President Oprah Winfrey rides the Beast in 2021?

Oprah Winfrey is back in the news again as a possible candidate for President in 2020. Oprah is a very popular black woman billionaire with a secret spiritual message. If she ran, how could she lose? Frankly, more than half of America deserves her. Even most evangelical Christians would vote for her thinking that they are voting for one of their own.

I do not have a high regard for so-called Evangelicals in America. Most of them cannot properly discern the scriptures and their ignorance of the scriptures allows them to support humanist programs and people. Others know the truth but they will not oppose evil. All they care about is looking good in the eyes of others. They do nothing to rock anyone’s boat and the salvation message is secondary to living their best life now.

Few people are more spiritually deceived than Oprah Winfrey. As a Baptist she was brought up in the knowledge of Christ but she has rejected Jehovah and replaced him with a new age god of her own making. She claims Jesus is the son god, but her Jesus is not the Jesus of scripture. Her Jesus is just one of many ways for humans to evolve to enlightenment and Christ-consciousness.

Oprah has promoted spiritualism on her programs for decades. Many Americans, even those calling themselves Christians, believe the spiritualism of Oprah and many in America now think and talk like her. Many call their spiritualism Christianity but they really believe in a self-help secret way to tap into the God force. The mega churches and the Word of Faith churches are filled with such people.

Trump could defeat Oprah if he gets things done, but the majority of America are against Trump’s program so they are likely to get what they deserve. Most of the wall is not likely to be built and there will be some form of amnesty. That is not going to play well with Trump’s base. I doubt if Trump will even be nominated for a second term by the Republican Party.

Without Trump, republicans could not defeat Oprah because many establishment Republicans would actually vote for her rather than vote for a conservative. You can be certain that mainstream media would fawn over Oprah 24/7. They would make her a goddess. Oprah could do not wrong in the eyes of the leftist antichrist media. There already are people in America calling Oprah the queen of the universe and a goddess. If she ran, they will work all out to put her on a throne.

Oprah would be a Hillary Clinton without Hillary’s nasty disposition and felonies. Oprah would push the politically correct leftist globalist narrative like no other. With an all-knowing smirk she will encourage people to persecute anyone hindering her “enlightened” agenda.

I can see Oprah pushing a spiritualist one world religion. Maybe she will be the prime mover to help bring the secret mystery religion of Revelation 17 into power? Ignorant so-called Christians in the United States would think that promoting Oprah’s spiritualism in the world would be doing God a favor.

Oprah would give “a women rides the Beast” in Revelation 17 an alternative meaning. She does not fit the prophecy of course, but I have little doubt that she would promote Babylonian spiritualism. I can see her using her influence to get the world to follow the Queen of Heaven promoted by the Vatican and Isis and Gaia worshipers. The silly Oprah followers in this nation would hang on every word and carry out the persecution of those narrow-minded Bible thumpers hindering the message.

Oprah does have a lot of baggage but it will not be politically correct to criticize the anointed “queen”. Without Trump pointing out Oprah’s flaws they will never see the light of day on mainstream media. Anything negative against Oprah would be censored on the Internet. The truth is that Oprah is a sexual deviant. There is a reason why she hanged with Harvey Weinstein and why she never got married.

I think pride comes before a fall. Can anyone think of anyone more prideful than Oprah? This “queen of the universe” would ascend to the throne with great pomp but would preside over the fall of America in the 2020’s.

I think Oprah it is very fitting for those Americans that believe leftist lies. A phony Christian for a phony Christian people. A person who is enlightened in her own mind for a people who reject God’s truth. A women that claims a phony Jesus for a people who have a Jesus made up in their own mind.

You wonder why America is not in Bible prophecy? Maybe Oprah and all the blind people in America that follower her are the answer. For us that study Bible prophecy we wonder how the woman riding the beast of Revelation 17 comes to power in the short time that remains before Jesus returns. Maybe the influence of Queen Oprah Winfrey and her spiritualism gives us part of that answer?

Here is a good discussion about Oprah’s beliefs.

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President Oprah Winfrey rides the Beast in 2021? — 21 Comments

  1. Oh Don, this would be bad, very bad. I am afraid you are right, people would probably vote for her. I hope this doesn’t happen. When she first came on the scene, I watched her show, briefly. I haven’t seen anything she has done for years and years. It’s too bad she left her Baptist upbringing. Thanks for your articles, they are necessary.

  2. I’m already beyond disgusted hearing her name being bandied about as a presidential candidate. The same so-called Christians who voted for Clinton, a woman who believes in abortion up to the 9th month, will be the same ones voting for Oprah. She epitomizes the Hollywood elite. I’m beginning to think that if Trump runs again and loses, or isn’t even nominated, we may never again see another person in the White House with a conservative agenda. Our goose will be cooked.

  3. Don, another good blog. Thanks. I had not really given Oprah a second thought. You make me hope the Rapture happens soon. I do not want to be here for the post Oprah election.

    I also wish to point out that your second paragraph is far too accurate. It saddens me that someone, who considers themselves to be a Christian does not really know the Christ of the Bible and follow every teacher with “itching ears”.

  4. Im pretty certain the left plans on running some kind of woman again in 2020. I think Oprah and Michelle Obama could both beat Trump, but not for his lack of trying. Trump is being sabotaged on every front and its a miracle he even won considering the opposition. Im not sure he will be so lucky a second time as so many are undermining him.
    At the end of the day Oprahs message would be exactly the same as every other DNC nominee–a marxist style one world utopia.

  5. The Harlot has her pin up girl. Beyond disgusted, She supports limiting population, is in with elites like Soros and Gates. Please Lord, save us.

  6. God is in complete control things will unfold according to His sovereign will that we can all count on. Things don’t happen just by chance scripture is clear that God is the architect of history.

    I found it interesting that Oprah’s house & neighborhood was destroyed by the mountains it kind of reminds me of a passage I was reading.

    Isiah 40:4 …And every mountain and hill brought low;

    Every valley shall be exalted
    And every mountain and hill brought low;
    The crooked places shall be made straight
    And the rough places smooth;

    I was already reading today this passage and I thought of the mountains falling on the towns in California where new age abounds and host gay parades where they had dressed up like Jesus while doing animal like behavior and now look.

    24: When He will also blow on them,
    And they will wither,
    And the whirlwind will take them away like stubble.

    25: “To whom then will you liken Me,
    Or to whom shall I be equal?” says the Holy One.

    I know this was meant for then and them during that dispensation of time but it struck me in this way.

  7. I’m also beyond disgusted with Oprah’s picture popping up all over my news feed. I can see her riding the beast as POTUS but hoping we’re out of here if that is going to happen.

    Trump has made it clear that there will be no DACA negotiations without the wall. As Rush pointed out, Republicans control the House and Senate. I think they know better than to present Trump with a bill without funding for the wall. The Democrats have already said no wall and no funding. When they told Trump they wanted amnesty for DACA he said that could happen, not that it would happen. I think he’s playing them and the media.

    If Trump can keep the economy booming I think he could win a second term. Reagan did and Democrats used the same playbook against him they’re using against Trump. Fascist, unfit for office, going to start a nuclear war, stupid, blah blah blah.

  8. Hi Doug,

    The second use for the wall won’t be necessary because if the lucferians get complete control those opposing global authoritarianism will have no where on earth to escape to.

  9. Hi Don, Do you have any Articles or Perspectives on the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues? I notice some Evangelists only talk about Speaking in Tongues as though it were the only Gift. Like the other ones don’t seem to matter. And if you don’t have it you won’t be successful or fail. I always understood the Whole body of the Church is made up of all of the Gift’s of the Holy Spirit that are not all the same. Being filled with the Holy Spirit or Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit means You Accepted Christ in your Heart, and what ever gifts the Holy Spirit gives you; Healing, Prophecy, and the like or even Speaking in Tongues. But it is confusing how they talk about it. If at all. I would like to know all the Gifts and the Truth about them. I feel I have some Gifts. But just because I don’t Speak in Tongue’s means I am not a Christian or filled with the Holy Spirit. Blessings, Linda

  10. Don,
    ‘Oprah would be a Hillary Clinton without Hillary’s nasty disposition and felonies.’ I found that to be a thought provoking statement. As much as the blind follow Hillary, they will even more so with Oprah’s easier appeal. I’ve often wondered how the elect could be deceived as mentioned in Revelations but it starts with a combination of an appealing hero figure with lazy Christianity.

    You mention that Oprah is a sexual deviant. I don’t follow her at all so this is news to me. Do you have any articles that can corroborate that statement? I’m curious where it leads when you start pulling on that thread…

  11. Don,

    Thanks for the Oprah link I watch Lion & Lamb TV, get their newsletter and have read one of Reagan’s books, but I missed that expose.

    Passed it on to a new Believer who has some questions.

  12. Here you go… case closed!

    During a Webinar class, in which she promoted the book, Winfrey stated

    “God is a feeling experience and not a believing experience. If your religion is a believing experience […] then that’s not truly God.”

  13. She doesn’t understand true Christianity very well then… We are told in the Bible to believe in Jesus and his death on the cross for us in order to be saved.

    It sounds like she’s only interested in a “feel good” type of “religion”

  14. “God is a feeling experience and not a believing experience. If your religion is a believing experience […] then that’s not truly God.”

    Hmmm…that is a core component of the Left “feelings” over truth, logic, facts. Feelings are also a major component of Political Correctness.

  15. Don,

    Your Wikipedia link gives a rather terse description of Oprah’s RELIGIOUS VIEWS, but it say a LOT:

    “Oprah was raised a Baptist. She was quoted as saying: “I have church with myself: I have church walking down the street. I believe in the God force that lives inside all of us, and once you tap into that, you can do anything.”

  16. Yes she is exactly what this new age of Christianity deserves and wants they want something without rules without God’s judgement and what ever feels good remember their God is a god of love no judgement and their God is a god of just feeling not truth unfortunately unless the Rapture happens soon us true believers will be subject to all the bad that comes with a Winphrey presidency

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