Prophetic implications of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

President Trump recently announced that America recognizes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Some Bible prophecy update teachers suggest that this will now become the catalyst for Muslims to launch an out war against Israel. They are quoting the first verses of Zec 12-14. They seem to ignore the full context of the three chapters. These prophetic events occur at the end of the great tribulation.

This passage is not talking about Muslim nations coming against Jerusalem. It is about all nations coming against Jerusalem. This prophecy occurs when the Beast and the False Prophet deceive the nations and bring all nations to war against YHWH at Jerusalem. The passage cannot be fulfilled until the end of the great tribulation. In other words, the world is not there yet. And it will not be there until several years after the Rapture.

So, in the prophetic picture what are we to make of Trump’s announcement? First let me say that speculation is just that. The one main point that I learned over my 45 years of studying Bible prophecy is that nobody has end time Bible prophecy all figured out. Thousands of books have been written on Bible prophecy over the years but very few remain relevant. Most of the other “prophetic” works will just burn up in the fire spoken of in 1 Co 3:15 (unless the teachings also led people to Christ). I also have noticed that Bible prophecy updates have little to do with teaching Bible prophecy. They mostly are soap boxes used to rant about  current events. (Admittedly they rant about the evil taking place on earth but what should we expect in these last days?)

With that said, I think what Trump did will either lead to a peace deal between the Arabs and Israel, or else it will lead to Psalm 83 should the Arab nations reject peace. Because of the threat from Iran, I think the first option is much more likely. I do not think Egypt and Saudi Arabia want war with Israel. I think these Sunni Arab nations will now broker a forced peace in the Arab world.

President Trump decided that for peace to come between the Arabs and the Jews the Arab Palestinians needed to face reality. Trump is correct. Israel is a nation and that is not going to change. There are reports that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has told the Palestinians that they must accept peace with Israel or else their funds will be cut off. The dangers posed by the Persians (Iran, Turkey) are a far greater worry to most Arabs than Israel. Iran intends to lead the Islamic world and Turkey wants a new Ottoman Empire that would rule over the Arab world.

If the Arab bloc makes peace with Israel, it sets up things for the Ezekiel 38, 39 war. Iran and Turkey are already aligning themselves with Russia.  We don’t know if Islam even survives as a religion until the great tribulation so saying Muslim nations come down in the Gog war because of Jerusalem may not be correct either. Ezekiel says Gog comes down to take a spoil.

Daniel 9:27 indicates that someone out of the area of the old Roman Empire signs the covenant with the many. I have pointed out in other articles that a Roman Empire revival occurs as a result of war in Europe and through demonic wonders promoted by the Vatican. The ten horns and the little horn that comes up among them makes up the Beast kingdom. This revived Roman empire Beast enforces the covenant.

There has to be a covenant in place for the future Antichrist to confirm the covenant with many for seven years (Dan 9:27). Therefore, A conditional peace deal needing to be renewed or confirmed happens first.

That conditional peace treaty is what I think is shaping up now. The Arabs and Israel will make peace but the treaty would have certain conditions needing to be met by each side over periods of time. The recognition of Israel will be the first condition that the Arabs will have to accept. A further condition will be recognition that West Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. A final condition would be allowing the rebuilding of the Temple.

For peace the Palestinians will be given their own state, much financial aid and told that they would be allowed to move their capital to East Jerusalem in due time. America will be taken out of the picture because Palestinians will insist that a neutral power broker hammer and enforce the peace process.

Later, 3.5 years after the Antichrist confirms the covenant, he wars against the two prophets of God preaching from Jerusalem, kills them and breaks the covenant with Israel. Then he enters the Temple of God claiming that he is God. This is what actually starts the great tribulation.

From a correlation of many things I think the great tribulation should play out in the 2030’s.  If that is true, then just about a dozen years from now the Antichrist would confirm the covenant. As I said, there first has to be a covenant in place to confirm. I do not think it is unreasonable to believe that a conditional peace deal would be in place for a dozen years before the Antichrist even arrives on the scene. In fact, if there were not a peace deal within the next few years I would be wondering how end time prophecy could be fulfilled by the 2030’s.

What we are seeing now has to take place. I wonder why some Bible prophecy watchmen get so mad about scripture playing out as written?  They make it clear that the time is short but while the stage is being set for prophecy to play out they rail against the world events and the players making it all possible.

Some Bible Prophecy teachers say the United States should not take part in any peace talks as if God does not want peace. Really? I have news for them. The tribulation does not start because Israel makes peace with the Arabs. It also does not start because Israel divides land once promised to Israel. The tribulation happens because Israel makes a covenant with death (Isa 28:15). Israel bring a curse on themselves by making a pack with the devil.

In correct context what is spoken of in Zec 12-14 about Jerusalem occurs after Israel accepts Jesus as Messiah and after the Holy Spirit is poured out on the remnant of Israel. When all nations come against Jerusalem the Antichrist will be leading the nations against the Lord.

The Lord is not fighting for Israel today. Israel is in disbelief. It has seven years of indignation (God’s anger) that still remains to be fulfilled under Gentile dominion. The dominion they will be under in the final seven years will be the revived Roman Empire. The seven years that remain start with the signing of the covenant. For the first 3.5 years Israel is given two prophets that deliver the gospel of the kingdom. However, even after God sends them prophets Israel still accepts the false Messiah. They bring the great tribulation on themselves.

Christians should not be under the delusion that God is fawning over unbelieving Israel today. The scriptures say two-thirds of Jews in the land will be killed and one-third refined through the fires of the great tribulation. The people of God are believers not unbelievers, whether they be Jew or Gentile.

I consider myself to be a Christian Zionist because I know God choose Jerusalem to be His footstool on earth. I know the covenants that God made with the people of Israel. The covenant of blessing and curses given to Israel are conditional. The covenant of blessings is for a nation of believers not unbelievers. All the promises of blessings by God were made to believers.

Some Christian Zionists need to figure out what motivates them to be so obsessed with exalting a nation full of antichrists. Some are more obsessed with Israel than their own saved brothers in Christ. They say natural Jews are the apple of God’s eye. Really? Would that include Karl Marx and all the unbelieving Jewish atheists like him? You would be arrested for preaching the Christian gospel in the streets of Jerusalem today but you can take part in a homosexual pride parade.

Is God now fawning over unbelieving Jews because some were brought back to occupy part of the promised land? Why then did He cast them out of the land in the first place? Why did God not protect Jews from the persecutions of the last 2000 years? Has God now repented or will Jews have to accept their God-given Messiah before they are blessed again?

God brought some Jews back so prophecy could be fulfilled not because they are already blessed. Contrary to what some are teaching, God is not now taking Israel’s side against all other nations. There are no tit-for-tat judgments coming on America or any other nation because they do not kiss up to Israel. It is true that God will not allow the Jews to be defeated before the tribulation. That is because He brought them back to the land so they can fulfill the scriptures. God is not fighting for unbelieving Israel. Israel exists today so prophecy can be fulfilled. There is a difference.

It will not just be Jews that will be saved in the tribulation. All that come to believe in Jesus Christ will be saved. Until they come to Christ no unbeliever is saved be he Jew or Gentile. The sons of God are believers.

Ezekiel 38, 39 claims that Israel will be living in peace and security before the Gog invasion. How can that be without any peace deal with the Arabs nations that surround Israel? Prophecy cannot play out until Jews are back in their land and build the Temple in Jerusalem under conditions of relative peace. Actually, the Temple will be built under the protection of the two prophets of God. They arrive on the scene when the covenant is signed.

I think Bible prophecy teachers that rant against any two state solution need to face the reality that there has to be a covenant in place for any confirmation of the covenant to happen. Trump’s own reality about Jerusalem may have set the stage for the peace covenant that will lead to the Antichrist covenant confirmation and the fulfillment of prophetic scripture.

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Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Prophetic implications of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem — 28 Comments

  1. good article as always,

    hi don, I just don’t see how Arabs will ever accept this i honestly think a war will break out soon. Turkeys president has already united the Muslim world and is calling for something to be done and the Hezbollah leader said this is the beginning of Israels end. Things are heating up quickly in prophetic terms and i agree with you that this could truly be the beginning of the peace treaties being signed by the future antichrist.

  2. You have to wonder why the bible says that only HALF of Jerusalem will fall in captivity during the tribulation. Clearly part of the peace deal will be dividing Jerusalem, or at least the world will attempt to divide it through war.
    The next question is why the world will want Jerusalem divided? At this time it appears be to give the Muslims a state and a capital. Im not sure why the antichrist who claims to be above all that is called god, would care about Islam or east Jerusalem.

  3. Hi Jim,

    The reason only half the city is taken may have nothing to do with the peace agreement although it probably is the reason for the UN action. This invasion happens at the end of the great tribulation. The Lord returns and starts fighting at that point. During that battle the earth splits at the mount of Olives so there will be a large valley separating East and West Jerusalem. That could stop the army from invading the rest of the city. There also is some indication that there will be a wall of fire.

  4. Hi 126Cardinal

    I do not think the Arabs will be following Turkey. The demonstrations are already dying down. Hezbollah is a puppet of Iran. Israel will take care of Hezbollah and Egypt and Saudi Arabia will quietly applaud.

  5. Hi Donovan,

    I think the first phase will be in place in the next year or two. However the process will play out until the middle of the Tribulation. A war with Hezbollah could effect the timing of any deal.

  6. Excellent,excellent article.Your perspective drowns out all the others who sensationalize everything that happens in this country or Israel.Your quote about God bringing the Jews back to Israel to fulfill prophecy is spot on.You don’t go looking for something in God’s word that isn’t there.I am thankful for your site.This article is one of your best as far as I an concerned.You answered so many questions for me in this one.Merry Christmas,Don.

  7. Don I agree with your assessment. The things playing out right now have to be prophetic. Who would have ever thought peace could be attained between the Saudi’s/Sunni Islam and Israel? It is happening though, and this is only the beginning.

    It’s also clear as day that this current peace is what helps Israel feel secure when Gog comes down to take a spoil. After that war and clean up, Antichrist reaffirms the covenant.

    As for Europe, everyday I read an article about other nations following along with Brexit. Then I read an article about the EU agreeing to a single army It’s all coming together, and I assume it will start to speed up from here.

  8. Greetings Don~An excellent article. When my husband and I discuss the events taking place in the world, we always end with, ‘it has to happen for prophecy to be fulfilled’. We aren’t necessarily excited about it, because things are getting more evil in our time, but we know prophecy is going to be fulfilled because God said it would be. Thank you for your time and effort in sharing these articles. Merry Christmas and God’s blessing in the New Year to you and yours.

  9. putin is also pulling his troops out of Syria i think his country is struggling financially im not sure what impact this has on prophecy. Putin is also running for election again against a woman this time and im wondering if this man is truly the person thats gonna lead russia for that spoil in israel, if its really him then we really are at the very last hour of prphecy.

  10. Hi Don,

    Thanks for this article I like how you simplified it. The people that don’t have eye’s to see simply won’t.

  11. Don,

    Excellent info on Israel, where they do/do not stand today. There is so much folksy, sentimental nonsense about this floating around. Maybe some day you could do an in-depth treatment on this (or point me to it if you or someone else already have). Bless you.

  12. I think Donald Trump was given to us for a time. I refer to him as the unmasker. Since his rise on the scene so much of the hypocrisy and lies have been exposed. He is like a bulldozer coming through and clearing out the detritus. I think his coming on the scene is somewhat of a clearing house. He’s exposing the rot that has been behind the scenes for so long. I am not sure what it all means but I truly believe it is part of God’s plan. His acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to the world is I believe, his role in prophecy. An unwitting man, but he’s been thrown onto the scene and I think so far he is performing according to plan. And I for one thank God he is here.

  13. Dear Don if the tribulation starts in a dozen years that means the anti Christ is alive. My question is where will the antichrist come from and is he Donald Trump

  14. Hi Putin,

    It would be more likely that the Antichrist is you. The prophet Daniel indicates that the person that signs the covenant will come from the people that destroyed the Temple. He will come out of the area of the old Roman Empire.

  15. In answer to the Question, where will the Antichrist come from. the Antichrist would most probably rise out of Grecia (Greece). Ref Verse:- Daniel Ch 10: V20, the verse refers to a battle in appx 650 B.C between Gabriel and Prince of Persia, the angel reminds Daniel, after that battle, the prince of Grecia shall come, V20: and Ch 12: Michael will be the only one who can fight against he prince of Grecia, if this verse should be prophetic for our near future, Ezekiel 38, 39 War would be in charge of Gabriel the Prince, in which he defeats Israel’s Enemies. Michael the Prince will stand up for Israel in the end time, but ultimately it is the Lord Jesus Christ who will defeat all of Israel’s enemies, and establish the milleniel reign of Christ. This is a just of Guess!!!!!, that saying Antichrist could rise from any country in Eastern Europe, just like Hitler rose up from Germany….

  16. Franco, I believe the prince of Grecia is referring to Alexander the Great. Not that the Antichrist won’t be from there, but if you look at history Alexander conquered Persia some time after Daniel I believe. I think the AntiChrist will be Assyrian. Which means he could be anyone from the west. I do believe that he will be both “Roman” and Middle Eastern though. Also, as far as I can tell, Jesus himself stands against the Anti-Christ.

  17. 128-9.. the majority of the world does not believe in christ or the prophecies therefore they shall not see the kingdom of god

  18. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. Rev13:2 So, clearly its a combination beast, multinational. I don’t believe the beast is a complete human. Just like Christ Jesus is the Son of God, the beast is son of Satan.The 4th kingdom of Daniel that rules the world is Roman.Rome rules the world till, it is given to the saints. Thank you all, God be with us…

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