Persecution of Bible believers will be widespread in America within five years

If the trends continue, it is obvious to me that persecution of Bible believing Christians will be widespread in America in just five years. Just look how much the truths in God’s word have been denied, twisted and disrespected over the previous five years.

I am not saying that most of those calling themselves Christians will be persecuted in five years. What I am saying is that Christians that believe the Bible and quote it and live by it will be persecuted in America in less than 5 years. I also am saying that even many calling themselves Christians will be the ones doing the persecuting thinking that they will be doing God a favor.

A recent Barma survey indicated that only ten percent of Americans have a Christian worldview. Those claiming to be Christian but with no foundations for their faith from the Bible are phony Christians. You must hear and believe what God said to even become a born from above Christian. You must believe the prophets and the witnesses of Jesus to believe who Jesus is. Only then can you hear the good news, repent, believe and be saved. Those that believe that Jesus is God cannot deny the Old Testament that Jesus validated Himself, nor the words of the witnesses that Jesus selected Himself. Those having a worldview that is not biblical show that they have no foundation for the faith that they claim.

One half of Americans are Catholic. The Vatican sacrificial system and earned merit salvation system is not the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is antichrist. The Roman Catholic system is counterfeit Christianity. Salvation comes by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus alone but the Vatican says those that believe this are damned to hell. Since Roman Catholicism is a Babylonian religious substitute in opposition to the true gospel, no one believing the theology of Rome can possibly be saved.

Of the remainder of the American people who identify as Christians, half are Protestant liberals that deny that the Bible is God’s inerrant word. Of the other half called evangelicals, about half of them deny essentials of the faith or add works to the gospel. But wait, there is more! Only about half of the 1/8th that remain were even born into the body of Christ. The truth is that only ten percent of people in the United States have a Christian worldview. They do not think like Christians because less than ten percent are true Christians. The vast majority just have Christian identity. It is their religion. They are deists and spiritualists. Jesus is not YHWH, He is the golden calf of their own making. Churches in America are filled with people who will not enter in.

Is it any wonder then, that the culture in America has turned against anything godly? What we see being displayed in our culture is the true reflection of the souls of Americans. It is not pretty. The lives of most Americans display that they are in rebellion against their Creator.

The coming persecution will even happen in America churches. When leaders downplay sound biblical doctrine and replace the word of God with schemes that try to appease the flesh you know that they are being controlled by the spirit of the world. They have a God and a Jesus of their own making. These churches will not tolerate those claiming absolute biblical truths. They will not teach anything from the Bible that does not fit their humanist, universalist, pantheistic or dominionist worldview.

What Paul said would occur in the church has arrived.

2Ti 4:1 I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;
2  Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
3  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
4  And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

They will not endure (tolerate) sound doctrine. Instead they will turn unto fables. Word Faith teachers just preach Holy Spirit fables. Books like “The Shack”, “Jesus Calling” and “Heaven Can Wait” are fables. In the years ahead market driven churches will increasingly be telling Bible believing Christians to depart. Many already tell others that biblical doctrine is divisive. Their church corporations are all about numbers, networking, money and bragging rights.

I am not talking about a small percentage of churches either, it will occur in most of Christianity. These Oprah like believers are comfortable with universalism, spiritualism, humanism, evolution, ritualism, mysticism, emotionalism and claimed direct revelation. However, they will not tolerate sound doctrine.

They can be identified with the Harlot of Revelation 17. The Harlot persecutes the true saints. This persecution happened in the past and according to the scriptures it will happen again. Persecution of Christians in America will come with the blessings of the leading churches in America. They will think that they are doing God a favor by persecuting the “ungodly people” who claim that God sends unbelieving sinners to hell.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the persecution would already be obvious. With president Trump it might not come as fast but don’t be deceived. Trump does not have a Christian worldview. He identifies with the Harlot church. All government, major corporations, main stream media, education systems and most of our large churches are stacked with people warring against the absolute truths in the Bible and against Bible believing Christians. Even Trump would turn against Christians that are not inclusive. He would turn against fundamental Bible believing Christians to keep the vast pseudo Christian majority.

The courts are already stacked with humanists and Trump will also appoint judges that have humanistic worldviews. I am dubious that even Niel Gorsuch will vote with biblical Christians on some issues. Why would he? Gorsuch was brought up as a Catholic. He went to a Jesuit prep school and got his higher education at ultra liberal Columbia, Harvard and Oxford. Gorsuch goes to an Episcopalian church because his wife is Episcopalian. He has never said that he is no longer a Catholic. Episcopalians are just Catholics without a Pope anyway.

The Gorsuch’s attend an ultra liberal church. That article should put the fear of God in those that think that Gorsuch will vote for biblical moral values. He might be a strict constitutionist but the Constitution is silent on many modern issues. Gorsuch claims to be proud of almost always voting with the majority. However, in post modern America the majority is no longer moral. The Christian leaders that have been gushing about Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, just show how deceived they seem to be themselves. There is little reason to believe that Gorsuch ever heard the true gospel of salvation in these churches. And if he did hear the gospel somehow and received it, then why does he go to an apostate church? I hope Gorsuch votes like someone who has a biblical worldview. Nonetheless, I see little reason to believe he will, considering his educational and religious indoctrination.

The Democrats claim that even someone like Gorsuch is out of the mainstream, so it should be obvious that anyone with a truly Christian worldview will never get on the Supreme Court. The candidate would never be approved by the Senate.

Trump is bound to put people with unbiblical worldviews in positions of power down the line because Trump does not have a Christian worldview himself. Can you even imagine the persecution that is coming after Trump is replaced by another antichrist from the fascist like Democrat Party? Fascist like statist communists disguising themselves as progressives are already in place on the Left, but half of Americans are brainwashed to think the fascists are the liberty loving conservatives.

America now is at least half full of indoctrinated brainwashed people and it is getting worse all the time. All they know about anything is what they are being fed by their programmers and the social media. Their eyes are glued to their iPhone’s as their brains are being sucked out of their heads. No Christian should have their kids in the government school indoctrination system but almost all of them do. What does that say about the Christian worldviews of their Parents?

The Internet will not allow biblical worldviews to be found in five years. Google just announced they are going to flag offensive information in the search results. They will set up their own truth Gestapo. You can be sure that views that do not agree with the progressives will be flagged, removed, filtered or downgraded as being offensive. It wont be five years either, because it has already begun.

You better bookmark sites that give biblical and unpolitically correct information because you may not be able to find them in search results much longer. Google says that search information that their truth police find offensive will be flagged (no doubt with a scarlet letter). You can be sure what is flagged will not go to the top. Americans could do something to stop the big brother control freaks if they complained enough but all I hear is crickets. The Bible says there will be a famine of God’s word in the end times (Am 8:11-12), now you know why.

In less than five years, it will be against the law to upload anything that “progressives” (globalist communists) consider hate speech or dangerous. That means anything that does not agree with their humanistic, spiritualist and evolutionary worldview. You might look back to “1984” (on steroids) to see where the humanistic new age globalists intend to take us. They will take us to Lucifer controlling everyone in the name of Christ.

There is a rebellion going on against Jesus and God in America and true Christians will become increasingly persecuted. All biblical truth is being stood on its head. Many are openly mocking God.

God says people fornicating are sinning, but the people of America say lust cannot be sin because sex is love. God says marriage is a holy covenant and should not be defiled, but the people of America say God would not say anything like that today. God creates them male and female, but Americans say God is wrong. People should have the right to be any sex that they so choose. God says you must repent and trust in me for your salvation, but the people of America say God would not reject anyone and nobody in America better say differently. Wolves in sheep’s clothing say God is revealed in their teachings, but God says if you want to learn of me learn my word. Americans read and live their best lives now as the words of life collects dust.

The fastest growing movement in America and much of the world is what is being called Independent Networked Charismatics (INC). It is dominated by Word of Faith prosperity teacher heretics and New Apostolic Reformation hard dominionst signs and wonders heretics. Through media and networking these heretics are influencing most of the other Charismatics and Pentecostal churches, certainly the large ones. It might be time for God’s people to come out. People in the INC movement act like hypnotized brain-dead fools. Some obviously are demon possessed. They are setting Christianity up for a great backlash when the INC leaders are exposed as false prophets, false teachers, false healers, witch doctors, liars, hucksters, perverts, and the con artists that they are.

Few believe God, or even care to know what He said. That is because only the remnant have ever been born into the body of Christ. Persecution against true Christians always comes when the Harlot or the antichrists are in control. I believe we will see such widespread persecution in America within five years. That is, if America even survives that long, or the Rapture does not occur first. Those with ears to hear will be prepared.

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Persecution of Bible believers will be widespread in America within five years — 26 Comments

  1. Greetings Don~Another timely article. It feels like we are on the doorstep of this becoming our reality.
    If Christians stand for God’s Word and Who Jesus is, we will be the target. God help us.
    Thank you, as always, for trying to wake people with these articles.

  2. I agree with the article but the persecution has been in progress and will only intensify. The Christians who would not support a homosexual marriage and the excessive punishment by the state (Oregon fined a couple owning a bakery $135K) is a form of persecution. This persecution differs from most past persecutions. The burning of believers during Emperor Nero’s time, the beheading of those who would not convert to Islam as that cult spread throughout the world, and today in China. This seems to be a softer but no less painful persecution. Rather than put someone on the rack, they destroy them financially and destroy their home and business. They will be taking homeschooled children, for their own good, so they can be indoctrinated into the societal belief system. With the progressive takeover of the internet, sites such as yours may be shutdown and people, such as you, may suffer governmental punishment. I think the softer persecution is far more insidious because it allows the cultural Christian to feel self righteous and remain deceived.

    I am old, have had congestive heart failure and several strokes. I will not survive serious persecution anyway but I would really like to be around when the rapture occurs, even should persecution happen before then. When I think about what that will be like to participate and the faithfulness of the Savior we serve, upcoming persecutions, problems, politicians and such are like a momentary blip on the scale of the future we have before us.

  3. Don , you and I are in total agreement. You nailed it and stated the truth about as plainly as it can be said. The persecution has been ongoing for awhile and will only intensify. Those of us who oppose gay or same sex marriage are bigots. The LGBT community asks for tolerance and they are the most intolerant of all against anyone who disagrees with them. They are the haters and commonly threaten violence against any opposition to their agenda of perversion . My answer to them is my opinion doesn’t matter , but what God has declared in His Word does and it will NOT change to accommodate their lifestyle.I am automatically a bigot and racist if I oppose anything the LGBT community wants. I say , so what , your opinion of me is immaterial to me as I answer only the Jesus . People attend church for many different reasons and most of them (as you point out ) have no clue what the Bible says because they never bother to read it. They just take at face value whatever the pastor or preacher says as truth . How stupid !!! Acts 17:11 is included in God’s Word for a reason . People want man made religion , but not a genuine relationship with Jesus because that makes us accountable to Him on a daily basis ( not just on Sunday or whatever day they show up at church) and they don’t like being accountable. It is my opinion that Jesus is either both your Savior and your Lord or he is neither . He wants full custody , not weekend visitation . There is nothing more disgusting to me than this transgender crap the LGBT and liberal media and politicians are endorsing as normal. It is impossible for me to fathom someone being confused about their sexual identity , straight out of the pit of hell perversion . It is NOT normal regardless of who thinks it is. Just put me down as not being inclusive enough, those do have a problem with it , tough , my opinion will not be changed .. .

  4. Hi Phil,

    I agree that the persecution will not be deadly at first but the fifth seal of Revelation, and what the Harlot of Revelation 17 does, indicates that at some point it will become deadly. History says the same thing.

  5. Hi Don,

    I agree. If we keep in mind that 90 percent of Americans are dead in their sins and they cannot know God unless the Spirit of God draws them to Christ, we should know that America is going to hell in a hand-basket and it is not going to become Christianized. Not seeing this is a major part of the reason why church leaders get church all wrong. If they presented the gospel some would hear and get saved, but if they just have programs that appeal to the flesh, salvation will not come as a result of that.

  6. Don,

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve written in this post, although I’m heartbroken over people I know who have wandered off into virtually all of the avenues you mention – purpose driven, NAR, Word faith, prosperity, spiritual formation/meditation, etc. I see the apostasy growing around me daily,

    I’ve lost a lot of friends recently, and I’m sure I’ll lose more. The minute someone discovers that you believe the whole Word of God (rather than their culture-affirming, cherry-picked interpretations) you become a “hater”. Or, as one Episcopalian priest online called me, a “bible idolator”. I chose to take that last one as a back-handed compliment. I’m ready to go Home. I am praying that my time left here is used productively in His service.

  7. Where do I even begin? Its obvious the truth of God’s word has been replaced long ago by a liberal humanist agenda. We have seen this for some time now. I am amazed at the speed that society has degressed. It seems to have really accelerated at Obama’s election in 2008. Every perversion you can imagine is supported by the left either directly or indirectly. It is obvious that most in America are spiritually blinded. This is why you can have very intelligent, educated people who are still so stupid and ignorant.

    Do you know that I almost fear the liberal Universalist churches more than the Democrat Marxists in office? Given time I think these churches may become more intolerant of true Christians then even the ultra leftists in office.

    As for Trump and Gorsuch, I tend to agree with you Don. Neither are true Christians and will let us down in a critical situation like everyone on the right always does. Trump is more a moderate nationalist than a conservative. He is actually quite liberal on many social issues. That said, he is 1000x better than that evil hag Hillary.

  8. I must admit, I think I am going to take that “Bible Idolator”. Yeah, that’s it! I am a Bible Idolator!
    I am an absolute enigma and worse to the left. Lord Jesus, help me and each one of us through the years ahead prior to the rapture. Come Lord Jesus!

  9. Mr. Koenig: I agree. This is definitely all happening and happening very quickly. Just 15 years ago, transgenderism and sodomy wasn’t regularly endorsed and force-fed to the American public through the media like it is today. Now, I barely watch any TV anymore because I can’t watch a single program without sodomy being glorified. The government, public schools, and media (among others) are controlled by leftist God-less socialists who will actively persecute the Bride of Christ. I truly feel that this will go into full force the very next time that the Democrats (controlled by leftist socialists) take control of the federal government. I believe (at the current pace of lawlessness) this will happen in about 4-6 years.

  10. Great article and sadly so true. I think the progressives, which include a vast majority of the Democratic Party, have become like rabid dogs. They had their last rabies shot during the Truman presidency and are now pretty much infected. The conservatives, which include the Republicans and the church have become Golden Retrievers. They’ll do anything to be liked by everybody. They roll over and become submissive whenever anyone isn’t happy with them. Our morals and culture have pretty much been destroyed. Disney just came out with Beauty and the Beast which apparently has 2 men kissing. I would have sworn that the movie would have bombed at the box office. I was sure people wouldn’t take their children to see this movie. Boy was I wrong. It broke records. That spoke volumes about the people in this country. I bet a whole bunch of those people would say they are christians and go to church every Sunday, but if pressed about taking their kids to see this movie which promotes homosexuality, they would think you’re a bigot and a hater. They go to the church of Dr. Feel Good. I too am not sure about Gorsuch. He could end up being a huge disappointment. I hope not, but overall it’s not too promising. I think we’re in the last inning and the persecution is going to only increase at a frantic pace. Fortunately for those of us who believe in Jesus Christ, we know he is our rock and nothing can shake that foundation, ever!

  11. The LBGTQXYZers are destroying this country. The church must be dead because there is virtually no opposition. Which is probably the result and fear of persecution. People have seemingly accepted these perverse lifestyles since you can see the cancer spreading to our innocent children in the school systems.

    That was the last straw for me. You can do whatever you want in your own home, business, workplace etc, but don’t try and confuse the children. It may be too late, and my heart hurts and rages at the same time.

  12. Hi Steve,

    I do not think fear of persecution is the reason for the silence in our churches. Like I said, 90 percent of Americans are not spiritually birthed Christians and most of them go to our churches. Frankly, most of our so called churches are post biblical community centers.

  13. Steve , you are so right !!!!!!! Many churches now accept this perversion as normal. They must have torn Romans Chapter 1 out of their Bibles , that is IF they even have Bibles.

  14. Even so, while we are and possibly will be persecuted for believing God anyone who dares speak or act against the progressive left is a target for persecution in some form.
    Scientists who present evidence against climate change have had their careers destroyed; journalists have been targeted by the IRS; Trump supporters have been physically attacked; parents who were outraged by the rape of a 14 year old girl by two illegals are told they are racist. Can you believe a pre-schooler was suspended from pre-school for taking an empty shell casing to school to show his friends?

    Across the Atlantic the British MSM blames the Westminster terror attack on racism. We are all racists and assigned a phobia for disagreeing with the evils of the left. Free speech is under attack. Even our president is persecuted and demonized for doing nothing wrong.

    The LGBT is only one faction of the plan to destroy the traditional family and indoctrinate the children. Communist professors in universities will get the ones who escaped public education. If you don’t fear communism it’s because you don’t understand it.

    Heiser explains that humans are God’s representatives and to kill an innocent human through abortion is killing God in effigy. Consider the seriousness of that one.

    Since the topic of this article is Christian Persecution specifically I cant deny the scriptures and say it won’t happen. I will though neither defend or condemn President Trump for something he hasn’t done yet. History tells me one doesn’t have to be a believer to stand up for what’s right. I’ll just give one example. Oscar Schindler, because everyone knows who he is. Not from the movie because the movie gives him credit where credit isn’t due, but in real life he really was a weasel of a man, certainly not a Christian, but he did save Jews at the risk of his own life. I’ve also had experience with true believes who ruined other believers reputations through lies and gossip. When hard persecution comes we’ll find out who we can trust, most likely the hard way.

  15. Just makes me sad. I mourn for the lost of the world, . I guess not many Christians fee that way, either,

  16. even the church i used to go in manhattan ‘Sts. Cyril & Methodius & St. Raphael RCC’ was a community center.. first we had mass 11 to 12 on sundays but then after it was all about drinking with the people in the back of the church and socializing lol and not to mention the new year parties we had under the church where we had lots of alcohol. that aint no church of god.

  17. Good article, we do live in interesting times. There’s been Christian persecution’s from day one and it’s only going to ramp up as we get closer. Lets go.

  18. Hi Don, Samantha Kelley, widow of the late Jack Kelley, just reported Facebook took down the account along with the accounts of several other web ministries. No explanation, just canceled them. Yes, its happening before our very eyes. Tom

  19. Hi Tom.

    Jack Kelly’s website is still up so it probably has something to do with it not being active or because it is not being controlled by Jack Kelly. She probably can start a Facebook account in her own name if she wants. I doubt it had anything to do with content at this point. Those that have known websites don’t need Facebook or other social media anyway. Social media is controlled by the corporation hosting it and it is one reason why I do not post there or on the free blogging sites.

  20. I agree. Most in our churches are not saved. The gospel is not being preached, and so without the spirit of God in them, they have no salvation. The word of God is foolishness to them. The church has so perverted the gospel that It is now no gospel at all. Galatians 1:8-9. If our churches had truly born again believers instead of being politicaly correct, we would see a whole different church.

    But the bible says the organized church would go in to apostasy in the last days. I think we are here. There are a few out there that are still preaching the gospel that Paul preached, but they are few and far between. Most just have the religion of Cain, instead of the blood sacrifice of Abel. Jesus gets lip service, but that is about all. True believers can hardly stomach what is going on in most churches. I see home fellowships on the horizon. Where two or three meet together in Jesus name, He will be there also.

  21. I agree as well, Don

    Brothers and sister, when those days come just pray to God to send his Holy Spirit so that we will endure whatever they’re doing to us, pray from the heart that you’re worthy!! Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Trust in Jesus Christ! 🙂

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