America’s timid responses to enemies made Fascism possible today

Many of the problems of America today could have been avoided by better decisions in the past. If America made the correct hard choices, America could have been a nation that stood against tyranny in the world and a nation that stood for what is morally right. The world today might be a much better place today.

If we had not made timid responses after the second world war, it is less likely that Communism could have spread its poison, tyranny and error all over the world. At the end of World War II America was the only nation with atomic weapons. A show of force in Europe in the 40’s would have stopped Russia in its tracks. There might have been no Soviet Union and the error of Communism might have received a near fatal blow after a proper response to China occurred in the Korean war era.

Not only did Communism spread tyranny in nations, it spread evils that infected much of the world. Appeasement of Communism brought the world the cultural rebellion of the 60’s and 70’s with secular humanism, socialism and post modern relativism. The tolerance for Marxist error helped bring about the fall of Christian based societies.

Instead of containing Stalin when we had the means to end Russia’s expansion, we feared and appeased Russia and allowed Russia to take over Eastern Europe. We knew that the leaders of Russia were every bit as evil and as grave a threat to a free world as where the Nazis, but America would not make the hard decisions to oppose them until it was too late. In the mid to late forties, America could have prevented other nations from developing nuclear weapons but chose instead to allow nuclear weapons to proliferate. Because of this, there is certain to be nuclear war in our future.

America’s timid responses to Russia led to 50 million dead in East Europe and Russia, and a fifty year cold war where the survival of civilization became in doubt. The timid responses to Communism led to the Korean war.

The Korean war was not to defeat Communism but to contain it. We fought that war in North Korea against the Communists but we did it with one hand held behind our back. When America had all but defeated North Korea the Communist Chinese hordes invaded but we would not take the war to China. America could have overthrown Communism in China by striking China and supporting the resistance in Formosa, but our political leaders were too timid to risk that. We appeased China by splitting Korea into two nations. That has allowed a Communist tyrannical government to rule North Korea until this day.

The cease-fire did not end the war, it just postponed it into the future. Then beyond all reason, America even allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons for this coming future war. By the way, after the cease-fire we just abandoned hundreds of our solders that were prisoners of war. Some are still dead or alive in North Korea. Our timid politicians wanted to take the easy way out. They would not push the POW issue.

In the 1960’s we allowed Russia to prop up a tin horn Communist dictator in Cuba. We could have taken Castro out if President J.F.K. had not abandoned the Bay of Pigs CIA operation. The freedom fighters were promised US air support but they did not get it. Instead, they were abandoned on the shores of Cuba and left to be rounded up by Castro. It was not long after that Castro and Russia almost brought the world to the brink of nuclear war when Russia starting bringing nukes and missiles into Cuba. Had Castro been overthrown in the Bay of Pigs invasion we would not have gone to the brink of a nuclear holocaust and the Communist tyrants would not still be impoverishing Cuba today.

In the early 60’s the Communists were carrying out a socialist revolution in Vietnam and that got America involved in South Vietnam. America wanted to stop the spread of Communism in Southeast Asia. Had we stopped Communism in Korea we would not of had a Vietnam war. By the late 60’s, we had enough military force in the area to win the war in a couple of weeks by invading North Vietnam. Our timid political leaders again feared China and the war dragged on.

President Johnson’s war was micro managed by pencil necked geeks in Washington. The bureaucrats made rules of engagement that made it impossible to win the war. We could only hit targets pre-approved by Washington. The bureaucrats did not want to upset China. They would not allow the military to hit critical military targets. The result was a decade long war that accomplished nothing but filling body bags and spreading deadly Agent Orange contamination.

The Vietnam war that dragged on fueled a Marxist driven antiwar movement that blamed our troops for doing what they were told by our government. Instead of wining the war, our government just claimed victory and abandoned the South Vietnamese to the Communists. They once again abandoned some of our military people being held by North Vietnam. Our timid politicians took the easy way out. They would not push the POW issue.

After we cut and ran from Vietnam, the outcome was predictable. Congress cut funds to South Vietnam so they could not fight. The Communists then took over South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma and millions were slaughtered in the Communist killing fields. Our timid responses to Communist expansion was very deadly to any in Southeast Asia that put their trust in America.

In the 1980’s President Jimmy Carter, abandoned our ruling Iranian friends and allowed Islamists to take over Iran. We could not even rescue our own embassy staff. They were hostages until the day that President Ronald Reagan took office.

Under President Reagan, Iran realized that it would not be healthy for them to keep our men as hostages any longer. Under the leadership of Reagan the Communist Soviet Union went broke trying to keep up with our military programs and their war to take over Afghanistan. Ronald Reagan was a bold and wise President that did not appease our enemies. What a difference that made! By the latter years of Reagan, America stood alone as a respected super power in the world.

Then Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama came along and screwed up everything. They tried to appease the Communists turning Fascist in China. The Fascists took over Islam and started exporting terror. These four globalist Presidents also submitted our nation to the Fascist controlled UN.

For a long time we were supporting Iraq against Iran but President George H. W. Bush (who was really an international socialist dressed in conservative American clothing) sent a timid response to Saddam and Kuwait was invaded. Bush was worried about Iraq’s control over oil so that led to the first gulf war. America assembled a huge army and quickly defeated the Iraq army but he left Saddam in power because Bush would not take Baghdad.

Later President George Bush Jr. is elected into office and he is told that Iraq has WMD, so we get to do the Iraq war all over again. During that war America found nothing worth going to war over, but America did kill Saddam for war crimes. Even so, getting Saddam was not enough for the Washington Neo-Cons. They decided they wanted to build a nation and occupy Iraq until the Islamists put flowers in their hair and sing “Let the Sunshine in” and “We Are Going to Learn War No More”. The nation building is still ongoing in Iraq even through it was almost recently lost to President Obama’s junior varsity.

In the same era of these four progressive globalist presidents, terrorists support by our hateful friends in Saudi Arabia bring down the twin towers and that leads to the war now taking place in Afghanistan. Under Presidents Bush Jr. and later President Obama, they again get the strange idea that America can build a democratic government in a nation run by war lords and religious fanatics. It is one thing to destroy terrorist bases and it is another thing to believe in delusions. So, the 17-year-old Afghanistan war will probably continue until we just declare victory and leave.

Also going on during the duration of this period, is the war and peace process between Israel and the Arabs. Nobel Peace Prize awards are almost automatic there even through nobody getting the award has ever achieved any peace.

Our past errors brings about a predictable future.

Do they even teach our real history in schools so that we do not keep making the same mistakes? It seems to me that leftist indoctrination has now replaced our history. Thanks to timid responses of the past we will be involved in more wars in the Middle East and elsewhere in the future. We will fight whole nations run by Islam but our politicians will still claim that Islam is a religion of peace.

We also will very soon have to finish what we did not finish in North Korea. Iran is also going to rise its ugly nuclear head and we will have to deal with that. America will soon find out that kicking the can down the road was about the worst solution possible to take. Those trying to appease North Korea and Iran are likely to experience a rude nuclear awaking.

We will soon be in a new cold war or even a hot war with Russia and China but not because they are Communist threats to the world. They have now switched to Fascism. At the same time Europe and America are switching from sovereign democratic republics to being puppet states of globalist Fascists. In the final analysis, world Fascism is where America’s timid responses will take her. Fascism won by losing, changing its name, and going global under the name of progressivism.

America’s recent history of appeasement, procrastination, timid responses and taking the easy way out means America has not learned from the past so it will face bigger problems in the future. This generation of Americans will reap the progressive (Fascist) consequences.

Editor note: This is a modified version of my article posted on Sep 7, 2010 on my old blog.

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America’s timid responses to enemies made Fascism possible today — 6 Comments

  1. The thought I had near the end of the article, was of the movie,
    The Hunt for Red October. At the end of the movie, the Russian hunter/killer sub is outwitted and has brought destruction upon his boat. The first officer said: You Arrogant A _ _ , you’ve destroyed US!!!

    Because, in the end, that’s what our collective leaders have brought upon the US of A.
    Our destruction.

  2. Because of the sanctions the UN just put on North Korea Kim Jung Un is threatening us even more so than last month. He blames the US for the action. Now I know Trump said everything is on the table with North Korea and there’s no way he will let them “nuke America.” (ICBM, did I get that right?)
    Then someone was praising Tillerson for his soft approach on North Korea. (Don’t remember who.) I’m wondering if Trump will be able to do what he needs to do in face of the opposition. Anything he does is grounds for impeachment. God help him.

    Trump also yelled at his Generals (McMasters?) for a better plan in Afghanistan because we are losing there. Under Obama the rules of engagement were getting our troops killed. The terrorists knew all they had to do was whine to the MSM and our guys would be brought up on charges. How do you win a war when only one side has to play by the rules?

  3. Don, couldn’t agree more. The North Korean situation is precarious at best. If it turns hot, many lives will be lost. Hopefully the South Korean military can do most of the boots on the ground fighting, but I have a feeling that will not be the case. We will need hundreds of thousands of infantry and maybe more. I would say the draft should come back if we do have to fight, but I guess it is all dependent on SK and other allies. Also, a war with NK could easily morph in to a war with China. I don’t even want to think of the consequences of that.
    If only we’d have given more support to Cheng hai Check during the Chinese Civil war things might be different all over SE Asia. I guess everyone was tired of war, but as you said, it would have been much better to do it then than now.

  4. Hi Steve,

    There will not be enough time for a draft. The North Korean military would fold within a few weeks and South Korea would occupy the North. The real problem is the destruction North Korea would cause to Seoul in the first few days of the war and of course the nukes. I don’t think China will go to war over North Korea. China has plans to become a superpower. They have too much to lose to go to war over Korea. I do not think the US can even enforce a draft in our time.

  5. Don,
    I agree, I highly doubt we could enforce a draft today. We can’t get states to comply with federal immigration law and can’t enforce the law in regards to making government leadership accountable (Clinton, Comey, Lynch, etc.). Can you imagine all the activists judges out there suing to stop a draft of the snowflakes? Precarious times indeed.

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