Sanity and progressive depravity now on display in the United States

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, we have seen both sanity and progressive depravity on display. Sanity is being displayed through the executive orders of Trump and the people that he is choosing to lead the nation with him. I expect to see much more sanity displayed by the Trump administration over the coming weeks and months. I also expect to continue to see progressive depravity coming from the Left. This insanity will be promoted and displayed through the socialist globalist controlled main-stream media.

From day one of the Trump administration, we saw demonstrations by mindless snowflakes who chant lying slogans fed to them by their fascist socialist and Islamic programmers. Many of these young people just prove that parents should not be sending their children to indoctrination centers. They are very good examples of why most people should not go to College. They also are good examples of children brought up under emasculated fathers or no father at all. These snowflakes never experienced discipline in their entire lives. The snowflakes melting in the streets are unconscientiously trying to please replacement father figure pimps and dikes who run the Far Left carnival sideshows.

We can be merciful toward these young people, they are only doing what they were taught. On the other hand, those teaching these young people hateful progressive depravity need to be dealt with. That includes many politicians, college professors and most in main-stream media.

The most peaceful way to deal with the brainwashed is through good example. Maybe some will see the error of their ways. We will see how that goes. If that does not work, laws will have to be enacted to deal with their lawlessness. That might mean the removal of professors that are promoting un-America activity. It might mean muzzling socialist and Saudi Arabian funded groups. It might mean dealing with those providing public platforms for depraved media stars. Any enforcement is difficult because freedom of expression is involved. Even so, you cannot have a civilized culture where the uncivilized control the narrative. There must be some balance between allowing free speech and allowing public rebellion against natural law and everything reasonable in society.

For example, the lies coming from radicals in Islam, Communism, radical feminism, BLM, etc. will bring about nothing good for our society. People must be held accountable for what they promote. Exactly what that means is for sane society to decide. Sane people cannot allow unrestrained brainwashing and lawlessness. Sane people cannot allow the profane displays in our streets to continue. Some of this uncivilized behavior is promoted through social media. As our public streets need to be policed from the lawless, so does our learning institutions and media. Lawlessness should not prevail anywhere in a society that claims to be under God.

The First Amendment says Congress shall make no law against free speech. It does not say that  federal government and local governments cannot have enforceable moral standards. For example, sodomy, homosexual marriage and abortion were against the law in most places until progressive judges started annulling local laws. Those marching in the streets or marching on media promoting un-American activity, infanticide, and debauchery would have been locked up before the 1960’s. We must return to moral sanity in this nation. We can do that by getting the depraved progressive judges out of the courts and by going back to laws proven to be good for moral sane society.

For too long Christians have been just going with the flow. They are conforming to the depraved world. We see where that has brought America and Western Christianity. Churches need to remove leaders subtly teaching Christians to conform to the world.

Christians must turn from man-made contemporary teachings found all over the “Christian” bookstores and in most of our churches and follow the teachings that God gave in the Bible.

It means getting rid of contemporary religious services, if those services are just conforming to the world. I am not against all things contemporary, but I am against the postmodern practices that are now seen to be contemporary in a lot of churches. We were contemporary back in the 70’s when we sang songs based on the Psalms. Today contemporary worship means mindlessly repeating the uninspired words of Hillsong. We were contemporary in the 70’s when teaching was based on Bible passages that could be applied to our modern lives. But today’s contemporary teaching often means proof texting passages to make the Bible support the unbiblical teaching of the church guru.

If America is going to change, it has to start in our churches. Christians need to appoint leaders that teach the congregation to promote and elect politicians that support biblical morality. Those politicians will then enact laws that will keep immoral people in their closets and in the shadows where all such wickedness belongs. It is a shame for any nation to have rebellion and wickedness on public display. Anything less than removing such wickedness in public, means that government is failing in its God ordained role.

The problem is not insurmountable. Maybe a few percent of people in our society have closed evil minds beyond reaching. The problem is that those few percent have been allowed to control the narrative. It would only take an equally emphatic Christian few percent to change the narrative and start changing minds. For decades the Church has been silent. That needs to change or our nation can not change back toward morality. Greatness comes from God. God is not going to bless a nation that loves its depravity.

Taking a stand is a matter of life or death to this nation. No nation can survive on a progressive depravity path to destruction. America must turn around and go back toward the source of our greatness. America must go back to the standards that this great nation was founded upon. The Constitution of America was founded upon the Bible and its God. Going back to the Bible will keep America great. A departure from biblical morality will result in the demise of America.

It is our choice, sanity or progressive depravity? We really can’t have both.


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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Sanity and progressive depravity now on display in the United States — 23 Comments

  1. Hi Don,
    Media keep on calling Trump Unconvenstional , but lt is the rest of the world that is brainwashed in a conventional BOX, so they is not used to this business tipe government! They are the lnsane people.
    Rick Warren’s crislam and Houston hillsongs and Allah and Abraham’s God is the same god is a setup the enemy is working on for 6000 years. We have move into top gear to get closure on terrorists and Syria in demascus by 2019.5 … Trump and Pence might be the last American government because Republicans keep on gaining and should increase in all houses and win the popular vote also! lsrael will stay in unwalled villages by 2020 when Trump and Pence start there 2nd term. We know the rest like your timetable suggest To 2034!

  2. Your article is well timed. The depravity was all too apparent immediately after the election and last weekend during their march. The Apostle Paul said it a little differently in Ephesians 6:12-13 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” The depravity and uncontrolled actions of many persons were inspired by the rulers of the darkness of this world. Those rulers badly wanted to eliminate the US both as a nation influenced by the prayers of millions of Christians and as a nation supporting Israel.

    In your above statement “Taking a stand is a matter of life or death to this nation” you are in a way mirroring the statement of the Apostle Paul. No, standing up for the United States as a nation is not what I mean, but standing for Christ, praying for this nation and its leadership and support of Israel is a matter of life or death for this nation. The born again believing Christians, their examples, their prayers, and their stand against evil does restrain the rulers of darkness and does require the whole armor of God.

  3. I work in a retail chain in the midwest-southeast line. We recently had to incorporate a policy dealing with transgender laws (that are not statewide, but corporation-wide.) A lady went back to the dressing rooms with her teenage daughter and saw a man coming out of the woman’s area with his wife. She was surprised to see a man coming out and asked, “was that a man back there?” Our other manager said yes it was, that we could not make him leave if he insisted on going back there. He could file a lawsuit and would win. He doesn’t even claim to be transgender, but the way the policy is stated, he could still win.

  4. I believe God has given our country a reprieve through the election of Mr Trump. But it will not be President Trump who “saves” our country from judgement, but rather the repentence of the Church in America. Russia and China are both working toward a military confrontation with America over the next 3-4 years. Things are going to get tough in this country, but I believe that through the coming difficulty, God will use His church to bring in a great harvest. But if we dont repent, and get right with God, the Churches greatest failure will rest on the current generations shoulders.

  5. Hi Tim,

    The Church has already repented or it would not be the Church. Neither does the Holy Spirit led Church fail. Now, the people in the churches in America are a different story.

    I also do not think that Russia and China are working toward a military confrontation with America. They are preparing for a confrontation should it come to that.

  6. I’m beginning to think a vast majority of America is choosing progressive depravity. The march that featured demonically inspired Madonna and Ashley Judd was a prime example. The people at these marches are so blinded to the truth that they can’t even see that their vile vulgarity was much worse than anything Trump said. Women dressed up as reproductive organs, women carrying signs such as “If Mary would have aborted Jesus, none of this would be happening.” Women allowing their children to carry signs with the worst profanity. How much more reprehensible can you get? I think if you were to pull the human masks off these people you would see a reptilian creature devoid of any soul. Satan and his minions are having a field day. The March for Life gave me some hope. It was heartening to hear the eloquence and sincerity of Mike Pence as well as Kellyanne Conway and to see all the people marching for the cause. I have a whole list of “so called” celebrities and musicians I will no longer watch or listen to. It’s my small way of fighting back. The incredible animosity toward Trump and what he’s trying to do boggles the mind. It’s as if so many brainwashed people are more than willing to sell this country down the road. They’ve bought into Obama’s apology tour and feel we should give everything to everyone else because we’re a wealthy country. Socialism bordering on communism. I echo what Don said about Christians needing to stand up. Trump won because of our Lord and his answers to our plea. If ever there was a time to pray even harder it’s now. The forces of darkness have just doubled down. Whatever reprieve the Lord has given us will be short lived indeed if we fall back on our complacent ways. We are literally in a battle with the forces of darkness and only taking on the full armor of God will save us.

  7. Adriana, you took the words right out of my mouth. Don, I agree with most of what you said. If America is going to change it has to start in our churches. But most Americans don’t go to church any longer. Especially the younger ones who learn most things from the internet and MSM. It seems like whoever’s controlling the media is the ones having the most impact. Maybe Joseph McCarthy was right back in the day. Trump is a media changer ( maybe ) . I hope the good Lord is using him to accomplish his good pleasure.

  8. I completely agree with Adrianna. The audacity these protesters have of using vulgar profanity to protest Trump’s alleged profanity is mind boggling. They are truly depraved, useless, morons who should take a long walk off a short pier and rid us of their stupidity. I have never seen such illogical behavior until Obama took office. I feel like even if I tried I couldn’t make it down to the level of these deluded folks. How is calling Hillary a nasty woman anything but the truth? Here is a woman who was going to put Podesta, an alleged pedophile, as SOS. Can’t get much more nasty than that.

  9. I can’t help but watch your news people as well as those of the world to see the unbelievable opposition to your so called Muslim Ban. It does not take a great deal to study and see what nations under the control of Islam do to other faiths and in particular Christianity. These people come to the west and use the very freedoms our democracy provides against us. As well I see the left wing out in strength opposing Mr. Trumps ban. Islam destroys from within, and I don’t care what they say they hate our guts and everything good we stand for, with the exception of our freedoms which we allow them to have. The depravity of western nations is quickly destroying these freedoms and are under bondage to the very sins they think brings freedom. America has the opportunity to show the world that the truth as scripture states will set us free, I pray that all God fearing people in your great nation stand up for our God and his Christ.

  10. Don, I voted for Trump but I would like to know what sanity you are referring to with the new administration. I’m just worried about all the criticism he’s getting with the moves he’s making. What do you think about what he’s done so far in office…?

  11. Donovan,

    Everything Trump is doing show sanity. The sanity I am referring to is his appointments and his executive actions. How would anyone expect Trump to change things but not get criticism from the establishment? There would not be opposition if Trump was continuing the same polices of the globalist socialist Left. Trump is performing beyond my expectations He gets a A+ for his first week.

  12. i agree don, i cant wait until trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem!!! 1 step closer to the prophecy wars.

  13. Ok, you are probably right and have a point. He’s taking actions we haven’t seen before and it’s causing a lot of controversy but like you said he’s not following along the same path/policies as the establishment. What do you think so far about the immigration policies he’s putting into place?

  14. even the devil worshipers have raised against trump.. he must be doing something right. lol thank god for this man he is finally going to remove the scum from this country that HUSSEIN has build for long 8 years. god removes kings and he sets up kings.

  15. I agree with Don that Trump is doing and A grade job. The only place where Trump disappoints is in his failure to prosecute Hillary. (We still seem to have a law for the common people and another set of laws for the elite). This action still may be taken after Sessions is installed as AG. I originally placed Trump in second tier of 17 candidates as acceptable. But he is performing better than what I could see any of the others doing. He has tough skin to continue his approach with so many maligned against him. Hoorah America.

    Any fool can see that if we do not stop the Muslims now then they will never be stopped until Jesus returns. I would just as soon deal with the problems that arise in future U.S. without Muslims poking me and my family In the eye while we’re adjusting to crisis situations that are on the horizon. I thank God for Trump’s position on muslims and his support for Israel. I do not envy Trump at all. He has taken more abuse in one week then Odumbo did in eight years.

  16. Hi ceSmith

    Trump cannot prosecute Hillary. He could recommend it but any prosecution would have to come from the Justice Department. Trump does not even have an AG in place yet to order a criminal investigation. Sessions also said he would recluse himself. Therefore, any prosecution would have to be recommend by the FBI and then passed to someone lower down on the food chain than Sessions, or a special prosecutor would have to be recommended and selected. There is no way that prosecuting Hillary can happen in the first weeks or months of the Trump administration. No one should blame Trump for that reality.

  17. I find it fascinating at the speed Trump is moving forward using Executive Orders to right the ship, and at the same time he has the Left scrambling to fight 10 different battles at once. It’s almost as if he is using Alinsky’s tactics against the Left. That is he keeps moving on one order and as the Left & media mobilize, he enacts another Executive Order to keep them scrambling from battle to battle in much the same way Obama did with Conservatives.

  18. Just a little background on Trump. He was a member of Norman Vincent Peals church until he came to the Presbyterian church he is now with. Paul White is his spiritual advisor who also lives in Trump Towers where she is married to her third husband. When she and her second husband Randy split, their mega church fell apart. She is a prosperity gospel preacher along with most on TBN. Peal was a 33rd degree freemason and believed you did not have to be born again, and found his way to God at a Shinto shrine.

    Almost all of our presidents have been masons along with many in the southern Baptist convention. They are all in with the Pope and Jesuits to bring in the new world order with one world government and religion. President Lincoln and Kennedy were not and so were taken out.

    I do not know whether Trump is a freemason or not. Most who have been successful are invited to join with them. Whether in ministry or other power brokers.

    Trump is making a difference in the way we do business and is way better than Hillary for sure. But I am afraid his policies are only going to bring us into war and an economic earthquake.

    We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against rulers in high places. God does place people as leaders both good and bad.

    Just do not be deceived that Trump is the savior of the world.

  19. We can not blame Trump if the market does crash as Obama left him a mess to begin with. I know bringing jobs back will help, but we still have a debt crisis where we can not even pay the interest on it if interest rates go up. The money is going to have to come from somewhere and I believe it is time to quit kicking the can down the road, but if we do that it is going to hurt and of course the left will blame it on Trump.

    This year is going to be interesting to say the least. Only God knows what is in store for us.

  20. Don,

    After seeing the riots at Berkeley, I am almost certain this will only be the beginning of the left’s resistance efforts. Trump is going to be opposed at every turn. Our nation really is divided, probably even more so than 1860, 1960’s. Do you think the left is capable of an armed revolution attempt? I think if they tried it would fail miserably, but who knows, many are too complacent to counter. It will be interesting to see how Trump survives his term in office, both figuratively and literally. We all need to pray for the man and his administration.

  21. Steve,

    Most of the police and the military are in the Trump camp. The rioters are going to bring a big hurt on themselves if they try armed revolution.

  22. Please pray for the hearts of the “young people” in this nation. To put my story in context… my age, which is normally top secret – I am 28 years old. Many times, I feel very discouraged. I know barely anyone within 5 years (older AND younger) of my age – professing Christian or not – who does not buy into a Marxist worldview. I have some concern about what will happen in the visible church when only the Millennials are left. But I remind myself of God’s promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. But sometimes it does look especially bleak from my viewpoint.

    I suppose that one could also draw some encouragement from my story. Although I am at some points tempted to think so – I did not escape the indoctrination because I am smarter or better. It was only by the grace of God. I was a baby Christian with very little discernment, understanding, and appreciation for His Word. Yet somehow, when exposed to the Marxist worldview – even from Christian organizations – I did not get caught up in it. I pray He will protect and save many out of that, as He did for me.

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