sorry to get off track here (last two posts)…

    I went to Ixquick and it has a disclaimer: “enhanced by Google”.

    So, I guess I just wonder just how “private” it really is?

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