Postmodern Post Bible Postmillennial Christian Pagans of Christendum

Postmodern, post Bible, postmillennial and especially “Christian Pagans”, sounds like a contradiction in terms. However, that happens to be the reality in Christendum today.

Most people today who identify as Christians are postmodern in their thinking. They think truth is relative. They do not read the Bible. And many of the few percent that do read the Bible redefine it to conform to their Kingdom-Now Utopianism. They are much like the postmodern progressives that want the US Constitution to be a living document so that they can change the meaning with the politically correct wind.

They are postmillennial in Theology. They want to believe the Kingdom is on earth now and the world will have no tribulation. (I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow – Rev 18: 7.)

They also are becoming increasingly pagan in their beliefs and practices. They go into altered states to seek new knowledge from God outside of scripture. Contemplative prayer, spiritual formation, prophets, spiritual experiences, feeling God, etc. become substitutes for God’s infallible written word.

The whole Pentecostal signs and wonders, name it and claim it, Word of Faith prosperity movement morphed into Christian pagan mysticism and now this is spreading all over Christendum through the “Christian” pagan media.

I have politically incorrect news for everyone into this. Jesus is not calling and giving people private messages between their own two ears. When people empty their mind and get quiet enough to tune in and wait for messages from God they mostly will hear their own brain prattle and they might even hear the voice of demons.

Jesus speaks to us through His written word, through biblical meditation (mulling over what God revealed in scripture) and through other believers. The number one book in Christianity today is Jesus Calling. It has been revised several times to take out the more obvious heresy but the concept of Jesus Calling is rooted in pagan mysticism. Jesus calling according to the author was influenced by God Calling, and God calling was written by two women who received the book via automatic writing. Of course, in a later revision of Jesus Calling the God Calling connection was removed.

Bringing Hindu or other pagan practices into the church or one’s body and mind does not bring anyone to biblical truth. Christian churches need to take contemplative spirituality, holy yoga, holy laughter, holy water, holy oil, drumming circles, etc., out of their fellowships.

The early fathers and the reformers would walk out of most of our churches today and start all over again with biblical Christianity. Christendum obviously is now back into the heresy of Gnosticism. I think 2nd Peter and Jude are speaking about things found in later day Christendum.

And if anyone thinks the Roman Catholic Church has changed its pagan ways and is now teaching Christian doctrine. And that true Christians should unite with them. I suggest they listen to what was said by Judge Scalia’s Priest son at Scalia’s Funeral Mass. What was said, is not biblical truth being taught, nor is it the true Christian faith. These priests have great faith in Babylonian rooted Roman Catholic doctrine but this kind of doctrine does not come from anything that God said.

Nevertheless, the postmodern, post Bible, postmillennial, Christian pagans of Christendum think being one in Christ is having unity with others that have false pagan Christianity as they apparently also now have. In reality they are only united in harlotry.

More and more postmodern, post Bible, postmillennial, Christian pagans are taking over top levels of all Christian denominations. Much of that is occurring because young people are taught postmodern thinking in public schools. There they are brainwashed with socialism and humanism.Then they go on to seminaries and Bible colleges and they are taught neo-Gnosticism, Spiritual Formation, and worldly ways rather than teaching them proper exegesis of the scriptures.

A young man goes to Bible college to learn the Bible so that he can teach others and he comes out indoctrinated with Postmillennial Theology, Spiritual Formation, Jesus Calling and how to be CEO of a Christianized pagan day care entertainment center. (But, they still dare to call these places churches.)

I have warned about what is happening in other articles, but it is important to rehash this again since it is influencing much of the world and is now so prevalent in America. There are false teachers that created a movement that has hijacked evangelical premillennial Christianity.

These false teachers are selling Postmillennial, Dominion Theology just about everywhere in Christendum. The problem is that the Bible does not teach Postmillennial or Amillennial Theology. When scriptures is taken literally as the authors intended, the Bible only teaches Premillennial Theology.

Today’s Postmillennial Theology comes from false presumptions created by false teachers that refuse to take what the Bible says literally. They spiritualize or make allegory clear teachings for no other reason than a Christianized world fits their social justice socialist Utopian worldview. It fits the Kingdom reign they believe they are to establish on earth before Jesus can return.

They tell others that there is no literal Kingdom for a literal physical Israel when the Bible clearly teaches that there literally will be a physical and spiritual restoration of the nation of Israel. It occurs after the times given to the Gentiles are fulfilled.

They teach that the Church is now the Lord’s promised Kingdom on earth and the Church needs to take possession of the world for Christ. However, the Bible teaches that the world will reject Christ. (As did Israel and as Christendum is now doing with their redefining of the Lord’s word.)

The Bible does not teach the false teaching of these neo-Gnostics that think they get direct revelation from God. Nevertheless, their false teachings and presumptions are found all over the Christian airwaves, in book stores and on the Internet. There is a Christian Mafia controlling the “Christian” media that sells neo-Gnostic pagan concepts. Those teaching sound doctrine are becoming rare on big “Christian” media. And those with biblical discernment that oppose the false teachers that the Christian Mafia promotes never get heard.

The Christian pagans are also influencing American politics because these postmillennialists believe that Christians have to take over the world. They call this process of Christianizing the world “seven mountains” or “seven spheres of influence” they must take over. When you hear those terms being used you can be sure that postmillennial Dominion Theology Christian pagans are doing the talking.

Almost all Christian seminars being offered to the public today teach some sort of Christian mysticism that is directly related to pagan spiritualism.

The concept behind some of this spiritualism is that mankind lost dominion to Satan and now humans have to take dominion back from Satan by spiritual force. That is false teaching and it limits God to human performance. It takes away Gods sovereignty. They teach that God needs human intervention to defeat Satan because God gave dominion of the earth to man but man lost it to Satan and God cannot directly intervene because dominion of the earth no longer belongs to Him. Poor God!! God gave away control of the earth!! He needs humans to help Him!! Where is that taught??

Some In the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) say that the early Church failed because it did not take dominion back from Satan. They suggest that the Church failed and God failed, but through some technicality God will get another chance to get the earth back from Satan. That will occur through specially anointed third wave spiritual humans who will defeat Satan and take back dominion of the earth and then give it to Jesus. That is ass backwards Jackass Theology. It is nothing but blasphemy. God never lost control of anything. And the true Church was never defeated by Satan. God is Sovereign.

I wrote a long article on this Dominion Theology false teaching and where it leads. It is important to know this because this is the philosophy of the Christian pagan mafia and the Revelation 17 harlot that they are promoting.

Postmillennial Dominion Theology is even playing out in the 2016 Republican election. Trump, Cruz, and Rubio are being influenced by the false teachers of postmillennialism and Dominion Theology. If any of the three are elected, the postmillennial Christian leaders will try to influence their administrations. That would not necessarily be bad for America unless it leads to tyranny in America. In reality Dominion Theology will probably lead to a pagan secular backlash and bring persecution against true Christians. Even so, some of Christendum’s leaders have no problem with “Christian” tyranny if it helps establish their own concept of the Kingdom of God on earth.

There are a lot of pseudo Christian voices now jumping in bed together for the sake of unity for unity sake. Unity with those that have a false gospel on the false concept of establishing a false Kingdom on earth by uniting with worldly leaders is nothing but harlotry with the Satanic world system. It is the makings of the Harlot of Revelation 17.

There will be no literal Kingdom of God on earth before the physical return of Jesus. However, there certainly will be a false Satanic Kingdom before Jesus returns. Revelation calls it Babylon the Great. It is destroyed by God just before Jesus comes back to set up God’s real Kingdom on earth from Jerusalem, Israel.

It gets really strange when the Pope is uniting with so-called Evangelicals and Evangelical leaders are uniting with the likes of Glenn Beck, Kenneth Copeland, and leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Dominion Theology cult.

They accept Beck as a Christian but Beck is a New Age Mormon. Mormons are in a demonic cult. They have pagan doctrine. Call them Christian pagans, but don’t call Mormons Christians. And New Age is nothing more than a revival of old age pagan pantheism and polytheism. Much of Word of Faith and NAR is New Age paganism disguised in Christian clothing.

There is much confusion among those in the postmillennial Dominion Theology camp even among themselves. Why do these people even believe that they could unite on anything – even politics? You have Charismatic Pentecostals and Word of Faith leaders supporting a presidential candidate that does not believe what they believe, but then they reject a candidate that seems to believe in Kingdom-Now Theology.

For example Sarah Palin and Pat Robertson are supporting pseudo Christian Donald Trump, but they are in the Word of Faith and NAR Dominion Theology camp. Cruz would be a much better fit with their beliefs but they are hostile toward Cruz because they think He won’t win. They must think that they have to sneak into their Kingdom-Now by kissing up to influential worldly people.

On the other hand, you have Glenn Beck and David Barton attacking Trump like he was some demon from hell and supporting Cruz in the name of Christian Reconstructionism Dominion Theology. However, Trump would be a far better fit for their belief in a false revival with a restored “Christian America”. I guess personalities and pragmatism trumps Dominion Theology with the Christian pagans that have become media stars.

I could mention others but I think you get the picture. Everyone is nuts. Christendum in America is nuts. Postmillennial Theology is nuts. The whole depraved world is obviously rapidly going nuts.

2Th 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Christianity is becoming more and more paganized because so-called Christians will not study the scriptures to show themselves approved. They can’t be bothered with seeking out biblical truth in God’s word so they listen to “Christian” media guru’s that itch their ears with neo-Gnosticism, mysticism, and Postmillennial Kingdom-Now Theology. Then they seek out a church that uses frenzy to fan the Christian pagan flames. Or else, they look for some church that has a lot of ritual to make them feel more spiritual. They really are nothing more than Christian pagans or perhaps more accurately Christianized pagans.

True Christians should expect this to happen in the last days because scriptures tells us that it will. Nevertheless, seeing paganism take over our churches in the name of Jesus Calling is more than a little disconcerting.

Christendum is like her mother Israel. She is a harlot. I guess nobody within Christendum will be able to point fingers at Israel when God barfs out the Laodicean Christian pagans, ends the day of grace to the Gentiles, and chooses to restore grace to Israel.


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Postmodern Post Bible Postmillennial Christian Pagans of Christendum — 83 Comments

  1. Greetings Don~another spot on article, but hard to digest. We are struggling in trying to find a church that will preach the Word without all the other stuff creeping in. We are about to exit, however, we are not sure we will find anything better. If you try to show people that certain teachings, books, preachers, etc., are false, you are the one with a problem. Everyone should just go along to get along is the attitude. We are not encouraged with the political atmosphere. It is a dark time for our country & that of the whole world, and mostly for the ‘church’. Thank you for your ongoing commentaries, they are appreciated.

  2. Thanks Kiki,

    I have the same problem. Making a chose between churches these days comes down to what church has the least destructive issues.

    Both Christendum and politics reflects the positions of our post modern brainwashed nation and I see no secular solution and the only spiritual solution the nation seems to interested in turns out to be the problem.

  3. Hello Don, (I did say greetings originally then noticed someone just used it. Don’t want to look like a copy cat)

    Great article! Lot of deep stuff, wish I could just rap like that.

    Wish my dad was alive to have him read your articles. We would sit up late talking about heavy stuff that for most would go right over their head. Your work is solid.


  4. Yes Don, totally in agreement. I will be placing the link onto my FB timeline hoping it will broaden the reach that little bit. I don’t expect such efforts will turn the tide but there may be those who will be encouraged to hold the fort, to fight the fight.
    Re finding a church: We have had a home fellowship for years now and I will continue to use the scripture that tells me “Where two or there are gathered together in Christ’s name there he will be in their midst”; and we have proved it to be the case. Another thing we have seen to be true… the toughest talk comes from those who know the Scriptures, keep up the tough talk for it is an encouragement to all who seek to follow God’s truth..

  5. Thanks Bill and Brian,

    About the only thing I think worth getting in deep discussions about is these kind of Christian issues. There are not many I can do it with locally although I have found a few exceptions along the way. I find that people in Church are generally not interested. They would rather talk about fluff and that includes Pastors.

  6. Kiki said it. It’s the “go along to get along” mentality. Peace at all costs. Love the brethren but don’t you dare call him out for bad behavior. The 501c3 Church corporations tolerate all manner of compromise.

    The bible warns us in Revelation ‘not to tolerate that woman Jezebel’ which seeks to seduce his servants and to kill true prophets in order to silence prophecy.

    I believe that a large majority of Christians today are operating under the influence of the unclean spirit of Jezebel. It’s not so much that Christians are pseudo; it’s more about which Spirit is governing their lives. Are they being led by the true Holy Ghost of God, or by a pseudo Holy Spirit that poses and mimics the true Holy Spirit of God.

    These nuts may be born again Christians, but they are BEHAVING like pagans and mystics, due to this unclean spirit that operates in the churches today. These people are flesh-centered Christians who use their own strength to do their own will. They are carnal and worldly believers, who haven’t learned how to test the Spirits yet.

    The bible teaches those who are Christ’s are to crucify the flesh. Put to death the old nature with all its lusts and passions. We are to die to ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Jesus. That means we will do some suffering in this lifetime. If we are obeying the voice of the true Holy Spirit, we should be full of light and good fruit. Our faith walk and talk should be pleasing unto God. Dominionist nuts and flakes aren’t producing any authentic fruits of righteousness. Look at how ridiculous they act, and talk and behave. Fruitless fruitcakes they are!

    What other explanation could their be for the craziness in Christendom other than these folks are deceived by the unclean Spirit of the World; the counterfeit Holy Spirit. They don’t read their bibles. They can’t discern the spirits. What good are they to the Kingdom? They’re selfish. Are they not always positioning themselves in places of leadership, seeking power, using manipulation, intimidation, and controlling behaviors to get what they want? Cruz for example. Creepy Cruz. He’s just another power hungry egotist religionist who THINKS he’s anointed to change the World for God.

    I wonder if this Lying spirit is the “strong delusion” that God sends to all who didn’t love the truth.

    These deceived Christians are all uniting together in idolatry against the authentic Jesus of Nazareth. They’re not abiding in the true Vine Jesus Christ for their total spiritual growth and development. They’re rooted in the Sodom Vine of SELF. They are SELF-deceived deceivers.

    They themselves are their own Kings and Queens. They are not widows. They won’t see any sorrow. God forbid. No, they’re eating and drinking and casting out devils and doing many wonderful and miraculous works of God!

    This spirit is also responsible for destroying the faith of those who believe in the pre-tribulation rapture of the Bride of Christ. The post-Millennial teachers are saying that the rapture will not take place before the seven year tribulation period, but will be at the END of the seven years. Pure blasphemy.

    These people are mockers. They’re scorning true bible believing Christians who believe what the bible teaches. They are dangerous, devilish, blind leading the blind.

    We are commanded by Jesus to be watching and praying to be accounted worthy to escape the hour of testing that is coming upon the whole earth to test earth dwellers. Jesus himself taught his disciples via the parables to be ready. We are mandated to prepare our own wedding garments of righteous deeds, in order to enter into the wedding festivities in Heaven. But instead of repenting, and sticking to sound doctrine, and seeking to please God by submitting to his final authority; the WORD of God, these heretics continue to serve their own FLESH, while thinking they are serving the God of the bible. They are DELUSIONAL.

    They are not serving Jesus of Nazareth; the God of the bible. They are self-seeking, worldly Christians who have never truly crucified their own rotten flesh. That is WHY Jesus taught we should “know them by their fruits”. The FRUITS of Christians who labor among us. WORKS. What are they DOING???

    They may be saved, but they are in darkness.

  7. Don,

    Sonce I’ve been reading your blog, I have become much more astute at spotting apostates and their fellowship…you have certainly made me much more aware.

    Its been good for me to broaden my discernment of such things as most Christian teachngs refuse to address such things.

    Also, as far as finding a church that teaches Scripture accurately, I have been lucky to find ‘Chapter by Chapter’, ‘Verse by Verse’, Genesis thru Revelation teachers…many through the Calvary Chapel network.

    It is a pet peeve of mine, personally, to listen to Verse and Chapter jumpers who jump all over the place in Scripture to make Scripture say what they want, out of context. I don’t know how people can learn that way in the first place, I can’t.

    Anyhow, thanks for another thought provoking article that gives us the tools to look at Chrisitan theology with discernment.

  8. Hey Don, great article. I enjoyed reading Dave Hunt through the years and am thankful for your truthful, to the point analysis on these issue now that he’s at complete peace.

    I find great comfort these days with the following words of Jesus.

    God blessings to you,

    John 14:1Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

    2In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

    3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

  9. “About the only thing I think worth getting in deep discussions about is these kind of Christian issues.”

    The Don,

    I definitely agree and if u find someone in your circle that can hold his or her own water at the level you are conveying keep that person around.

    I was reading some of your old articles. I like the one (Many) that’s a opened letter to illegal immigrants.

    Hey, José, you’re going the wrong way! lol very good.


  10. Great article Don, a great deal of food for the soul. We must be reminded of the word’s of Jesus in Matt. 7:13-14. Perhaps some of those practicing shamanism in the name of Christ require some of the truth as the son’s of Sceva found in Acts 19:11-20. May the Lord Bless your blog and as my late son always said “Until all have heard”.

  11. Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your continued discernment, and for your posts. It’s pretty lonely here where I am – I’ve personally lost most of my “Christian” friends in the last year to gay-affirming emergent churches (I’m now a “hater”), or to the NAR movement. One of them is leading SOZO intervention workshops now. (Have you looked into that? Contemplative prayer meets New Age psychotherapy. It’s creepy.)

    I’m so ready for Jesus to take us home. I don’t recognize this place at all anymore.

  12. Hello Don and friends. It’s very comforting and relaxing to hear the truth. No flashing lights, no hysteria, no bull. I have found a few souls who still read our Book and I am grateful for that refuge in the spirit.
    Indeed it’s (if possible) getting wilder out there. I am a singer and I sing for the Lord. I am finding now that there’s many obstacles, whether from the spiritual realms, or what to impede my worship. To stop my ability to do my mission thru real music, no hype, no flashing lights. I pray everyday that the Lord will hold me close as I experience the ongoing slings and arrows. I do love Ps 91. My fear is that I will lose sight of this precious filament of truth. But then I remember God is stronger than dirt.
    Anyway thank you for beaming some light around.

    The song I am working on now is called Door of Everything. It’s about rolling that rock away and not being afraid, leaving the tomb. Cause Jesus did it for us already. We will roll in waves of holiness. But not petacostally!

    Prayers out for all of us seeking the truth. In Jesus name.

  13. I’m not one to comment much on anything but had to say thank you for this article. I’m beyond lonely right now. Although my family lives near a big city, we haven’t been able to find a biblical church fellowship for over 20 years (either in teaching or structure)…lots of Blackaby Experiencing God nonsense throughout and easy believism OR the church is so large there is no shepherd (more closely resembles an inaccessible movie star). There is little or no interest in seeking out truth together from God’s Word, seems they all just want to do the canned studies. I am seen as the trouble maker for going off the “track” of the study material and seeking answers directly from scripture. We have 2 teens and they also feel completely ALONE in this very dark world. But God is our refugee and strength. I will continue to seek for other true believers but until they can be found, will cling to Him and His promises and will spread the good news, even when it seems the seed is falling on hard, infertile soil. Our only job is to follow Him, seek the Will of the Father and to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus, the growth will come from Him. Blessings to all of my brethren. Looking forward to meeting all of you one day!

  14. On a related note,

    I have been seeing a falling away of those who used to believe in a pretribulation rapture. Alot of preachers have been switching to the post tribulation after decades of being pretrib. Why the sudden change?

  15. Hi Jim,

    For the reasons I give in this article and the article I wrote about 5 years ago

    Most of Christendom has been amillennial for most of its existence and that is a form of post millennialism. The main problem with the new evangelicals is that this post modern generation twists the scriptures to mean anything they want, if they even know the scriptures at all. This generation does not want to use the grammatical historical literal hermenutic. They want scripture to conform to their materialist worldview.

    A good segment of those influencing post Millennial Theology such as the NAR and WOF claim to be getting direct revelation directly from God. Even people like Beth Moore are pushing mysticism and hearing directly from God.

    If the churches all believed in Premillennial Theology in the last days, there would be no Harlot. All the error being introduced by the heretics of the post-millennial post-modern post-evangelical evangelicals is helping those in Christendum to join the Harlot.

    Prophecy is being fulfilled literally.

  16. Hi,
    My question after reading this article is: How does a belief in a pre-millennial rapture change matters significantly for Christians?

  17. Hi Lindamew,

    The premillennial believer is always to be prepared for the return of Christ at any time. The imminent return of Christ should foster consciousness of Christ in Christians.

    Those in the Body of Christ do not need to fear going through the Revelation judgments. We see the world is getting more evil and heading for judgment but Christians know God is in total control.

    Premillennial Theology allows Bible prophecy to make literal sense.

    The Christian is told to be watching and waiting for the return of Christ in the Bible. Some Christians are looking for the appearance of the Antichrist and many are railing against authorities (just like Jude said would happen in the last days).

    Post millennials most often want to build the Kingdom on earth now and they get caught up into materialism, presumption and pride. We are not living in the Kingdom on earth.

    The Church is not told to build a kingdom on earth, we are told to preach the gospel to all creatures and to occupy until He comes. That until He comes statement, implies the next prophetic event for the Church is the Return of Christ for His Church.

    The Church is the Bride of Christ. The Lord washed her in His own Blood. There is no tribulation that can make the Bride more worthy than she already is. There is no reason for the Bride to be cleansed through the tribulation (sin in the Church is often a legalistic argument given by some that implies that the Bride needs to go through the tribulation to become spotless before Jesus will take her). Those in Christ are already spotless because they are covered with the blood of the Lamb. It is not what we do but what He did.

    Scripture makes it clear that His people are not appointed to God’s wrath. The Revelation judgments are the wrath of the Lamb and the Wrath of God.

    The letter to the faithful Philadelphia Church says that she will be kept out of the great trial that will come upon the whole earth (Rev 3:10).

    The Rapture is the blessed hope of the Church at all times, and this hope is especially sweet in times of personal tribulation. Believe me, before the Rapture, the whole world will increasingly be quaking in fear because of wars and rumors of wars and evils upon the earth.

    The scripture teaches the premillennial Rapture so Christians should learn about it.

    You might want to read this article.

    Or mine own.

  18. Hi Don,
    Thank you for your reply to me. I will be looking at your links about the pre-millennial rapture. I am thinking that many errors in the church and its’ teaching has been the result of the current falling away of the believer in our day. This great falling away is prophesied in scripture for the last days.
    The believer has not dealt with their sin through the power of the Holy Spirit. They have not been taught the necessity of doing this. Paul’s teaching was concerning the ‘Day of the Lord’ (some in his day were saying this had already taken place.) There is quite a bit of teaching about the kingdom of God in the gospels. There is teaching of a resurrection at the coming of Christ. There is no specific reference to a ‘rapture’ as such but a bodily resurrection in Thessalonians. Jesus does not mention it. His concern was for people entering the kingdom. Righteousness was a huge requirement for the kingdom. Being born again was Jesus’ teaching to Nicodemus to enter the kingdom of God.

    To live in the presence of God does not require a premillenial position for the rapture. Any believer can cultivate this in their lives by speaking to God throughout the day and involving him in their decisions and actions. The fault here in my mind is the church leadership. They have changed the teaching over time in the church as a result of popular ideas and political correctness. The church leadership are the ones who have set themselves up on pedestals or allowed believers to view them in this way. They are the ones who have excluded apostles and prophets and other ministries from among them and have taken on the full responsibility of leading and maturing the saints. They have taken full authority for most things in the church to their own detriment and certainly at the expense of the Christian believer.

    It is the church leaders who entered into materialism by looking to numbers and nickels as the priority in church growth. They are building their own kingdom and I believe are largely ignorant of what they are doing. They are not approachable and they are not teachable in large part. However, it seems that this is changing somewhat. I am hearing more teaching from leaders on the radio about the need to live righteously. Of course this must occur in the power of Christ which requires believers to lay down their old life and its own goals and desires to take on the image of Christ. To do away with their former life.
    These are some of my thoughts at the present time.

  19. Hi lindam,

    I do not take the position that in 2nd Th:2,3 Paul was saying there would be a great falling away from Christ. I think Paul is talking about the departure in the Rapture.
    I explain the arguments in my following article.

    Jesus does not mention the Rapture because the New Covenant Church was a mystery not revealed until the blood price was paid. What Jesus said about the end times was directed toward the Jews.

    If you read the links you should see that Rapture doctrine is clearly supported by scripture. One can argue about the timing but there will be a Rapture. Rapture is simply the Latin word for Harpazo and that is found in Greek scripture. It literally means to snatch away. Paul can speak about this mystery because he was taken to heaven and it was all revealed to him. John confirms it in Revelation 4:1 when he acts out the Rapture of the Church and is taken alive to heaven. Enoch was also a pre-flood example of the coming Rapture for the faithful. It happened before the flood Judgment.

    What you “think” is never a substitute for what scripture teaches. There can be apostasy from the true faith but those in the true faith do not become apostates. True believers do not fall away from Christ.

    Don’t confuse the Law given to Israel in order for them to become a holy nation of priests through which the Messiah would come, with the unconditional New Covenant promises given. After the blood price was paid by the Messiah, all enter in through union with Christ. Jesus made it quite clear that all given to him by the Father would be saved. Peter, Paul, James, John and other witnesses set the scripture foundation to build upon. Nowhere do they teach that a true born from above believer can be lost.

    If great (self) righteousness was a requirement to be saved, no one would make it. Believers sins were imputed to Jesus on the cross and we are imputed with Christ’s righteousness by faith in Jesus to save us from those sins. There is nothing one can do to earn salvation.

    I agree with some of what you said about what is going on in the churches but do not equate institutional churches with the spiritual Church of God. The Church of God is not apostatizing. On the other hand, most of Christendom has never been part of the Church.

    The foundations for the Church has been lain and is found in scripture. There no longer are apostles and prophets in the Church giving new revelation from God. Those that makes such claims are caught up into pride and presumption. They speak things of their own mind as if it came from God. Some of the same leaders that you blame for the problems in the churches are also the ones that claim to be prophets and apostles. I also disagree that blind leaders leading the churches into the ditch are now changing. Blind people never see.

    Sorry, that I have to be so disagreeable, but posting comments in my public forum sometimes requires a response so that others are not misled by what people think.

  20. “They have changed the teaching over time in the church as a result of popular ideas and political correctness”

    This was intentional. To infiltrate the church w/ error to eventually make it not matter in the future & that future is here. Billy graham was a 33 degree mason in the Illuminati. Many of our church leaders are Free Masons. Illuminati created the CIA as well as most of the Bible seminaries in order to propel their agenda to weaken the church.

  21. Don,

    Could you elaborate on what Bill said, April 10, 2016 @ 4:18pm ?

    Is that conspiracy theory nonsense or is there possible validity to what Bill is saying on Billy Graham Mason Status and the CIA / Illuminati connection ?

  22. Bill,

    I keep telling you that you need to get your head out of conspiracy sites. I took down the link to the crazy page you want people to read. Reading that crap and passing it on as truth is breaking the Ten Commandments.

    That lie about Billy Graham has been around for a very long time and it has been thoroughly discredited. Any Billy Graham that may have been on any Mason list is not the Billy Graham that married Ruth and had a son named Franklin. Any Billy Graham on any Mason list was just added by someone for effect or it is a different person.

    Even so, Mason membership has been in decline for a long time. The vast majority of church leaders are certainly not Masons. The few that are Masons, think they are in a good ole boy’s club anyway. I met one or two. They do the first three degrees at best and they do not have a clue what the rituals were about.

    Maybe ten percent of Masons go from 3rd degree to 32 degrees but they can get that all done in just one 8 hour session. Beyond 32 degrees there are the Shriner party animals, They are hardly Illuminati. There are only honorary 33 degree Masons. You get that by being a long standing Mason or by doing distinguished works in the community. The Free Manson Illuminati are mostly a figment of conspiracy people’s imagination.

    Many of our Bible seminaries were started by the Jesuits. They are hardly Masons, and most Masons are not trying to weaken Christian churches. Many masons are members of Christian Churches. Masons do have any path that gets to the lodge theology, but in the Bible belt that path is Jesus.

    The Reverend Billy Graham is not a freemason. The following correspondence to a reader of the Cutting Edge Ministry makes this very clear:

    Subject: Freemason
    Date: Wed, 16 Jul 97 11:23:21 -0500
    From: (Don Kinde)
    Thank you for your e-mail message. We understand your concern about rumors that Mr. Graham is in some way associated with Freemasonry. The reports are erroneous — though we continue to hear them. Mr. Graham is not, has not been and does not expect ever to be involved in Freemasonry. Your help in keeping the record as accurate as possible would be much appreciated.
    Don Kinde
    Christian Guidance Department
    Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

    One possible source of this rumour was Composite Lodge No. 595’s website in Santa Monica, California, USA. The brother maintaining the site reproduced a list of famous freemasons that mistakenly included the Reverend Billy Graham’s name. Once the error was brought to his attention, the list was amended on December 28, 1996. Other masonic websites unwittingly reproduced the list and several years passed before most, if not all of them, were corrected.
    The late Jim Shaw claimed that Billy Graham was present when he was made a 33rd Degree freemason. This is only one of Shaw’s many lies exposed in such publications as Is it True What They Say About Freemasonry?
    On 13 June, 1997 anti-mason and fundamentalist Christian, Steve Van Nattan went on a syndicated Christian Fundamentalist radio talk show, “The Cutting Edge,” to announce his “proof” that Graham was not only a freemason but that the freemasons were trying to hide his membership. The Cutting Edge Ministry subsequentially accepted the denial issued by Billy Graham’s office.

  23. Billy Graham was not a freemason but was he was strongly influenced by Norman Vincent Peale (Guideposts, Power of Positive Thinking) who was.
    Bible for Today quoted Graham as saying in a speech at a National Council of Churches luncheon on 12/6/66, “I don’t know anyone who has done more for the kingdom of God than Norman and Ruth Peale, or have meant any more in my life — the encouragement they have given me” (Hayes Minnick, BFT Report #565, p. 28).

  24. Hi Don,
    Jesus instituted the bread and wine covenant at the last supper. He says that these represent his body and blood which he gives for them. The Bible is written for Jesus’ disciples. If we are to doubt that any part of the Bible was not written for believers we are in trouble. There is an onslaught against the validity and trustworthiness of the Bible in our day.
    Jesus says that if we deny him he will also deny us before the Father. There is teaching about the Jews being removed from the branch (Christ) and we are exhorted as followers of Jesus that if we do not remain in the branch or if we do not bear good fruit we also will be cut off. It states that if the Jews do not remain in unbelief they will be grafted back into the branch.

    Jesus did not come through the line of the Mosaic priests but the kingly line of David through the tribe of Judah. The law is entirely righteous and true but the hearers were unable to keep the law. The law’s rightness will stand forever in the work of the Holy Spirit who has or will write the law in our hearts and minds the Bible says. We are now under the law of the Spirit of Christ. This law or covenant is not unconditional according to scripture. There are many conditions in the word ‘if’ used before a teaching. The Bible states that faith is a gift from God, and there is a condition for salvation, we must believe. Just once at our conversion? I don’t think so. Otherwise faith would not be taught as it is in Hebrews chp. 11. It was through faith that these believers suffered and triumphed in Christ. I agree that we cannot earn salvation but through obedience to Christ. Christ says that we must be born again, this is a requirement.

    We can use the Old Testament scripture for teaching, admonition, encouragement, the scripture says. We look at the natural children of Israel coming out of Egypt. Because of their unbelief they wandered 40 years in the wilderness. All who were over twenty? died in the wilderness and it was their children that went into the promised land. The scriptures say that they died because of their unbelief. They did not enter God’s rest because of their unbelief. This is an example for us. God says that his people perish because of unbelief.

    The glory of God is Christ in us. Where is the true Church of God? Is it not mingled within the institutional churches? Where does one go when they are born again to find fellowship? To church to gather with other like-minded people. Do these somehow obtain teaching that other people there don’t? No,they all sit under the same leader and teacher. They are all subject to the same errors.

    New revelation is not being given but new understanding is being given of the scriptures in our day. Things that we could not understand before are becoming clearer. This is partly happening because we can see what is happening in our world and we know that we are very close to the return of Christ to the earth. Close might mean a couple of years or several decades. We don’t know the day but we can recognize the times.
    This is partly happening because God does give ‘revelation’ or ‘an understanding’ to people who are ready to receive it. This is a gift. This understanding or experience is confirmed by the scripture.

    As there are false pastors there are also false prophets and apostles. A gift from God can still be operating in an individual even if they have embraced error. We see this in scripture when Balaam tried to curse the children of Israel.
    Perhaps what we are learning from our day and time is that we must be prepared to change our thinking, our theology, and our teaching if need be. It is clear that the church and believers have been stumbling around in error for the past twenty years or more. God is working individually in our day with believers and we need to follow and obey what he says to us.

  25. Julie,

    I agree and Billy also had good words for Robert Schullar in his Hour of Power program. Schullar was a disciple of Peale, and so by the way is Donald Trump. And for everyone’s information I am not a Billy Graham supporter. I think his Christian tent is way too big.

  26. lindam,

    I really do not like it when people try to teach theology in the comment section when it is obvious that they really know nothing about biblical hermeneutics or they would not be teaching the errors that they teach.

    All scripture is for Christians to know but all scripture is not written about what Christians should or should not do. For example, some scripture is an historical account, should Christians try to walk the walk? Scripture given about what Job’s friends said should not be taken as truth. And what God told Israel to do so that they could possess the land is not relevant instruction to the Church.

    Yes, Paul says we must stay in belief, but he was talking to all those identifying as Christians. Not all were true Christians. True Christian do stay in belief otherwise they would show that they were not of us by departing from us. True Christians do not deny Jesus. That is an oxymoron.

    By the way, we do not remain in the branch, we remain in the Olive Tree and that is the Abrahamic Covenant. God’s promises to Abraham had no pre-conditions. In fact Abraham was a sinner looking forward for God to keep His promises. And because he did that, it was counted unto him as righteousness.

    According to Paul, Christians are under the law of faith. We cannot keep the Law given to Israel. If anyone could, it would have been Israel but they failed. Jesus had to keep it for us. That is what the good news is all about. Why Christians do not understand that and want to put themselves back under law is beyond me.

    Hebrews chapter 11 is not saying what you think it is. It was written to Hebrews, some of who thought they Christians needed to go back under law. I can’t teach you all that here. I suggest that you listen to the teachings of someone like John MacArthur on the topic. Hebrews certainly was not saying that Christians could lose their salvation. Once one is born from above they are born of the Spirit. They are a new creation in Christ. The Holy Spirit draws people to Jesus and Jesus does not lose any that the Father gives Him. God does not contradict Himself. If we find a conflict, that seems to contradict what God said in other passages the error is our interpretation.

    Israel’s unbelief in their Exodus might be an example for those in Christendom that identify as Christians but then they remain worldly unbelievers. If the Spirit indwells believers, He is able to keep them. Even those Christians practicing flagellant sin in the NT were delivered up to the Devil for destruction of the flesh so that their spirit would be saved.

    God said His people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge – not because of unbelief like you said. Quote scripture accurately. Don’t use it as a tool to just make up what you want to believe.

    I did not say that God does not illuminate scripture. I said there are no prophets or apostles in the Church today. You understand what I said, but in your writings you want to spin what I said. You then say God still gives revelation to people that are ready to receive it but in the next statement you say God can speak through false prophets?

    It is a not right to compare gifts given of the Holy Spirit as He wills to OT pagan soothsayers like Balaam. And you contradict yourself again. They would not be gifts of the Holy Spirit if those that had them were not born of the Spirit. Those born of the Spirit cannot then be unborn.

    I don’t see true Christians stumbling around in error for the last twenty years. Most true Christians are grounded in the word of God. I see a lot of phony Christians that never learned Christian doctrine because they never encountered Christ and never read or understood His word. Instead, They go by their feelings toward the front of a building and think that emotional trip saves them. There is no spiritual rebirth because it is all based on peer pressure and emotions rather than understanding salvation doctrine.

    What you are saying is the same thing the postmodern emergent “Christians” are saying. They are saying we must be prepared to change our thinking our theology, and our teaching if need be. No. Christians need to learn the scriptures in proper context. That gets back to proper exegesis using sound hermeneutics.

    Don’t expect me to keep posting what you THINK

  27. Good to see u back Don.

    I don’t kno what to believe then if u say it’s not true. I googled a lot of different references in that article that checked out. I was just watching one of Grahams reruns (3 weeks ago) thinking he was a good man. Later I was listening to Fritz Springmeier & Timothy Alberino these guys & their peers do a lot of in depth study & on site research.

    I don’t consider these guys nut cases at all. Why would they want to spread bullshit and spend loads of money doing it? Like Alberino says, With all the different conspiracy’s out there never just take any one of them as gospel truth. The only gospel we stand on 100% is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. THATS IT!

    A lot of interesting things checked out but I just need to make sure that I am grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ He is the only one that is for certain. As far as Man goes you can’t really trust anyone. There is a reason that apostasy (the other meaning) has grown in the church to make the church not matter. Infiltration.

    God bless Don

  28. Hi Bill,

    People spread it all over the Internet and many people think what they find all over the Internet has to be truth. Not necessary. Even the Masons say that Billy Graham was never a member. And I am sure they would want to claim someone of his stature Even cutting edge ministries bought into the lie but they have since changed their position. So it it no small wonder why others keep picking it up again if they mainly do their research on the Internet.

    I investigated this myself many years ago and find there is no truth to it. If anyone thinks differently, I say show me the real proof that Billy Graham ever was a Mason. When was he honored with that 33 degree that they claim he has and where? Honors are not given in secret. When Has Billy Graham ever advance the cause of free Masonry?

    It is time for Christians to put this slander about Billy Graham to rest. If they want to attack Billy Graham about something, attack what is true and as Julie point out there is plenty that is true that shows his lack of discernment at best.

  29. Okay Don I’ll take your word and disregard then.

    But actually I wanted to more to point to the possible reason for the church’s decline, the church has definitely been under attack by satan using what ever tools he can at his disposal.

    You do keep it real my man. How’d the move go?

  30. Don & All,

    This following is a news article report from WND (World Net Daily) regarding the latest in our nations dedication to self destruction and blasphemy.

    “The Institute for Digital Archaeology plans to construct approximately 1,000 such versions (to Baal) of the arch in cities throughout the world.”

    Let me get this straight: In America we have court decisions banning most public Christian activities, persecution of Christian business owners, LGBT parades, child sacrifice (abortion), no prayer or teaching of the Bible in schools, no prayer at public events, no public displays of the Ten Commandments, no Christian crosses …

    But we can erect symbols of Baal worship in Times Square?!


  31. Hi Bill,

    What move? Maybe I will actually get to relocate to the new property by this time next week. Of course just me moving there is the easy part of the relocation, the place is furnished.

    Getting the place where I am at now ready to sell is time consuming and expensive. Getting good help is about impossible around here. Contractors are over an hour away and Handymen are as old as I am. They would not be handymen if they ever learned to do a real job. One that I had could not read. Others I had to fire. The one I am looking at now is highly questionable. I don’t know if he can actually do some of the job.

    If one hires young people to do a job, you will find out that they have no work ethnic. The ones not on drugs sit around and stare into their IPAD’s and pick their nose half the day. It is about impossible to find reliable workers. No wonder employers want to bring in people from other countries.

  32. Hi ~David,

    We have become like Canaan and what happened to them? Think about it – most of the world is now doing the same evil that the Canaanites did and the people were destroyed by God. The same thing happened before the flood. We are getting might close to the great tribulation.

    And as Ben Kinchlow says in the article.

    And there’s more: “It turns out that the precise day the reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal are to be erected in Times Square and Trafalgar Square is also the exact day a very important occult festival related to the worship of Baal begins – April 19 – known as the first day of a 13-day period of time known as “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast.” ( bold emphasis mine)

  33. ~David

    Apparently the one in New York City is on hold but the one in London is still going up. If you get Hillary, I am sure Times square will soon have one of its own.

    The important cities to me is Rome and Babylon. I do not think it will be long before the UN is moved to Europe and later to Babylon. They will be electing a new Security General early in 2017 and they are talking about limiting that person to one seven year term. I do not think he/she will be the one that makes the seven year covenant with the many but the one elected in 2024 or 2031 very well could be.

    Why will the UN be moved from New York City? Read my imminent dangers series.

  34. It (Canaan Analogy) certainly appears that way.

    God had His “replacement” for the Canaan land, His Covenant People, The Israelites. There isn’t any replacement for the world this time, except Biblical Prophecy (His Prophetic Promises & Judgments).

    As far as the Baal structures being erected or not as originally scheduled for April 19th…it’s like every other evil, it might be temporarily thwarted, however, it is likely a future endeavor with much worse to come.

    Also Don, in regards to “things to come”…I have been reading your Revelation Commentary, it is giving me much greater understanding of things to come Prophetically…thank you for putting together such an awesome Verse-By-Verse Revelation Commentary.

  35. Thanks ~David,

    There is someone to replace the neo-Canaanites that are now taking over the world. Those mortals that survive the great tribulation and are found worthy to enter into the Lord’s kingdom on earth will possess the earth. As the Bible says, the meek will inherit the earth. Biblically, meek is being like Moses. He communicated with God and obeyed God’s directives.

  36. Hi Don,

    Yea that’s sad kinda funny too, can’t even read. really couldn’t read?

    When u list your place price it at a odd number like.. instead of $149,900 try $149,887 stands out from others in that price range.

    Here’s even a better tip, people qualify in variances like a block of $120 to $150 and $150 to $180 etc. find out the increments for your area & price it to get both groups of qualified buyers. You can stretch out the price to overlap the ceiling & floor of both groups.

    A lot of realtors don’t get this find a seasoned realtor that does.

    My wife is a realtor she does this & increases the flow of qualified buyers for her clients & she knows how to create a bidding war some how she’s the pro not me but I’ve picked up over the years.

    De-clutter big time almost down to nothing (show room) fresh paint smell, lots of lights on, open drapes sunlight.. she’ll even play barely able to hear music you’d be surprised.

    When a buyer needs money for closing they can add it to the price of house and that comes back to them for closing cost. All kinds of stuff u can do.

    Aside from that but what about this ‘Bathroom Law’?? Then u have the Boss cancelling his gig because the Governor not passing it. Your a ‘Guy’ but ‘Feel’ like a women on the inside so that allows u to use a girls bathroom. Insane. My interpretation correct? Right? Am I evil or have hatred because I don’t want my little girl or wife exposed to a pervert wearing a dress & some makeup walking into her bathroom?

    There should be some burly looking men w/ beards & all on purpose to demonstrate the foolishness of this law & go around willing to get arrested, put on makeup & go into women’s bathrooms across the country until there’s an uproar about it. Pick court houses & Washington DC to do this.

    Would that be a good idea? probably wouldn’t help.

  37. Hi Bill,

    I live in the Ozarks in a very rural and poor area that does not have building code enforcement. There are no bidding wars around here. But there are many auctions that sell the run down houses of dead people for about half of their value.

    I am lucky if there will be two or three interested to even look at this property within the year. On the other hand, there is not much to pick from around here that is not junk. Even so, most people around here can only afford poorly built trashed houses. I need to find someone from the big city that has cash and is looking for a country retirement property that does not have to be remodeled.

    Since there are no real comparables the appraisals are a big problem. They mostly just match sq feet and rooms between junk houses built a hundred years ago and a fairly nice house built in this century. Obviously all the old junk houses will pull down the appraisals of the few decent properties around. The real problem selling property around here is for appraisers to consider more than than just rooms and sqft. Appraisers have to please the banks, so they will not budge much. If you put $200,000 into a property, and list it even at a lost. The appraisal still might only come in after the sale at $140,000. That is due to the price of “comparables” that are not comparable at all. Low appraisals does not allow for anyone to get a loan to buy a decent house at all. Even if the buyer thinks it is worth the price your asking, they cannot get a loan for what your selling it for. Meanwhile, they tied up your property in a contract for most of the season.

    I know how to market a house. I have sold several. Here, you can only put so much money into a place to make it look good because you will never get the money back out. I am going to stain the exterior siding and paint the interior. That will cost me another 5 grand that I will never get back. It is about ready for a new roof but I will never get that cost back from an appraiser around here. My rule of thumb that has been pretty reliable is that it takes about 10 perspective buyers to get one reasonable offer.

    Your suggestion that real men should challenge the bathroom law sound good to me. You pee first.

  38. I hear ya, man. I’ll comment more tomorra outa time right now.

    Loved your post! Funny.

  39. Hi Don,

    I couldn’t put on makeup but I could dawn a wig by making it look Jimmy Fallon-ish and have my wife record me walking into a women’s powder room at the courthouse at lunch time then say.. “well I think it would be cruel and deemed hatred at heart to make me use the men’s bathroom because I’m feeling a little femy today”. lol

    I know she wouldn’t dare let me do that but I would in a minute! Damn straight. Get outa jail and go march right back and do it again.

    We need to make a damn stand against these liberal commies.

    PS Actually the bathroom not just powder room. Fancy places have actual powder rooms just before the bathroom. Interesting place to hang out if your single & chasing tail. I did that on purpose in my hay day & the babes were giggling, they loved it. 🙂 I did too!

    At that establishment is how I met my wife, really.

  40. Bill,

    While I do NOT support the Gender Bathroom Bill in any way, shape, or form…I do not think shaming ourselves (with femininity) before God will teach the world anything.

  41. Hi David,

    I would agree that’s why I say do it in a Jimmy Fallon funny kinda way, just to illustrate the point of ridiculousness of the bill.

    God bless

  42. Re: Proposed Baal in NYC & London

    According to national news that the Arch of Triumph, Of Heretic Fire…will come to NYC…Baal Postponed.

    Nothing New Under The Sun…

    Judges 10:6-7
    6 Then the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD, and served the Baals and the Ashtoreths, the gods of Syria, the gods of Sidon, the gods of Moab, the gods of the people of Ammon, and the gods of the Philistines; and they forsook the LORD and did not serve Him.
    7 So the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel; and He sold them into the hands of the Philistines and into the hands of the people of Ammon.

  43. Hi Don,
    This site is for believers or others to express their comments and thoughts about what you have posted. I don’t think it is beneficial to accuse commentors of being in this camp or another camp. There is error in all the camps. Otherwise those in a particular camp of theology in our day would be prospering spiritually and physically. We do not see this to any noticeable extent associated with a church name that believers are affiliated with. There are those who are victorious and many others who are failing in all the Christian camps of theology. The rapture camp has as many Christian believers failing as any other camp of thinking.

    What I mean by ‘those who are ready to receive it’ are those believers who have ears to hear. We can become hard of hearing adhering to particular doctrines. This is the case with the Pharisees in scripture. They absolutely refused any information or theology that did not line up with what they believed and taught the people. Anyone who contradicted them they persecuted, excommunicated and in the case of Jesus – crucified him to death. He was not teaching what they believed the scriptures to be saying.

    In this same way we as believers can miss what God is saying and doing in our day.

  44. Lindam,

    There is error with those that depart from what scripture teaches. Some camps do not even follow scripture. They follow their feelings and messages from God that they made up in their own mind.

    You cannot measure who in Christendom is prospering spiritually by human observation. Who made you the Judge? Further, you are wrong about physically prospering. To say you can measure error in the camps of Christendom by their prosperity is embracing the prosperity gospel heresy.

    There is only one correct scriptural doctrine. There are no pick and choose interpretations. People need to find understanding and they will get doctrine correct. The problem with the Pharisees is that they followed the letter of the Law but they missed the spiritual aspect and replaced it with their traditions. They followed blind ritual like most in Christendom today rather than looking to the scripture to find understanding.

    Jesus refuted the Pharisees with scripture. He refuted them with correct doctrine. We are told to do the same. For you to say we should not do that is contrary to God’s word. Note, that Jesus did not refute the Pharisees by telling them what He thought, like you do. He refuted them using God’s word.

    Look Linda, some Christians should be teaching because they are trained in the word and some should be learning. You are of the latter. Stop trying to teach me what you think on my blog. What you think is often wrong. What you say just does not line up with what the foundation builders taught in scripture. In other words, you have little understanding of scripture.

  45. Hi Don,
    I say that you can tell who is prospering spiritually, as does the scriptures. We can judge them by their fruit, the Bible says. Believers are to judge and they are to test the spirits, this is also scriptural. If you require the scripture book and verse for this idea of believers judging and testing I will provide it.
    You are interpreting what I post here through colored glasses. You already have it all figured out in your mind and you are closed to anyone challenging you. Having looked over one of the links you provided me for the ‘rapture’ doctrine, your reasoning is very flimsy based on interpreting the word ‘fall’ in Thessalonians as meaning ‘rising’ . This is suspect, Don. You have to have more than that.

  46. Lindham,

    If you read the full context about knowing them by their fruits, you would see that Jesus is talking to Jewish followers about how to determine who are false prophets. He is not saying that you can judge who are or are not Christians by their fruits. The blood bought spirit born Church did not even exist at the time. You proof text or cherry pick scripture to make it conform to what you think it should say.

    I am criticizing what you said here by what God’s word actually says. You on the other hand are just telling us what you think, as if what you think is truth. It is not. My teaching here is based on tens of thousands of hours of study and learning under many biblical teachers but your presumptions are based on what you think and not bothering to learn.

    If you looked at one of the links, why have you not looked at the link to the article that I wrote on the Rapture and gave you? What I said is not based on interpreting the word “fall”. My arguments for the Rapture are much more detailed than that. Here it is again.

    You fail to study to show yourself approved and then you say the Rapture is not taught. It certainly is taught. Anyway I am done with you on this. I do not try to teach the unteachable.

  47. Amen! Don,

    I’m glad u posted your write up on the rapture. I’m reading it.

    Ya, the new age pagans are even preparing for it w/ their lies trying to claim credit for the missing souls that will suddenly vanish, then they say, don’t worry if your not part of this first group… Insane

    Here’s a quote, I saved some of them.

    “There is a method and great organization in a detailed plan already near completion for the purpose of removing souls from this planet, in the event of catastrophic events making a rescue necessary…”

    “The Great Evacuation will come upon the world very suddenly. The flash of emergency events will be as a lightning that flashes in the sky…”

    “So suddenly and so quick in it’s happening that it is over almost before you are aware of it’s presence…”

    Wow.. Here’s this one.

    “Do not be concerned nor unduly upset if you do not participate in this temporary lift-up of souls who serve with us now…”

    “This merely means that your action in the plan is elsewhere, and you will be taken for your instructions or will receive them in some other manner…”

    “Do not take any personal affront if you are not alerted or are not a participant in this first phase of our (ya right) plan. Your time will come later, (Most likely will be in the lake of fire) and these instructions are not necessary for you at this time.”

    If there is NO Rapture then why are the New Agers talking about it so much???

    To ensure that u are part of this elite group of souls in the “lift-up” align your heart w/ Mathew 5:8

  48. Hi Bill,


    Decades ago some new age leaders claimed that those that are blocking man’s spiritual evolution and great leap forward (inflexible fundamental Bible believers) will be removed from the Planet.

    I am sure Satin has the answers why true Christians are removed and He and His angels have come to earth. It is really simple, through the Beast and False Prophet he will claim to be the most high God and claim that he can defeat the hostile YHWH God of heaven.

  49. Hey Don,

    You think that was interesting? Check out this nonsense..

    Yes I would say we are getting close. Praise the Lord.

    They take my comments down because I tell people how to receive Jesus & that Jesus is Lord & is coming & so forth.

  50. Bill- That was pretty mind blowing. If you did not understand the scriptures (Lindam – take note because understanding scripture is continuous learning/ comparing scripture with
    scripture not taking scripture and adding opinion) you could easily get sucked into this
    Thanks for the link – interesting that they don’t tell us how they came about this new found

  51. Hi donni,

    So many people are completely lost & anything that has a resemblance of truth they grab onto it but reject thee truth. Maybe because it’s too simple? I think it’s more of people want their cake (sinful life) & eat it too. (Have happiness) It’s really getting crazy out there.

    What those star children really are is Genesis six in modern day. The children of the Nephelim being fallen angels which is the Rephaim’s . They even admit and boast that they are not 100% human which they are not.

    We are living as in the days of Noah. Literally.

  52. Hi donni,
    I’ve by-passed alot of nonsense in my time of being a believer. I have never agreed with the ‘positive confession movement, the grace movement, the over the top Toronto blessing and Florida blessing, I am not ‘Word of Faith’ as it is taught in this movement. I don’t follow televangelists and never have so it is very unlikely that I will fall prey to the New Age teaching that you mention.

  53. Lindam – Sigh! I wasn’t accusing you of being a victim of the new age crap. I was accusing you of having little knowledge of the Bible. If you are a true born again you are on the milk bottle but think you are a meat eater.
    I urge all of us to pray for you and you also pray to God that he soften your heart and open your heart to the truth and mysteries of the Bible. I have been studying the bible for 10-15 years and I am still learning. There are few gifted men such as Don out there. I feel God has led you to him for a reason. Google any subject and then Don Koenig and you can read one of his many articles. He is spot on and knows the scripture. Another good teacher that teaches the Bible verse by verse from Genesis to Revelation is
    Don – I am so sorry I am off topic. If you do not approve this comment I get it (it is my last one on the subject).

  54. Don,

    My sister ignorantly bought a painting she found at a garage sale of a temple of Hathor from a guy that stayed in India for 3 months to paint it. She’s Mesmerized by it & likes to stare at it supposedly.

    She’s a Christian listens to her Bible every day but yet goes out & buys a goddess temple painting. Out of lack of wisdom obviously.

    I haven’t spoke to her yet about it but I’m wondering what to tell her specifically w/ out going all over the place on it causing her not to heed my warning. How would you say specifically with scripture about how that’s a bad move? If u would help me out here please.

    Thanks you,


  55. Bill,

    I hope you know that I am not Ann Landers.

    Maybe she is just attracted to an interesting building design. If it does not have any spiritual meaning for her, I would not worry about it. You might just tell her you do not think it is a good Christian witness to hang pictures of pagan temples in her house. That of course would include hanging pictures of buildings like St. Peter’s Basilica or Lakewood “Church” etc.

  56. Hi Don, Ann Landers… heehheeehhee that was good. I loved it.

    I hear ya. Not a good idea, probably was more so attracted to the building design etc. But that just shows how people lack discernment and that’s how the devil slithers himself in nonchalantly, harmlessly.

    I think I may of preached enough of ‘WARNING’ to my mom when she told me about it. I guess I’m over the top in the things of God because I was appalled a Christian would bring a pagan temple (painting) home and not even think nothing of it.

    Thanks Don. God Bless you brother.

    PS. Those options to click to notify of responds are not showing up for some reason now? That’s why it was a few days to respond this time I didn’t get a notice in my email.

  57. It looks like Jet Pack plugin deactivated the sign up feature for some reason. I just reactivated it, but you may need to sign up again if you want notifications.

    Now I wonder if doing that will screw up something else on the blog? By the way, anyone can now subscribe to future postings on this blog from the top of the sidebar without ever making a comment.

  58. Hello Bill,

    I think pagan symbolism is all around us.

    Look at the Nike “Swoosh” symbol.

    It is a design supposedly from the wings of the Greek goddess for Victory.

    On the other side of things, common sayings like…”read the writing on the wall” (Babylon), head on a silver platter” (John The Baptist), and many more popular sayings come from ancient Biblical facts.

  59. Hi David,

    Thanks for that. I totally agree & it’s all around us were becoming more & more like Sodom and Gomorrah. The frustrating part is we see people being synthetized and when you merely point certain things out you suddenly are a little bit outside the fringe.

    The cool thing is my wife, even though she refutes the stuff (At the time)calls me “outside the fringe” but over time she is now pointing various things out to Me that we see in commercials & shows, she’ll gasp lol

    In love I keep bringing her a little more into deeper waters w/ truth, she’ll kick & scream tell me I’m crazy but it sticks. Case in point.. she came home from catholic church, I asked her how was the sermon? She was desponded because they were talking about ‘confessionals for Saturday’ then admitted she “didn’t feel right” about that. That’s because She Knows the Truth & recognizes the error now.

    Some of the seeds are taking ahold. This blog is becoming a refuge for me.

    PS. I never call it a Mass I refer to it as a sermon, even to the priest which I never call him father either, just “hey there” or by his first name. He’ll make a biblical remark meant to be funny that goes w/ his sermon & i’ll be the only one laughing (because of the content) and no one gets it! They sit there square faced, dull. They’ll look back @ me confused & me & priest are the only one’s laughing. Place is dead.

    Oh ya, when I hear a good point I like to say out loud ‘Amen’ not too loud I kno my environment, the wife will tell me “we don’t do that here” ..well u should!

  60. So Bill…

    You have a problem with a picture of a pagan temple hanging in your house but you will hang in a Catholic Church with your wife and just call the Mass something other than the pagan ceremony that it really is?? You have a problem calling the priest father, but you do not have a problem calling him a priest??

  61. Since u put it that way I guess so. What can I do? I was already going before I got real and now I’m real w/ God and it hurts my wife that I don’t go there but once in a while I’ll go for her. I’m in a situation here.

  62. Bill,

    Where do you go to fellowship? The man is suppose to be priest of his household you know. Even so, I am quite aware that woman have taken over man’s role these days.

    You might tell her that following the Roman Catholic religion is not going to get her saved and you appeasing Catholic religiosity is not going to get her saved. Then run for the hills.

  63. Are you unhappy or something? You run for the hills.

    Follow up: I know she’s saved, I heard her say the sinners prayer when we were both watching Charles Stanley. I make sure my wife gets the truth the error is falling to the way side. She has been catholic her whole life. I am the priest of my house hold, man of the house. That u can take to the bank. Just because I let her go & I accompany her at times doesn’t meant I’m not.

    God Bless you Don

  64. What do you expect me to say? That you should both keep going where the blind are leading the blind? I know People love their religion and don’t like change but humans cannot enter heaven without change (being born from above spiritually). So you have a choice to make. You might know the way to salvation and go to heaven when you die and find out your wife never found the way because she was practicing a false gospel, or you might tell her the path to salvation and have to run for the hills if she starts throwing things at you. You might read these articles.

  65. Don,

    Practically has thrown things at me, dang near. Going off on me but I stick to the truth. I’m always correcting the garbage of the new age propaganda that she picks up at times.

    The end time stuff scares her & that’s the reason for her kicking & screaming but it sinks in after awhile. Do u think the Mark of the beast mandatory sign up could happen before the rapture?

    I’m reading those post, too.

    Well, before the rapture it won’t be mark of the beast but could be the ‘system’ for it. But mandatory yet, buy & sell system..

  66. Saying the sinners prayer does not make one saved. Churches are filled with people that said the sinners prayer but they deny the gospel in many ways. Faith in what Jesus did and what Jesus will do for those that trust in Him is what saves people. If one is saved, why look to the Catholic Church for anything? They claim that you have to keep rules of their church, earn merits, and you have to do good works to earn your own salvation etc. This is not the gospel once given.

    There is a Harlot identified in Revelation 17. The Roman Catholic Church fits the narrative. She has added Babylonian practices and its priesthood to the gospel.

  67. “Faith in what Jesus did and what Jesus will do for those that trust in Him is what saves people.”

    I know she’s got that straight in her understanding. She can explain it to me and she now brings up ‘Jesus’ in her conversations w/ trusting in Him & so forth. She repeats a lot of stuff I’ve been preaching to her from over a few years now. She knows u can not earn your way by being good, she use to think that!

    I do want to find a church more suitable but all in due time, the Lord will help me in that.

  68. Bill,

    The Mark of the Beast does not exist before the Beast. Yes the general buy/sell system most likely will be under development before that, but it does not become the mark of the Beast before the Beast appears and the angel announces that taking it is forbidden. The Beast is in the last 3 1/2 years. He rises after the Rapture.

  69. Don – this is my fourth post. Every time I create a post you post the same thing (like the sinners prayer). That was the exact article I found to send to Bill (on pagan churches). You guys just post faster than I do (lol). I was actually looking for an article on the book of Acts when I found that article. The transition from law (Jewish people) to grace (mostly gentiles). I think people get that salvation is Faith plus Nothing but I am not sure they understand what it is that makes up that faith. People fail to use 1 Corinthians 15 (1-4).
    I for one have a hard time understanding the beginning of Acts. Mainly Pentecost. Is it 1,2 or 3 days. Is it 7 weeks from Easter Sunday or Passover Sunday? How do they determine when Easter is (I thought the first Easter was during Passover?)
    Anyway – you may have an article on Acts that I cannot find?

    Bill – I was going to send you the same link and suggest you find a church (place of assembly) to go to that might be in line with biblical doctrine. After a month if you like it then make a deal with your wife. Every other week you go to each others churches. Then after 2 months stop going to the catholic church even if she refuses. If she truly gets what she is suppose to believe it is hard to imagine her not giving up the catholic church. Maybe hearing proper doctrine from someone other than you might help the situation.
    My husband was raised in the catholic schools and now hates the idea of any church or any biblical learning. Slowly I guilt him into going every now and then. I think he is coming around but I cannot find a true biblical church (the one he likes right now is Baptist and
    all I can do is clarify on what the pastor says -( baby steps I guess). If I knew what city you lived in I could look for you.

  70. That’s what I thought but I was just wondering if they’ll try and make people do a mandatory National Registry w/ chips in hand. That’s where I would sit her and other people down and be explicit.. You Are Not taking It!

    Hi Donni,

    Thank you. That’s a good idea to gradually switch like u explained. I’ve thought about it too. The way I’ve been handling it was to get my sermons from 3 individuals on tv Sunday morning.. David Jerimiah, Michael Youssef, Charles Stanley. I got a basket of other preachers I enjoy. Then let her go to church, she sits and listens to them w/ me most of the time. They help me w/ end times, she hears it from those guys.. kinda helps me.

    I do need to start pressing it a little though…

    I hafta check out for tonight, go eat. take care everyone.

  71. Bill,

    Calvary Chapels are full of former Catholics and they teach through the scripture. I was raised and educated Catholic so I know all the practices that they add.

  72. I know there will likely be alot of opposition to this but I just have to throw in my thoughts on the sinner’s prayer, since this is a comment section after all. According to scripture, our prayers do not save us. Our attempts to “conjure up” faith do not save us. We are quickened by the Holy Spirit, our dead souls are raised by Him and our faith itself is a gift of God through Jesus Christ. How could a dead soul have faith? It is His work. He chooses us. Christians will say with confidence that it is not their works that saved them, yet they are relying on their “work” of faith to earn salvation. While it is necessary for us to have faith in order to be born again, that faith is a precious gift that we could not have known if not for his mercy. He is sovereign. So often, one or two verses are cherry picked by teachers to demonstrate how to become a believer through our faith while the rest are neglected, tainting the message of salvation. Those who are His realize that being saved means taking up our cross and following him, dying to self, seeing things spiritually, not physically because we are now spiritually alive through him. Belief in Him means belief in all He said and all He expects of His followers. It is costly, bought with a price, we are no longer our own. We did not do this through our own means, our own faith. It was truly His work. I will send a separate comment with scripture to back up these statements. There is nothing worse than “i feel”,'”i believe”, “my thoughts” statements without scripture to back those up. Let me clarify that I am essentially a”nobody.” Just someone who spent the last 30 years prayerfully studying scripture (often through tears and agony) to know Him and His truth. I attended only one year of bible college so I am no “scholar” but I know that the Bible is there for even me. I know that His truth is available to those who earnestly seek Him. And that happens to be my greatest credential.

  73. List of passages to accompany my comment as promised.

    John 6:44-45
    Galatians 1:15
    1 Corinthians 12:3
    1 cor 2:14
    Eph 2:1
    Eph 2:4
    John 5:21
    John 15:16
    John 15:5
    Acts 16:14
    col 2:13
    1 john 5:20
    rom 8:5
    Phil 2:13
    Rom 3:10
    Rom 8:7-9
    Rom 10:17
    Rom 9:10-21 (very sobering passage, puts humans in their rightful place of complete submission and humility)
    Heb 12:2
    eph 3:16-17
    matt 16:15-17 (great illustration of His work being done in us, not faith of our own will, our faith comes from Him)
    I Cor 2
    John 14:6-21
    I pet 2: 9
    2 pet 3:3
    1 pet 1:2
    Rom 1:7
    I Thes 1:2-4
    I thes 2:4
    Acts 4:28
    Rom. 8:29
    Eph. 1:4-5
    Eph. 1:11
    John 13:18
    1 Corinthians 1:18 
    James 1:21

  74. Can I just use this forum to express how grateful I am that God chose me, totally undeserved, through no merit of my own? I’m so grateful for His mercy and for His sovereignty. In a world of opinions, falsehoods, self exaltation, darkness and evil, His righteousness and laws are never changing. I find so much comfort in that. It is this comfort I want to share with a lost world. Give praise to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.

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