President Donald Trump declares America bankrupt in 2018?

President Trump declaring America bankrupt and announcing that in 2018 is of course totally hypothetical. Even so, it is very possible for that to happen because someone soon will have to declare America bankrupt. Who better qualified to negotiate the financial restructuring of the United States than someone who has gone through multiple bankruptcy experiences? Is Trump a man born for such a time as this? Donald Trump’s resume in bankruptcy is quite impressive.

Trump Resume:

  • 1991, Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 1992, Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City, Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 2004, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts, Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 2009, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Chapter 11 bankruptcy
In all cases, the Trump enterprises could not make the payments on the debt so the debt had to be restructured or investors would have lost everything. Trump lost most of his own ownership stake and control of these properties in the negotiations but the debt was restructured.
After a company goes through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and survives, it does have a chance of becoming great again. Maybe taking America into bankruptcy restructuring is the most realistic way to make America great again. Trump, probably thinks that will not be necessary if he is elected President. However, I think he will find out differently when America finds itself back in recession in 2017. Then you might hear the slogan “Obama lied and the economy died”!
America is about 200 trillion dollars in debt if you count the unfunded liabilities. There simply is no way for this nation to pay what was promised. America cannot pay much of its future liabilities and is technically bankrupt. The restructuring of America will have to be renegotiated and it will be painful for all.

Enter President Donald Trump:

Trump gets into office and inherits the 2017 recession. By 2018, Trump declares America bankrupt because “Obama lied and the economy died”. Trump tells the taxpayers, the debt holders, and those expecting entitlements that all will have to make concessions and negotiate a great deal to make America solvent again. The following might be some of Trump’s hypothetical proposals along with some of his hypothetical explanations (in parentheses) as to why.

Trump’s common sense plan for America’s financial restructuring.

  • Cut all entitlements 10 percent immediately and cut them by one percent more each year for 10 years. (That one percent would just be one percent less than the CPI inflation rate.)
  • Eliminate early Social Security retirement at 62 for those over 52. (People are healthier and live longer than when this was enacted.)
  • Gradually raise retirement age to 70 by 2035. (People are healthier and live much longer than when this was enacted.)
  • Very strict rules to qualify for Social Security Disability. (Vocational rehab and incentives for employers to make accommodations for disabilities would replace the current state of paying people to sit and vegetate.)
  • Raise minimum pay to $15 an hour over three years to get low-income people off Federal assistance programs. (Either taxpayers subsidize those with low-income or businesses will have to actually pay them a living wage. In the first instance, taxpayers pay and in the second, it is passed on as higher prices to consumers. There is no free lunch, even at MacDonald’s. The government should not be buying people’s votes with your taxes)
  • Eliminate any federal contribution to unemployment insurance. (You’re just going to have to take one of those $15 an hour minimum wage jobs until you can find something better.)
  • Get rid of those millions of illegals for good. (If we stop giving them assistance, and if we do not allow employers to hire them, they will go home all by themselves.)
  • Cut the number of people receiving food assistance costs by requiring adults receiving it to do some community service in return. (I think it says somewhere in the Bible that if someone will not work they should not get to eat.)
  • Eliminate Medicare, Medicare, Obamacare, VA care, and go to a single payer health system that limits the one payer medical costs to about 10 percent of GNP. (You could still supplement this system with your own private insurance, cash or even charity support.)
  • Reduce prison population by half by letting out most low-level non violence offenders. (We need to modify the war on drugs. Government should target high level criminal enterprises not the small fry. Trying to stop users that abuse drugs is an expensive losing war when half the population uses chemicals. It mostly militarizes local police forces.)
  • Establish a one percent national sales tax. (Everyone should have some skin in the game.)
  • Restructure the entire federal tax code to increase government revenue by 10 percent. (We will do that without hurting American businesses.)
  • A five percent one time wealth tax on net worth over 5 million. (It could be paid over 10 years. And the rich could avoid the tax entirely by creating new jobs that bring the government equal new tax revenue over those ten years.)
  • Cut federal government employees by 20 percent by eliminating and consolidating agencies and making government more efficient. (There is a lot of waste in government and we can no longer afford a government so big.)
  • Freeze government salary and pension increases to CPI minus one percent for the next 10 years. (Federal employees get paid much more than those doing similar work in the private sector.)
  • Cut defense costs by 20 percent over ten years by restructuring and other common sense efficiencies. (For example: close most overseas military bases. All American bases should be removed from Europe and Korea. What are we still doing there? They have plenty of wealth to take care of themselves. The military needs less support people, less politically correct social engineering types, less commissioned officers. What it does not need is to have women in combat positions. The Military needs more non-commissioned special forces, more nuclear forces, more high-tech energy weapons development. Make the military lean and very mean but bring most of our people back home after a war is over.)
  • A 25 percent tariff on imported energy products. (It will not only collect revenue, it will help America develop its own resources to become totally energy independent.)
  • Put a 5 percent tariff on products from Mexico. (We will only do that until the wall is paid for.)
  • Proportional tariffs on nations that export to America more than 10 percent of what they import from America. (Letting nations like China rip us off is not fair trade.)
  • Deregulation of many things that made American companies uncompetitive and less productive. (The federal government does not need to be in everybody’s business)

Some of that might sound liberal, but Trump is old school liberal within his common sense capitalist ways. Trump is not a Communist like those that took over the Democratic Party.

A plan like this could reduce federal government outlays by 1/4th and increase government revenues about 15 to 20 percent. That would more than balance the budget. Would it make America solvent again. Sure. Will it pass congress? Some of this would have to occur anyway if a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution were passed or some impending debt default forced Congress to take action.

When Trump declares America bankrupt in 2018 and restructures the financial system is that going to make America great again? Not unless other changes are also made that reestablishes morality, strong families, real education, work ethics, patriotism, integrity, parental rights, rule of law and God. Only God can make America great, but most in America have no room for God or they have an American idol in place of the real God. Ted Cruz is actually the best choice to lead the fight for the positive changes in values but Donald Trump is more likely to get the popular support needed for restructuring.

No matter who you vote for, some of this or even more than this will be required to make America solvent again. Donald Trump is the King of Bankruptcy and Trump very well could be ruling America during America’s bankruptcy and restructuring. Donald could even be America’s first and last king.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


President Donald Trump declares America bankrupt in 2018? — 48 Comments

  1. Don:
    God Bless you for this timely article. I hadn’t read Trump’s plan for restructuring.

    Please give your insights on how to stop wall street and investment banks from using We the People’s money in credit default swaps etc. How do we end ‘To Big to Fail? Should we hold them criminally responsible?

    What about vocations that are dangerous and it is not safe to Work until 70?

    Thank you

  2. Don,

    Here’s a side thought, in just his last name it may be a ‘sign’ The Last Trump!

    The Trumpet of God will only be heard twice on Earth. The first time was at Mt. Sinai when the Law was given (Exodus 19:16) and the last time will be at the rapture (1 Thes. 4:16). (Hence the name “Last Trump”.) Both are accompanied by the audible voice of God and both create a Kingdom.

    This did occur to me some time back.


  3. Don,
    This is way too logical and it makes to much sense for the typical Democrat.
    They need flowery stuff and free cell phones don’t you know!
    The points you made are very logical and it would be a dream for them to happen. I look for His soon return to call us up to meet Him in the air!

  4. Dorrene,

    Trump has no plans for restructuring. The list in the article is some of what I think Trump would come up with if he had to declare America bankrupt. The article is based on my view of Trump’s pragmatism and his deal making abilities.

    Increasing the social security age to 70 by 2035 makes nobody work in in a dangerous occupation or anywhere else until they are 70. They just would not be able to collect social security until they reach 70. Those with private pensions would still collect them when they qualify. For example Military and Police often retire from their occupations after 20 or 30 years. Some are under 50.

    How do you stop banks and investment firms from gambling with our money? Don’t invest your money with them and don’t bail them out when their bets go bad. People need to save more at Community Banks and Credit Unions that lend to the community. Let’s face it, mutual funds and retirement funds invest with these financial institutions because they can get higher returns. Investment houses speculate because they will lose customers if they do not outperform the other guy. Higher returns always means higher risks. Some retirement funds let you option for less speculation. People nearing retirement should always take the safest options.

  5. Wow. This makes total sense. Before we can ‘Make America Great Again’ we have to “Make America Solvent Again”. Of course. Who better than The Donald to negotiate the Art of the Deal on behalf of America? He probably would be able to get the job done, but what a tornado he’d be. He’d wreak utter havoc every step of the way. It’d be a nightmare to live through.

    He’d have to win the nomination first, which I don’t think is likely to happen, since he can’t seem to stop stepping on peoples toes, or keep himself from inserting that foot of his in his own mouth. He needs to stop acting like a whiny, spoiled brat. I can’t stomach him anymore. Just when I think he’s making progress, he reinserts that foot of his again. Ugh.

    Hillary will most likely be elected president of 2016. Dreadful thought.

  6. Regarding all the social ills (such as drug usage mentioned above, but I refer to many more) and all the expenses that cost the populous, the only solution is Jesus Christ (I’m not about to sugar coat this with politically correct “W” Bush phrasing such as “faith based”).

    If the populous turned to Jesus Christ (confess, repent), it would put the corrupt “higher courts” out of business.

    Satan (and anti-christ, false prophet) is otherwise attempting mission impossible to keep any semblance of society and it all crumbles along the way, from the two witnesses and the 144,000 witnesses and the wrath judgments — alas, Satan’s agenda is death, so the notion of “society” is only a superficial concern, and Satan is ultimately obsessed with total control in the last days.

    Off topic, if you’ll allow (not entirely off topic) — The timing of the death of Scalia (God appointed, one way or another… as for all) seems to me as a sign that the downfall of America (however that may occur, including financials as this article pays homage to) is being “fast tracked”. Just my opinion.

  7. Hi Don,
    Most of the world countries is literally bankrupt ! l thought America owned China 17.3trill. But you mentioned 200 trill. That means America belongs to THESE OTHERS, BECAUSE AMERICA CANT PAY Up . The same with Greece , belong to the EU. Contries is been sold by politicians , because they don’t run their countries with love for the land and the people !

  8. Hi Freddie,

    America does not owe China that much. We owe them about $1.2 or 1.3 Trillion. Most of our debt is owned to ourselves and the entitlements are future liabilities promised to ourselves.

  9. Don,
    Why can’t we the people BOYCOTT the products coming from China and all the TPP countries? Let the traitors in congress and the big business manipulators be left holding the ships full of unwanted goods. We could start a serious buy a USA product first program. We did it during WW2!
    There is a good documentary available ‘The High Cost of LOW Prices’.
    Every block have a Victory Garden.etc!
    God Bless All of You

  10. Dorrene,

    We can but won’t because people now buy at places like Walmart and Amazon because they have the lowest cost products. And these stores have the lowest cost products because they buy their stuff from countries that produce stuff the cheapest. If you think you can get people to pay a lot more for products make in the USA you are probably are not living in the real USA. It is easy to say boycott, but if cheap products get on the shelves Americans are going to buy them.

  11. I do not believe we will have to worry about the above scenario if Trump wins. I believe history repeats itself and we seem to be living in the 1930’s leading up to WW2. If you even look at graph lines of our stock market, it is uncanny at the similarity. I have to wonder if Trump is elected and we have a catastrophic terrorist attack or numerous smaller attacks if he will use this as an excuse to persecute the Muslim population in America. Obviously not in the same manner as the Jews were slaughtered but I can imagine this Godless population committing heinous acts of revenge with Trump’s administration adding fuel to the fire. Imagine the irony of Jews and Muslims swapping places in WW3 as the victims of a new holocaust, these terrorist attacks will be happening simultaneously in Europe with the same revenge attacks on Muslims by the Godless citizens that make up most of Europe. I hope I am wrong but one third of the world’s population will be removed according to our Fathers Word. Glad to be in the Lamb’s Book of Life and I will rest in His hand this next decade when the majority of the world will be gnashing their teeth and do not even realize how much worse is in store for them eternally.

  12. Hi Don,

    I am a young Christ believer. 15 months ago the Lord blessed me with deep faith, and discernment. Increasingly I find that it is more useful and clear to simply say Christ believers. Before that I had been agnostic, by then 26 years old and steeped in leftism and humanism from childhood through college, basically I am very happy to have come out from that and I praise God.

    As someone who is a little over 1 year old in Christ, you being someone who is over 40 years in Christ, I only want to say thank you. Thank you and thank you for what you do. I found this web ministry by way of search terms ~ which comes first Psalm 83 war or Ezekiel 38 war. I see that you have deep faith, biblical knowledge, and discernment.

    It sure seems that many non-Christians and so-called “Christians” are losing their minds. Christ believers have had an authentic salvation encounter with the Holy Spirit. That many so-called Christians have not, that I think is far too painful for mainstream Christians to accept it. Moreover that a great many show zero discernment, it really is shocking.

    It reminds me of the five in ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) who get left behind, they look clearly to be unbelievers. They received the wedding invitation yet they weren’t ready and they had no oil. I have seen some people try and twist that into a false teaching on partial rapture theology and/or salvation by works. Correctly you caution people to be careful what they buy into.

    Anyway that is what I wanted to say, a word of thanks and encouragement. Keep up the great work. Best wishes,


  13. I believe that the god of this world is satan and that his religion is islam. I think that allah is none other than satan himself. I don’t think he will attack his religion. All of history shows persecution of the jews and christians. particularly the jews. The Bible says that in the day of Jacobs trouble, two thirds of the jews will be slaughtered. I don’t see where the muslims are being slaughtered in this, I see them doing the slaughter.

  14. Hi Steven,

    Actually, the Bible teaches that a lot more than one third of the people will be killed in the tribulation. A third will be killed under just one judgment. Another speaks of 1/4th. And there many other judgements where people will die. The Bible says that 2/3rds will be killed in the land of Israel. I would think that it will be double for the Gentiles. In other words probably only 1/6th will live through the tribulation.

    Even so, for reason that I already wrote about elsewhere that is not going to happen in this next decade. Maybe in the following one.

  15. Hi Don,

    Satan is the God of all false religion. That includes pseudo Christianity. Many now in Islam may join with the Antichrist after God allows the strong delusion but the religion of the Antichrist is not Islam. The whole world comes against Israel not just what are now Muslim nations. However, there is no reason why there cannot be a war of civilizations before the time of Jacobs trouble.

  16. Don, I agree that satan is the god of all false religions, however, Islam is a religion that has it’s followers worshiping allah, bowing down to him several times a day. He has them de-capitating Christians and anyone who will not submit to Islam. I don’t think this happens with pseudo Christianity, Buddhism,or other religions. I believe there is a difference with Islam and we are in the midst of “A tale of two cities”, Jerusalem and Babylon. I think satan’s main force on earth is Islam and he loves all of the bowing down to worship him. After all, isn’t that what he really wants?
    I also agree with you that there can and will be wars of civilizations prior to the time of Jacob’s trouble.
    I enjoy your blog!

  17. Thank you for your articles, Don. I look forward to reading them every week. I find this one particularly interesting. I really love reading your thoughts on topics, because you seem to “get it right” as far as Bible doctrine is concerned, which is most important. Not that my opinion counts for anything, because it doesn’t. All I care about is God and His Word being truth, and you present your opinions according to His truth.

    If Trump did those things I can only imagine people rioting. Trump may be a financial conservative, but he is a liberal socially. Now, if Trump did get into office and accomplish anything he said he promised, I can’t help but believe that God is giving us only a four year grace period. The book of Revelation clearly depicts how everything will end up. I can’t help imagine Trump being anything more than another Obama. Having said that, I can see Trump becoming President because if the choices come down to Hillary and Trump, I honestly believe the people will vote for the lesser of two evils.

    I like Trump being referred to as the last “Trump.” I thought that was very clever and cute. Hopefully, that is Prophetic and the Church is removed in the next year or two, at latest. I’m getting homesick. On a side note, I know you firmly believe that the Ezekiel 38 war will happen in the next decade or after that, but in your opinion how long before the Tribulation do you think it would be probable that the Church is removed? I’ve been researching a lot about this, and from what I gather, there might be a large gap of time (10 – 15 years) from the Rapture until the beginning of Tribulation. Any comments on that?

  18. Don P,

    According to the Bible the Antichrist is going to claim to be above anything called God. He is not going to share his glory with some Allah that does not even exit.

    Pseudo Christians killed millions of Christians when the Roman Catholics had Dominion Theology in practice in Europe and the Bible indicates that the Whore will again be fornicating with the kings of the earth at the end. Buddhism also kills Christians.

    Muslims do not believe they are bowing down to worship Satan as Satan. Religious deception from Satan is really about denying the role of the Son of God, not that there is no God in heaven. Satan never denied that there is a God in Heaven. He does not even do that when the Antichrist appears. He just leads a rebellion against the God of Heaven He hates by trying to stop the one God appointed to rule in his place.

    The world has always been in a battle between the God of creation and god of the lie now represented by Jerusalem and Babylon. That does not mean Babylon is Islam. It is pagan. More Likely Pantheism will be the claim in the end. This battle even continues a thousand years after Jesus returns. If the Muslim’s Allah actually was Satan than Islam would again deceive the world after the thousand year reign. Islam will not even exist as a religion for that thousand years and who would buy into the Mohammad nonsense again after it was exposed for what it is?

    People will probably be open to deception after the thousand years because death will have been defeated and they will see no need for the Saints to rule over them at all. They will think they have become like gods but they will die as men when the earth is dissolved and they find themselves standing before the Father.

    I think those buying into a contemporary Muslim Antichrist are opening themselves up to deception. Because, the real Antichrist will be a pseudo Christian who will come to power in a world war and revolution against Islam.

  19. Hi John C,

    Welcome to the blog.

    In my Revelation Commentary written in 2004 I give reasons why I believe the Rapture might be 10.5 years before the Lord’s coming in Glory to defeat the Antichrist (not 10.5 years before the start of the tribulation). I have not changed my views but agree that it could be longer or shorter. I think when the world is expecting the return of Christ they will receive the Antichrist. Enoch was taken alive to heaven almost half a generation before the Flood judgement. Of course a generation these days is only about 20 to 25 years.

  20. Thank You Don,
    You have straightened me out on several things.
    I appreciate your response.
    Don P

  21. One of the posts said he hopes the rapture is in 1-2 yrs. I know you said there’s no telling when but is it more likely to be in the 2020’s?

  22. Hi Donovan,

    We can all hope and we should all be ready because we really do not know. The logical time for the Rapture seems to be some time next decade, Having said that, our Father has His own timetable. He could even allow a major war and delay everything a generation or more, although I do not see any such reset happening.

  23. I see the race between Rubio and Trump. I don’t think Cruz can pull through imo. I agree Trump would be the better candidate during such an immigration and financial crisis.

    Rubio made a comment that Trump can’t win cause 70% of people voted against him. What he failed to mention was that Trump is at least 10 points higher then Rubio in the polls. Common sense would say that means at least 80% of the voters doesn’t want Rubio….I guess that’s politician logic for ya.

  24. Great article! I have never voted in the primaries before and I am a little confused as the difference between the Preference Primary Election and the Primary Election?
    Something about Cruz has bothered me for the start. I think our nations biggest
    problem is extreme liberalism and being extremely conservative with no one
    willing to compromise and thus dividing our nation. Having said that – Trump is more
    moderate who might be our last shot at uniting our country. I know that Rubio has
    gotten a lot of important endorsements lately but I am not sure if he could win in the end. My question is who are you voting for in the primaries and which primary
    is more important to vote in? Thanks for all the time you put in these articles and
    sharing your wisdom.

  25. Donni,

    I suppose you are asking me.

    As far as I know primaries are primaries. Primaries are elections to pick the party candidate.

    I support Cruz. He is the only consistence constitutional conservative in the race and his polices and positions are based on his Christian values. Rubio proves to be not reliable, he will bend with the will of the establishment. Trump is a liberal bull in a China shop. He will be best at breaking things. I am not concerned if Cruz has Dominion Theology or not because it will not happen anyway. Americans are not going to allow it.

    We do need a president that is going to stop the swing to the dark side or at least slow it down or persecution of Christians and patriots will arrive in America before the Rapture. Cruz will at least attempt to do that.

  26. Caitlin,

    Just about all his social positions. For example socialized Medicine. You should see that from the list I gave in the article. By the way, Fascism is also socialism. Conservatives want limited government and maximum freedom for individuals. Trump wants government to be running everything and everyone in America.

  27. Conservatives are in for a big suprise if Trump wins. Trump is actually just a traditional blue dog democrat with common sense. The dems have moved so far left that Trump looks to be on the far right to many people.
    I also support Cruz but I don’t see him pulling through.

  28. I asked because some people call him a moderate. I wanted to see where ya’ll saw him as liberal. Your list was hypothetical.
    I’m just going to say that everything I’ve read in his book and on his website doesn’t sound anything like what you have described, as a matter of fact he says just the opposite.

    The only thing I’ve been able to identify as left leaning is when he said he liked the mandate of Obamacare but not Obamacare itself. The ‘mandate’ has become an ify thing with me since the time I got caught uninsured and then the unexpected happened. I so wished I had been insured but that is another story.

    45 years and 10 billion dollars later with only 4 chapter 11’s. Is that really a bad record in the kind of business he’s in? I’m not connected with the world of high finance. I’m happy when my check book balances. Maybe I need to research it.

  29. America will get the leaders that it deserves and The heart of the ruler is in God’s hands. Don’t expect anyone to to take America on a course to Christian values if most of the people want to live like heathen. Obviously most do.

  30. Caitlin,

    Trump will even tell you he is not conservative on many issues. Yeah, what I said I think he would do is hypothetical, it is based on my view of common sense liberal New York values. I came from there. I know how most of them think.

    Trump has said in some interview that he would like a one payer system like they have in Great Britain and Canada. They have socialized medicine.

    Trump also said he thought his sister would make a good Supreme Court justice. She is pro choice. She is not conservative at all.

    Trump supports homosexual marriage.

    Trump statements suggest that he would rule by executive actions like Obama. That means he would not follow constitutional Law. That is hardly Conservative.

    Trump is in favor of more government spying and even torture to get information. How does that fit with limited constitutional government?

    Trump thinks Eminent Domain should be used against others because he wants to build something like a hotel. That is hardly a conservative position.

    Trump wants to deport illegals and than bring them back. How is bringing law breakers back Conservative? It is against the law right now for people that were deported to come back into our nation, even through Obama will not enforce the law.

    It goes on and on, not to even mention the flips he did on Hillary, abortion, illegals and everything else.

    Trump is not worth 10 Billion dollars he is blowing smoke. The four billion he really is worth is tied up in property and that could all go up in smoke during the next recession making more bankruptcies. Four chapter 11’s bankruptcies is not a record anyone should be proud of. Trump has not made that much new wealth, he inherited it. Forty five years ago a hundred million could buy what 4 Billion would buy today. In other words, the increase in net worth is due to the dollar being worth about two cents and not wealth. he could of done better just leaving the money in mutual funds.

    If Trump had real money to spend he might spend some of it, but he is not spending much of anything on his campaign. Instead he says something to fire up angry people. That is what dictators and tyrants do. Even so, if Trump is elected he will work with the Democrats and it will be the same old progressive song and dance with a big Fascist twist.

    Vote for Trump if you want but nobody should be confused that they would be electing some conservative savior that will make America great again. I have noticed that since George Bush Sr. that politicians elected to President give the people the opposite of what they promised during their campaign.

  31. Hi CE

    Donald has Christie (probability Attorney General). Now if he can get Kasick as VP he may be unbeatable if it remains a two party race. But chew on this. I just read that someone is exploring a conservative independent run (probably Carson or maybe Florina or Cruz). If Donald gets in for the Republicans, and Clinton appears like she will lose, Bloomberg said he will run third party. Sanders also might run as an independent since the Democrats stacked the deck against him. The vote could be almost equally spread over 5 people and nobody would get enough electoral votes to win. It then goes into the House with one vote for each state. Who would win then? The 50 state representatives do not have to vote along party lines. And can anyone really govern this nation with 30 percent national support?

  32. Wow, I never considered a five party ballot although I had noted each of the quote threats of third party runs. That would definitely be unique in American elections as I am only aware of historically relevant third party runs which have turned out disastrous to republicans for example the Ross Perot fiasco and the 1912 Teddy Roosevelt “Bull Moose” party that led to Wilson win.
    Such a scenario would only add to the chaotic mess our elections have produced recently, esp. reference to getting Clinton and the Obamanation presidencies. This country is truly divided and ripe for civil strife like what happened in 1861. What you presented there with no consensus of leadership would be a recipe for internal national breakdown at least and breakup at most.

  33. Really?? One of the GOP candidates is considering running as an independent? I hope that’s not true as it would mean a win for Clinton for sure. Sanders won’t run as an independent as the most important thing for the left is to be sure a democrat wins at all costs.

    If someone does run as an independent it would be such a scummy thing to do after they went after Trump so hard about supporting the eventual nominee.

  34. Jim,

    That might not be true if Sanders and Bloomberg also ran. Sanders has no love for the Democrat partly the way they have treated him and stacked the deck for Hillary. He might think he could actually win if Hillery losses more support. I suppose Sanders could run on the Socialist platform. I also hear that Romney could jump in if Rubio does not take Florida on March 8th. The plan is to stop Trump from getting enough delegates to get it before the convention.

  35. By the way, I said this in Catching Up On A Few Major Issues In The Age Of Depravity posted in Sept.

    The Republican establishment fix was in for Jeb Bush from the start. They changed the primary rules to help elect Bush. He also has over $100 million in establishment super PAC money. If support for Bush does not pick up, there is a good chance the establishment will want Mitt Romney to jump in.

    Even if that does not happen, if three or more top candidates split the vote so that no candidate has enough delegates by the Republican convention the establishment very well could broker Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate. That could bring about the end of the two-party system.

    And I said this May 11, 2014 on my other blog.

    I would not write this in stone, but I still think Mitt Romney will play a role in setting up this world Dominion Theology along with Pope France. Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney could be President by 2017 or even in 2021 or 2025. I wrote about the Mormon plan to establish a world theocracy from America last time he ran for president. Think about it. All the occult symbolism in the Roman Empire, Washington D.C., Mormonism, Masonry, and the Vatican then tie together. You can read about how the fourth beast of Daniel fits within all this in my article called the fourth beast is still ruling the world.

    And of course there wast this post written in 2010

    And this post written in 2012

  36. Hmm, a run by Mitt? I think Rubio is the new establishment candidate now that Bush is out. I don’t see Romney jumping in at least until after Super Tuesday (if Marco does poorly).
    Romney showed his true colors during the last election after running a terrible campaign. I remember during the debates he walked all over Obama the first time, then mysteriously failed miserably the last two debates, handing Obama the election again.
    The point I’m trying to make is that Romney and Rubio are both part of the establishment and if people reject Rubio they will probably reject Romney as well. I don’t see Romney doing that well…

  37. Please correct me if I am wrong. I remember Romney doing very well in the election.
    I thought it was a very close race and knew a lot of democrats that voted for him.
    I actually thought the race could of been fixed because so many people were for
    Mitt but he still lost. He also has a better business record than Trump. I can see
    him as a rival for Trump. Interesting point that I had not thought of.

  38. donni and Jim,

    I believe the plan that they are exploring is that Romney would just run in a few winner take all big Eastern States to stop Trump from getting enough delegates before the convention. That might not be necessary if Rubio won in Florida, Cruz won in Texas, and Kasick won Ohio.

    It does not now look like Rubio will take Florida. Cruz will probably take Texas and Kasick will probably take his home state of Ohio. If Kasick wins in Ohio, he could go on to win some other Eastern states. If Rubio loses in Florida, and Kasick wins Ohio, the Republican establishment will jump on the Kasick bandwagon and he will be the likely pick in a deadlocked convention. However, if Rubio and Kasick lose to Trump they will ask Romney to get in. They want Cruz even less than Trump.

    That late in the game Trump would not have enough time to run third party in all states so he could not win but that does not mean that Trump would not be vindictive enough to run third party and hand the election to Hillary.

  39. So it sounds like the GOP is willing to rip the country apart and steal the election to insure a Hillary win. They must know a Bush or a Kasich cannot beat Clinton. We all knew it was really a one party system anyway. If this is what happens the GOP is finished and will be replaced if there is not massive civil upheavals.

  40. Trump had 4 bankruptcies out of a total of over 500 incorporation’s in his career. That’s not even a 1% failure ratio. Your analysis is flawed from the get go and is a failure.

  41. In that article I was more talking about the state of the nation than I was about Donald Trump. No matter who gets elected something like what I said will be proposed down the line unless things even gets much worse.

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