MbS Saudi prince king could have prophetic implications

What is happening in Saudi Arabia has pretty much been lost in the sex allegations in the news. Even so, what happens in Saudi Arabia is very important to the world and is likely to have prophetic implications. Bible prophecy students should be closely following the events now taking place in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Saudi King Salman has decided to step down and give his power over to his 32-year-old son. The crown prince is named Mohammad bin Salman (MbS is what he goes by). The transfer of power is underway and MbS is effectively already in power there.

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Christians should not be affiliated with leftist antichrists

The left as we know it today is antichrist and anti-America. The leadership of the left is now run by Marxists who are trying to divide America and bring America down by deconstructing our biblically rooted foundations and by using identity politics. It should be clear to those knowing the truth that Satan motivates Marxist socialism. So then why do most people on the right think that these leftist antichrists can be reasoned with? They do not care about truth. The left is run by programmed people pushing the demonic socialist ideology.

I watched Fox News the other night and wondered why all the Christian hosts choose to invite leftists to argue with them?

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Civil warfare begins in the United States using mercenaries?

Radical leftists and Islamists have formed a red/green alliance with the agenda to overthrow the government of the United States and to push the nation into civil war. There seems to be signs of new tactics ahead by these enemies of America. The tactics may be more like what happened in Las Vegas on 10/01/17. Haters of America using terrorists and mercenaries will just kill anyone celebrating America anywhere in America.

I do not know how successful the call to start a revolution on 11/04/17 will be (today). There is big money supporting the agenda to bring President Trump and America down so I would not discount the threat.

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God’s treat is no trick – trusting Jesus saves people

Rather than celebrating everything dead this Halloween the living really ought to find out how they can receive eternal life. God is not tricking us. The treat is that by grace God gives eternal life to all who believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead. The risen Savior now gives everlasting life to all those that put their faith in Him. He is a free gift of God. Salvation is not something that people can earn themselves.

The gospel of salvation is really simple but there are many in religion that want to trick people. They tell you that you have to do something to earn salvation.

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Coming purge of permissive progressive godless socialists?

The international Marxist ideologues and globalists have pushed people in western democracies way too far too fast. The social engineering programs they set up are failing and are falling in disfavor. It looks to me like the pendulum is about to swing in the other direction. Are we about to witness a purge of permissive progressive godless socialists? And will this revolution against the socialists begin among those who have strong religious beliefs?

After world war two, social liberalism was promoted by people in the West wanting to evolve the world into a Utopia. All kinds of social justice programs influenced by the teachings of humanistic philosophers like Karl Marx were introduced into western societies.

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Conspiracy or lone wolf psychopath? The 10/01/17 shootings in Las Vegas

Only two weeks after the most deadly shooting in modern America it is hard to find anyone on mainstream media even talking about it anymore. Last week the California fires that killed dozens of people took over the news. Who set those fires? This week the big news was the sex allegations against Harvey Weinstein. As if everyone in America suddenly now needs to know that Harvey Weinstein has been a sex predator all his life? Are these diversions from the Las Vegas shootings?

The shooting narrative that we are being fed does not make sense. The line is that Steven Paddock was a lone wolf psychopath that planned and carried out the shootings all by himself.

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American Laodiceans living carelessly may see her downfall

America has not taken adequate action to protect herself from foreign and domestic enemies so she probably will not survive as a superpower much longer. America has a very strong military but domestically it is totally vulnerable to asymmetrical attacks that could result in the death of up to 90 percent of all Americans.

It would not take much to take down America’s electrical grid and then all hell breaks loose in America. America is already on the verge of civil lawlessness in the cities thanks to accommodation and appeasement of lawlessness and people who hate our nation. These enemies of America are not ignorant of our weaknesses.

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Collectivist traitors and snowflakes attacking the foundations of America

The foundations of America are under attack by socialist collectivists that have taken over much of academia, media, and government. They intend to destroy America because they hate God, nationalism, liberty and individualism. The socialists want a world where everyone on earth is micro managed by “more evolved” Obama and Oprah queens controlling the collective. All of what you see taking place in the cultural war is the means to achieve the Marxist end.

Godless Marxists calling themselves “progressives” now control the political left in America. The political right in America believe that individuals have inalienable rights given by God. Those rights are outlined in our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

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American revival missing in action until the tribulation?

If you believed some of the revival hype that was going around back a few years ago, you might have been lead to believe that by now people in our nation would be fasting, praying and repenting so that God would heal our land. That obviously is not happening.

There were Christian rallies that were advertised as the kick off for this great American revival. The Billy Graham message, “My Hope for America” was to be the big event that would really get this revival going. Some four years later this leads me to ask, have you seen any evidence of a national revival?

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Herdsmen of Lot corrupted by cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

Most Christians know the biblical story of Abraham and Lot. Lot was Abraham’s nephew and righteous Lot traveled where God was leading Abraham. Tension started increasing between the herdsmen of Abraham and Lot so they agreed to part company. Lot and his herdsmen chose to move to the plains where the cities were located. There the herdsmen mingled with the natives and they became influenced by evil people that occupied Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham stayed in the hill country and walked with God.

Not more than a couple of decades after Lot departed from Abraham, Lot’s herdsmen apparently became part of the problem.

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