Christian paranormal experiences might not be demonic

In my previous article I talked about The Unseen Realm, by Michael Heiser. Some used that post as an occasion in the comments to start talking about paranormal experiences that they had. That really takes the comments off the post topic so I thought I would post a follow-up article where Christian paranormal experiences might be expressed. I of course am assuming that most commenting here are Christians. If you’re into pagan spiritualism comment elsewhere.

I know some Christians think that all paranormal experiences are deceptions and have to be demonic but I do not believe that to be the case. Satanic spirits are only part of the unseen realm. The Bible is full of paranormal experiences. Many of them are of God.

On the other hand, I am not like some hyper-charismatics that believe everything paranormal that happens to Christians came from God or even from Satan. We are limited beings we do not know much about the order of things outside of our own physical realm.

If you deny Christian paranormal experiences, be careful. You are denying your own salvation. Becoming a Christian requires a paranormal spiritual rebirth. Most would agree with that, but some are still inclined to deny that anything paranormal could take place after they are saved.

What then is the in-filling of the Holy Spirit for Christian service all about? I am not talking about a second baptism like some teach. There is only one baptism into Christ but there can be in-fillings of the Holy Spirit after conversion. We know that God also gives spiritual gifts to men to build up the Church (Eph 4: 10-16). Would receiving these spiritual gifts not qualify as a paranormal experience?

Let’s not just be wooden headed about things that we know little about. We need to keep an open mind about Christian paranormal experiences. Even so, we should test all things and reject things that are contrary to what God said in His word or that are destructive to the Christian walk or to others.

Christians must believe in spirits or they are not Christians. God is Spirit. The heavenly host are spirit beings. Angels are spirits. Demons are spirits. All of this is paranormal to fleshly humans.

Most of the Church of God historically has believed in guardian angels. Some denominations still teach that every Christian gets their own guardian angel. I don’t know about that, but I do know that there are angels that interact with humans.

The Old Testament is full of examples of angels interacting with people. Even the New Testament talks about angels intervening for the elect and dealing with humans. What did Heb 13:2 mean “Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares” if angels are not among us?

Therefore, we should not discount Christian paranormal experiences. I think Christians have them. Even so, most of us probably are not aware of what is going on in the unseen realm.

In my own life I can think of about a half-dozen times that I should have been killed but for some reason I was not. Was it just blind luck or divine protection? If I had been killed early, none of my writings would exist. Would the early death of me have been within the permissive will of God? Or did God have different plans for my life? I will tell you of just one of those events to set the tone for your own comments.

I was in the military in Turkey in the early 70’s. We were sent to get some equipment that was about a 6 hour drive from the airbase at Erhac. On the way back I was sitting on the passenger side of a pickup truck. We were going down a steep mountain on very icy roads. The truck got in a skid. It started skidding sideways on the other side of the road. I was looking down the road through the passenger window and saw that there was a big truck coming up the hill heading right at us at full steam. I remember seeing the driver and the expression on his face. He looked more angry than anything else. At the last second the pickup truck did a 180 and started skidding sideways toward the other side of the road. The truck missed us by a few feet at most. Had that truck hit the passenger side I would have been crushed. If it even hit a glancing blow as the truck skid reversed, it would have knocked us over the side of the hill. It really was more like a cliff. There did not seem to be any way to escape that truck but somehow we did.

The truck continued skidding and it was now heading toward the cliff anyway. Somehow the front axle of the truck caught on something and the truck spun around and hung on that cliff at about a 80 degree angle. The weight in the back of the pickup helped keep the rear end down against the cliff. We very slowly climbed out of truck and up the cliff face being very careful not to jar the truck. If the truck axle let go, the fall would not have been survivable. All of this happened so fast and there was nothing that I could do about it so I calmly accepted whatever would be my fate. I do remember thinking that I really did not want to die in the outbacks of Turkey.

After it was over. The driver of the pickup looked at me and said we should be dead. He said, one of us must have a friend upstairs. I had almost been killed twice within a minute. Was it just luck that I survived?

That is just one adventure of many in my life where something more paranormal than chance might have happened. Was an angel involved in any of these? Who knows?

Now you get to tell your Christian paranormal experiences if you so desire. You can also tells us about your paranormal experiences that you might consider demonic. Heck, you can even tell us about your paranormal experiences that fall into neither category. Ghost stories or ESP might apply.

I do have a couple of ground rules. You can talk about some spiritual entity or paranormal experiences but I do not want to hear claims of direct messages from God. Also, keep your Christian paranormal experiences under about 500 words.

I do believe that God is working through angelic and human beings but I do not believe that God is directly speaking to anyone outside of His revealed word during the Church Age. That is why we were told to preach the gospel to all creatures. God chooses to give the gospel through His created beings. He chooses to speak to us through the infallible word that He supernaturally delivered and protected.

Now don’t ask me what I think about your paranormal experience. I was not there.

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Christian paranormal experiences might not be demonic — 39 Comments

  1. Just one,to get everyone started.I was still pretty young,and had to drive from New Carrollton metro station back to my parents home every was very snowy and icy and getting dark.crossing over the main road in front of retail stores,with an exit into the stores on the right.a car swerved in front of me,I hit the brakes and started sliding.i closed my eyes for the crash.nothing happened.i opened my eyes,there was no car in front of car.empty least I did know enough to thank God for what had happened.i think of my journey through life and know how much He has blessed me.

    Thanks for share time,Don.may we all be encouraged.


  2. wow don, i’m almost certain god kept you alive otherwise these articles would never have been written. It just has to be it because you are spreading the gospel to people through the internet and so many people are benefiting from it. I believe you have a friend upstairs that watches over you no doubt. Thank god

  3. Hi Don,

    I haven’t posted before but I do read all the comments and love the discussions all of you have. Your blog is truly a blessing to me and I was so happy when you began writing again. I don’t have a ghost story but I do have a story of when I was clearly protected by God. I currently live in Illinois and I’m from Northern Texas. My Memaw lives way out in the country on a dirt road with very little usable plumbing so when I visit I usually go around the corner to my aunt’s house to shower. My aunt and uncle do not lock there house so I go inside start looking at the new pictures she has put out of family and proceed leisurely to her bedrrom to take a shower. I see a dresser drawer on the bed that has been sifted through but I just thought oh my uncle must have been looking for something and being lazy just left it there. Seriously I had no alarm bells going off whatsoever! So I take my shower and go on about my day. That night my aunt told me that they had been robbed and I scared them off. They had gotten the jewelry and had broken the lock on the gun case and unplugged the elctronics and were about to finish when I came over. They hid in a closet until I got in the shower and took off. I have no idea if they would have actually harmed me if I had been aware that something was off and confronted them in some manner. I praise God for allowing me to remain clueless about the entire situation and for protecting me. I also could have taken my children with me to watch TV and so thankfully for whatever reason they didn’t come with me that day either. I’m sure others will have even more fantastic stories but this one is mine and I thought I would share. Have a blessed day!!

  4. Why would god take one of his own early and not let him spread the good news?? therefore i think theres a real reason why you are still alive, just my 2 cents.

  5. I’ve had a few paranormal experiences, Don, and they all boil down to God protecting me.
    One of the first happened not long after I got saved. I’d been involved in the new age and the occult from my teens (after being raised a Roman Catholic), to the point where people used to come to me for readings, charts, etc.
    I had no idea what I had opened myself up to prior to salvation until I suddenly woke up one night and there, standing beside my bed, only tall enough to have its head visible above the mattress, was a hideous, glowing gargoyle-looking creature and it was grinning at me. In the next instant my head was shoved into the pillow and I felt a great weight on me, pressing me down into the pillow, trying to suffocate me. I couldn’t verbally call out so my mind started screaming, “Jesus, help me, Jesus, help me,” over and over. The weight suddenly lifted and I sat bolt upright in bed. The rest of the night I kept the light on and was awake for most of it and the next day I searched out someone who could explain to me what had happened. Thankfully, the Lord led me to a minister who believed in the spiritual realm and and was able to tell me about shutting doors on the enemy, repentance and renunciation of occult practises, etc. It was a steep learning curve but I found out first-hand the power of the name of Jesus.

  6. Hi Don,
    I was Born Again at the tender age of 26. A couple of years into my new life, I was in church and during worship, while I was singing and worshiping the Lord, all of a sudden, I had this sensation that my whole body became transparent and like a clear crystal. It was just dropped into my mind and was quite exciting to say the least. It was etched into my mind and I will never forget it. Perhaps a foreshadow of things to come!
    One other thing… about 12 years ago, during winter, with snow on the ground, I was in my home and all of a sudden, I had this strong motivation to pray so I went to my normal “prayer place” and since I didn’t really know where to start, I just began praying in the spirit. After awhile, the burden lifted and I stopped. Later that afternoon, my son who was about 14 at the time had been sledding down a winding road that had been closed as it was treacherous. He and a friend were on a large sled coming down when as they rounded a corner they saw a full size pickup with chains on barreling up the road. My son Lann said he was sure they were going to get run over… sure of it! when all of a sudden they were past it and he to this day is not sure how! I explained to him the motivation I had to pray and he confirmed it was during the time when they were in the midst of the situation. It has stuck in both of our hearts as an answer to prayer! He is an Awesome God!
    I will look forward to reading other peoples experiences.
    Thanks for posting this.

  7. I met the Lord when I was 15 and went right back to drugs and drinking. I was at work in my 30’s and was parking a 40′ container, I kept bumping the container I was parking next to, finally I got the container parked and was going to unhook my air lines and I felt something touch my back, as I turned around the container next to me was falling because the leg buckled and it pinned me against my truck, the first thing I did was scream out to Jesus, amazing I would do that, the container stopped instantly but I was stuck and I asked one more favor please could you get me out of here and pop, I was free. It crushed my chest and my ankle but it surely should of killed me. I was amazed at how faithful and forgiving He is. Even when I turned my back on Him. I think that qualifies as supernatural. I’m with Him now forever and always, thank you Lord. By the way Don, I read your commentary on Revelation 3 times, many hours, and it changed my life in a big way. Thank you for all the work that went into it, Highly recommended.

  8. Don,
    what do you think of the reports coming from the middle east of muslims converting to Christianity after getting dreams and visitations from ‘the man in white’?

  9. As I said, I do not think God is revealing himself that way. Some are peddling hype. Where are the so called Muslim converts that never first heard the gospel?

  10. Don awesome topic.

    I’ve had two experiences.

    The first was when I was a junior in college. I was getting ready for class just like any other day, and when I stepped out of the shower I went to wipe the steam from my mirror. Lo and behold there were two verses from psalms written diagonally along the left and right side of the mirror. The letters and words were clear as if they had not had steam affect them at all. The lettering was perfect and in a straight angular line about 1inch in height. In between there were Hebrew letters. The verses were psalms 27:3 and 42:8. Of course my first thought was maybe someone got into my room? Well I lived with unbelievers and always kept my doors locked. There was no other explaination. I really never told anyone because well it’s hard for many to believe what they cannot see. Even though they believe in Christ. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

    I’ll post the about the other later.

  11. A few years ago I was in a very dark place spirituality. I was literally wrestling for my soul salvation. After having had experienced a horrible religious lie for many years. Well I stopped going to church all together, one good thing about all of this is i came across Don’s web site and have learned so much from reading his prospectuses. Well one day my husband and I went to Barnes and Nobles and my spirit was heavy and grieving i was in my mind, trying to sort out all of this questions I had about salvation. We walked into the book store and we headed towards the back where the cafe was, facing the cafe was a man in a wheelchair he had his back towards me and was ordering something. And when I saw him in my heart to myself I said, awh that poor man it must be awful to be in wheelchair. After that my husband and I went and sit down to read and there were chairs and Sofa’s and people all around us. I set on a chair facing other people and my husband. Soon after the man in the wheelchair parked, stopped in front of me looked right at me and said God Bless you. I looked back at him and said God Bless you to. I was shocked that that happened to me, was he just a man send by God to comfort me? Or was he an angel in human form send by God? All I know is I was blessed that day and when ever I’m going through hard times I think back on this day and it brings joy to my heart.

  12. You all remember Pan Am flight 103?

    I was going home on leave from the Persian Gulf, Bahrain. Part of the route was thru London Heathrow and that’s where I was suppose to get on that flight. u see that flight stopped in New York then I would have to get a puddle jumper to Michigan so I thought maybe I can get one straight thru and there was one seat available which I almost decided not to, & save the extra $70.

    I just went thru some turbulent times there in the Gulf for two years straight w/ the USS Stark getting hit and 37 men dying and placing them in our freezers on our ship. Dealing w/ body’s then constantly being threatened by Iraqi & Iranian Badgers buzzing near us locked in so we go to General Quarters each time not knowing if this is it.

    So now at the air port I just left that scene of 2 yrs ongoing so now I’m still amp’t up and naturally I’m not feeling civilian like just yet so my heart wasn’t homesick exactly. I felt kinda hard or thick skinned until Silent Night came over the intercom and that song softened my heart & I suddenly felt like I needed to be home like right now! I then said “Yes, sell me that ticket” had to run to catch that flight.

    My family didn’t know I switched flights so they thought I had died in that explosion until I called them and WOW what a relief it was for them, everyone crying & had been crying then the laughter of relief. Man that was crazy.

    I believe an angel put that thought in my mind then that song to clinch it. Silent Night is my go to song.

    PS. I still remember my sister yelling “BILLY.. Your alive” then telling everyone “BILLY’s alive he wasn’t on that flight.”

  13. It was 1992 and my mother was in the hospital dying. I’m a runner and went to my local park to go for a run. I needed to do something to get my mind off what was happening. I was having a hard time running because I was crying. Very hard to run and cry at the same time by the way. I had stopped to catch my breath and a woman came up from behind, walked by me without even looking at me and said “Jesus loves you” and handed me a sheet of paper with a prayer on it. 1 of the lines in the prayer said “to lay your burdens upon the Lord.” This woman never turned around, never said anything else and I never saw her again on any of my runs after that and I’m a regular at that park. I truly believe she was an angel sent by God.

  14. I had this experience not too long ago that I still am confused about.

    I was in bed watching videos on YouTube when I had a sudden realization that someone else was in the room with me. Then came this strong feeling of peace and joy that literally had me almost in tears, I just can’t describe it. Immediately after this joyful feeling came this feeling of sinfulness, like I was just a terrible person compared to this presence that occupied my room. I particularly felt the “sins” of being overly bitter and judgemental which was something I was struggling with at the time. This feeling too passed and I was impressed with the message that a big change was coming soon and that it would all work out in the end. After that the presence was gone and I didn’t feel like there was anyone there anymore.

    I have never had this experience before or after and am still not sure what it meant. I was wide awake taking no medications or anything, so I believe this was indeed some kind of supernatural experience… At least until I can think of a more logical explaination.

    I did get my first real job a few months later, moved to a new town, got married, quit said job shortly after, now back in school. My life did indeed change drastically but idk if that was what the message was referring to.

    That’s my story!

  15. I feel like my whole life has been a freaky experience. There are too many to even mention but I’m still here. I don’t even understand why God has allowed that. Keeping the tone of this thread here’s one where God most probably intervened and saved my life.

    I was 22 when I moved to Las Vegas the first time. I fell in with people who lived outside the law. My “friends” were a hit man, high dollar call girls, professional thieves, heroin addicts, pimps, and one Dallas Cowboy who moved on after he realized the situation. He offered to help me get away but I just said thanks and stayed where I was.

    There was this one addict who was so crazy burned out on everything he had put in his body over the years he was never lucid. We considered him insane. One night he got mad at me about something, I don’t remember what, and pointed a loaded gun at my head. He threatened to shoot me. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Go ahead.” At that moment one of the other guys walked into the room and said,”Let’s not do this,” and he took the gun.

    The end of that chapter was only a few weeks later when I stayed in a homicide detective’s apartment waiting for money from my parents so I could leave Vegas. A patrolman drove me to the airport. All I had was what I was wearing.

    I’m not going to talk about why I was hiding out in a detective’s apartment.

    I’ve only led one person to the Lord, but I hope I’ve planted many seeds or watered some that others had planted. I don’t feel like I’ve ever done anything significant for Him that He couldn’t have gotten done without me but like I said, I’m still here.

  16. When I was around 13 years old growing up in a small town in southern mississippi, a few of my friends and I were camping the night (which was very common for us) in the woods not far from the house. We were sitting around the fire talking about different things. The subject of God came up. I was a believer at that time but one of my friends was not. He made the comment that if he heard a bell ring he would believe in God. For some reason I made the comment that if I saw a light that I would also believe. We were camping beside a freight train railroad track. In the middle of the night we were bored so we began walking down the tracks. As we were walking the tracks in total darkness I for some reason looked behind us and saw a dim red light about 25 yards away approching us without any sound. We jumped off the tracks in just enough time from being run over from a boxcar on a long train that was backing in reverse. No caboose. Just a battery operated light that was strapped to the boxcar. That incident added to my faith forever. Hours later in the night we were awakened by the sound of a bell from the train engine crossing a roadway. My friend that stated earlier that he would believe if he heard a bell did not seem impressed.

  17. When I got married at 21 years old, before we had kids, my best friend from youth had also gotten married. He was working 3 to 11 shift at the plant. He got off work and drove 25 minutes out of the way to the farm where we were living. We were in bed asleep as it was midnight. I got up to see what he wanted. He said he had to talk to me about a dream that he had. He had a dream that he got killed in a car wreck and he was upset over it. I told him it was just a dream, that everyone dreams crazy stuff. He said it was no ordinary dream. That it was real. He described it in detail. He said the last thing in the dream he was hollering ” slam on the brakes”. A few days later he and his sister and another passenger were killed in a head on collision. The strange thing was that his underage sister was driving the car. I bet anything his last words were hollering to her to ” slam on the brakes”

  18. Three years ago my wife died from breast cancer at the very young age of 50 after a decade plus long battle. She lived a little over 2 years from her terminal diagnosis. She slipped into a coma about 48 hours before dying and was immediately placed in a hospice bed delivered that day to our home family room. About 24 hours into her coma she unexpectedly woke up and was fully alert. Everyone was pleasantly shocked and amazed, she held lucent and crisp conversations with our two kids, her sister, myself, and a few other dear friends for about 3 hours before slipping back into a coma. She was incredibly alert. Off and on during our conversations during those precious hours, she would look up and around into the distances of the room and make at the time what seemed like some strange comments to us abruptly, sometimes while in mid-conversation. The comments I recall particularly are “I’m not ready yet, can you come back later?”… “Am I dead?” … “Who are you?” … “Why are you here?” … all spoken with her normal quiet and peaceful voice. At the time, not being knowledgeable at all about anything to do with the drug morphine, we chalked it up to possibly hallucinations. A year or so later, I became very good friends with an anesthesiologist. When the opportunity presented itself one day at lunch I asked him if I could interrogate him about a particular drug (without telling him my reason why initially to not bias his answer). My main curiosity was how much can morphine make a person hallucinate. We were administering the minimal dosage by oral liquid from the hospice recommended range. His reply blew my mind, he said an almost zero chance. He informed me that morphine strictly serves as a nerve receptor inhibitor and does not affect the mind in that way (until possibly later as with any opiate during withdrawal if addicted). I now look back on that event and wonder, did my wife have a 2 Kings 6:17 moment where her eyes were opened and she could actually SEE the contingent of angels gathering around to escort her Home? Her Joy and Peace during those moments were stunning. Oh, if I had only thought to pray what Elisha prayed… what might we have seen? That thought makes the hair on my arm stand up to this very day!

  19. Amazing story Tom, and I am so sorry for your loss. Along a similar vein, one of my oldest and dearest friends went to be with the Lord last December. He lived in Tampa and I in Colorado, so I couldn’t be there during those last hours. His wife tells me that at the end he was quite lucid, and he spoke of an angel standing there, just waiting until it was time. No one else in the room saw him. You’re right, it sends chills. I’ve heard of many of these kinds of stories.

  20. My mom told me this story 40 years after it happened. She was in the hospital hemorrhaging badly and in terrible pain when suddenly she was in the air. I asked her a lot of questions about it. “Were you scared? (she had a fear of heights.) Were you in the hospital room? Did You see yourself laying in the bed? Did you tell daddy about it? Did you write it down later?

    Her answer was just, “I wasn’t afraid I just wondered what I was doing up in the air. I suppose I told daddy, I don’t know. I don’t remember seeing anything, I was just wondering what I was doing up in the air.”

    I believe it really happened. That was my mom. Not very curious, never mentioned it to anyone, (my dad had already passed so couldn’t ask him), didn’t write about it, she just simply wondered what she was doing up in the air.

    Mom joined dad in heaven Dec. 16, 2014. I am so happy for them.

  21. My family always spent Sunday’s at my Greek grandfathers who was a painter, I was 5yrs old playing in the backyard in the leaf pile and I decided to lite them. The fire grew rapidly and in a panic I grabbed a bucket of what I thought was water but turned out to be paint thinner, I do not remember much more than a big fire and being scared but my mom looked at the window and said I was in the middle of huge flames and when they ran outside I did not have a singed hair.

    Within a year of this event I was at the apartment swimming pool and I loved to check under the plastic lids that collected all the bugs/debris from the pool surface on the sides of the pool. I was at the middle of the pool where the rope crossed that had foam floats on them and something pushed me into the pool, I grabbed the rope and my last memory was sitting on the bottom of the pool holding the rope looking at it bend toward the surface with a float at the top. My mom cannot swim and I have no idea how long was under as I was unconscious but she got up and saw me on the bottom, starting yelling and 2 women jumped in pulled me out and pumped the water from me. I was at the YMCA the next week taking swimming lessons.

    When I was 13 my family was staying at the Howard Johnson hotel in Mobile, AL. The hotel had a in ground concrete Jacuzzi that a friend and I had discovered if you pulled grate off the intake vent on the bottom you could sit on and hold your breath a long time since you did not have to struggle to stay under water. The friend and I snuck out at 10pm and were doing our same routine in the Jacuzzi alone. I was about to push up off the bottom when I was sucked into this 12” x 12” square vent on the bottom, it ripped my swim trunks completely off and folded me face to knees. I panicked and was splashing the water which was only 1’ above my head when I saw the other boy stuck on the bottom in front of me (he had found a second intake vent) which caused this vacuum effect. I knew I was about to die and had a sudden calm with my only thought was my parents finding me rolling on top of the water dead while on our vacation. I prayed to God to save me and not let my parents experience this. I cannot explain but was moved to push 1 more time and with the smallest of effort popped right up, my friend popped up shortly after me, he was crying uncontrollably and ran back to his room.

    Two of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 50:10 “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” MARK 9:22 22 And often he has thrown him both into the fire and into the water to destroy him. I have experienced a few other near death experiences but will honor the 500 word policy.

  22. One of my best memories of God’s guidance and providence was before I was born again. I was twenty three, unmarried and footloose. Travelling north in an elderly Land-rover I looked into a certain town for work but nothing ‘fell in my lap’ so I continued north into the real outback of Western Australia.

    I was on my way until a thought crossed my mind, “I had better check my tyres”. They were down to the canvas so I was compelled to do a three sixty back to the aforementioned town. I soon found a job and it was in that town I met and married the love of my life who has been a tower of strength all my life (I am now 74).

    Paranormal 🙂 ? It was certainly an event that changed my life and I see it as something to remember and always give thanks for.

  23. I come from a European country, where paranormal activities rarely occur. About 13 ago I moved to Mexico, where the supernatural is so widely spread that people don’t even think about it. It literally is part of people’s daily life, believe it or not. I have witnessed many paranormal activities in the past 13 years in Mexico, and very few back in my homeland. I will tell you the most interesting one.

    It was about 4 AM some 8 years ago when I woke up next to my ex-wife. We used to leave our bedroom’s door open, so I could see my then 2.5 year old son’s bed right from mine. His bed was almost exactly like this one (×600/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/A/F/AFG-Kimberly-Convertible-Crib-and-Changer-Combo-with-Toddler-Rail-Cherry.jpg)

    Sometimes he would wake up at night and crawl over the changer which was right next to his bedroom window, and would stare out the window for 5-10 minutes, then he would crawl back to his bed and fall asleep. That was the main reason we used to leave our and his bedroom doors open. That night he was awake and staring out the window. In about 1 minute he turned his head to me and looked at me. I smiled. He smiled back. And then his smile turned into the most horrible, malign, condescending, hateful smile one could imagine. He was somehow looking down on me, hating me, cursing me without even saying a word. No human face can express such violence or hatred. I got to his bed in less than a second. No one was sitting on the changer. My son was sleeping calmly. I didn’t wake up my wife, didn’t go back to bed either. Got online and started looking for baby demons. Found nothing. Kept searching for baby demons on the internet for 3-4 years after that night. Didn’t find any picture or information.

    Last Wednesday I met one of my ex-wife’s cousins on the street. She told me that like 8 years ago my ex-wife had started visiting a witch in my city. That must be somehow related to what I saw. One morning, about 7 years ago, a voice like a thunder woke me up at 8:03 AM saying this: Your wife is cheating on you. That same day I checked her messages, phone calls, emails, MSN Messenger. Yes, she was cheating on me.

  24. Even allowing this comment was a close call since the author did not give any reason to believe that he is a Christian or how his experience has anything to do with Christian paranormal experiences.

    We know that evil and demons exist but documenting that is not what this post is about.

  25. I am a Christian. Why would I be otherwise visiting your blog and learning from you for years if I wasn’t? When I married her, she was supposedly a Christian, too. I have no idea of the meaning of what I saw. I don’t know why I saw it, I don’t know why I was shown all this. It scared me, it didn’t change me. It didn’t build my faith, it wasn’t the turning point where I finally realized that demons exist. I already knew that. It’s just a paranormal activity. One of many.

  26. Glad to hear that you are a Christian.

    For some reason your comment got tagged as spam by my software and then got tagged as a first time comment to this blog. That is why it was delayed. I also did not recognize the initials.

    I can’t assume that everyone visiting this blog is a Christian. Many find the topics through social net referrers or a Google keyword search.

  27. On the way to an appointment in Des Moines 20 years ago I had this thought that came to me that said “be careful”. I felt that something was going to happen in traffic and I need to be ready for it. I forgot about it and I went to my appointment. On the way home I was still feeling especially watchful that the holy spirit is spoken something like this to me and as I neared my exit a car suddenly decided that they were going to take the exit and cut in front of me. I had to apply maximum brakes to prevent an accident. I continued the rest the way home not realizing until the moment I pulled into my parking spot that I had blown my brake lines out and I had just enough breaks left to stop the car. To this day I’m amazed that I didn’t go off the road on that tight exit about 5 miles before I got home. I know in my heart that God saved me.

  28. I was saved when I was very young as my mother lead me to the lord. I did not understand much at the time, but I understood enough to receive the lord as my savior as I new I was a sinner and needed Him.

    I am now 75 years old. My father who was a Baptist minister and his father had died from heart failure when they were 71. I have had a bad heart valve since birth but it had never bothered me until about 10 years ago as I was having some chest pain. The doctor said my heart sounded good and I should just not overdo.

    I was helping the Boy Scouts learn about model airplanes and was running around in circles with them teaching them about control line planes. After the last one landed my heart stopped. The doctor said I had sudden death cardiac arrest. It was the only time I have ever been around a doctor except to go see one. But, one of the boys fathers was my ear doctor and he started CPR on me and kept it up for 15 minutes until the EMT’s got there and hit me with the defibrillator to get my heart started again.

    While I was waiting in the hospital 3 days for heart surgery, I had the greatest peace come over me I have ever had in my life. I absolutely knew that I was in the Lords hands and what ever He decided I was content with. At that point I wanted to be with Him and also did not want my wife of 53 years to be alone.

    There is a lot more to this story, but the surgeon put a doner valve in and I do not have to be on any medication. At my last echo my heart doctor said my heart looked perfect and to be careful crossing the street. My wife and I both praised the Lord as we just celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary in June this year. I could have had my heart attack at any other time or place and would have died.

    As I said there is much more to the story but this is the main part. I still cannot sing all the way through Amazing Grace without weeping.

  29. Tom,
    I read your post with interest since in my family we have had a couple of instances similar to yours. My cousin had a daughter born with a very rare and severe heart defect. She lived for 18 years with much medical attention along the way, but her heart problem could not be fixed. The defect was so severe that her motor and speech skills were much diminished, although it seemed her mind was intact, and she used a lot of sign language to communicate. Our grandfather (we called him Popie and he was a minister and a church planter) had died when she was a little bitty girl, but on her deathbed while the immediate family was in her room, she signed the sign for “church” and verbally said the name “Popie” as if he were there with her, which was amazing to us because she hardly remembered him. We all think that he was there to comfort her.

    The other event was when my father was dying. All of us had gone home from the hospital for a rest and my uncle had stayed with my dad. My uncle told us later that my dad had been resting/sleeping and then all of a sudden raised himself into a sitting position (which was amazing since he was dying of COPD) and exclaimed in a loud voice of greeting while looking into the distance, “Well, hello there!” Again, we believe my grandfather was there and possibly my grandmother too. Who knows. It might have been many people. It was certainly someone my dad was happy to see. When I think about these two instances, I get cold chills and my heart fills to bursting. We will see them again – I know that for a fact. And because of God’s Amazing Grace, I know that I will be in heaven to meet them again. Praise the Lord!

  30. Simple people and children love fantasy. That is why social media has legs. Most small children believe in Santa Claus because adults programmed them to believe. Do they need a exorcist? When they learned the truth they got over Santa. I would hardly call learned behavior and excessive compulsive disorders demon possession.

    People once wanted to believe that rocks were pets. Most got over it. Some pastors think demons should be cast out of rocks and other inanimate objects. They never seem to get over it. They are the real paranormal loons. Some Christians even believe that they can Christianize the demonic world. I have more hope that Pokemon addicts will have a reality check.

  31. I have commented 2 or 3 times in the past and asked questions of you via email when I thought “stay on topic” did not cover what was on my mind. Was planning to comment several weeks ago but got busy so this thread may be closed but wanted to tell of one incident anyway.

    Happened in ’74 after I got out of the military and was quote “going to college.”
    Had not got serious about it and was partying too much which for me was drinking beer. BUT usually where we were at there was a lot of smoking pot going on and though I had puffed a couple times I stayed away from it as I didn’t even smoke cigarettes. Well after one of these foggy parties I drove home and walked into my room where I had a bunk bed set up as a friend was in need of place for one semester. Scott had went home for the weekend and I opened the bedroom door and wow what a ghastly sight and smell of brimstone. Hard to describe the smell but sulfur was part of it.
    The object sitting on the bed though was pure evil. Very 8-9 feet tall. Somewhat human with wings extending from his back. All Black, Ugly as sin, Smelly, and Evil. Funny that I communicated but it did not seem we talked. IT let me know that I should let loose and enjoy his ‘tool’ ie. pot, drugs etc. that could lead to happy time. Funny most would say it was the devil but to me it was A devil. ONE of the fallen angels but not Lucifer. A henchman.
    I said nope and quit going anywhere there was any drugs. Knew from that day forward that I was a Christian and that Jesus had died for my sins. Came from Catholic background so was really confused how God could ever love such a sinner as me. Quitly accepted that I had Jesus to believe in from that day and realized I could never be good enough to deserve saving if I went to confession every day. Became a Christian instead of a Catholic.

  32. Just a comment on a possible angel encounter. At age 85, I was on top of a 10-12′ embankment. I was standing on a large stepping stone looking down when the stone shifted. I knew immediately I was going to fall down…I didn’t have time to feel fear. Probably within just minutes I felt my head hurting and my eyes opened to see that I was laying on the pavement at the base of the embankment. I don’t know how I got there — no memory of a fall at all. I was in a different area than I would have been had I simply fallen and tumbled down. I checked to see if I could move–no broken bones. I got up om my knees and crawled to a nearby chair. I pulled myself up and walked into my home and put ice on my head for a while. I had a vision that I was in the air in a dark environment for possibly just a second. That the only memory I have. Is it possible an angel carried me down? That’s the only thing that makes sense to me. After the fall I can stand in that same spot and have no feeling of fear if I had actually felt a feeling of falling. I just knew in an instant I was going to fall and that was all. I know of miracles in my life but I’m excited that possibly an angel was the savior in this miracle. I thank you for an opportunity to related this miracle. I, too, have studied Bible prophecy for about 30 years. I await a miraculous trip up to heaven. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  33. A family friend from my church (we’ll call her Jennifer) told my mom and I about a time when her daughter was very young and the window in her room was accidentally left wide open. Jennifer was downstairs and heard a scream coming from the toddler’s room so she immediately ran up to see what was going on. Her daughter was sitting on the floor pointing up to the window and said “Mommy, angel caught me!”

    I truly believe, as does Jennifer, that this was a sort of guardian angel experience. Without that angel, her daughter would’ve fallen two stories and it’s likely that she would not have survived.


  34. I get them all the time since salvation. I just pretty much ignore it at this point. I get visually, spiritually, and whenever I somehow played a part in God bringing salvation to whomever he was trying to reach that day. I was a full time CNA not so much now- I have had moments where I didn’t really understand certain things I see/saw. Don’t really care at this point-saved for 18-19 years and spiritual realms don’t excite me like it once did. But before salvation? Nothing- not even once did I ever experience anything good or bad. I can’t say I’m special but I do know the father has been gracious enough to allow others to have planted the seed of the message before coming around my way. I doubt it would ever stop me from discussing salvation however-not my way. but it kinda wraps it up nicely and I can go about my way if they are ready to come to salvation. I’m aware of a few I waited to long the message and passed away and I’m pretty sure many Im unaware of as well.

    As a woman born and raised in BKLYN NY- for lack of a better word, Im pretty straight forward on the message- somewhat fearless (hitchhikers every now and then), but always understood and still do, Im being lead by the gift of being spiritually sensitive by the holy spirit. It seems pretty clear, in terms of the fruits at least from my experience, it only works or tapped for supernatural acts if they tend to involve soul saving and it always correlates with scripture big time! Also pretty sensitive to kids-they seem to sense the spirit all the time, not sure why, I don’t really share or treat them differently- babies alike! That one always baffles me lol! Anyway that’s my story.

    Warm regards..

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