Nations not keeping civil law and natural laws of God are doomed

I wish I could tell people want they want to hear but that would make me just another liar. The truth is that it will not be long before American cities start burning and we wake up in a police state. Some think this will happen because Americans have rejected God. That may be the reason why God will remove the special hedge of protection America has had, but all nations on earth have rejected the true God and most still remain viable nations.

World empires really fall when the people no longer obey civil laws and natural laws. When a world power becomes full of apathetic people, crooks and cowards that allow the predators to prey on the weak and the innocent, the fall of the world power is inevitable. That is now happening in America. I will give a few examples:

Civil lawlessness is pandemic. America now has 2.5 million people incarcerated at any one time. That number is 25 percent of  the people incarcerated in the whole world. For each criminal incarcerated in America there are several other criminals that were convicted but are not in prison for various reasons. For each of these criminals there are many other people that never were prosecuted or caught for their crime. Many crimes are not even reported because nothing will be done. The fact is that there are many millions of civil crimes committed in the United States each year. If someone were to call America a nation of criminals, it would no longer be much of an exaggeration.

Among the baby boomer generation it became acceptable and almost fashionable to use illegal drugs. The baby boomers have aged, but most have never grown up or given up their drug habits and now their children are also using drugs. Illegal drugs have been used by half the population at one time or another in their lives.

Can a nation full of drug hypocrites successfully fight a war against drugs? The answer is no. We are losing the war on drugs. The militarization of our police against drug gangs means that we will lose our freedoms to boot. Illegal drugs are being used by many top people in government and law enforcement as I speak. Even our three previous presidents admitted to using illegal drugs in their lives.

So, what harm does this mass civil disobedience to drug laws bring on the American society? Did you know that most crime in this nation is done under the influence of drugs, or is done to get money to acquire drugs, or is a crime involving the sale or use of drugs? Our inner cities are under the control of gangs that are mainly trafficking in drugs. The gangs and the drugs are now moving into rural America. Most of the 16,000 murders in this nation each year involve drugs in one way or another.

If natural laws of a civil society cannot be enforced, it is either because the laws are not natural or the people in the society have become depraved. Take your choice, but do not think that America can survive a drug war of hypocrisy against itself.

Fraud and stealing is everywhere. Those that commit check fraud, identify theft, etc., are rarely prosecuted and even when convicted they almost always get off with a small fine and probation. You probably do not know that credit card companies and banks almost never go after these criminals? It is too much of an effort and too costly. The credit card companies usually just charge back the stores and the banks for the fraud and they take the loss. All Americans end up paying the cost of these crimes with higher prices on products and services and higher credit card interest rates. Since little or no action is taken against the criminals that are committing these frauds, is it any wonder that identify fraud crime in America continues to soar?

Debt fraud is epidemic in America. It is spreading among what used to be law-abiding citizens. People that really could pay their debts see no civil or legal duty to pay them anymore. They just walk away from legal contracts. Trying to collect money owed in our justice system of today is hardly an option. The debt is sold to a debt collector who only collect a fraction of what is owed. Tax fraud is common in America but hardly ever prosecuted because it is difficult for government to prove intent. Many that owe the government end up paying only a small fraction of what is owed.

I have come to believe that Americans that steal are now in the majority. Some steal from other individuals, some steal from their employers, some steal from government, etc. Even our own government steals from taxpayers with its Robbin Hood tax laws and bail outs.

The next generation was not born. America’s civil laws have allowed its next generation to be trashed through 55 million abortions. Along with abortion, people are using birth control mostly for selfish unnatural reasons. These practices ensure that this selfish Baby Boomer Generation cannot be supported in their old age. Nations that break natural laws about procreation will soon die of old age.

Sex promiscuity and sex perversion are a plague on our nation. Sexual intercourse outside of marriage among young people and unmarried adults is now the expected practice in America. One half of all marriages end in divorce and the victims are children that grow up in one parent homes. Broken families produce broken people who produce more broken families. The American taxpayer ends up paying much of the costs for these one parent families.

America has become a nation that enables sex perverts. The legalization of pornography all over the media is the number one reason for the rise in sex predators. They want to act out what they see. Unnatural lusts lead to mental diseases like pedophilia. The legalization and the promotion of homosexual practices with their promiscuous unnatural lifestyles was never allowed in civil society because it is against the natural order and is deadly. It allows the rapid spread of deadly venereal diseases, and it is a cause of divorce. Believe it or not, most homosexuals are or were married to someone of the opposite sex. America claims to be mostly Christian, but it seems they have learned nothing from the Bible about the natural consequences of sex perversion.

Liars, cowards, and government dependents run our nation. America elects liars and cowards to lead them. The politicians they elect break every promise but the people keep electing them to office because they are mindless government dependents dwelling in Whats-In-It-For-Me-Land.

Few leaders in America have the guts to tell the truth about Islam or about the ongoing socialist take over. The government cowards even redefine words to appease Islam and the fascist left. Christian speakers that dare to tell us why Islam is evil are accused of teaching hate. Those that document that Islam is evil are threatened to be killed by Islamists. We are told to believe that the Muslim scriptures do not say what they clearly say about killing those that will not submit to Islam because “Islam” means “peace”? No, Islam means submission. There is no peace in Islam. Islam is the biggest hate cult in the world but it is called a religion of peace by our elected government of cowards and liars. How then can Americans escape the consequences when these Islamic predators see our appeasement as weakness.

Under natural law the weak do not survive. Nations that appear weak will be attacked by predator nations. America is doomed because the nation lives in some idealist false reality where natural laws of conduct do not exist. The reality is that natural law does exist and civil law must exist. Unless we come to our natural senses our nation is doomed.

Editor note: This is a modified version of my article posted on Apr 23, 2010 on my old blog.

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Nations not keeping civil law and natural laws of God are doomed — 3 Comments

  1. What you have just described is satans kingdom on earth. A steamy pile of crap. Why do you think he is called the lord of the flies. Sadly it is judgement on a Godless world. God is giving the people what they want.

    The 4th beast of Daniel is already here. It moves at the speed of a leopard. It’s tentacles are in everything.

  2. Great article Don I voted for Donald Trump not because he is a true Christian but because he is not of the political ilk that has been present throughout the last three or four presidencies and I used to follow politics religiously but I don’t anymore I have come to the believe that it is too far gone and man can’t fix this it will take God Jesus coming back I followed Vernon McGee and he said something and it it is so true he said yes we have a great system but a dictatorship is a good system of government if you have a righteous man the problem is there’s no one righteous no not one says Jesus it’s not the type of government it’s the heart of man because when our Lord comes back it will be a dictatorship it will be his way or the highway well anyways I’m new to your site keep up the good work Greg

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