North Korea’s nukes becoming grave threat to hundreds of millions

This is a re-post of an article I wrote in March. It seems US Intelligence has finally caught up with the threat.

North Korea’s nuclear program should have been taken out decades ago. Shortsighted leaders in the United States kicked the problem down the road, but kicking time is about over. Nuclear armed North Korea is now a threat to hundreds of millions of people. That is why there is such a big commotion whenever North Korea tests anything. They probably already have the miniaturized nukes and the missile systems to carry them. They may even have developed the capability to put nukes over the United States.

The North Korean nuclear program has become a grave threat to Japan, South Korea and even America. America’s entire population would be under risk from the aftermath of a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) attack carried out by North Korea. A HEMP could down America’s infrastructure and that could bring about the death of most people living in the United States.

Last week North Korea launched four nuclear capable missiles at the same time. Three came within 200 miles of Japanese territory. Japan is now talking about developing the capability to do a preemptive strike on North Korea’s missile launchers. If Japan preemptively attacked North Korean missile launchers, North Korea might launch nuclear missiles at various targets and might even invade South Korea. We cannot allow the reckless missile launches by North Korea, or the fear of the missiles by Japan, to bring about the death of millions of people. We must do something to stop the North Korean nuclear missile threat while we still can.

North Korea said that flight tests of their KN-08 ICBM’s will begin soon. These missiles can reach almost all the United States. These are mobile solid fuel missiles so taking them out before launch may not even be possible. That also means the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. North Korea may have 50 KN-08’s by 2020.

The military solution to North Korea is to preemptively take out the whole nuclear program in one hour using whatever weapons are necessary and special forces. At the same time we would need to decapitate the leadership and cut the lines of communication. South Korean troops would need to invade from the air and the coasts and come toward the DMZ from the rear. There is a war game this spring involving over 300,000 military, it probably is preparing for such an eventuality.

President Obama told President Trump that North Korea would be his most urgent threat. Obama was using cyber warfare to slow down the North Korean ICBM program but the North Koreans seem to have gotten it back on track. We need to be careful about using cyber warfare. They can modify the virus codes and use it to take down our own vulnerable infrastructures. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses.

President Trump has just moved some B52 bombers to South Korea to placate Japan. Trump is also thinking about putting tactical nukes back in South Korea. The nukes might be necessary to take out North Korea’s underground nuclear weapons program.

The proposed defensive actions such as improving anti-missile defense are not realistic solutions to the problem. Existing anti-missiles missiles can be overwhelmed. They often miss their targets. It only takes one getting through to take out a city or cause a HEMP over a nation.

The longer America delays removing the threat the harder it becomes to achieve. Millions of lives would be lost if the cult leader of North Korea launched an all out war first. President Trump should make a deal with North Korea that they will not be allowed to refuse. He should involve China because China is the only nation capable of pressuring the North Koreans.

North Korea probably already has EMP’s weapons. Dr. Peter Pry and James Woolsey explain why we should not underestimate North Korea’s present nuclear arsenal. (Mr. Woolsey was director of the Central Intelligence Agency (1993-95). Mr. Pry, chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, has worked in the House Armed Services Committee and served in the CIA.)

North Korea has had decades to develop and miniaturize its nuclear weapons. North Korea is estimated to have 30 to 50 nukes and they will have 50 to 100 nukes by 2020. The history of nuclear weapon development in the world suggests that North Korea already has had plenty of time to develop advanced nuclear weapons. Dr. Pry also explains why North Korea may already have nuclear weapons in orbit above the United States.

Also keep in mind that North Korea and Iran are working together to produce their nuclear weapons programs. Any nuclear weapon developments in North Korea will be shared with Iran and become a threat to Israel, America and the world.

Taking out the North Korean nuclear program now may get messy but it has to be done if the North Koreans continue acting irrationally and belligerently. We need to give them an alternative and if they do not come to see the light we should consider putting out their lights before they can develop better nuclear weapons or use such weapons to kill millions. It is high time for the Korea’s to be united again anyway and I do not mean united under a cult leader.

First read the articles in the links above that talk about North Korea so that you are up to date on the issues. Then you may want to offer your own advice or comment.

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North Korea’s nukes becoming grave threat to hundreds of millions — 22 Comments

  1. Don,

    Wow. I have been guilty of underestimating NK’s likely capabilities. If these estimates are true, we have to strike now and hard. The result of a strike could mean WWIII or a very costly and high casualty regional war. The cost of inaction however, is obviously much more risky at this point.

    I believe you and others are right about getting China involved on our side this time. Namely because a war between the US and China would be almost unfathomable.

    If we do go to war with NK, then war with Iran also seems possible. I would say that our combat readiness in terms of manpower is critically low for a ground war, but then again SK could provide most of the troops. Or the Draft could come back, which I’m sure Trump wants to avoid at all cost. I guess for these reasons an overwhelming Nuclear strike and or non stop conventional bombardment would have to do.

    In the mean time I’ll be checking the mail for a selective service notice and praying that somehow we can avoid a major war. May God bless and protect you and yours!

  2. Hi Steve,

    I would not worry about a world war over North Korea. Nobody is going to fight for North Korea. We would not need to draft anyone, South Korea will provide most of the ground forces. The danger with North Korea is the nukes and if given the chance they could level Seoul with their armored forces on the DMZ. The North Korean military in general does not have modern equipment or that much depth. Any war of liberation probably would be won in short order.

  3. For some reason I feel like Kim is not like his father. He seems like a fat kid that would rather live an easy lavish lifestyle. I bet he is being pressured by the old guard generals to act belligerent. A nuclear attack on South Korea or America would mean Pyongyang turns into a sea of glass. If that’s what Kim wants then that’s what he will get.

  4. Don,

    Given the tensions with China over the South China Sea, the THADD/B-bomber deployment etc, maybe China wouldnt side with NK , but it would seem there is potential for conflict with China especially if we started using nukes. I’m just not sure China is willing to go along quietly. Then again, war with China would be economic suicide for them most likely so who knows.

  5. Steve,

    The South China Sea is another issue. China does not like those running North Korea. China’s problem is that they do not want a democratic America ally on their border. China made it clear that North Korea needs to quit threatening others with nukes. They might be pretty close to giving North Korea an ultimatum themselves if they know that the alternative is America and South Korea doing the unification that they fear.

  6. That is possible. I know the Chinese have already stopped importing coal from NK, so maybe they are warming up to the idea of a more direct involvement.

    Also, I think the US would prefer the Chinese to handle NK completely if possible. Then again any military action by the Chinese would seemingly lead to the US getting dragged in as well, since Pyongyang would most likely launch attacks South after recognizing its doom.

    Maybe a military coup by the Chinese is possible? I would rather have a more stable pro Chinese puppet take over than a NK/US war.

  7. George,
    Read again. I said, “It is high time for the Korea’s to be united again anyway and I do mean united under a cult leader.”

  8. Don, please forgive my ignorance but I still don’t understand what you meant by its high time the Korea’s to unite again under a cult leader. Will you clarify it for me? Thanks

  9. George.

    I read it a dozen times but I kept inserting not in my head. It should read and I do not mean united under a cult leader.I have now fixed it.

  10. I agree Don, that N. Korea should have been dealt with a long time ago. One thing I’ve never understood is why President Harry Truman stopped Gen. Douglas McArthur from taking back all of Korea? He was an able general who could have made it happen. Were the world Elites involved? Perhaps it was in their interests to have Korea divided into two parts? Thanks, Kev.

  11. Kevin,

    The problem was communist China. North Korea was just about taken before the Chinese came into the war. It seems that President Truman did not want a mainland China war that might also have brought in the Russian communists. Communist China and Russia was also the reason why we did not take North Vietnam. We could have won that war in weeks. Keep in mind that the communist block was hell bent on world conquest in those days. Our political leaders did not want to get us into a world war. Some of our generals thought a world war with the communists was inevitable anyways and better fought and won sooner than later.

  12. It seems the mainstream media is gearing us up for war. Maybe it is inevitable at this point. A question I have is, if we decide to preemptively strike, are we capable of protecting Seoul? If Seoul suffers mass casualties in the hundreds of thousands or more due to a retaliatory strike by NK, would the US be blamed? There really is no good solution at this point, and I guess it’s either us or them.

  13. Hi Steve,

    We cannot protect Seoul in the first few days. They have thousands of artillery pieces and rocket launchers dug into the mountains less then 35 miles away. They also have over 4000 tanks. Not to mention the 200,000 special forces they have that would invade the south through tunnels.

    A war is not inevitable if China gets involved in some kind of reunification effort. Today China said they would not back North Korea if North Korea started the war but they would get involved against the US if we started the war. What will Trump do if North Korea fires the four missiles they are thinking about firing into the territorial waters of Guam (Guam is US territory)? Who knows what will happen at this point?

    Think of the possibility of not having electricity for a year if Trump does nothing about North Korea’s nuclear program like did Clinton, Bush and Obama. Their inaction and kicking the can down the road put us in this predicament.

  14. I too wonder what Trump will decide. If we wait and NK strikes, it could be lights out. If we preempt, China gets involved. We better hope our missle defenses work.

  15. Hi Don,
    I keep coming back to the question — “Cui Bono”? What does NK have to gain by attacking the US? I’m trying to recall if NK has ever attacked anyone? They’ve been invaded a couple times that I know of. I don’t think the kid with the funny hair is suicidal, do you? He talks big, but hey, isn’t that what gods do? I can see Japan’s motives. They invaded NK and were eventually kicked out, and they very likely carry a grudge. The only real beneficiary to another war far as I can tell is the MIC. Maybe I’m just being naive, but I think we’re seeing a lot of propaganda. The question is, why? What am I missing here?

  16. I said the same thing about this whole situation. Imo it seems China is mad that Trump is not a pushover like Obama. They are upset we will renegotiate trade deals and try to keep them from expanding militarily into the south China sea. Basically China is using NK as their junkyard dog trying to intimidate us.

  17. Hi Doug,

    North Korea invaded the South in the first Korean war. I am also sure they would like to get revenge on the US for our stand against them since 1950. That war has not ended, they simply agreed to a cease fire. North Korea also wants revenge on Japan for the second world war.

    North Korea wants a unified Korea and they want their fat leader to play God of all of Korea. They think nuclear weapons will intimidate America into leaving making it all possible. You might wonder how North Korea could defeat the south. A nuclear EMP over South Korea would eliminate the advanced weapons and technology advantage and cause complete ciaos while North Korea marches south.

    North Korea also now thinks it can reduce the US to ashes by putting an EMP over the United States. I do not think they want to take that risk because they know we would also destroy them. However, if push come to shove they very well might.

    I think what happened recently is that this threat has been covered up by previous administration. Under Trump Intelligence is now free to give the true picture. Also, North Korea has recently displayed that they can carry out an ICBM nuclear attack. It is now no long longer hypothetical.

    Dr. Fry has pointed out the EMP threat.

    One more thing. If we do nothing about North Korea’s nuclear program, South Korea and Japan will get their own nuclear weapons real fast.

  18. Don, If I recall my history correctly, there wouldn’t have been any North or South Korea if the US and Russia hadn’t divided the country after WWII, right? Who first meddle in whom’s affairs? Wasn’t NK & SK getting ready to sit across the table from each other and discuss a peaceful solution to their disagreements? What changed that? I get the unhappy feeling the neocons, and especially McCain, are wetting their pants in excitement over the possibility of yet another war.

  19. Hi Doug,

    So after World War 2 should we just have let the communists have control of all of Korea? Think about the consequences of that for Japan. That is now water over the dam anyway.

    South Korea recently wanted talks but North Korea was not opened to it. In fact, what is there to talk about? North Korea has not kept any agreements.

    I thought McCain said that Trump words against North Korea were too belligerent. McCain will not be around much longer. What has he to gain by drumming up wars. This situation really has little to do with the desires of Neocons.

  20. Hmm,

    Calling the kettle black ?

    I found this interesting today in the news.

    Fox News..

    The North Korean Central News Agency has stated that President Trump is a “lunatic old man”.

    Propaganda seems to run deep everywhere these days.

    Meanwhile, the North Korean’s in mass numbers are starving, some literally to death, while Rocketman lives in a palace…and North Korea is a nation that has made itself relevant by being a major threat to everyone on planet earth.

    Hey, I’m not saying that our own government is not filled with elites who don’t care about “the little people”, we little people are the majority but aren’t starving quite yet…and we do have major lunatics in government and walking the streets, of course.

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